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Lopianyone know how to use the matchbox-keyboard-im package? I have been searching for documentation, but can't seem to find any information about it.01:12
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Homefix1Hi i was hoping you could help me with this problem:03:34
Homefix1I am using (on a dedicated ubuntu computer with Maverick edition)"https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RootfsFromScratch" example to create a qemu image using "sudo rootstock --fqdn ubuntu --login ubuntu --password ubuntu --seed nano --notarball --imagesize 3G".03:34
Homefix1I have also used the "sudo project-rootstock/rootstock --fqdn ubuntu --login ubuntu --password ubuntu --seed nano --notarball --imagesize 3G"03:34
Homefix1I am using these images (mostly for fun), to setup ubuntu onto my Evo and Epic smartphones using my tutoral here: "http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=10584098#post10584098" to chroot the image.03:35
Homefix1well sorry for screaming but it really excites me this open source Ubuntu Stuff. (i am a win user, but I found a new toy)03:35
Homefix1I have noticed with my build images, using apt-get during install, i see "Can not write log, openpty() failed (/dev/pts not mounted?)"03:36
Homefix1error. My reserch says terminals wont work if system cannot write to /dev/pts.03:36
Homefix1The prebuilt image does not have this issue.03:36
Homefix1Is there modifications prior to or after creation, or is this someting different altogether.03:36
Homefix1I was finally able to create an image with the prompt showing. But am unable to reproduce it. I think playing with MAKEDEV fixed it but?03:37
spherical_percepGood evening - I would like to install lucid onto a beagleboard xM, and I was looking at the page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/BeagleNetInstall - however there is a comment there that says "This method will not work on a BeagleXM, as that platform requires x-loader & uboot support not available in Lucid."  So: any suggestions as to where to look for instructions pertinent to xM?07:11
evaluateI was wondering if anyone tried to get some compiled binaries from ubuntu-arm to android? I would like to get bash and a couple of other utilities on my android phone, and if I could avoid compiling them and could just copy them from the deb packages, that would be awesome, anyone else tried this?11:16
sveinseAre there any particular reason for rootstock to fetch pkgs from the release dist only and not from security or updates?11:28
aksh1what shud be the uboot parameter to boot kernel from usb12:16
loolaksh1: You mean load your kernel from USB?12:56
loolor rootfs on USB?12:56
aksh1lool, i have ubbot n xloader in flash13:10
aksh1and kernel and rootfs in usb13:10
aksh1using minicom i got uboot prompt13:10
aksh1noe want to know the parameter of uboot to boot from usb13:11
loolaksh1: u-boot rarely supports USB13:12
loolaksh1: It does on some boards, but it's relatively rare13:12
loolaksh1: It's best to have your kernel in flash or mmc13:13
aksh1lool, as per my info we can keep kernel and rootfs in usb13:13
aksh1it has support13:13
aksh1lool, chromium os run using that way only13:16
ksinkarhello people13:37
ksinkari used rootstock to make an arm image of ubuntu with username ubuntu and password root13:37
ksinkari want to start the xserver using xstart13:37
aksh1using startx13:41
ksinkari am not able to do that since i am not root and i cant do sudo startx since the user 'ubuntu' is not in the sudoers list13:41
ksinkarwhat do i do?13:41
aksh1ksinkar, using chroot you need to change password for root13:42
aksh1and then login as root13:42
aksh1run startx13:42
ografix sudores instead13:44
ksinkarogra: how can i fix sudoers?13:45
ograbut you shouldnt use startx as root anyway13:45
ogradid you try as user ?13:45
ksinkarogra: yes13:45
ograit should just work13:45
ograwhats the error if you try as user13:45
ksinkarX: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting.13:46
ograthats weird13:46
sveinseogra: Are there any particular reason for rootstock to fetch pkgs from the release dist only and not from security or updates as well?13:47
ograsveinse, iirc there is a --extra-mirrors arg you can use to add these13:49
ograbut no, apart from the fact that nobody cared to implement that as a default13:49
sveinseorga: Yes, there are. I'm just curious why not install the initial system from updates/security in the first place13:49
ograksinkar, is that the only line of outout ?13:49
ograthere should be more13:50
ksinkarogra: yes13:50
ograsveinse, rootstock is in maintenance mode, nobody does actual development anymore on it, patches accepted ;)13:50
ksinkarogra: after that i kind of hangs and i press Ctrl + C13:51
ksinkarX: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting.13:51
ksinkargiving up.13:51
ksinkarxinit:  No such file or directory (errno 2):  unable to connect to X server13:51
ksinkarxinit:  No such process (errno 3):  Server error.13:51
ksinkarogra: full output13:51
ograbut you have xinit installed, right ?13:52
ksinkarthis is the output at startup13:52
ksinkar[fail] * Starting GNOME Display Manager...13:52
ksinkarogra: i actually want to start my GNOME display manager13:52
ogradid you check why it doesnt start ?13:53
sveinseogra, that interesting... We're basing our product on rootstock to build the root file system...13:53
ograsveinse, well, feel free to send patches :)13:53
sveinseogra, sure, np. Out of interest: how do you guys install the system if you are not using rootstock?13:54
ograwe use the preinstalled images13:54
ograbut that indeed only works for supported arches13:55
ograthough they are easy to modify for other stuff13:55
sveinseand for particular HW boards, right?13:55
sveinseOur board is custom, and thus requires custom bootloader and kernel13:56
ograbut as i said, easy to modify13:56
ograzcart the omap3 image to an SD, mount it, chroot into it, remove the omap3 kernel, add what you need, exit chroot, tar up (using --numeric-owner for tar) the content of the second part13:59
ograthats for example how i create the images for a tegra2 based ac100 netbook here14:00
sveinseWhat's the "base" package for these images? ubuntu-netbook or something?14:00
ograbut once chrooted you can cheange it to anything you like indeed14:01
sveinseYes, chroot and binfmt i great14:02
ksinkarogra: that is what i am trying to find out14:03
ograwe should probably think about a graphical modification kit some day ... i.e. something that chroots automatically, fires up synaptic inside the chroot and tars up automatically14:03
ograksinkar, well, i would start checking /var/log/Xorg.0.log14:04
sveinseogra, I made something similar. Not graphical, but a bash script which can execute any command inside a chrooted rootfs.14:04
aksh1ksinkar, which ubuntu version u r using ?14:05
sveinseI use it to run apt-get for the target14:05
ksinkaraksh1: jaunty14:05
ograthats unsupported14:06
ogrause something more recent, jaunty is EOL14:06
aksh1ksinkar, what is rootstock command u used?14:06
aksh1it should work14:06
ksinkarsudo rootstock --fqdn OMAPL138 --login ubuntu --password root --imagesize 2G --dist jaunty --serial ttyS2 --seed xfce4,gdm14:09
ksinkari get this output while ubuntu starting up:14:11
ksinkarEXT2-fs warning: mounting unchecked fs, running e2fsck is recommended14:11
ksinkarshould this have any effect14:11
ogradid you check the log above ?14:14
ksinkarogra: the log that u specified does not exist14:33
ksinkarand i am currently running in init 2 according to the runlevel command14:33
ksinkarthere is a directory for gdm error logs but it is empty14:34
ogravery strange14:34
ksinkaris there any way to send any graphics to the screen14:35
ksinkarvisudo is not allowing me to edit the sudoers file14:47
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GrueMasterogra: I filed a bug against jasper_initramfs and uploaded a patch to fix it yesterday.  It won't run in it's current released state.15:58
ograGrueMaster, yeah, sorry, i only saw the bug after i uploaded the fix16:41
ograi saw your irc ping before looking at bugmail16:41
rsalvetiogra: is your fix included already at today's image?16:46
rsalvetiogra: then we need to check what's happening with the omap 3 one16:46
rsalvetithat's only building the fs16:46
GrueMasterInteresting.  Since I couldn't make it far with yesterday's image until I fixed jasper_growroot, I only now tried logging into a fresh image.  It just complained that there are no valid sessions available.  Did UNE-EFL get dropped off?17:17
rsalvetinot that I know17:18
GrueMasterrsalveti: I see you updated the unity-2d-launcher crash bug with maverick results.  I was just getting ready to do that.  As soon as we can pinpoint the bug, I'll reassign the bug to the proper QT library (as I am sure that is where the problem is).17:31
rsalvetiGrueMaster: sure, hopefully we'll get a new valid omap 4 image soon, then we can easily reproduce with it17:56
rsalvetiI only have an older natty17:56
rsalvetineed to update, and takes quite a while17:56
rsalvetiGrueMaster: did you check if the resize and install worked fine after the jasper fix?17:56
GrueMasterI take it today's image is still borked?  I'm just now downloading it.17:56
rsalvetidon't know yet, didn't test17:56
rsalvetinot with my panda today17:57
GrueMasterActually, I will be OOO here soon.  Need to work on home remodel project and go shopping with the wife & kid (NCommander).17:57
rsalvetialso going off now, girlfriend's birthday17:58
* rsalveti bbl17:58
GrueMasterYesterday was the first of two really large bonus checks for my wife.  Gots to spend it.17:58

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