pabelangerAnybody have a good example of how to setup and configure wanna-build?  I'd like to try my hand a creating a local build farm00:54
ebroderpabelanger: i think that knowledge is largely contained in the heads of the debian buildd maintainers01:21
ebroderat least, that was the conclusion i came to the last time i looked at wanna-build01:21
pabelangerebroder: Ya, documentation looks to be limited. Thanks01:24
bdrungtumbleweed: pushed01:30
bdrungtumbleweed: remaining: http://paste.debian.net/105349/01:30
bdrungtumbleweed: 1) which SEE ALSOs do you want?01:31
bdrungtumbleweed: 2) i don't get what you want to tell me.01:31
bdrungtumbleweed: 3) only perl and shell scripts should be left (or are the remaining python scripts?).01:32
pabelangerebroder: Ya, wanna-build seems to be pretty specific to Debian. May just skip using it01:32
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RcartHello. If i want to send a patch to debian, i just need to include the debian/newpatch.patch content in the submittodebian utility?04:56
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tumbleweedbdrung: err, whoops re len(). 1) I think all the distro-info commands should SEE ALSO each other. 2) I don't like code paths that use exception handling for normal operation.09:07
tumbleweedbdrung: 2a) the perl and bash scripts still hardcode release names09:12
bdrungtumbleweed: 2) ok, how should i do the conversion then?10:38
tumbleweedparts = x.split('-'); if len(parts) == 2: ...10:39
bdrungtumbleweed: pushed fix for 1) and 2)11:06
bdrungtumbleweed: feel free to convert the remaining  perl and bash scripts11:06
evaluatedapal, ping?11:14
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m4n1shhave a question12:22
m4n1shfor changelog line12:22
m4n1shzeitgeist (0.7-0ubuntu1~0ppa1~maverick) maverick; urgency=low12:22
m4n1shwhat should be the name of the orig file?12:22
m4n1shzeitgeist_0.7-0ubuntu1~0ppa1~maverick.orig.tar.gz ?12:22
geserthe part after the - is the package revision12:23
m4n1shgeser: thanks a lot :012:24
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bdrungtumbleweed: when do you update your builder branch?14:11
bdrungtumbleweed: i would like to review your branch, merge it, and release u-d-t14:38
tumbleweedbdrung: next couple of days, I guess, although testing builders tends to be quite a bit of work15:47
bdrungtumbleweed: or should i just release the current state?15:53
tumbleweedone sec, let me push something15:54
bdrungtumbleweed: that was not an answer to my question. ;)16:00
tumbleweedwell, that was preliminary, partly-unrelated work16:00
tumbleweedI can probably also deal with the remaining hardcoded distros quite quickly (I have existing, outdated patches), which does leave as at a good point for a release16:01
bdrungtumbleweed: Logger.error("Error: You don't own $HOME") -> error twice16:02
bdrungtumbleweed: then let's fix the hardcoded distros and release u-d-t16:07
tumbleweedbdrung: pull-debian-source is just begging to be re-done in python now that we have existing library functions for most of it16:08
ari-tczewbdrung: what is the libkivi used for?16:09
tumbleweedbdrung: so, shall we make pbuilder-dist-simple say it's deprecated?16:09
bdrungtumbleweed: yes16:09
ScottKtumbleweed: Why would we do that?16:09
tumbleweedScottK: why do we need to maintain it and pbuilder-dist?16:09
bdrungScottK: does pbuilder-dist-simple has any gain over pbuilder-dist?16:10
ScottKtumbleweed: It's simple.  pbuilder-dist has been broken in the archive more than once.16:10
ScottKIt shouldn't need a lot of maintenance.16:10
ScottKbdrung: It's simple.  That's it's entire point.  pbuilder-dist is very complex.16:11
bdrungScottK: but it does.16:11
tumbleweedScottK: ok, but then it stays as simple as it is, and it doesn't get support for Debian (there's an open bug either requesting that, or removal of the statement that it does support debian)16:11
ScottKtumbleweed: I'd be fine with removing the statement that it does.16:12
ScottKIt staying simple is pretty much it's entire point.16:12
tumbleweedScottK: seems fair, I've just never personally felt the need fo rit16:13
bdrungari-tczew: for formatting sizes in bytes for displaying. e.g. 1234567 bytes -> "1.23 MB"16:30
ari-tczewbdrung: aha ok16:33
bdrungtumbleweed: which scripts needs the *distro-info update?17:49
tumbleweedbdrung: according to my previous branch: dch-repeat, pull-debian-source, reverse-build-depends17:52
bdrungtumbleweed: ETA?17:58
tumbleweedbdrung: this evening, I'll have a shot at it now.18:00
ari-tczewhow can I fix this FTBFS? http://paste.ubuntu.com/556891/18:13
Bachstelzeari-tczew: same old thing, thel* flags must be at the end of the command18:14
Bachstelzethey're probably added to LDFLAGS instead of LIBS18:14
Bachstelzethe -l* flags*18:14
Bachstelzethey are at the end actually18:14
Bachstelzebut the -L* and -I* must be at the beginning18:15
Bachstelzeline 1218:15
geserthe -lXext must be at the end as -lnvcontrol needs it18:16
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ari-tczewgeser: I added -lXext at the end of LIBS at the same result. :(18:32
geserthe same amount of errors or less?18:33
ari-tczewgeser: Yes.18:34
ari-tczewPackage has got this patch before: http://pastebin.com/Adx4Pj7e18:36
ari-tczewmany hacks with CFLAGS18:36
Bachstelzeari-tczew: the patch is wrong, see line 248 for example18:49
Bachstelze-L* flags belong in LDFLAGS, not LIBS18:49
BachstelzeLIBS is for -l* flags18:49
ari-tczewBachstelze: where do you see changed LDFLAGS in this patch?18:51
ari-tczewto be clear: this is not my patch. it's in Debian.18:52
Bachstelzeyes, I know18:52
Bachstelzeand yes, it doesn't change LDFLAGS, that's the point18:52
Bachstelzeit should, -L* flags go in LDFLAGS, not LIBS18:52
Bachstelzeit puts them in LIBS18:52
ari-tczewBachstelze: now you're wrong18:52
ari-tczewwe change LIBS to fix FTBFS with bintuils18:53
ari-tczewbinutils *18:53
udienzari-tczew, or LDADD18:53
udienzavoid to use *FLAGS18:53
ari-tczewudienz: it seems nvclock doesn't have LDADD18:58
tumbleweedbdrung: took the easy approach in pull-debian-source, see pull-debian-source-py branch. (supper, brb)18:59
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udienzari-tczew, hm.. if not having LD/LIBADD usually adding in LIBS19:09
ari-tczewudienz: the bug is this big patch in Debian19:10
ari-tczewI sent an e-mail to author about fixing.19:10
ari-tczewudienz: btw. how about firestarter debdiff?19:10
bdrungtumbleweed: the copyright line is missing in the python script19:10
udienzari-tczew, hehe, i still works in firestarter. i'm waiting until my emails back19:11
bdrungtumbleweed: i recommend to change from optparse import OptionParser -> import optparse19:11
udienzari-tczew, doko fixing nvclock yet. he adding X11 in LIB19:12
ari-tczewudienz: you should improve your english19:13
ari-tczewyou're still working on firestarter19:13
ari-tczewand doko fixED ftbfs on nvclock19:13
ari-tczewyes, he fixed by adding X11 to LIBS, but in our package19:14
ari-tczewI'm merging nvclock with Debian unstable19:14
ari-tczewthere are big changes19:14
ari-tczewso his patch is useless on Debian19:14
udienzari-tczew, yes i see doko patch di BTS. he send at Jan 11th19:16
ari-tczewudienz: I have to repeat: his patch is useless19:17
bdrungtumbleweed: 3) are the downloaded files verified?19:17
udienzari-tczew, maybe one or two days again i will send firestarted debdiff. my hdd is full :(19:18
tumbleweedbdrung: pull() does that for us19:18
bdrungtumbleweed: good. only these two points and then you can push it into trunk19:19
tumbleweedbdrung: landed19:22
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bdrungtumbleweed: remaining: dch-repeat and reverse-build-depends19:26
bdrungtumbleweed: can i release now or is there still something in the pipe?20:05
tumbleweedbdrung: that's all I've got20:05
tumbleweedbdrung: so go ahead :)20:05
bdrungtumbleweed: uploaded20:14
tumbleweedbdrung: now we wait for bug reports :)20:15
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bdrungtumbleweed: i am fast. :P bug #70640320:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 706403 in ubuntu-dev-tools (Ubuntu) "[syncpackage] AssertionError in src_pkg.pull_dsc()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70640320:42
ari-tczewmr_pouit: ping23:12
ari-tczewif any core-dev has a time, would be nice to review bug 701182 and bug 70118223:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 701182 in nut (Ubuntu) "Merge nut 2.4.3-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70118223:21
ari-tczewerr, second bug 69500523:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 695005 in python-numpy (Ubuntu) "Merge python-numpy 1.5.1 (main) from Debian experimental (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69500523:22
ari-tczewslangasek: around?23:39
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