zeroseven0183Good day people. Just a simple question. Is Lernid going to be used in User Ubuntu Days?00:29
pleia2you can use lernid to access user days, but it's pretty buggy so we're not pushing it00:32
zeroseven0183I see. Thank you very much00:32
mhall119pleia2: does lernid still not have an active maintainer?00:35
pleia2mhall119: 'fraid not, and I'm not sure it really works with maverick all that well00:36
pleia2nhandler fixed some of the critical bugs, but he doesn't have time to lead the project00:36
nhandlerzeroseven0183: Right now, the status of lernid is unmaintained, unrecommended, and unsupported by the classroom team. So you can use it, but we make no promises that it will work (or work well). Using a real IRC client (or even the freenode webchat) is a much better idea01:07
zeroseven0183Thank you nhandler01:14
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