BamBamhas somebody installed a persistent linux on a usb/flash-drive?00:06
BamBamI need some advice00:07
mongyBamBam, I cant seem to get natty to install to usb with persistence.00:08
mongyBamBam, any other I can..00:08
genii-aroundBah. flash player segfaults.00:08
genii-around"error 4" and "error 6" , seems to vary00:09
Picihow informative00:10
BamBamno idea what u are talking about; anyway, I receive an error message, something about a Default UI and Configuration00:10
mongyBamBam, well I can create one, but it doesnt use the persistence part of it00:11
BamBamteoretically, when you use ubuntu to create a Boot Disk, it allows you to reserve some space to save personalisations, updates,etc00:12
mongybut not for this release, for me , yet00:13
BamBamok, then00:14
BamBamis there any other distro which can do this?00:14
BamBamI want to run linux from my usb as if it were from my hard disk00:14
mongyyeah,  the stable version. 10.1000:15
BamBamwell, I am using ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i38600:16
mongyand it does work, I have tried it a couple of times.00:18
BamBamwhen i reboot from the usb, i receive a linux error-message, saying something about a missing default UI or configuration00:21
BUGabundogood evening guys00:23
BUGabundoso what's cooking ?00:23
yofeloh cool, last console-setup update set my tty keyboard layout to us *again* *-.-00:28
genii-aroundyofel: Yes, I agree that's annoying00:31
nheald_My user name and ~$ Prompt are no longer displayed when I open Gnome Terminal, and the Terminal will not accept commands. Also when I try to open Root Terminal the Regular Terminal opens. Any help would be appreciated.01:22
nheald_ My user name and ~$ Prompt are no longer displayed when I open Gnome Terminal, only a blinking cursor is displayed, and the Terminal will not accept commands. Also when I try to open Root Terminal the Regular Terminal opens. Any help would be appreciated.01:44
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spivwakhi all, anyway to get amazonmp3 on 11.04?05:25
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knittlnautilus is erroring out with a dbus-error11:38
knittlknown issue?11:38
knittllibunity0 can be removed?11:41
knittlThe following packages will be REMOVED: gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad libindicator1 libreoffice-help-en-gb libreoffice-l10n-en-gb libreoffice-l10n-en-za libunity0 libwebkit-1.0-2 libwebkit-1.0-common openoffice.org-help-en-gb openoffice.org-l10n-en-gb openoffice.org-l10n-en-za11:42
bazhang!find libunity011:42
ubottuFound: libunity011:42
bazhang!info libunity011:42
ubottulibunity0 (source: unity): binding to get places into the launcher - shared library. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.46-0ubuntu5 (natty), package size 352 kB, installed size 1104 kB11:42
knittlsure == can be removed?11:42
knittlslightly related: how can i update only a single package from the command line?11:43
knittl(including all dependencies of course)11:44
knittlinstall seems not like the perfect option, since it will mark it as manually installed11:45
knittlanyway, i will be upgrading nautilus now (which will remove libindcator1 (replaced by libindicator2) and libunity0)11:47
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duanedesignI have over 100 packages that are being held back from upgrading. Seems like a lot, anyone else experiencing anything similar?12:44
wrstduanedesign: how are you upgrading?12:51
duanedesignwrst: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade  Was curious if this was an issue unique to me or not13:00
duanedesignI usually run the updates everyday, but this time I went a week or so without running an update13:01
wrstduanedesign: could be some packages to be replaced such as openoffice with libre office, I generally do 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' that will replace packages too, of course also greater chance of messing thingsup but isn't that what running alpha is all about :)13:01
wrsti do dist-upgrade when using alpha13:02
wrstdist-upgrade from my understanding pulls in updates and also will add changing dependencies i think that is correct from the man page on it, so you probably have some dependencies that have changed13:04
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper way to upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu.13:05
twagerwrst: dist-upgrade -d will tell you all the upgrades you need you can then choose which ones you want13:05
wrsttwager: will that probably solve his issues of all the held back packages?13:06
twagerwrst: Dunno...I look at the upgrades then just blunder on.. :-)13:07
wrstha ha twager i must admit with alpha i expect to reinstall several times so i don't do much worrying13:08
twagerI do know that apt-get upgrade seems to install packages that the upgrader tell me are held back13:08
twagerI have never had to install Natty..If It fails I leave it for a couple of days then boot into a console and apt-upgrade it13:10
wrsti'm too impatient to wait that long :)13:11
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jfiHello, is it normal that unity-2d (natty) use the default gtk theme? Did I miss to install a package?14:06
jfiJust wonder if it is a bug, a 'not yet implemented' or I miss a point when I installed it14:08
* penguin42 seems to be stuck in an upgrade repeatedly asking me to choose a method for toggling between national and latin mode on keyboard14:15
penguin42hmm, finally moved on - I just had to tell it the same thing about 6 times14:16
Ian_Cornepenguin42: I don't even know what that switching thing is about14:17
Ian_Corneit's just annoying :p14:17
penguin42Ian_Corne: I assume it's for flipping to non-uk/US keyboard varients14:18
BluesKajkmix & alsamixer was missing from my setup this morning when I logged in , apt says it was installed but when I tried to launch it , "no such file etc" I had to remove it14:34
BluesKajthen reinstall, wonder what gives there14:35
BUGabundoso composite and libnotify still broken14:36
BUGabundoanyone got the bug reports for those?14:36
BUGabundofreeing up 1GiBs in old kernels :S15:01
Ian_Cornehow many kernels are that? :p15:12
BUGabundoall since 2.6.35.x something15:13
BUGabundonow left with .37.10 and upwards15:13
Ian_CorneI'm still waiting for .38!15:14
ari-tczewwhere can I find sun-java6 for natty?15:19
tsimpsonari-tczew: install the maverick version from the canonical partner repository15:23
ari-tczewtsimpson: OK, I'll do it. why natty has dropped it?15:23
tsimpsonit hasn't been dropped, it just doesn't exist yet as natty isn't released15:24
phillyjhi all, can someone help me with qmake-qt416:11
phillyjI'm installing openSCAD but the instructions don't give me parameters16:11
phillyjJust to make sure do I type qmake-qt4 -makefile {myfile}16:11
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ari-tczewtsimpson: it doesn't work with firefox4 :/16:29
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nysosymhi there16:45
nysosymhow can i upgrade to natty?16:46
nysosymupdate-manager -c won't work16:46
yofel-d, not -c16:46
BluesKajnysosym, good luck16:47
nysosymthx, but why? :)16:47
penguin42remember, it is an alpha - it could eat your cat16:48
nysosymthats ok16:48
BluesKajnysosym, it should work ok, but there have been some probs with update manager16:48
nysosymubuntu is just for testing :)16:48
nysosymto have a look what the open source community does :D16:49
[lan3y]how do i enable wireless on natty? its labeled as disabled by hardware switch, and yes the switch is on, i dont know what to do now16:49
coz_nysosym,  what are you used to if not "open source" ?16:50
BluesKajnysosym, I have 2 pcs running natty .. a few small probs , but overall quite stable16:50
coz_nysosym,  same here16:50
[lan3y]its worked before on natty, so its a recent change somewhere :/16:50
nysosymit's a shame, that i can't get ubuntu to work with my new macbook pro :/16:51
nysosymlive cd shows me just an empty window16:51
BluesKaj[lan3y], gnome nm-applet ?16:52
coz_nysosym,   I cant help with that  .. I stopped using mac at 9.x16:52
[lan3y]Blueskaj, yeah thats whats saying its disabled16:52
[lan3y]i've run nm-tool in terminal and it says wlan0 iwl3945 state:unavailable16:53
nysosymas far as i can see, ubuntu comes closer to mac, design wise :D16:53
BluesKaj[lan3y], in the terminal run ifconfig , then pastebin the output pls16:53
[lan3y]could be tricky without a net connection on it though16:54
[lan3y]theres no wlan in ifconfig, if thats important?16:54
BluesKajyup, that's important16:54
[lan3y]ok what do i need to do now?16:54
BluesKajremove network manager and reinstall it , that worked for my USB wifi adapter ..however I had to use wicd after the latest upgrade , nm just would not connect16:57
BluesKajnm reinstall might work for you [lan3y]16:58
[lan3y]how do i fetch the archive to install though?16:58
BluesKaj[lan3y], if you have network access with ethernet16:59
[lan3y]i have another machine (this one) and a usb drive, anywhere i can grab the deb file?16:59
BluesKajyou can download wicd to the usb drive and copy it17:01
BluesKaj[lan3y], if you decide o wicd , then there's no need to remove nm , wicd install disables gnome-nm17:03
[lan3y]ill grab both debs anyway17:04
BluesKaj[lan3y], try this first  sudo iwlist wlan0 scan17:05
[lan3y]doesn't support scanning, network is  down17:08
[lan3y]ugh forgot network-manager-gnome17:10
[lan3y]so ive reinstalled now what?17:15
sdahi all, i have a question, I love search\program graphic of ub11.04 and i want it on my normal gnome. How can I do? (this one http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/unity-2d-apps.png)17:27
[lan3y]BluesKaj, reinstalling + reboot = no change17:29
[lan3y]it says im in flight mode17:30
[lan3y]if that helps17:30
kim0Hi .. Any plans for VirtualBox-ose-4.x for natty17:31
charlie-tca!info virtualbox17:33
ubottuPackage virtualbox does not exist in natty17:34
charlie-tca!info virtualbox-ose17:34
ubottuvirtualbox-ose (source: virtualbox-ose): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.12-dfsg-1ubuntu2 (natty), package size 8986 kB, installed size 32560 kB (Only available for amd64 i386 all)17:34
BluesKaj[lan3y], ok install wicd17:41
pr0ph3thi all17:45
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[lan3y]ok plan b, install 10.10 install wicd, then update to 11.0418:02
kim0charlie-tca: Hi, I do know vbox3 is in natty (running it), I'm mostly asking why we're not going for vbox418:29
penguin42is anyone getting bogus values from the 'head flying hours' in smartctl -a ?18:38
penguin42mine is saying 241643450010053, which is about 27B years18:39
Ian_CorneRROR: smartctl requires a device name as the final command-line argument.18:46
Ian_CorneI have no idea what it does18:46
Ian_Cornebut i can't run smartctl -a :p18:46
penguin42it checks the errors from a hard drive, so typically smartctl -a /dev/sda18:50
bullgard4What Banshee release does Natty provide at present?19:58
gpc!info banshee19:59
ubottubanshee (source: banshee): Media Management and Playback application. In component main, is optional. Version 1.9.1-1ubuntu3 (natty), package size 1782 kB, installed size 5396 kB19:59
bullgard4gpc: Thank you.19:59
[lan3y]solved my wifi problems, rfkill is set to block all wifi devices by default for some reason, any else had this?20:42
yofelnope, afaik it should map what is set in BIOS, or what you set yourself20:43
donniezazenDo you guys have problem getting wifi to work wwith broadcom cards?20:45
[lan3y]whats the problem?20:47
donniezazenI was able to install bcmwl-kernel-source without problem but network manager drop down menu does no longer have wireless options and the physical switch does not seem to enable the wifi card.20:50
gpcdonniezazen: did you enable the driver in System > Admin > Hardware Drivers?20:51
donniezazenyes i did20:51
gpcAdditional Drivers*20:51
gpcmight need a reboot20:52
donniezazennah i have tried all that20:53
donniezazenas far as i know wifi cards seems to be disabled20:54
[lan3y]in terminal run rfkill list20:56
[lan3y]'rfkill list'20:56
donniezazenit says no21:01
tasslehoffI tried upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04 in a Virtualbox VM on my Mac, but it led to kernel panics. Same issue for a friend who uses VMWare Fusion. Known issue and gone now?21:16
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gobbehello. i'm testing 11.04 and unity and got one problem; i cannot change top clock to 24h21:25
gobbeall tricks did this in 10.10 are not working21:25
charlie-tcaapparently, I really don't like unity21:42
[lan3y]me neither, hence, kubuntu21:46
coz_kubuntu's  netbook is kinda nice  to play with21:55
coz_Unity...as I have mentioned before ,, is pretty useles on dual monitors in my opinion...21:55
coz_actually any netbook edition is I suppose21:55
[lan3y]kde just feels a bit more complete compared to gnome/unity in my opinion22:09
DaekdroomI can't get used to KDE :(22:09
DaekdroomI'll continue to use Classic GNOME untill I feel either Unity or Gnome Shell are ready22:09
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