cprofittRed-Raven: what port checker?00:05
Red-Ravencanyouseeme.com or something.00:06
cprofittso you are trying to open the port on your router?00:06
Red-Ravena custom port # for SSH.00:07
cprofittdid you forward the port to something that would respond?00:07
Red-Ravenyou mean the IP of the computer with SSH on it?00:07
Red-Ravenif so, yes.00:07
Red-Ravendo i have to do something to start the server on that computer?00:08
cprofittok... is there are firewall on that computer?00:08
cprofittyes... I think you have to start SSH on that computer00:08
Red-Ravenits ubuntu desktop, and i haven't added any security to that computer.00:08
cprofittUbuntu desktop does not open any ports by default00:09
Red-Ravenyah. i went into my router settings and opened it.00:09
cprofittyes, its open on your router, but not on the computer you forwarded it too00:09
Red-Ravenhow do i do that?00:10
LostPenguincan anyone in here help me add a hardware ID to the kernel?00:17
Red-Ravendo i need to edit IPtables to open the port>00:22
geirhaRed-Raven: That depends on whether you've changed iptables or not. With default iptables, everything is open already.00:34
Red-Ravenok. well i did run iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport ssh -j ACCEPT00:36
geirhaDoes  ssh localhost  on the box you run the ssh server on, work?00:38
LostPenguinit should00:39
Red-Ravensaid authenticuty can't be established, but i told it yes, go ahead.00:39
geirhaOk, that means the ssh server is running and listening on port 2200:40
Red-Raveni gave it a different port #00:40
geirhaI only read a little bit backwards when I popped in here just now, but from what I can gather you used a different port on the router, not on the server...?00:41
geirhaAnd if that is the case, you set port 80 on the router go to port 22 on your server?00:42
LostPenguinif you set up port forwarding on your router that way00:42
Red-Ravenum, i set the same port in the rueter as in the sshd config file.00:43
geirhaWell, sshd is obviously running on port 22, at least currenty. Did you remember to restart it after editing the config file?00:44
geirhasudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart00:45
Red-Ravenoh. ill do that.00:45
geirhaAfter that,   ssh localhost   should fail, and   ssh -p 80 localhost   should work00:45
duanedesignhello al00:46
duanedesignor better yet, all00:46
geirhaHello, duanedesign :)00:46
Red-Ravensudo etc/init.d/ssh restart right?00:46
geirhasudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart00:47
geirhamissed the first / there00:47
duanedesignwelcome back Red-Raven. Hopefully we can get the ssh sorted. Glad you came back00:47
Red-Ravenyup. think im almost there.00:47
Red-Ravenssh -p 80 localhost didn't work. connection refused.00:48
geirhaAnd ssh localhost is still working?00:49
Red-Ravenno it failed.00:49
geirhaBoth failed? Hm.00:49
Red-Ravenlocalhost failed. the other was refused.00:49
geirhaWhat does this output?  sudo fuser 80/tcp 22/tcp00:50
Red-Raven22/tcp: 2587 265600:52
geirhaStill listening on port 22. Hm.00:52
geirhaSure you changed Port in /etc/ssh/sshd_config?00:54
Red-Ravenyup. ill double check.00:54
geirhaOn a side-note though, why change it?00:54
Red-Raveni was told to for security.00:55
geirhaSecurity by obscurity, but you've already used a different port on the router, that's the one exposed to the internet.00:55
Red-Ravenhow? i still use port 80. i naver changed that.00:56
Red-Ravenall i need to change in that config file is the port # right?00:57
geirhaWhat you use on your server, behind the router, is irrelevant. You'd only see port 80 from the outside.00:57
geirhaShould be, though I've never actually changed the port of the ssh server :)00:58
geirhaMy Ubuntu box is connected straight on the net, no router or firewall in front of it, listening on port 22.00:59
Red-Ravenhm. any ideas?01:00
geirhaWell, if changing Port in /etc/ssh/sshd_config is not working, just change it back, then tell your router to route port 80 from the internet to port 22 on your server.01:02
Red-Ravenwont that take service to other machines though?01:03
geirhaOr even better, just use port 22 on both. I don't see any security gains of changing the port, it just makes it more cumbersome for you to connect to it.01:03
geirhaservice to other machines?01:04
Red-Ravenif it directs all the trafic to the server, wont it stop traffic to other comps in ths house?01:04
geirhaNo. And you're only redirecting one port.01:06
geirhaOr, well, is port 22 already forwarded to another computer?01:06
geirhaThen there's no problem01:07
Red-Ravengeirha, hey sry im back. so i need to change the port # back to 22 in the config file and then forward 22 in the rueter, and then do i need to do anything else?01:44
Red-Ravenlike change the iptables back again?01:46
MrAnthrope<MrChrisDruif> It's alright, you only pinged someone else :)03:16
MrAnthrope<Red-Raven> that should be funny.03:16
MrAnthrope<-- LOLed03:16
Red-Ravenyah....sry about that.03:17
MrAnthropenp :)03:17
charliemacHow can I get SLiM for lubuntu?07:41
jermzaDoes anyone know how to fix multiple instances of Gwibber appearing in the messaging indicator menu?07:55
charliemacIs it safe to run 32-bit programs on 64-bit #lubuntu ?08:20
MinchkinSo, I was runngin IDJC and my laptop stopped responding. So I held down the power button to shut it off. When it rebooted, the GUI is no longer smooth. It is booting into Netbook edition and it won't let me switch back. Help09:00
charliemacHow can I put SLiM on #Lubuntu?09:07
ariefhi all09:08
ariefwhy this room is pretty quite ?09:09
MinchkinI don't know. And I need some major hep09:10
ariefwhat is that ?09:10
MinchkinI was running IDJC and everything just kind of went, bleh.09:11
IAmNotThatGuyMinchkin, you can enter into recovery mode?09:11
IAmNotThatGuyyou have a boot menu(Loader) named GRUB right? When you start the laptop, this screen comes after BIOS menu09:13
MinchkinNo. It just boots into Ubuntu09:13
MinchkinHow do I get to it?09:13
IAmNotThatGuyyou can login to the machine now right?09:14
IAmNotThatGuyI want you to edit a file09:14
MinchkinI am ON the machine.09:14
IAmNotThatGuygoto terminal09:14
MinchkinIn. Type....09:15
IAmNotThatGuysudo chmod  +w /etc/default/grub09:16
IAmNotThatGuyMinchkin, now open places->computer. select the file system -> etc->default->grub.d09:18
IAmNotThatGuydo not close terminal09:18
IAmNotThatGuyMinchkin, and see the exact name of the os_prober file09:20
MinchkinHold on. This stupid netbook GUI is confusing09:20
IAmNotThatGuyah. just use terminal then09:21
IAmNotThatGuycd /etc/default/grub.d09:21
IAmNotThatGuythen type ls09:21
MinchkinWhat now?09:22
IAmNotThatGuyyou can see the name of file OS prober right?09:22
MinchkinWhat would it look like?09:23
IAmNotThatGuyit may be 30os_prober or something09:23
IAmNotThatGuycharliemac, you want to change the LXDM right?09:23
MinchkinWant me to post to pastebin?09:25
IAmNotThatGuycharliemac, I just found. http://ubuntu-lxde.wikidot.com/slim . I dont have much idea about what you asked09:25
IAmNotThatGuyMinchkin, umm! you can find that name? or else pastebin09:26
MinchkinOk. Give me a min09:26
IAmNotThatGuyping me by saying Mohi. I will be another screen09:27
charliemacHow can I use Unntbootin to reformat my WinXP computer with #lubuntu ?09:28
MinchkinIAmNotThatGuy, did you see it?09:31
IAmNotThatGuyMinchkin, try restarting and press shit key. see whether you get the boot screen or not. before that, do sudo update-grub09:33
MinchkinThat is a vulgar key09:33
MinchkinOk. What am I soposed to do after that?09:35
IAmNotThatGuyMinchkin, there right?09:36
MinchkinNo... I just want to be sure I don't screw up09:36
IAmNotThatGuyI want you to alter one thing in that file09:36
IAmNotThatGuyMinchkin, you have to set GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=false09:36
IAmNotThatGuyout False09:36
IAmNotThatGuyF in caps will be better09:36
IAmNotThatGuyMinchkin, or any problem in re-installing GNOME?09:37
MinchkinI don't have root...09:37
MinchkinWhat is GNOME?09:37
IAmNotThatGuy!gnome | MichealH09:38
ubot2MichealH: GNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.09:38
IAmNotThatGuyMinchkin, thats for you09:39
IAmNotThatGuyyou can try re-installing if your GUI troubles. or else, you can edit the file and try logging into previous kernel version and check09:39
MinchkinBut I don't think it is the GUI... Everything froze up and I did a hard reboot...09:39
charliemacIs there a way to put LXDE on Xubuntu?09:40
MinchkinAnd now it does this09:40
MinchkinIt is a boxy GUI, stuck on Netbook, and I don't know what to do.09:42
IAmNotThatGuyI think its some error in GNOME. your system is upto date?09:44
MinchkinYa. I am downloading the .iso right now. But my connection is limiting how fast this is going.09:44
MinchkinShould be.09:44
charliemacIs LXDE with SLiM over Xubuntu as light and zippy as Lubuntu with SLiM?09:44
IAmNotThatGuyMinchkin, try reinstalling GNOME. I think that will do. sudo aptitude reinstall ubuntu-desktop09:46
MinchkinI haz an issue with that command. sudo: aptitude: command not found09:47
IAmNotThatGuyMinchkin, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6785034&postcount=509:49
MinchkinShould I let you know what happens?09:53
MinchkinIAmNotThatGuy, do you want me to reboot?09:59
MinchkinIt worked! Thank you!10:03
charliemacCan I use UNetbootin to overwrite the C:\ with the Lubuntu ISO on the target machine (which runs winXPI have the md5sum confirmed lubuntu10.10 iso as well as unetbootin in seperate thumb drives on the target machine, which runs winXP.10:09
MinchkinHey, so I am having another issue.10:24
ubot2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:29
head_victimMinchkin: some of us wander to and fro from out PCs so when you need a question answered just ask the issue and when I wander past can try to help ;)10:29
MinchkinLul. Sorry. I tend to be fully focused on chatrooms... So, I need a way to make/replace a missing file/item to make Skype and IDJC to play nice.10:32
Minchkin/usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_pcm_jack.la <-- This is missing when I do "find /usr/lib/alsa-lib | grep jack10:33
MinchkinAnd from what I have read, when/if I get that, I should be clear and free.10:33
IAmNotThatGuyMinchkin, click check for updates and that will automatically find the missing file. but I found a link which may be helpful for you. http://idjc.sourceforge.net/tutorials_voip.html11:05
=== IAmNotThatGuy is now known as M0hi
MinchkinThat is how I know it is missing. I did the command and the 2nd one is missing11:06
arief1are u still having installation problem whit IDJC Minchkin ?11:13
M0hiMinchkin, it has the source link and library link at the bottom of the error you got11:14
MinchkinNot really an install problem, just a plugin problem. What that does is make it easier to play calls...11:14
arief1what was log said ?11:16
MinchkinHow do I get to the log?11:16
MinchkinOh, and the Xchat plugin won't work either11:16
arief1log are located on /var/log/..11:16
MinchkinWhich one though?11:18
arief1find something related with idjc11:19
arief1or try this11:19
arief1tail -100f /var/log/system.log11:19
Minchkinsyslog, or syslog.1?11:20
arief1just syslog11:20
arief1what method are u using to install idjc ? source *.tar.gz or from reposiroty ?11:21
MinchkinUbuntu Software center11:21
arief1do u find some error on syslog ?11:22
MinchkinMost likely this is a bug in the ALSA driver 'snd_hda_intel'. Please report this issue to the ALSA developers.11:23
arief1hmm.. looks like your sound-card driver are not installed correctly11:25
MinchkinHow do I fix that?11:25
arief1sudo apt-cache search alsa11:26
MinchkinBig list ensues11:27
arief1look for alsa-base, alsa-utils, alsa-souce11:28
arief1sorry, I'm forget, 1st check that you are installed alsa11:28
arief1or not11:28
arief1check with : sudo dpkg -l | grep alsa11:29
Minchkinalsa-base, -utils, bluez-alsa, gstreamer0.10-alsa, libsdl1.2debian-alsa11:30
arief1if alsa installed, you will see alsa-base & alsa-utils on results11:30
arief1try updated, to make sure you are using the newest driver version11:31
Minchkinsudo apt-something update asla?11:31
arief1sudo apt-get upgrade alsa-utils alsa-base11:31
arief1hmm... so you are using the latest sound driver, but log said "this is a bug in the ALSA driver 'snd_hda_intel'"11:33
arief1I assume your sound_card is not supported by Ubuntu yet , IMHO11:33
MinchkinWell, how do I make this work?11:34
arief1but.. are you can play any mp3 files ?11:35
MinchkinYes. I can play any audio. I am just missing that one file to stream from Skype11:36
arief1I'm sorry, I can't help more, but if the ALSA was the problem, I found it still reporting as Bug and not solved yet11:38
MinchkinThanks. :) I appreciate your help.11:38
arief1u r welcome, try to post your problem on ubuntu forum11:39
arief1maybe Ubuntu Guru will help u11:39
MrChrisDruifMinchkin: First try to find a similar one, we don't like duplicate forum posts (I must admit, not easy to search (hence my dislike of the forum :P, but that's just me))11:47
MinchkinI know what you mean. I mod zunescene forums (and I co-host the podcast). Seems like people just don't want to search for anything.11:50
head_victimI love google. It finds me everything I ever need to know. If it doesn't exist on google I'm not meant to know it.11:57
head_victimIn google I trust.11:58
MinchkinSo Skype has a post about alsa. But when I type one of the commands, it brings back a FATAL: Module snd_pcm_oss not found.11:58
M0hiheya philinux12:05
M0hiHow are you?12:06
tdnI need to remote control a friend's computer via VNC or similar. I need to help him do something. We are both behind NAT. He uses Ubuntu 10.10. I use Kubuntu 10.04. What to do?12:10
tdnCould I do this with SSH tunnels or something like that?12:10
tdnI have access to a third server via SSH (Debian Lenny)12:10
=== neil_ is now known as nlsthzn
philinuxM0hi: not bad just patrolling12:12
head_victimtdn: if you need gui interface vnc would work you just have to port forward the router.12:12
Minchkinarief1, would switching to esound help?12:13
head_victimtdn: if you really only need cli then you still probably need to port forward the router but ssh would be much better.12:13
AJH101Hi i was here recently with this same question but got interrupted sorry. My panels have disappeared. How do I restore them and how do I access Terminal when I have no panels?! Thans :-)12:18
tdnhead_victim, I do not have access to the router.12:21
tdnhead_victim, and I need GUI.12:22
head_victimtdn: ah well the only way I know how to vnc with port forwarding through natted routers sorry, someone else might know though?12:23
head_victimAJH101: control alt and t should do it12:23
tdnhead_victim, I am thinking that I can run a VNC client in listen mode from a remote server via ssh with X forwarding. Then my friend can establish a connection to my listening client on the remote server.12:23
tdnhead_victim, the third server is not behind NAT.12:23
head_victimtdn: so point a is you, point b is your friend, what is this third server?12:24
AJH101head_victim: great thans i have terminal. now what?12:24
head_victimAJH101: that was the easy part, looking up the rest sorry12:24
tdnhead_victim, point C. Not behind NAT.12:24
tdnhead_victim, so I am thinking: A->C ; B->C12:24
head_victimAJH101: killall gnome-panel is meant to do it12:25
tdnSo I ssh to C with X forwarding and start a VNC client in listen mode.12:25
head_victimtdn: sounds messy but plausible.12:25
tdnhead_victim, then B connects his VNC to C.12:25
tdnhead_victim, I can do this if the other side is Windows with TightVNC. Is TightVNC available with Ubuntu?12:25
head_victimI only use tightvnc12:26
AJH101head_victim: no process found12:26
head_victimAJH101: ah , hang on I'll find another idea12:26
AJH101h_v: ta12:26
head_victimAJH101: "sudo gnome-panel" should bring them up12:27
head_victimIs this a once off or everytime you boot?12:27
AJH101h_v: it was fine but is now everytime i boot. any ideas?12:27
tdnhead_victim, Ok. How do I make tightvnc connect to a listening client from Ubuntu?12:28
AJH101h_v: gnome-panel command not found12:28
head_victimtdn: I only use ubuntu to ubuntu, no idea how to incorporate the third server you were talking about12:28
head_victimAJH101: is this Ubuntu or Kubuntu or ?12:28
AJH101ubuntu 10.1012:28
tdnhead_victim, I run this on the server now: vncviewer -listen 012:28
head_victimAJH101: have you removed any software recently?12:29
AJH101i thin the only ones i have removed are evolution and empathy12:29
head_victimAHhh I saw some noise about evolution removing panel12:30
AJH101eek. now what?12:30
head_victimAJH101: sudo apt-get update12:32
head_victimAJH101: sudo apt-get install gnome-panel12:32
head_victimsee if that works12:32
head_victimI'm taking this from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1099714 but make sure you read all the comments first before doing any other ideas12:32
AJH101hmm still no panels but i will read thanks12:34
head_victimWere there any errros after sudo apt-get install gnome-panel ?12:34
AJH101h_v: no it all seemed to run ok. thin a restart is in order?!12:36
M0hihead_victim, kill all gnome-panel is done?12:36
head_victimM0hi: yeah he lost it after uninstalling evolution I think12:36
head_victimI have had him reinstall it now12:36
head_victimThe forum link I gave a few lines up seems a pretty good explanation12:36
AJH101may as for that again. brb12:37
M0hihead_victim, mostly I did http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4663517&postcount=912:37
M0hiand that gave some success12:37
head_victimAh, I found the other one googling "ubuntu removing evolution removed gnome-panel" or something12:38
M0hiphilinux, hmm! often come here and show that you are here with us ;)12:38
M0hihead_victim, but he left :P12:38
head_victimI'd say evolution has gnome-panel mixed up in it and removed it along with evolution so reinstalling it should work12:38
head_victimHe's rebooting I think12:38
M0hiLets see12:39
head_victimNow, we wait.12:39
head_victimI wonder why my upload is hitting 100kb/s when torrents are only 20. Ohh rsync in progress, up to 4.2MBs  down might be doing it12:39
M0hilol :P12:39
M0hicheck your ip table too :P12:40
head_victimIt's going up and down with the download speed so I'd say the rsync is the issue.12:41
head_victimIt's all unmetered so I don't mind so much (I run a local Ubuntu mirror at home for the home network)12:41
M0hiah. k k12:41
head_victimIt took 2 days for the first rsync ;)12:42
head_victimActually pretty good for a residential connection in my country12:42
M0hiI dont wanna talk about the situation here :P12:43
M0hiAJH101, wb12:44
AJH101h_v: panels bac on restart but i have an error12:44
M0hiyeah whats the error? if you can, imagebin it12:45
AJH101The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_FastUserSwitchApplet".12:45
AJH101delete or not? not sure what it does! lol12:45
MrChrisDruifWe've got a patroller? philinux? :)12:46
head_victimAJH101: I never delete12:46
head_victimAll it does is next time you restart it will try to load it again12:46
M0hiMrChrisDruif, watch out :P12:46
hobgoblinI should12:47
head_victimI have had that error before, it went away on it's own. BUT if it persists, please see a doct.. I mean come back and let us know ;)12:47
* philinux is watching sky sports. Liverpool !12:47
MrChrisDruifM0hi: I will :)12:47
M0hiAJH101, http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150305012:47
AJH101lol thanks guys12:47
M0hiHeya hobgoblin12:47
head_victimAJH101: we're here to help :D12:48
M0hiphilinux, any goals till now?12:48
M0hiwhats up hobgoblin ?12:48
philinuxM0hi: just kicked off12:48
M0hiphilinux, awwwh12:48
M0hihobgoblin, and I got the call letter. I am going ot join the company by Feb 17 =]12:49
M0hiduanedesign, Hello there (;12:49
hobgoblincongrats M0hi and hi duanedesign12:49
M0hity hobgoblin (;12:49
AJH101hello again - one more quick thing. how do i delay the auto start of, say thunderbird by 10 seconds to allow network to connect?12:58
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head_victimAJH101: it doesn't just wait for the network then connect?13:07
head_victimI thought it would auto connect when the network came up, despite being running ok before hand13:07
AJH101perhaps - i remember some time ago when i was running an earlier version i set up a delay (with lots of help lol)13:08
AJH101remind me how i set up auto start please?13:09
AJH101startup applications - got it :-)13:10
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
tdnhead_victim, x11vnc -connect <host> did the trick :D13:30
head_victimtdn: so glad you got it sorted, sorry I couldn't help much13:30
MrChrisDruifGood test aldee96 :)13:59
aldee96i have some probs with vlc, the webcam goes only black and white. it happens after i played with some setting in vls14:00
aldee96vlc i mean14:00
arief1what is log said aldee96 ?14:00
aldee96what logs?14:00
aldee96it's just always played with black and white effect14:01
aldee96do you know how to returned it back?14:01
arief1mybe you can find something here http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=938637314:04
aldee96arief1 are you indonesian?14:04
arief1I am14:05
aldee96wah tinggal dimana?14:09
aldee96arief1 solusi itu untuk file video bukan untuk webcam seperti masalah saya14:13
AJH101hello again - am on a roll now - i have searched all the pages but has anyone got any magic bullets to get skype video woring?!14:24
hobgoblinplease keep to english in this channel - there is probably a loco channel for your language14:24
paultagAJH101: I've got it working :)14:24
paultagAJH101: what's your issue?14:24
paultagmorning hobgoblin14:24
hobgoblinhi paultag14:25
AJH101when i 'test video' in 'options' my screen whites out14:25
paultagAJH101: the whole screen or the window14:26
paultagAJH101: or the little webcam thing14:26
AJH101whole screen14:26
paultagno shit14:26
paultagAJH101: that's awesome14:26
paultagin a bad way, but awesome14:26
AJH101i feel really blessed lol14:26
paultagAJH101: I've never heard of that, that's brilliant14:26
paultagAJH101: humm. Let's see here14:27
M0hiwho let paultag to talk? :P14:28
* M0hi hugs paultag 14:28
paultaghey M0hi14:30
paultagAJH101: damn. Have you tried the LDPRELOAD hack? I wonder if it's not because of v4l fuxing display drivers, although that sounds absurd14:30
AJH101i have read about that i thin but wasnt sure how to make it work14:31
paultagAJH101: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so skype14:32
paultagAJH101: that's a usable command14:32
paultagAJH101: in a terminal :)14:33
aldee96is there anyone could help me?14:38
paultag!ask | aldee9614:38
ubot2aldee96: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:38
paultagaldee96: lots of people :)14:38
AJH101paultag: ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2cconvert.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.14:39
aldee96about my webcam that always come with b/w effect, but the fact is no effect applied, it's happen after i played with some settings in vlc14:39
paultagaldee96: are you on 64 bit or some such?14:39
paultagaldee96: in what application?14:40
aldee9632 bit ubuntu 10.10, on vaio14:40
aldee96paultag in any apps that using a webcam14:40
paultagaldee96: what webcam?14:40
paultagAJH101: sorry, are you on 64 bit?14:41
aldee96on built in camera. vaio vgp-vcc6 on 32 bit ubuntu maverick14:41
paultagAJH101: sudo apt-get install libv4l-014:41
paultagaldee96: are you using the R5U870 driver?14:42
aldee96yes, by the way why i have to install the libv4l-014:43
aldee96+paultag yes14:43
paultagaldee96: I told AJH101 not you :)14:43
AJH101paultag: quit skype and restarted - same issue14:44
paultagAJH101: dang14:45
paultagaldee96: I'm not sure. That driver looks unmaintained and poorly supported. It might have broke with the bindings14:45
paultagwebcams in Linux sucks, generally14:45
aldee96it was works fine before14:45
paultagaldee96: with an old Ubuntu?14:46
AJH101paultag: even when i start with LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so skype14:46
paultagAJH101: yes, so it's not an issue with skype or v4l, it's something to do with your display drivers14:46
AJH101o good14:47
aldee96i just installed the r5u870 yesterday and it works fine in this ubuntu maverick14:47
paultagaldee96: oh interesting14:47
paultagaldee96: do you have `cheese' installed?14:47
aldee96yes, just like in vlc there's only the b/w picture of the webcam, though there's no effect applied14:49
paultagaldee96: try appling something and then unapplying it14:49
paultagaldee96: such as black and white, or the like14:49
AJH101paultag: i installed cheese. my cam is recognised but no video at all14:51
aldee96+paultag not working14:51
paultagaldee96: hummmm. perhaps I'm wrong14:52
paultagaldee96: I'm going to level with you here -- webcams are my nightmare, I really am not too good at getting these sorts of things resolved14:52
paultagI've seriously let a handful of people out of here with an issue still, and most of them are webcam-ers14:52
paultagaldee96: I'd suggest asking in #ubuntu, see if anyone knows there14:52
paultagAJH101: as for you, it sounds like something funny's going on14:53
aldee96i've asking but there's no reply yet14:53
AJH101lol laugh a minute here14:53
paultagaldee96: post once, wait 5 minutes, post again, wait 5 minutes14:54
paultagAJH101: :)14:54
AJH101its this and the general instability that puts people off. lots of help i know but...14:55
paultagAJH101: I know, I know14:56
paultagAJH101: webcams are a nightmare14:56
paultagAJH101: it's really hard to change because hardware is so unique with protocol, and drivers only exist for Winblows14:56
paultagAJH101: so we have to spend hundreds of man-hours fighting crappy hardware14:56
paultagthis is why we need standards :)14:56
AJH101ah standards yes14:57
paultagbut you're so right14:57
paultagit's shit like this that makes people not use GNU/Linux14:57
AJH101i suppose if chrome takes hold it will open people's eyes and the market14:58
paultagAJH101: truth, but the real issue ( just like ACPI / Hibernate ) is crappy implementations of ACPI or what have you14:58
paultagAJH101: so when some fly-by-night company thinks they're doing shit better, it just causes issues14:59
paultagthere should be like 10 drivers in GNU/Linux by default, and hardware should conform to the protocols14:59
AJH101when do we get ubuntu on mobile phones?14:59
paultagnot 5-fucking-thousand14:59
paultagAJH101: hehe, not sure :)14:59
paultagAJH101: android is a nice stand-in for now14:59
AJH101yes my next phone will be android15:00
AJH101is there an app somewhere to allow android apps on ubuntu?15:00
paultagAJH101: I have no clue. Why?15:01
paultagAJH101: you can run it in a SDK15:01
AJH101sorry - what?15:01
paultagAJH101: there is an android emulator15:02
AJH101where do i find the andoid emulator?15:03
paultagAJH101: moment15:03
paultagAJH101: http://developer.android.com/sdk/installing.html15:03
AJH101paultag: tanks. will check at #ubuntu re video drivers15:04
paultagAJH101: tt15:04
head_victimI'm waiting on meego for a phone.15:07
_CommandeR_hiya guys15:17
duanedesignhello _CommandeR_15:37
_CommandeR_check out my new awesome slick script for updating docky15:38
duanedesign_CommandeR_: nice15:41
_CommandeR_its like god spoke through me with this.15:42
_CommandeR_not that i belive in him so dont take this serious :P15:43
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GuegsSo I just installed Ubuntu for the 5th or 6th time because I would always get issues with my ATI 5770 gfx card and the windows becoming jagged when moving them. I decided to download the drivers from ATI's site instead of through the driver manager built into Ubuntu this time. I right click on the .run file I downloaded, change  its permission to allow execute as a program, and I get an MD5 error. Any ideas?17:28
aveilleuxGuegs: Try re-downloading, then changing permissions via command-line instead (the graphical method doesn't always work)17:29
aveilleuxGuegs: I can walk you through it if you need me to17:30
GuegsAlright, thanks. I will give it a try redownloading first.17:30
Guegsthat is the error I was getting anyway.17:30
aveilleuxGuegs: Oh, I see, the error is with the program itself.17:31
aveilleuxGuegs: Yeah I'd suggest re-downlading it17:31
GuegsAlright. It is going. Hope this works. :)17:31
GuegsThis is a screenshot of the issue I am having with the windows.17:32
bobbyjanybody know how to share your aircard internet connection over a router?17:35
Guegsaveilleux, this is what I get without any drivers installed:17:40
aveilleuxGuegs: Are you using the binary ("restricted") or open-source drivers?17:41
GuegsYa, and look at the one where I had drivers installed.17:41
GuegsAt the moment, I am using whatever Ubuntu came with. I literally just finished the installation 10 minutes ago.17:42
GuegsBut the first picture I sent, I was using flgrx.17:42
aveilleuxGuegs: Did you install the restricted drivers using System > Administration > Additional Drivers?17:42
GuegsCorrect. But when that didn't work for me I was going to download the ones from ATI's site and install that way.17:43
aveilleuxGuegs: Okay, just seeing if you used the applet or installed manually through apt-get or Synaptic.17:43
GuegsI thought that perhaps Ubuntu was downloading old drivers and thus giving me the messed up windows.17:44
aveilleuxGuegs: That's possible17:44
aveilleuxGuegs: I don't have any ATi video cards (that aren't old and therefore fully supported under the oss drivers) so I don't really know much about them on Linux17:44
GuegsDarn. I have talked to many people with the same card as mine (5770), and they say that it works fine for them. I thought maybe my card was defective, so I stress tested it. Nothing.17:45
geirhaThat askubuntu site is hard to follow19:19
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AJH101hi how do i find out my video chipset to get the right ubuntu drivers?20:26
geirhaIn a terminal:  lspci | grep VGA20:27
geirhaUse everything after the : in a google search, and add "ubuntu" as a search word and you'll usually get useful results.20:28
bp7laxhow do u private message some one in XChat IRC21:05
aveilleuxbp7lax: Right-click on their name and hit "Open Dialog Window"21:09
aveilleuxbp7lax: Or, type /query <name>21:09
ibuclawaveilleux, /msg aveilleux secret message usually works.21:18
aveilleuxibuclaw: Usually, but only if the client improperly handles /msg as /query21:19
AJH101hi do you know where i can find ubuntu drivers for: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)?21:24
aveilleuxAJH101: Intel's driver is FOSS and you shouldn't need one.21:37
pedro3005aveilleux, oh my god21:38
AJH101in skype the webcam is slow to show video21:38
pedro3005I can't believe I didn't know about /query21:38
AJH101any other ideas?21:38
pedro3005I've been typing /msg21:38
aveilleuxAJH101: Well that video chipset is... not very good...21:39
aveilleuxpedro3005: Luckily for you, no one else has been using irssi you've been PMing with :P21:39
aveilleuxpedro3005: Usually only CLI clients handle /msg from a user as an inline message21:39
aveilleuxpedro3005: As opposed to just opening a new tab/window, like a /query should21:40
* ddecator didn't realize that21:40
pedro3005I see21:40
learningtouseok so am running win 7 dual boot with ubuntu ... ubuntu is recognized but wont load into graphical interface something to do with bcdedit... downloaded bcdedit 2.0 now how do i get it to point to ubuntu... loaded mbr onto the partition but still isnt working right22:42
learningtousekeeps saying wubildr.mbr is missing22:43
bioterrorive got no experience with wubi22:44
bioterrorsorry, maybe someone else can help22:45
learningtouseya it is being a serious stinker22:45
bioterrorto be honest, I havent heard much good about it22:46
ddecatori've had trouble with windows not playing friendly with wubi, but i'm not sure that's the issue here22:46
learningtouseinstall to seperate partition went fine... just trying to get it to recognize the mbr seems to be the problem22:47
learningtouseneed to change the bootloader path from: Bootloader Path: \ubuntu\winboot\wubildr.mbr to Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe maybe22:48
kristian-aalborgholstein: ping22:49
holsteinkristian-aalborg: hey22:49
ddecatorthe issue i had was windows sometimes moves wubi files automatically because it doesn't like them for some reason, so that could be why they're missing22:49
kristian-aalborgholstein: this is totally OC, but might interest you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlVbEclPj4c22:49
holsteinkristian-aalborg: lol22:51
kristian-aalborgIt think it's cool... if the tune's good enough, you can play it in almost any way22:52
learningtousemaybe that is what is happening? i loaded it up fine and directed to load mbr which seems to have loaded fine... but doesnt want to play with 722:52
holsteincarbon fiber cellos :)22:52
holsteinyeah, its cool, the video is funny22:53
kristian-aalborgchecking another video by one of the handsome guys... he can play22:55
holsteinkristian-aalborg: thanks :)22:56
* holstein gotta run... BBL22:56
kristian-aalborgsorry 'bout the deroute, y'all22:56
kristian-aalborgsee ya, holstein22:56
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