bazhangGarzooka, ?09:44
Garzookathats how I feel about #ubuntu-uk , can't get to the damn thing09:46
bazhangthis is Phineas/Ferb/Nerml/catdog/bolt/etc?09:46
GarzookaI actually admit it09:47
GarzookaI am all of those09:48
Garzookaand I am here to get sorted out09:49
popeyyour definition of 'sorted out' differs from mine09:50
GarzookaI know that popey,09:51
Garzookayou see I am getting fed up with being banned, we need to discuss and work out a solution09:52
popeyYou have been kicked/banned from the channel (and others in the Ubuntu namespace) many times over the years. You haven't changed your behaviour in that time.09:53
popeyWhat possible reason could there be for unbanning you?09:54
Garzookaif you look in other channels you will find you are wrong09:54
popeyExplain how I am wrong09:54
GarzookaI am behaving and (as I say) have no reson to be banned09:55
GarzookaI mean I've been perfectly alright  in other channels09:56
popeywhat channels?09:56
Garzookaand possibly #ubuntu09:56
popey16:31:49 < Garzooka> greetings09:57
popey16:32:49 < Garzooka> greetings09:57
popey16:52:27  * Garzooka starts humming the a team09:57
popeythats from #ubuntu09:57
popey09:37:47 < Garzooka> greetings09:57
popey09:38:48 < Garzooka> !ping09:57
popey09:42:20 < Garzooka> I remember midnight comander09:57
popeythat too09:57
popeynone of it useful.09:57
popeySo, I would say you haven't changed, you are not 'behaving'09:58
GarzookaI did start humming, everyone puts something like that09:58
Garzookaat some pojnt09:58
popeynot in that channel09:58
Garzookarealy not in that channel?09:59
Garzookaoh, I hadn't realised until now10:00
popeyYou have neither asked for nor offered any assistance to anyone in that channel, which is acutally ths sole purpose of it.10:00
GarzookaI am the only one, I wish to make it up to you somehow10:00
GarzookaI mean I did ask questions in ##windows that made sence10:01
Garzookaand I do help people if I know what there going on about10:02
popeyI'm not particularly interested in the activity of ##windows10:02
Garzookaif you look in #ubuntu I am trying to help someone10:04
Garzookabut the problem is I don't know much about ubuntu support10:07
Garzookabut I try my best10:07
popeyone line of 'install a driver' doesn't counter months of being a dribbling lunatic in -uk10:08
popeyIn my very humble opinion10:08
Garzookawell I dont know that much about ubuntu10:10
popeyright, i need to go and take my daughter to ballet. cheerio10:10
GarzookaI need another #ubuntu-UK op10:11
Garzookaany in here10:12
GarzookaAlanBell hello can you help me10:14
Garzookaor any ops should I say10:15
AlanBellhi Garzooka10:16
* AlanBell reads back again10:16
AlanBelldeja vu all over again10:17
Garzookawell kinda, but with the true story this time10:17
AlanBellwell that at least is progress10:18
AlanBellso, in review you got a week of +q on the 30th december ish, which before it expired you managed to upgrade to a +b and you have been keeping that +b maintained ever since10:19
Garzookathe reson I change nicks and pretend I am another person is because I am fed up with being banned so I attempt to convince people I am a difrent person, but I am not10:20
AlanBellyes, that is ban evasion10:20
AlanBellwhich gets you banned for longer10:20
GarzookaI never knew that10:21
AlanBellto be honest before the ban evasion and arguments in -irc you really were not annoying me that much in -uk10:22
Garzookaand I think thats unfair10:22
GarzookaI wasn't doing anything agenst the rules was i?10:23
Garzookathe thing is when I am banned I have to talk to one of my two most annoying ops ever10:25
Garzookaexcluding you that is10:26
AlanBellI will have a chat with the other ops later and will clarify whether you are permanently banned or whether we should set a new expiration date10:31
AlanBellban evasion is a seriously bad idea if you want to end up unbanned10:31
Garzookathanks and goodbye10:31
GarzookaI will keep that in mind10:31
popey10:20:29 < Garzooka> the reson I change nicks and pretend I am another person is because I am fed up with being banned so I attempt to convince people I am a difrent person, but I am not13:59
popeyas opposed to actually, y'know, fixing the behaviour13:59
DJonesIf he's fed up with being banned and isn't opposed to fixing the behaviour, why hasn't he done so and changed his behaviour.17:34
m4vtell him to pretend he's a person that behaves well17:44
DJonesI'd rather he was a person who behaved well, rather than just pretending17:52
guntbertsometimes I wonder if the term "simple question" should set off various troll alarms :-)  (like a few minutes ago in #ubuntu-offtopic )20:30
charlie-tcalike it did in #xubuntu a bit ago...20:31
gpcguntbert: I don't think they were trolling, they asked the same thing in #ubuntu and when redirected to -ot they parted the channel without incident.20:41
guntbertgpc: you may be right, and I didn't want to accuse anybody, only: the question was sort of strange....  (and usually the best way to keep troll away is to not answer...)20:43
guntbertand then my remark here was just an apropos20:43
gpcyeah I know :)20:46
m4v"A factoid is a questionable or spurious—unverified, incorrect, or fabricated—statement presented as a fact, but with no veracity."21:16
m4vIt doesn't sound good, does it?21:16
gpcnot at all21:19
guntbertm4v: but entirely accurate (at least in some cases)21:19
m4vI guess21:20
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