cjwatsonhm, I forgot to rebase netcfg for some reason01:28
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JemtHello again, folks.12:41
JemtA quick question regarding initrd. As mentioned earlier, I use the Live CD to boot Ubuntu installations on USB sticks. The USB stick, however, may be upgraded over the months, resulting in a new Initrd being created. Will Ubuntu always work if I boot it using an older version of Initrd? The kernel is hold back, so that's never upgraded12:43
JemtI fear that packages somehow may depend on new functionality in the newly created initrd. This probably won't be available if the system is booted using an older version of initrd12:44
cjwatsonpackages other than the kernel may cause the initramfs to be regenerated12:44
JemtYes, I know - e.g. udev12:44
cjwatsonif you're talking about just a stable release though, and forcibly hold the initramfs back (e.g. by never copying it out to the top level of the USB stick), you should be OKK12:45
cjwatsonjust don't try to do that across updates between releases12:45
JemtBut as you mentioned, any package may force initrd to be re-generated. Don't you think that's because they require changes to initrd to work properly ?12:46
JemtI was also considering holding back changes to initrd somehow, but really, almost any package could have it regenerate. I would probably have to disable the update manager to keep that from happening12:55
Jemtcjwatson: Is it possible to have a custom script run after package installations? I need something to trigger my "restore" script which will do "ln -s /boot/old-initrd /initrd.img"13:19
JemtNonsens... I just realized something. Holding it back on the USB stick is not the solution, since the older initrd on the Live CD is still used to boot the USB stick13:27
JemtWhat I need, is to make sure the USB stick will always boot with the "old" kernel and initrd on the Live CD, even though the USB stick is up-to-date13:28
Jemtcjwatson: I found evidence to support what you said (not that I don't trust you :-)). /etc/initramfs-tools/update-initramfs.conf contains an option to disable updates to initrd. So it is unlikely that packages will break if the "old" initrd is used.13:58
JemtOption is called "update_initramfs={yes/all/no}13:59

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