cphuntington97I didn't know if that would be appropriate for lubuntu... I will post on ubuntuforums00:02
kristian-aalborgI think so, but I'm not suer00:03
cphuntington97hi gnewb00:25
gnewbAre you a real Captain?00:26
cphuntington97no actually my sn stands for Collis Potter00:28
cphuntington97he was a railroad baron00:28
gnewbI sail boats and am actually a Captain.00:29
cphuntington97welcome aboard :-)00:29
gnewbUse to pilot smaller ships and vessels, now I sail a very small boat, is fun.00:29
gnewbThank you.00:30
gnewbI love this new Lubuntu spin.00:30
cphuntington97ditto... all my favorite apps out of the box00:30
cphuntington97chromium, pidgin, lxde, etc.00:31
gnewbI hop around distros alot, I am a big proponent of the Debian DSFG stuff, but I also like the BSD styles of licensing  schemas.00:32
gnewbI added Skype the other day.00:32
gnewbI am running this on an older home built desktop with 512 RAM and a P$00:33
gnewbI forgot, was Tomboy installed by default?00:34
cphuntington97I think it's XPad00:42
gnewbOkee dokee, Thank you00:43
gnewbI added Gnote to this one.00:43
cphuntington97I also appreciate that tap to click was turned on by default00:45
gnewbYes, I test systems on my Nieces Laptop, this Lubuntu is in a very close spectrum with !# now.00:49
cphuntington97#! was a little too barebones for me00:52
gnewbI agree, it has its purposes, and it fills them well.00:54
gnewbI also tested the LXDE Debian, that one was blinding fast with a few tweaks.00:55
gnewbNow I am testing on Older Hardware boxes/systems, OLPC sorta stuff.00:56
head_victimAh how does it go on an OLPC?00:56
head_victim(I'm going to a conference where there will be an OLPC representation)00:56
cphuntington97I'm running it on a netbook... 1.6ghz atom / 1gig ram00:56
cphuntington97performance is fine00:57
gnewbWith Sugar it rocks, zap sugar out and run new Statler it screams.00:57
cphuntington97I just like I can have lubuntu running almost immediately00:57
cphuntington97debian takes time to set up00:58
cphuntington97aight I must eat! thanks everyone for your thoughts00:58
gnewbAs you stated, !# is more for educational or programming than fun eye candy stuff. There is always a fine middle ground that can be found.00:58
gnewbI lub the LXDE00:59
charliemacIs it safe to run a 32 bit program/OS through a 64-bit processer?08:21
charliemacHow can I use Unntbootin to reformat my WinXP computer with #lubuntu ?09:29
head_victimcharliemac: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net is a good page09:34
head_victimFor Lubuntu you will have to download the Lubuntu ISO file (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#Download) and use the option of "using an ISO file you've already downloaded"09:35
IAmNotThatGuy!lxde | charliemac09:41
IAmNotThatGuyawwh the bot has no answers09:41
IAmNotThatGuycharliemac, you just try to ask in any one channel. and that will be better to answer09:41
IAmNotThatGuycharliemac, its just the environment and you can install any09:42
mmaksimovHi. Does any release schedule exist for 11.04? Is it available on lubuntu wiki?09:43
charliemacIs LXDE over Xubuntu as light and zippy as Lubuntu?09:44
charliemac(With SLiM)09:45
charliemacI have the md5sum confirmed lubuntu10.10 iso as well as unetbootin in seperate thumb drives on the target machine, which runs winXP.  Can I use UNetbootin to overwrite the C:\ with the Lubuntu ISO on said computer?10:08
head_victimcharliemac: if you have the usb thumb drive installed correctly via the unetbootin then all you need to do is plug it in, reboot the machine and make sure the bios is set to boot from USB as the first option.10:15
head_victimIt will then ask you questions on how to install it or try it out10:15
charliemacTarget machine will not boot from USB or CD-ROM10:16
charliemacIt doesn't have a floppy drive and currently isn't networked.10:18
charliemacNevermind, i guess it is networked!10:25
head_victimWell if it won't boot from CD or USB how did you get the current OS installed?10:25
head_victimI would double check your BIOS settings because it usually just needs to change the boot order for it to work10:26
howoriginalAUHi everyone :)10:47
howoriginalAUJust installed Lubuntu 10.04 for the first time10:48
howoriginalAUQuite a good distribution!10:49
charliemacThe current OS got there before the CD-rom died.  :[10:49
charliemacI double checked BIOS and the USB doesn't show up in the boot menu10:49
howoriginalAUThat's odd, the USB not showing up at all10:53
howoriginalAUHave you tried plugging it into a different USB port?10:53
howoriginalAUI had the same problem where it wouldn't show up (a couple of months back) - I just restarted in a different USB port and it recognised it fine10:54
charliemacOk, I will try that.10:54
howoriginalAUcharliemac: I hope it works! :)10:54
charliemacSame here lol10:55
howoriginalAUIf you're using a USB hub (external USB device that has more ports, if you didn't know) they often don't have enough power if all of the available USB ports are full10:56
howoriginalAUI've had a *ridiculous* amount of problems just because of that reason - ranging from glitchy headphones to external hard drive dropping out midway through a very important backup....10:57
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charliemacThis is a stripped down notebook with 4 built-in USB ports, and it seems none of them are showing up in my BIOS or boot screens11:06
MrChrisDruifSome (if not most) BIOS don't have the ability to boot from USB11:07
bioterrorhow about burning that iso to a CD-R11:08
MrChrisDruifIndeed, if USB doesn't work just go old-fashion and use CD11:09
charliemacThe CD Rom drive doesn11:09
charliemact work anymore either11:09
charliemac(*Not sure if USB ever showed up in boot menus)11:10
howoriginalAUIsn't there like a 'Press F12 for boot menu' or something on all laptops / netbooks?11:12
howoriginalAUIt should have 'Boot from USB, Boot from CD' etc etc11:12
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charliemacYes but when I got there, the only three selectoins offered were CD, Broadcom MBA, and hard disk...11:13
howoriginalAUSo the CD drive just doesn't open?11:13
charliemacI already tried booting from two different CDs of the unpacked ISO, with md5sum confirmed, created through two different ISO reading image writers11:15
howoriginalAUand what happened?11:15
howoriginalAUI'm thinking the problem here is the words 'unpacked iso'11:15
howoriginalAUbut did they boot at all?11:15
charliemacIt sounds like the drive is bad,  no full speed reading cycles took place11:15
howoriginalAUHmm okay11:16
howoriginalAUwhat's the exact process you took to burn those CD's, starting from after you downloaded the iso?11:16
charliemacI used winMd5Sum to compare the ISO with the hash listed here: < http://people.ubuntu.com/~gilir/md5sum.txt>, then11:18
charliemacThen I ran infra recorder.  When I tried to confirm the disc, the drive failed, apparently.  Since I couldn't be sure it was a bad disc (what are the chances of that happening, anyway?) I decided to make another disk from11:21
howoriginalAUChances of that happening are actually higher than you might think :)11:21
howoriginalAUbut continue11:22
charliemacthe same iso which was confirmed earlier, this time using11:23
jorisI am still trying to setup an encrypted home folder in lubuntu, but it doesn't work out yet. There is something about it in the release notes, but I can't figure out how to use this...11:24
jorisAny ideas?11:24
howoriginalAUjoris: are you using a desktop or laptop?11:24
jorisI am trying now on a desktop but if it works than I want to install lubuntu on my netbook11:25
charliemacISO Recorder11:25
howoriginalAUdon't have any ideas for the desktop, but for the netbook - shut the lid, drill a hole all the way through and then padlock it shut :D11:25
howoriginalAUhaha I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm not sure!11:25
howoriginalAUcharliemac: what OS are you using, XP or Vista or 7?11:25
MrChrisDruifhoworiginalAU: Not funny ;)11:25
howoriginalAUMrChrisDruif: I know, because it happened to me as a practical joke11:26
jorisah well I don't care11:26
charliemacThe source machine runs VISTA11:26
charliemacthe target has XP11:26
howoriginalAUTry this charliemac: try burning the cd at a slower speed (about halfway down the list of available burn speeds)11:27
jorisI know lubuntu will fly on my netbook that's why I would like to make this work. Now it is running ubuntu and it's ok but I like speed11:27
howoriginalAUwe'll just try and find out whether or not it's the cd drive or just the cd's themselves11:27
howoriginalAUjoris: I'm not sure if this is just on the normal Ubuntu install, but isn't there an option to have an encrypted home folder in the actual installation?11:28
charliemacOk, I'll try using an audio cd in windows media player or something11:28
howoriginalAUcharliemac: that's not what I meant, but that's actually a good idea11:29
jorisNo or yes but you need to mount it manually after you boot to it11:29
howoriginalAUjoris: yeah I'm guessing it asks you for a password in text mode?11:29
jorisYeah you need to mount on the terminal11:29
jorisafter login11:29
howoriginalAUalright fair enough11:29
howoriginalAUDoes it recognise the partition at least?11:30
jorisIs possible but I use my netbook to check stuff online11:30
jorisSo mounting my home from the cli everytime I boot is inconvenient11:30
howoriginalAUAh I get what you mean - you just want it to automount, ask for your password and then go11:31
jorismy home is not on a seperate partition11:31
jorishoworiginalAU yes11:31
howoriginalAUHmm, does it work in file manager? surely it must show up11:32
howoriginalAUbecause if it does, you could just have file manager load on startup. Then you can click on the drive, type in the password and away you go11:33
jorisNo that is not how it works11:34
jorisThe filemanager shows a link to access your private desktop11:35
jorisan a readme with the command to type in the cli to mount the home folder11:36
charliemacFalling asleep; thanks all!11:43
head_victimOh my, another Australian! And I missed him :.11:46
MrChrisDruifhead_victim: I have a feeling that he'll be around :)11:49
head_victimCool, going to have to show him th eloco as well :D11:49
craigbass1976I spent the majority of yesterday on a windows 7 box.  Hoping to feel better when I got back to this box today (I'l be a few days recovering from MS) I realize that the shortcut to /home/me on my desktop is call My Documents.  How do I change that?  It's giving me the heebie jeebies12:22
MrChrisDruifThat craigbass1976 needs to recover from a Windows session, I thought that was (just a bit) funny :)12:38
craigbass1976MrChrisDruif, 13 hours dude...  I'm still toast today.12:38
MrChrisDruifI see Windows as a necessary means to get certain things done (updating my Android e.g.)12:43
MrChrisDruifI don't really play any Windows games anymore and for the rest I can use Linux, so I'm completely converted to Linux :)12:44
MrChrisDruifI'll ask it in the "official" area: how would I go about to install Lubuntu 64 bit?12:51
head_victimI run windows in a VM for updating my GPS for the car but other than that, I'm completely windows free :)12:53
head_victimAnd why do you have to run windows to update an android? How does that even make sense (I don't own an android mind you)12:53
MrChrisDruifI've got a Samsung Galaxy S and in order to update it (new Android version like 2.1 > 2.2) you need to run Samsung's Kies (don't know it's English name, prolly Choose) software <_<" And you can't run that in Wine or VM Windows <_<"12:55
head_victimReally? That sucks. I would have thought a vm would have done it12:56
MrChrisDruifApparently it will say it's running another process...just what I've read on the interwebs...12:59
craigbass1976So, is there a way ot rename this abonimation on my dektop?13:09
MrChrisDruifOn the Windows Machine? :-/13:13
craigbass1976MrChrisDruif, no, on this lubuntu box.13:17
MrChrisDruifYou can't right-click it? :-/13:17
craigbass1976In a totally other vein...  /etc/hosts : I cna put in an ip and give it a name, but can I give it a name and then give it another, shorter name?  Someone is using dyndns.org and the host name is wicked long.  I was hoping to be able to do something like ssh blah rather than ssh blahblahbalhblabh13:18
craigbass1976MrChrisDruif, can't change the name when I do that.  And ls Desktop doesn't show it (so I can't just mv it)13:19
MrChrisDruifcraigbass1976: Sorry man, can't help you. Maybe someone else knows :)13:20
bioterror!alias | craigbass197613:27
bioterrorwell, make alias to your .shellrc13:27
bioterrorwhat ever you are using13:27
bioterrorfor that ssh13:27
retkuhey, does lubuntu use the same network manager than ubuntu?13:49
bioterrorretku, gnome network-manager13:50
retkuis it same that ubuntu uses?13:53
bioterrorseems so13:54
MrChrisDruifLXDE uses gnome-network-manager? =-O *mind == blown*13:57
bioterrorMrChrisDruif, tbh it's better than wicd13:58
MrChrisDruifYeah, but that it uses gnome stuff :)13:58
bioterrorpcmanfm uses gvfs13:59
bioterrorguess what the g stands for13:59
MrChrisDruifI think I can guess that ;)13:59
retkuSo how do I install lubuntu if I already have ubuntu?14:06
Mkaysiretku: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop14:06
bioterrorMkaysi, you forgot something14:06
Mkaysibioterror: ?14:07
Mkaysi* sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop ?14:07
MkaysiAh, OK.14:07
bioterrorremoving ubuntu-desktop removes just a meta package :D14:08
MkaysiMrChrisDruif: Lubuntu also uses gnome-system-tools14:08
retkui dont want to remove ubuntu14:09
Mkaysisudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends14:10
retkuand how do I remove lubuntu? (I just test it with this computer for to see if I install it to old computer)14:12
retkuok thanks, I'll try it out14:14
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HenflinIs Xfceburn a good burning device or would you recommend me to use Nero burning ROM ?18:30
mark76Speak your brains18:30
Henflinthx mark7618:31
mark76What do you want to burn?18:31
HenflinMostly Data CD's , but sometimes some avi videos too18:32
mark76Yeah, it works well enough for data CDs18:33
mark76Dunno about video. Never had reason to do that18:33
HenflinWhich archiv formats do Linux users mostly use? In windows I used mostly Zip or Rar formats.18:33
Henflink thx18:33
Kurdistanhenflin you can use rar/zip you name it18:33
mark76And tar18:34
mark76Lots of tar18:34
mark76Lots and lots of tar18:34
Henflinah I see18:34
HenflinWhy tar18:34
Kurdistanxarchiver do it for you but I need to install extra things18:34
HenflinDOes it have an advantage or is it just used too18:34
mark76It's just the default for Lubuntu18:36
HenflinI see18:36
mark76You could use file roller or Squeeze if you like18:37
Henflinwell I think xarchivier is alread preinstalled in lubuntu 10.1018:37
Henflinthat is why I stick on xarchivier18:37
Kurdistanthere is a smaler bug in lubuntu 10.10 with xarchiver.18:38
KurdistanI think to 11.04 they will replace it with file-roller18:38
Henflinwhat kind of bug18:38
Kurdistanhenflin you can test it right away by extract i file you will understand. :)18:39
HenflinI dont use chat messengers would you recommend me to deinstal Pidgin  ?18:40
KurdistanI never use pidgin but I now many linux user love it.18:41
HenflinCan I deinstall the preinstalled Pidging throught the package manager synaptic?18:41
Kurdistannormaly I use gmail to chat/mail.18:41
HenflinI jsut use IRC18:41
Kurdistanbut if I will use my old hotmail to chat I use aMSN.18:41
Henflini use only email and irc :)18:42
Kurdistanirc rocks18:42
Henflinbut pidgin is awesome for people who use different messengers18:42
Kurdistanhenflin thats true.18:42
Henflinirc is the most competent chat18:42
mark76I use Chatzilla with BitlBee18:43
Henflinye firefox addons are always fine18:43
Henflindoes xpad support .txt files ?18:43
Henflinis mplayer sufficient for nice movies to watch . Which video player do you guys use ?18:45
KurdistanI use vlc18:45
Kurdistanmplayer from terminal is kind geeky but the best.18:46
Henflindid you deinstall mplayer or kept it kurdistan18:46
Kurdistanyou me reinstall?18:46
Henflinwhy didnt you keep it when you think it is the best18:46
Henflinno deinstallation18:46
Kurdistan:) I have mplayer installed.18:46
Henflinwhy two players ?18:46
HenflinOne is sufficient ^^18:46
Kurdistan:) I use ubuntu and lubuntu-core desktop.18:47
Kurdistanswitch to both of them.18:47
KurdistanI got tired of some things with clean installation of lubuntu 10.1018:47
Henflinwhat do you mean with clean installation?18:47
Kurdistan:) installation from lubuntu iso image.18:48
Kurdistanthats me. :)18:49
Henflinbut once you installed all programs you need there is no difference between ubuntu and lubuntu18:50
Kurdistanyes there is...18:50
HenflinWhy ?18:50
HenflinKurdistan so you have two linux distru on your hdd ?18:50
Kurdistan:) no need to say it again the devs know it.18:51
Henflinkurdistan does the preinstalled mplayer have all necessary formats like avi etc ?18:51
Henflinbut I dont know it due iam not a dev :)18:52
HenflinIam a newcomer to linux18:52
Henflinright now iam on a windows18:52
Kurdistanyou can say it like that. If I want to use lubuntu-core (minimal lubuntu installation) I only log out and choose lubuntu desktop.18:52
KurdistanI hate windows. not the right person to talk windows with. :)18:52
HenflinI see so you installed Lxga18:52
Henflinwhy do you keep vlc? Only because of usabilty not format reasons?18:53
Kurdistanvlc <<--- format reason and plays well with sopcast18:54
Henflinmark76 do you use evince or adobe reader?18:54
KurdistanI need vlc to be installed to use sopcast/veetle18:54
mark76I use the other one18:55
Henflinkurdistan why dont you deinstall mplayer then? One video/audio player is enough ?!18:55
Henflinwhy do you prefer ePDFviewer mark76?18:55
Kurdistanit comes with lubuntu18:55
mark76Because I do18:56
Henflinhere it says evince comes with lubuntu18:56
KurdistanePDFviewer is good. both is right now beter then adope bloated reader.18:56
mark76I don't really look at all that many pdfs18:56
Henflinkurdistan you said ePDFviewer comes with Lubuntu, but my source says different . Pls check the wikipedia article18:57
Kurdistanhenflin sorry my bad.18:57
Henflincan mplayer play music files too?18:58
HenflinBecause there is another programm called Aqualung on LUbuntu18:59
mark76Mplayer can play music files18:59
KurdistanI dont like aqualung19:00
HenflinSo there is no need for Aqualung19:00
HenflinI will deinstall it19:00
mark76I'm surprised that Scrot is listed as the screenshot tool. It doesn't even have a graphical  front end19:01
Kurdistanhttp://code.google.com/p/clementine-player/  much better compare to ugly aqualung19:01
Kurdistanit is amarok based19:01
Henflincan you recommend me a TOol similar to MS Paint ?19:01
HenflinKurdistan For what do I need Clementine when Mplayer can Play music files too?19:02
mark76I'm going to watch Primeval19:02
Kurdistanthere is also ppa for clementine19:02
Henflinwhat is ppa19:02
Kurdistan:) I can look to movie with shotwell to with the new version19:03
Kurdistanwhy I have totem then19:03
Henflinah ok19:03
Kurdistan:) I want it.19:03
HenflinI dont need the music listings19:03
KurdistanI have space for it.19:03
Henflinit is like itunes19:03
Kurdistanand clementine rocks compare to aqualung19:03
Henflinye sure19:03
HenflinCan Xpad export .TXT files ??19:04
Henflin(LIke IN MS windows)19:04
Kurdistanbut with ubuntu I have the regular one. rhytmbox.19:04
Henflinwhat about notebpad19:05
Henflindo you have?19:05
HenflinWhich graphic editor do you use?19:05
pip__Henflin: leafpad19:06
Henflinpip__ does leafpad support .txt files?19:06
Henflin( i dont know which format is used in linux)19:06
pip__I think so. Its closer to notepad than xpad is19:07
HenflinI see19:07
HenflinWhy do they put 3 notepads in Lubuntu?19:07
pip__you may have to add the .txt extension by hand19:07
Henflinok that is np19:07
Henflinthere is abiword , xword and leafpad19:08
HenflinCan I just deinstall abiword and xword pip__ ??19:08
pip__I see no reason not to19:08
pip__i find xpad useful though19:08
Henflinok perfect19:09
HenflinI think for me one word editor is enough19:09
pip__abiword is more like MS word19:09
pip__whereas leafpad is like wordpad or notepad19:10
Henflin1I see19:11
HenflinI think I will keep abiword and notepad19:11
Henflinwould you say19:11
HenflinOpenoffice is ahead of abiword?19:11
Kurdistanhenflin you mean leafpad?19:11
pip__yes I believe it is a little more powerful19:11
Henflinnah abiword19:11
Kurdistanhenflin the new libreoffice will kick ass.19:12
Henflinthen I will deinstall abiword and install openoffice19:12
pip__but abiword will do all the basics19:12
HenflinOpenoffice isnt preinstalled in Lubuntu 10.10 yesss??19:12
Kurdistanmuch faster then openoffice19:12
HenflinI see19:12
Henflinsame formats?19:12
pip__Open Off is in synaptic so its easy to install19:13
Kurdistanyou mean libreoffice?19:13
Kurdistanyes it is a openoffice fork.19:13
pip__I mean Open, is Libre available now?19:13
Kurdistanlibre have there own ppa also19:14
pip__oh yeah it's in there19:14
Kurdistanbut it is rc version19:14
pip__I may try that out myself19:14
HenflinI mean Openoffice19:14
pip__I'm running alpha anyway so.............19:14
Henflinso you would say openoffice is ahead of abiword but abiword is little faster19:14
pip__I don't know.  I do my stuff with Open19:15
pip__It works well for me19:15
Henflinopen = openoffice?19:15
Henflinah ok19:15
HenflinI think I do the same19:15
Kurdistanhenflin openoffice is more complete but abiword is good.19:15
Henflinand will deinsall abiword19:15
Kurdistanfast and light19:15
HenflinOpen Office isnt preinstalled in Lubuntu ??19:16
Kurdistanbut the need of abiword will be much smaler when libreoffice stable release19:16
Henflinsudo apt-get Openoffice ?19:16
Kurdistankick ass fast19:16
pip__nope, but it's in synaptic19:16
HenflinIt is within synatpic ??19:16
Kurdistansudo apt-get install openoffice19:16
pip__oh yeah, or apt-get19:16
HenflinDo I need to install the package or is it installed with synaptic??19:16
pip__open synaptic & search for open office19:17
pip__click its checkbox19:17
Henflinergo it is preinstalled ye19:17
pip__mark for install & accept any other stuff it needs19:18
HenflinAH ok19:18
Henflinpip__ wouldnt sudo apt-get install openoffice be faster ??? ^^19:18
pip__& then click the apply (green tick symbol)19:18
pip__It probably would be actually :)19:18
Henflinhehe :D)19:18
Kurdistanyou can install from synaptic if you dont prefer terminal19:19
Kurdistansynaptic is more userfriendly for neewbies19:19
pip__I still use synaptic a lot19:19
HenflinI wont need to compile after having used apt-get install ??19:19
Kurdistansynaptic you only search for openoffice19:20
Kurdistanmark it19:20
Kurdistanthen install it19:20
Henflinye sure19:20
Henflinwhich pdf reader do u use?19:20
Kurdistanmuch easier to install things wit linux/buntu then windows19:20
Kurdistanhenflin you asked us before19:20
Henflinbut not pip__19:20
pip__I use document viewer which is installed by default19:20
Henflinah ok19:21
pip__it just works19:21
Henflinpip__ i cant find it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lubuntu#Applications19:21
pip__yeh it doesn't show up in any menus19:22
Kurdistanhenflin evince it the same document viewer19:22
Henflinkurdistan & pip__ I think I will get GIMP it is better than MFTPAiNT19:22
Henflinah Ok19:22
HenflinsoI just keep evince19:22
pip__GIMP is excellent19:22
Henflinwill be fine19:22
pip__doc viewer opens when you click on a pdf19:23
HenflinNow I have to worry about the codecs and stuff19:23
HenflinXvid , flash , java   all of them not preinstalled yes ?19:23
pip__or it will ask you if you want to use it or something else you have installed19:23
Kurdistan:) its your computer and you can install what you want from wonderful world of opensource19:23
pip__If you're connected to the 'net while you install you'll get flash19:24
Henflinah ok19:24
bioterrorpip, you can install lubuntu-restricted-extras19:24
Henflinso I connect to internet and go to synaptic and install flash java etc19:24
Henflinbioterror where do I find restricted extras .. within synaptic??19:24
bioterrorsudo apt-get install lubuntu-restricted-extras19:25
Henflinsuper thx19:25
bioterrorif i remember right19:25
pip__thanx bioterror thats good to know19:25
Henflinif I wouldnt be connected to Internet19:25
Henflinit wouldnt work right ?19:25
pip__or look in synptic?19:25
pip__you wouldn't get the 3rd party stuff19:25
pip__like flash, but u can add it later19:26
Henflini see19:26
Henflinbut only via internet connection ye?19:26
bioterroryou should get flash and stugg from that meta package19:26
Henflinjava included too?19:26
bioterrornot so sure19:26
bioterroryou have openjdk by default19:27
pip__haha, I was gonna ask u bioterror :)19:27
Henflinxvid is nothttp://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/ubuntu-restricted-extras19:27
Henflinxvid isnt within that package19:27
bioterrorif you want propietary java, remove first openjdk\* and icedtea19:27
Henflincan i install xvid with synaptic too ?19:27
pip__I'm not sure19:28
bioterrorand then sun-java6-bin,jre,plugin,fonts19:28
Henflinbioterror is java preinstalled with openjdk ?19:28
Henflin* with lubuntu19:28
bioterrorHenflin, ive never used synaptiv for installing. only used it for getting few repos active19:29
Henflini see19:29
bioterrorpropietary java is found from canonical partners repository19:29
Henflinwhere do I find the list of apt-get19:29
bioterroryou have to checkmark that box from synaptics19:29
Henflinthere I must find all available packages19:29
Henflinare there actually packages which are not to find with apt-get ??19:30
bioterroror edit /etc/apt/sources.something19:30
Henflinsome customized programs which are not so common?19:30
bioterrorim trying to say this19:30
bioterrorjust a moment19:30
HenflinI just put this in shell edit /etc/apt/sources.something19:30
Henflinand see als the apt-get list19:31
Kurdistanhenflin if you want some thing like ms paint try out pinta19:31
Kurdistanlighter then gimp19:31
bioterrorubuntu is a distribution which uses free/opensource software19:31
Kurdistanbut not good like gimp19:31
Henflink thx19:31
bioterrorand if you want to use closed and propietary software, you have to enable canonical partners repository and probably add medibuntu if you want to rip dvds19:32
Kurdistanonly bad part with pinta it is mono19:32
HenflinBioterror What is the difference betewen  the preinstalled opensource JAVA/ openJDK * and icetea vs the proprietary java ?19:32
HenflinI bet it works the same19:33
bioterrorhenflin, honestly that suns propietary java works and openjdk does not19:33
Henflinis openjdk 100% preinstalle din LUbuntu 101019:34
bioterroryou can check my banks website19:34
bioterrorthat login applet works only with propietary java19:34
bioterrorno chances wif openjdk19:35
bioterrorand no, im not going to change bank bevouse my studen loans are in there :D19:36
bioterrorsowwy fow typos, using phone for ircing19:36
pip__Kurdistan: pinta looks ok to me19:38
bioterrorHenflin, you cant use both javas on one machine at the same time19:38
bioterrorone at the time19:38
bioterroris there anything else in your minds19:43
Henflinsry I was afk19:44
Henflinhehe lol bioterror ^^19:44
Henflinbut the restricted extra package has the prpietary java19:44
Henflinthat means19:44
HenflinI have to deinstall openJDK first19:44
bioterroryou have to enable partners repository from synaptic19:45
bioterrorthen you can install propietary java19:45
Henflinah you are right19:45
Henflinit uses icetea19:45
Henflinso shouldnt I install extrarestricted package19:46
bioterroryou can install sun-java6-jre,bin,plugin aand then remove the opensource java19:46
bioterroryou should19:46
Henflinah ok19:46
Henflinand afterwards I deinstall via synaptic opensource java19:46
HenflinARe there nice themes for lubuntu?19:47
HenflinI couldnt find any in google19:48
Henflin* like an windows 7 theme for lubunut101019:48
Henflinbioterror scrot sucks ?19:49
pip__I'm going home, catch y'all later guys - good luck Henflin19:50
bioterrori use scrot for screenshots19:50
Henflinthanks pip__ see you19:50
Henflinscreenshots while being on internet sites ? Or can I use the screenshot function only in shell19:50
bioterrorpress printscreen19:51
Henflinah the button on my keyborn?19:51
bioterroryou will get file to root of your home19:51
Henflinah ok19:51
Henflinbioterror do you have a them?19:51
bioterrori use the dafault19:52
Henflinor would you say themes make lubuntu lamer?19:52
Henflinhow to change the wallpaper?19:52
bioterrorright click on desktop?19:52
bioterrorlike in windows19:52
HenflinI think I will keep the default too19:52
Henflinah ok similar to windows19:52
HenflinI havent installed lubuntu yet19:53
HenflinI just wanted to gather informations before I start19:53
Henflinthat I wont get frustrated19:53
Henflinthank you very much19:53
Henflinfor all those infos19:53
bioterrorinstall it :D19:53
bioterroryou wont regret19:53
bioterroror you will19:54
bioterrordepends on your attitude19:54
bioterrorjust a moment19:54
bioterrormy laptop with lubuntu19:55
Henflinuptime 5 day 22 hr *lol*19:57
Henflinwhat does mean file system ext4 ?19:57
Henflinah ok19:58
ubot5An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier19:58
HenflinI understood19:58
bioterrorworth of checking out19:58
bioterroris lubuntu going to be your first linux experiment?19:58
bioterroryou have never used a *nix account remotely or anything?20:00
Henflinnah I didnt20:00
HenflinIn windows I cant delete the folders within the /home folder20:01
bioterroryou know basic commands and stuff?20:01
Henflinin Linux I can do this ye ? ^^20:01
Henflina little20:01
ubot5The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro20:01
Henflinonce I tested a live CD with linux20:01
ubot5sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo20:02
bioterrorsomething to read before you install20:02
Henflin /usr seems to be equal to programs in windows20:02
Henflin"/usr contains the majority of user utilities and applications"20:03
Henflinin windows all applications are in folder /programs20:03
Henflin /mnt is similar to demon tools20:05
bioterrormnt is just a place where you mount random stuff with mount/umount command20:05
Henflinbut in windows mounted devices are placed in "mycomputer"20:05
Henflinwould that be equal to /mnt folder?20:06
bioterrorin ubuntu they go to /media20:06
Henflinwhy so many virtual file system placeS?20:06
bioterrorin windows mounted drives gets alphabetical name20:06
Henflin /proc = /mnt = /media ??20:06
Henflin a: d:20:07
Henflinall shown in "my computer"20:07
bioterrorin nixes they are just in places20:07
Henflin /bin = system32 in windows20:07
bioterrorwindows has a feature that you can format drive to a certain directory20:07
Henflinwhat means nixes20:08
bioterrorunixes linuxes20:08
Henflinah ok20:08
bioterrori was just lazy :D20:08
Henflinso mounted files can be in /proc in /mnt annd in /media ??20:09
Henflinlike test.iso20:09
Henflinafter mounting it will be in one of those 320:09
bioterrorproc has information about your computer20:10
Henflinbtw can I delete the folders in /home i.e. the folder "template" , "videos", "public" , "music" ?20:10
Henflinah ok20:10
bioterrorsure you20:11
bioterrorbut not else where20:11
Henflinsomething similar like /proc doesnt exist in windows tho20:11
bioterrorive got a script that checks from my /proc cpu speeds20:12
Henflinbioterror if I would delete something elsewhere like /etc /bin I would need to customize the kernel to take effect ?20:12
bioterrori know whats the demand for the usage20:12
Henflinthats cool20:12
bioterrorand youre not going to delete anything from there without using sudo20:13
Henflinso there is no possibilty to delete folders there ??20:13
Henflinah ok20:13
Henflinbioterror if a malecious file is executed by mistake on my computer it will be able to use sudo too to make bad effects ??20:13
bioterrorif you run it as super user20:14
Henflinah ok20:14
Henflinso I should always run things i dont know as a normal user20:14
bioterrorotherwise if you try to execute it as a normal user, it cant do anything20:14
Henflinif I installl a program I need to install via super user dont I20:14
bioterrortechnically you get everything from the ubuntu repositories20:15
Henflinin windows 7 i need to run some files "as adminstrator" otherwise some programs wouldnt run correctly20:16
bioterrorbut now im off, my daughter sleeps20:16
Henflinthank you a lot20:16
HenflinHave a nice weekend20:17
Henflingood night20:17
Henflinyou made me understand linux :)20:17

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