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UndiFineDPendulum: the spanish translation was ok ? or did it need modification ?13:57
Pendulumhaven't heard anything from the guy13:58
UndiFineDalright, just curious :)13:59
* AlanBell hugs Pendulum 14:23
AlanBellhttp://www.lathatatlan.hu can't take wheelchairs14:24
PendulumI'm not surprised14:24
Pendulumso as long as the UW dinner isn't there, I'm okay :P14:25
Pendulumto safely take wheelchair users (regardless of whether there's physical access or not), they'd have to have a blind wheelchair user who could guide. And I don't know any completely blind wheelchair users. (I know some who are legally blind)14:27
AlanBellI asked if there was just physical access to the dinner part14:28
Pendulumtbh, I suspect that if I make it to UDS-O, I will pretty much only be able to get around the hotel14:28
Pendulum(without getting out of chair and scooting up or down stairs)14:29
Pendulumbecause that's my memory of Budapest: everything has stairs14:29
PendulumLuckily, I went to Budapest when I was 16 so I will not feel sad that I cqan't get into things like the castle as I've already been to them :)14:30
Pendulumokay, it looks like I might be able to use the metro if there are people with me (has escalators, but I know how to ride an escalator in a wheelchair if I've got people to help)14:41
Pendulumthere are a couple buslines I could use14:41
Pendulumcan't get good information about restaurants14:42
Pendulumdunno how I can get from airport14:42
Pendulumthis could be exciting ;-)14:42
AlanBellreally not sure I can go at all, but I was thinking of flying out for the last two days or something14:44
PendulumI'm going to apply for sponsorship and see what happens :)14:46
PendulumSomeone other than TheMuso has to be around to raise the accessibility flag ;-)14:47
AlanBellI don't think I will go for sponsorship as I can't give up the week14:57
AlanBellflights are only a hundred quid14:58
AlanBellI was thinking of organising an evening out for 30 people as an -accessibility event15:00
AlanBellmaybe getting some computers set up in the dark with Unity and get the desktop team along15:01
Pendulumneed to get it working at all that way first15:03
AlanBellwould give them something to work towards :)15:04
Pendulumalthough the desktop team is pretty aware of what's going on and the importance15:04
Pendulumneil's definitely on board with getting accessibility to the best it can be15:05
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charlie-tcaUsing today's i386 Natty image, I can do an accessible installation using Orca. 17:23
charlie-tcaHowever, unity no longer recognizes my ATI 9800 video card as usable, so I ran it from classis desktop17:23
charlie-tcaAlso, orca now speaks the password as clear letters and numbers17:24
Pendulumyay for being able to do the install17:26
Pendulumnot so good on the rest of it17:26
charlie-tcaprogress, I guess17:26
charlie-tcaheh, unity will be unusable by what, half the user base, if it won't recognize the 9800?17:27
charlie-tcaOh, well. At least orca spoke to me today through the entire installation dialogs17:28
AlanBellthat is fantastic!17:42
AlanBellor a major regression corrected17:43
charlie-tcayes, kind of.17:45
charlie-tcaIt does not tell you it is done, so get to guess at that part17:46
charlie-tcaBut it did say "Return" when I hit the enter key to restart after the installation completed17:47
AlanBellhow do you start the accessible install?17:47
charlie-tcahold right shift when it says it is starting from the cd17:47
charlie-tcaor hold during bios checks17:48
charlie-tcaoh, yeah, it fails when hitting any keys during the boot17:48
charlie-tcathe splash screen seems to ignore the keypress it should see17:48
charlie-tcahm, and it booted into a gdm login without orca, but after logging in, it went to unity desktop with orca17:50
charlie-tcaAt least we are making progress. Now I can finish the install test case17:52
AlanBellyes, I will have a go at the install later this week I hope18:00
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