akgranerpleia2, nhandler we haven't added anything but content since the the test fridge site was added have we..looks like they will start the move to fridge.ubuntu.com this weekend..we need to look back over the test site one more time...however, as far as I know and could tell - nothing has changed...09:21
akgranernothing except new content and editor privileges have been added to ubuntu-news.org that would be different from the test site (I hope that makes sense to you all)  I am going to get a few hours sleep - just holler at me if I've confused you or if you have questions...I'll answer after the sun comes up - thanks09:23
nhandlerakgraner: I think we've done some plugin updates as well. But the current ubuntu-news.org will still be around for a little bit (even if the domain doesn't point there), right? That way, if something is missed, we have access to the old version13:57
akgranerright but we can't add and code changes once it's switched - Canonical will have to review and make any of those going forward13:58
nhandlerakgraner: Yeah, I think it would mainly be content/cosmetic changes (i.e. move this widget, change that text, add that post, etc)13:59
akgranerCan you look at the test site and see if you can identify what is not there?  I need to let matthias know as he was wanting to move it over today sometime13:59
nhandlerakgraner: pleia2 went through a few weeks ago and did a comparison. I'll forward you the email (although it is probably slightly outdated now)14:00
akgranerok that we can do - we just can't introduce new code easily..14:00
akgranerok  - he grabbed the database but wanted to know what else was different14:00
akgranerand I need to get the list of any widgets or add-ons they rejected for security reasons as that may be why some items are missing14:01
akgranernhandler, thanks!14:02
akgranernhandler, I forwarded the list to matthias and CC'd you and pleia214:09
akgranerso if there are any questions you all should get them as well14:09
pleia2I missed this the other day, posting to fridge http://design.canonical.com/2011/01/free-culture-showcase/16:30
nhandlerakgraner, pleia2: I mentioned the idea about adding 'Submit to Fridge' links to every post on the Planet in -website. I got a positive response, the only concern was that we would get too many people (ab)using it (so the discussion shifted to ways to prevent abuse)18:17
nhandlerakgraner: I removed an extra citation from your 'Making Ubuntu More Personal' post on the fridge18:26
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