evilvishdoctormo: any word from pleia2 on the logs for art-owl?08:09
doctormoSaid she would get to it tonight.08:10
doctormoevilvish: We have logs!17:26
darkmattercoz_: I'm doing something evil to window management. hehe17:37
coz_darkmatter,  sorry about that    ...damn fingers17:38
darkmatternp. starting work on my first compiz plugin. *crossing fingers*17:39
evilvishdoctormo: yay!17:45
doctormoevilvish: pm me17:45
coz_darkmatter,  very cool :)17:48
darkmattercoz_: something simple but lacking. I think I'll call it stacker. the _basic_ functionality is in compiz already, but needs improving17:48
coz_darkmatter,   well  talk with smspillaz  if you want.. I am sure he can help out with it...17:48
coz_darkmatter,  just not at this moment  ,, I think it is near 6am tomorrow for him :)17:49
darkmattercoz_: just an improvement to having focus but no raise on click. I want something a bit more functioning17:50
coz_ah ok17:50
thorwilhi doctormo. do you have an idea how to do what subprocess.check_output() does in python before 2.7?17:52
darkmattercoz_: kinda like amiga had (if you've ever don teh amiga)17:53
doctormothorwil: Yes, I have ideas. What are you trying to do?17:53
coz_darkmatter,  no I havent17:53
coz_darkmatter,  you mean mouse over  focus?17:54
thorwildoctormo: wrap gconftool-2 --set and --get commands in python17:54
darkmattercoz_: moving windows by the titlebar didn't change focus/raise windows unless you _wanted_ it to17:54
coz_darkmatter,  oh ok17:54
doctormothorwil: Why don't you just use the python based gconf lib?17:55
thorwildoctormo: that is, i need the output o fthings like: gconftool-2 --get /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename17:55
darkmatterfocus could be fixed regardless of action/position/etc. so you could cut/paste etc from active to inactive without having focus being stolen17:55
thorwildoctormo: because i didn't think of that at all! thanks :}17:55
darkmattercoz_: like I said. basic functionality is already there, just needs enhancing17:56
coz_darkmatter,  that sounds  nice actually17:56
doctormothorwil: So you know: gconf access is not available if you're running from a cron job or outside of the gnome session on a different tty17:56
darkmattercoz_: it is. it's one of the things I wish had carried over back in the day. that's one of the things that made multitasking so much fun. windows respected you :P17:58
coz_darkmatter,  cool... I hope you do t his... submit it... I would like to try it :)17:58
darkmattercoz_: combine that with some of the more modern features and ♥17:59
coz_damn fingers17:59
coz_darkmatter,  ok  I dont want to know ...right now...how to do the "heart" thingy,, i would have a new toy :)18:00
darkmattercoz_: hold down control+shift+u <enter appropriate unicode love> ;p18:03
coz_darkmatter,   ooo darn...you told  me  lol18:04
darkmatternow I'm gonna sit back and watch you drive yourself mad playing with unicode combinations xD18:04
darkmatter2665 is the heart18:05
coz_darkmatter,   I will have to play with this,, so just hold down  shift-ctrl+u   and hit the numbers?18:06
darkmatterwell.. release the u after pressing (keep ctrl and shift down) it initiate the unicode. then type in the appropriate numerical identifier (charts on the unicode site)18:08
coz_ah :)18:08
coz_damn  another toy :)18:08
evilvishcoz_: do you use xchat?18:09
coz_evilvish,   I do yes18:10
evilvishcoz_: you can just set that as an autoreplace18:10
coz_evilvish,  oh cool :)18:10
coz_oh man.. I am going to be spending all day playing now18:11
evilvishyou can set a rule, when you type <3 , autoreplace with ♥18:11
coz_evilvish,    you and darkmatter   are  surely evil... :)18:11
evilvish i have a for of those autoreplace like:   ™  »18:11
evilvishcoz_: also, if you really want to waste time.. you can get a lot of symbols in "character map" ;)18:12
coz_and see ,, I was content just typing since it has improved slight over the years...now  look what you guys have dont  ♥18:13
coz_evilvish,  cool...yeah that part I knew  :)18:13
coz_now if only I could get paid  waisting time :)18:13
* darkmatter makes coffee18:14
coz_guys... I have to break here... grocery store and all ..again  at 14 degree farenheit  weather and snow and ice  :(18:16
coz_be back in a bit18:16

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