jferhi all. i just put my name on the wiki to volunteer for open day00:32
jferstill looks as though there are a lot of slots still left00:33
head_laptopjfer, yeah caryb and I will be there all day so we didnĀ“t want to fill it up straight away00:43
head_laptopjfer, but the more people helping out means we all get to actually look at the other stalls as well00:43
head_laptopAlso makes it easier to document the day (take photos, etc)00:44
jferi am heading down today00:57
jferi hope to see you monday00:58
head_victimI'll be there :) I'm also going to be going to rego on Sunday so I can also attend the newbie session00:58
jferyer i was thinking about registering on sunday00:59
jferwhat is the newbie session??00:59
jferit is my first time at LCA00:59
head_victimApparently they hold a newcomers session to detail what to expect, what to do, etc for people who haven't been to an LCA before (which is me) and is highly recommended00:59
head_victimThey're still confirming times and places for it because of the reshuffle though but apparently it's usually around the time of the sunday registration01:00
jferwell i might see you there then01:02
jfergtg and pack01:02
head_victimWIthout unplugged and replugging a device, if I've "safely removed" a usb device is there a way to get it to recognise again?02:52
blahdeblahAnyone tried to lodge their BAS on Ubuntu lately?  Mine goes all the way to the end then fails on the last submit. :-(03:58
head_victimI haven't had to do a BAS in years and quite happy not to :D03:59
blahdeblahI'm sure it's a stupid JavaScript bug.  Anyone know if there's a Firefox plugin that lets you mangle the JavaScript that's used on a page?04:00
nisshhblahdeblah, BAS?04:16
blahdeblahBusiness Activity Statement04:16
blahdeblahWhere you pay the govt the GST you collected for them04:16
nisshhoh right, no04:16
nisshhi havent04:16
nisshhi think most people use etax on windows for that, im not even sure its possible on linux04:17
nisshhblahdeblah, ^^04:17
blahdeblahnot etax - that's for tax returns04:17
blahdeblahThis is for BAS04:17
blahdeblahI've been doing it on Linux for the past 4 years04:18
blahdeblah!@#$ stupid ATO - every step except the last one works with a proxy server, but you have to bypass the proxy to make the final one work.04:22
lubotu2Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:22
blahdeblahSimmer down, lubotu2 - i wasn't talking to you.  ;-)04:23
blahdeblahNot only that, but it tries to check the time against time-a.nist.gov using TIMEP!  Aaarrrgh!04:24
* blahdeblah pulls out the angry eyes >:o04:24
orly_go3 australia huwei e169g on lucid 10.04.1 with nm 0.8.0ubuntu3?09:41
orly_gohow to?09:41
sagaciIt's not detecting it?09:42
orly_goit appears on desktop as cd/usb storage09:43
head_victimorly_go: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/WirelessBroadbandInformation09:43
orly_goso i safely remove it and it is detected in nm menu as 'vodafone'09:43
head_victimApparently needs a modeswitch09:43
orly_gosafely remove means it shows up as usb modem in dmesg09:44
orly_goi was hoping it wouldnt need modeswitch09:45
orly_gothought lucid fixed that09:45
head_victimHmm it does say only for older releases so should work ootb09:45
orly_goi rebooted with it plugged in too, same result09:46
sagaciNever had any trouble with the e176209:47
orly_goBus 002 Device 002: ID 12d1:1001 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E620 USB Modem09:48
orly_gohmm e620?09:48
head_victimSeems to suggest it works ok09:51
orly_gooh i didnt go to edit connections09:58
orly_goi forgot i had to do that09:58
sagaciDoes nm just not detect it09:59
orly_goit does10:00
orly_goas 'vadafone' though10:00
orly_goit is on 310:00
orly_goi will disconnect here and plug it into the lucid pc10:01
head_victimVodafone and 3 are now the same provider in AU now aren't they?10:13
orly_gogot it working on lucid10:26
orly_gohad to edit connections10:26
orly_gothe vodafone one was from another 3g modem :)10:26
head_victimorly_go: good stuff I'm so not good with 3g (the only 3g I have is a home network gateway from Telstra)10:26
head_victimWhich is essentially a stand alone router with 4 port ethernet and wireless lan connections10:27
orly_goi wont say im great with it either10:27
head_victimHeh you going to be at LCA?10:27
orly_gosometime, somewhere10:27
orly_goback later, bye for now10:27
orly_goand thats dinner done10:44
sagaciIs the buntu store still happening for open day12:20
head_victimWell be a few of us there fingers crossed.12:21
sagaciAh ok cool, so meet up is on monday night?12:21
head_victimYep, we'll mosey on down after the conference and eat pancakes. Sounds good to me anyway.12:25
sagaciHow many have you got so far12:29
head_victimAbout 1012:33
head_victimWell 10 that have said yes I'll be there either in email or irc. No idea if we'll have walk ins or people who said they'd show not12:33
sagaciHow far is it from the venue12:34
head_victimIt's in the CBD so should be close to where most people are staying12:35
head_victimThe charlotte street address 12:35
sagaciAh ok12:36
head_victimIt was going to be a couple of streets away from the venue before the floods12:37
sagaciSo will urbanest people need to take a bus now to the venue12:39
head_victimNone of the "official" venues are within comfortable walking distance12:40
head_victimBit of a shame but really good organisation by the lca team to completely swap venues in a week or so12:49
sagaciYeah true12:51
=== poggle_ is now known as poggle
blahdeblahhead_victim: I've checked the motherboards i have in my spares box, and they're all Intel D845GLLY - no AGP/PCIe; PCI only.  There should be full specs on Intel's site.  If you want any (i have 3), let me know.20:44

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