Technovikingeveryone have a great weekend00:03
czajkowskiTechnoviking: you too00:04
czajkowskiPendulum: love how michelles status gets hijacked :)00:51
duanedesigndid someone mention bacon and syrup, mmmmmmmmm :)00:51
czajkowskitrust me that is not the face popey makes when he tastes bacon and syrup00:54
czajkowskimore the face of  a 4 year old being forced to eat their greens00:54
jonoakgraner, mind putting up http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/01/22/making-ubuntu-more-personal-identify-contributions-to-engage-more-personally/ on ubuntu-news?01:23
akgranerjono okie dokie - don't mind at all01:24
jonothanks akgraner :-)01:41
akgranerjono it's posted- http://ubuntu-news.org/2011/01/22/making-ubuntu-more-personal-identify-contributions-to-engage-more-personally/01:59
doctormoakgraner: the article says it's by you, are you not allowed to change it to jono?02:03
akgranerat the bottom it says where it's originally posted02:03
akgranerthe by is the editor who posts it - nothing new there02:04
akgranerthe old Fridge was the same way02:04
akgranerthis way we know who posted it at a glance02:04
doctormoakgraner: Aye I see02:06
doctormoakgraner: How are you by the way? We haven't talked in a while.02:06
akgranerI know, I've missed talking to you...02:06
akgranerFine - Still living at home with my parents  - I should put cameras up - its not the Walton's we are way more funnier here...02:07
akgranerNew House should be ready by end of February or first of March..02:08
akgranerseem like forever but it in reality it will only be about 5 months02:08
doctormoakgraner: It sounds like things are getting back on track, which is good.02:16
jonothanks akgraner!02:17
doctormoI've been busy with various projects, I might even be starting a business. None tech related, we'll see how to research pans out.02:17
akgranerdoctormo, yeppers...02:17
akgranerdoctormo, really?02:17
akgraneris it non-tech non-open source or still tied to open source somehow?02:18
doctormoakgraner: Yea, turns out that will all my graphics and design, web experience etc I make a good business partner ;-)02:18
akgraner:-) nice!02:18
doctormoWell it's non-technical as in not involving computers. Except for making websites I guess.02:18
doctormothen again computers havent exactly given me a way to get a job. Which is why I'm being more open about the kinds of jobs I should explore.02:19
doctormoFunny, one of my friends who read my horror short story said I should go into tech writing. heh02:20
akgranerGood Luck - you gotta keep us informed it's always fun to see what everyone is doing and working on02:20
doctormoakgraner: Thanks :-) will let you know if it stays on track. Might be fun to do my own biz for a change.02:23
doctormopleia2, evilvish: Hey guys.08:10
* evilvish waits for pleia2 too..08:10
* popey tickles doctormo 08:48
* doctormo tickles popey's ipad09:36
popeyI don't think Steve would like that.09:36
duanedesignhello all11:15
paultaghello, world14:18
doctormohello paultag's world14:41
paultaghey doctormo14:42
pleia2doctormo: you about?16:02
pleia2replying to your email16:03
doctormopleia2: thanks16:15
* duanedesign waves at pleia2 l16:17
pleia2g'day duanedesign :)16:17
doctormopleia2: Thanks for your response, I think it's the directory that's the issue16:37
pleia2ah, the apache2 directory16:38
pleia2doctormo: try now?16:38
doctormopleia2: Confirmed working.16:39
* duanedesign waves at doctormo 17:15
* doctormo mexican waves at duanedesign17:15
duanedesignwas just having a cup of tea ;)17:16
doctormoa good cup of tea? or one of those teas from  America? ;-)17:19
duanedesigndoctormo: no no, none of that. I am a graduate of "Doctormo's Impromptu UDS Tea Class"17:23
doctormoWhat'cha havin?17:23
duanedesigndoctormo: PG Tips17:25
doctormoNice, duanedesign, got any Yorkshire yet? they've started selling it here in all sorts of places.17:25
doctormohey jcastro17:25
duanedesigndoctormo: i almost got some last time I was at the store. Was a little unsure about the difference in Red and Gold?17:26
doctormoduanedesign: Not much, get the gold if you can. Try both.17:34
doctormoduanedesign: Because if PG Tips is a solid 5 out of 10, Yorkshire is a good 8.17:34
doctormoTwinings and Tetleys gets only 3 IMO. While if liptons wasn't disqualified from being tea, it'd get a -117:36
jcastroakgraner: don't forget to accept that person's answer if it answers your question17:54
doctormoWhy is glade always broken in Ubuntu? With 10.10 it won't do liststores (crashes) I guess it needs testing more...21:16
JanCglade doesn't crash when adding a liststore here?21:40
doctormoJanC: I nailed it down, it crashes when you drag the un-created column row,21:52
doctormoSomething that would only happy to people using a wacom tablet like me21:52
doctormoSince dragging happens all the time by accident due to small variations in pen position when clicking.21:52
doctormoThanks for checking it out though JanC, much appricated21:56
JanCright, I can reproduce that with the mouse too22:06
JanCand sounds like exactly the sort of thing that "never" gets tested...22:07
JanCdoctormo: if you have a bug #, I also tested in natty, and it crashes there too22:10
doctormoJanC: I don't, go ahead and make one for me and I'll give you a cookie.22:10
JanCbah, approt doesn't want to help  :-(22:13
JanCdoctormo: feel free to "me-too", add info, etc. to bug #70643222:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 706432 in glade-3 "glade crashes if you drag the "< define a new column >" row of List Stores when no columns are defined yet" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70643222:52
doctormoJanC: As promised: http://imagebin.org/13391123:12
doctormohave a cookie23:12
JanCthanks  ☺23:12
* JanC stores cookie away for when he has coffee23:13
doctormoIt's probably redeemable at uds for some of those hi-tech 3D cookies too.23:15
doctormopaultag: http://imagebin.org/13391123:28
pleia2paultag: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/523534743023:29
pleia2man, those were good23:29
paultagpleia2: I was JUST about to post that :D23:29
paultagpleia2: that was a fun day :)23:29
pleia2yeah it was23:29
paultagpleia2: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/5215123278/in/set-72157625409812461/#/   :)23:30
paultagdoctormo: looks so uncomfortable23:30
pleia2yay us!23:30
doctormosuper secrete OH+MA+PA cookies away!23:30
pleia2yeah well he's british23:30
paultagdoctormo: sed s/PA/CA/g23:30
paultagdoctormo: AWAY!23:30
doctormopleia2: Nah, I'm internalized. My interpersonal emulator isn't perfect so certain situations still cause more crashes than wine.23:31
doctormoThat's the look of a weird crash error on my internal command line ;-)23:31
doctormopleia2, paultag: what are you two up to today?23:33
paultagdoctormo: you, sir, are a rampant nutjob23:33
paultagdoctormo: just working on some fluxboxen' loven'23:33
paultagdoctormo: getting some patches upstream, and rebuilding for an update23:33
paultagfixes a NX issue causing 100% CPU load and ah hard crash23:34
pleia2I'm on call this weekend, so some work stuff, some cleaning up of my inbox and blog-things, user days is in a week so have some things there23:34
paultaga *23:34
doctormopaultag: ahem, I sir am a salient nut job.23:34
paultagpleia2: wooo!23:34
paultagpleia2: I'm exited to *watch* this time ;)23:34
paultagdoctormo: senile *23:34
pleia2paultag: haha, I somehow volunteered to do one again, not sure how that happened23:34
paultagpleia2: ;)23:34
doctormopleia2: Where you in a room of people all saying how someone else will lead?23:34
paultagpleia2: I needed a break this cycle from that role :)23:35
pleia2doctormo: yeah, everyone took a step back and I wasn't paying attention ;)23:35
doctormopaultag, pleia2: want to try a quick python app for me? It'll be fun.23:35
paultagdoctormo: sure, man23:35
pleia2I'm on my hardy system at the moment23:35
doctormograb lp:bugbear, might even work on hardy... maybe. and run './create_issue.py'23:36
doctormoI think it'd be gtkbuilder that'd fall over on hardy, because it might be too out of date to glade up the interface.23:37
paultagdoctormo: hardy had glade3 iirc23:37
paultagor that was in intrepid23:37
paultagI can't recall23:37
paultagdoctormo: dude, yaml, ouch23:38
JanCglade 3 has changed a lot over time23:38
doctormopaultag: It's a lingering dep23:38
paultagdoctormo: json is native iirc, and is much nicer imho23:38
paultagJanC: yeah, it has23:38
doctormojson? javascript, you're as bad as all those gnome freaks with their couchdbs. ;-)23:38
paultagJanC: glade 1 and 2 both created code files, wich was lame. I'm glad it's using XML now, even if XML is gross23:38
pleia2Version: 2.12.2-0ubuntu123:39
paultagdoctormo: dude, you're like a kid who hears the word veggie and freaks out23:39
JanCwell, creating code is fien if it can read code back too  ;)23:39
paultagdoctormo: json has nothing to do with javascript other then markup23:39
paultagJanC: :)23:39
doctormopaultag: I'm happy with yaml, it's nice and editable. I actually prefer it over xml and json.23:39
JanCpaultag: that's what .NET IDEs do BTW23:39
paultagJanC: so gross23:40
paultagdoctormo: that's a dirty boldfaced lie23:40
doctormopaultag: Nu-uh, best thing there is for configs.23:40
paultagdoctormo: I'm missing gtkme, what package is it, do you know?23:40
JanCbut I guess it's easier to read code back with C# than with glorified machine code like C  ;)23:40
paultagdoctormo: json? Yeah, I agree23:40
doctormoAh right, this is why I got you guys to test :-)23:40
paultagJanC: truth23:40
JanCand macros don't help either23:41
paultagnot at all23:41
doctormopaultag: yaml23:41
paultagdoctormo: json? yeah I agree23:41
paultagdoctormo: what package is python-gtkme ?23:41
pleia2bzr: ERROR: Unknown repository format: 'Bazaar repository format 2a (needs bzr 1.16 or later)\n'23:41
pleia2man, hardy is all kinds of fail today :)23:41
paultagpleia2: awwwww :)23:41
* pleia2 pets her little netbook23:41
paultagWooohoo! My headache's gone!23:42
doctormopleia2: thanks for trying.23:43
pleia2still trying! needing python-yaml23:44
paultagdoctormo: hey, lameface! I need gtkme :)23:44
pleia2and that23:44
paultagdoctormo: what package should I apt-get ?23:44
doctormopaultag: you'll need https://launchpad.net/~doctormo/+archive/ppa and it's version 0.8.4 which I'm just uploading now, so you might have to hold onto your pants for a second.23:44
paultagdoctormo: cheers ;)23:45
doctormopaultag: or just grab lp:~doctormo/doctormo-random/gtkme/ and slap it in the same dir as the script.23:45
paultagdoctormo: I forgot you wrote that abstraction layer23:46
doctormopaultag: It's a good layer, I've had a lot of fun with it.23:46
paultagdoctormo: aye23:46
paultagdoctormo: fwiw -- cp ../gtkme/lib/gtkme/ ./ -r23:48
doctormopaultag: In the end a lot of the clever bits should go into quickly. But Rick Spensor has that very serious sort of 'stop bothering me with junk' vibe.23:48
paultagdoctormo: what about xsdvalidate ?23:48
paultagdoctormo: yeah, for sure23:48
* doctormo facepalms23:48
doctormoYea I put xsdvalidate deps into gtkme, forgot about that.23:48
pleia2hm, what glib module?23:49
paultagpleia2: humm?23:51
pleia2  File "/home/elizabeth/bugbear/gtkme/__init__.py", line 25, in <module>23:51
pleia2    import glib23:51
pleia2ImportError: No module named glib23:51
doctormopaultag: lp:~doctormo/doctormo-random/xsdvalidate23:52
paultagpleia2: interesting error23:52
doctormopleia2: I think you need python-gtk23:52
JanCso, doctormo's glade crasher is reported in GNOME bugzilla too...23:52
doctormonice JanC :-)23:53
pleia2doctormo: which does not exist in hardy! I think I'll stop now :)23:53
JanCor python-gobject23:53
pleia2I should upgrade my netbook someday23:53
doctormopleia2: at least to 10.0423:53
paultagdoctormo: OK, I have a GUI up23:53
paultagdoctormo: should I report a dummy issue, or will it clot up launchpad?23:53
doctormopaultag: It prints to stdout, don't worry23:54
paultagdoctormo: roger23:54
pleia2doctormo: forgive my sysadminness, when it's working and not EOLed upgrades make me wince ;)23:54
doctormopleia2: hardy only has 4 months for EOL23:54
paultagdoctormo: We're done: {'fixed': False, 'type': 'desktop', 'name': "I don't muchly care for Windows", 'critical': 2}23:54
doctormopaultag: nice, now report a device issue23:54
pleia2doctormo: yeah, I'll need to get on it soon23:55
paultagWe're done: {'device': {'device': 'usb:046d:08da', 'name': 'Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Messanger', 'subclass': '2 Streaming', 'class': '1 Audio'}, 'fixed': False, 'type': 'dev', 'name': 'My webcam is slow as all hell', 'critical': 2}23:55
paultagdoctormo: well done :)23:55
doctormopaultag: See what I did there :-P there are some other trees too, like if you mark as manually fixed or select "Other not listed device"23:56
paultagdoctormo: very nice!23:56
paultagdoctormo: great :)23:57
paultagdoctormo: How are you plotting to use this?23:57
paultagdoctormo: I like how simple it is to report a bug23:57
doctormopaultag: I'm going to make a video ranting about how issues are not bugs.23:58
paultagdoctormo: now just make that a frontend for `reportbug' and I'll be a happy guy :)23:58
paultagdoctormo: it's a bug that we have to address them ;)23:58
doctormoBut I don't think I'll have the data go directly to launchpad bugs, I need it to go to a middle stage first.23:58
paultagdoctormo: the sourceforge approach?23:58
paultagdoctormo: there are bugs, feature requests, support requests sort of thing?23:59
doctormoSee issues are to track what a user sees as issues, bugs are confirmed problems in code. It's perfectly valid for a user to have an issue with something the developer thinks is fine.23:59
doctormouser centric23:59

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