Ademanugh, anyone who's set up ubuntu server using libvirt, I'm trying to use virt-install. My current command line looks like sudo virt-install --connect qemu:///system --name server --ram 256 --disk path=/var/lib/libvirt/images/ubuntu-server-10.04.qcow2 --nographics --os-type linux -c /home/dan/Downloads/ubuntu-10.04.1-server-i386.iso --extra-args="text console=ttyS0,9600n8" but no matter what I've done I can't get any output on th00:06
kirklandRoAkSoAx: around?00:14
AMT-IT-Guyany Samba experts around that can explain how I can reload smb.conf without restarting the services?00:14
SpamapSkirkland: I think he's done for the day.. 30 minutes ago "* RoAkSoAx gone for the day"00:15
kirklandSpamapS: heh, yeah, we banter back and forth long past work hours though :-P00:15
SpamapSkirkland: true.. irc is funny that way00:15
AMT-IT-Guyno one here uses Samba?00:16
SpamapSAMT-IT-Guy: not if we can help it. ;)00:16
SpamapSAMT-IT-Guy: service smbd reload should work though00:16
SpamapSor it might be service smb .. or service samba.. not sure00:17
AMT-IT-Guythat won't shut down the master services, so, if file transfers, etc are happening they won't be aborted?00:17
mtdemindi believe it should just check for changes in config00:18
Ademan:-/ no one has any idea regarding my virt-install issue?00:19
AMT-IT-Guyi thought so too, but I've changed permissions on a directory, and it's not reloading00:19
mtdemindHUP should work as well00:19
AMT-IT-Guyi tried that as well00:19
AMT-IT-Guysudo kill -HUP PID and it's not working00:19
RoAkSoAxkirkland: im here00:20
AMT-IT-Guysee here's my problem.... I can replace upwards of 20 Windows servers at my office, BUT, i can't just reload samba in the middle of the day if a change needs to be made lol00:20
kirklandRoAkSoAx: you should thumb your nose at SpamapS :-)00:21
RoAkSoAxkirkland: discovered the issue, though there's other "issue"00:21
kirklandRoAkSoAx: yeah?  i saw the bug report updated00:21
kirklandRoAkSoAx: glad to see you got those fixed00:21
RoAkSoAxSpamapS kirkland : yeah I was gone.. though.. can't stay much time away from computer lol00:21
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: no kidding me too00:22
kirklandRoAkSoAx: okay, i have though thoroughly about powernap00:22
RoAkSoAxkirkland: it was indeed issue with powerwake, I just change one value and it is fixed, though I need to test it against hw00:22
kirklandRoAkSoAx: cool00:22
RoAkSoAxkirkland: wanna have a quick chat?00:22
RoAkSoAxcause I'm going to the movies in like 20 mins or so00:23
kirklandRoAkSoAx: sure00:23
kirklandRoAkSoAx: let's do it quick00:23
kirklandRoAkSoAx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/556709/00:23
kirklandRoAkSoAx: skype me?00:24
RoAkSoAxkirkland: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/556710/00:26
RoAkSoAxkirkland: +    data = ''.join(['FFFFFFFFFFFF', mac * 16])00:39
Thirtysixwayis there a mod auth shadow package available on lucid?00:40
Thirtysixwaythere seems to only be one for hardy and daper00:40
axisysi am failing to compile filebech.. missing libtecla.h  .. is there a pkg for available for that?01:33
hrobertsis there anyone here who is good with grub2 who can help me with an issue?01:42
momozhi all.  I have a problem with my apache or ubuntu server install.. I have installed in two servers.. one is working fine the other has problems with utf-8 encoding.  I have a web/xml/rss that says02:08
momozhas errors and when I run a rss/xml validation it tells me ithe problem is:  Your feed appears to be encoded as "UTF-8", but your server is reporting "US-ASCII"02:09
momozany ideas?02:09
mtdemindprobably MIME related02:13
momozthought that too checked many areas.. any suggestions?  two servers one works one doesn't.. was thinking some global setting.. any areas to check?02:18
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mtdemindmomoz: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/mod_mime.html#addtype02:24
mtdemindadd rss, and maybe xml02:25
mtdemindsearch around for examples02:25
anzenkethI want to install ubuntu server but I want the home directory to be a seperate parition how would I got about doing this?02:28
pmatulisanzenketh: create a separate partition and use /home as it's mountpoint02:31
anzenkethYa the ubuntu server partition creating tools are confusing.02:32
anzenkethI can't figure out how to create a seperate parition.02:33
pmatulisanzenketh: choose manual partitioning during install02:33
anzenkethI have done that.02:33
anzenkethIt gives me a screen I can not edit02:33
pmatulisanzenketh: select 'free space' and hit enter02:34
anzenkethThere is no free space02:34
pmatulisanzenketh: remove existing partition then02:35
anzenkethThat is what I can't figure out how to do02:35
pmatulisanzenketh: select it and choose delete02:35
pmatulisanzenketh: select it, hit enter, and choose delete02:35
axisyswhat pkgs do I need to compile a something in ubuntu .. I already have build-essential ... but still saying inet/ip.h not found02:35
pmatulisaxisys: build-deps command?02:36
axisyspmatulis: multi_client_sync.h:31: fatal error: inet/ip.h: No such file or directory02:37
axisyspmatulis: this is the error02:37
axisyspmatulis: dont see build-deps.. i see build-rdeps tho02:38
pmatulisaxisys: are you trying to build a package?02:38
axisyspmatulis: no just compile filebech02:38
pmatulisaxisys: the ubuntu way is to build a package02:38
anzenkethOk I have a LVM using 999.9GB Insite that LVM VG home I have two root ans swap02:39
anzenkethI want to create another  how do I do that02:39
axisyspmatulis: i am trying to compile this http://sourceforge.net/projects/filebench/02:39
axisyspmatulis: never did build a pkg02:39
axisyspmatulis: i also had to download and compile this02:40
axisyspmatulis: http://www.astro.caltech.edu/~mcs/tecla/02:40
axisyspmatulis: to get libtecla.h02:41
axisyspmatulis: which is needed for filebench02:41
pmatulisanzenketh: if i understand you well, you'll need to resize the root logical volume in order to accommodate a third (for /home)02:41
anzenkethI think I figured it out02:42
anzenkethWarning messages were scaring me from continueing to where I can edit02:42
axisyspmatulis: i am compiling it like this http://pastebin.com/yJxfSJCD02:52
axisysas suggested in INSTALL of filebench src02:52
pmatulisaxisys: dunno, sorry02:55
axisyshmm.. wonder if there is a ubuntu pkg where inet/ip.h available02:57
dkuI have a dhcp3-server running, which has a number of clients. I'd like to be able to do 'ssh user@hostname' from my machine, given 'hostname' as the client's hostname. How can I make it resolve?03:01
mtdeminddku: dhcp3-server should be able to use ddns to update bind03:15
dkuso i also have to run a dns server alongside the dhcp server?03:16
mtdemindthat's how i'd do it03:16
axisysDEAD_BEEF: may be I should change this #include <inet/ip.h> for linux03:17
dkuokay, thanks mtdemind03:17
axisysit is written by four sun guys.. may be opensolaris has the inet/ip.h that I can copy over here03:17
mtdeminddku: you're welcome03:17
axisyspmatulis: this one worked .. http://www.fsl.cs.sunysb.edu/~vass/filebench/03:23
axisyspmatulis: thanks for your help03:23
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RoAkSoAxkirkland: ping03:47
meltingwaxdoes ubuntu server have any firewalls by default? I have all ports forwarded to it but i can't access my IRC server, even from a LAN address04:37
meltingwaxalthough i can access it locally on that machine04:39
thesheff17meltingwax: yea I have seen iptables setting now on my default.04:48
thesheff17try iptables -L04:48
thesheff17meltingwax: here is my bash script that turns off all iptables http://paste.ubuntu.com/556739/04:49
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ballI find myself torn between Ubuntu Server and something like Solaris for a small virtual desktop rollout.  Linux has some advantages that I can think of, but... I dunno.04:55
thesheff17ball: what do you mean about virtual desktop rollout?05:13
ballthesheff17: A move from desktop PCs running MS Windows to thin client hardware (graphical terminals, we used to call them), with everything running on the server.05:16
thesheff17ball: well I haven't used many thin client stuff.  So you want the client running basically a remote X server?05:20
ballthesheff17: Depends which type I went with.  VNC and Sun Ray don't use X across the wire.  X terminals (e.g. ltsp) do.05:23
thesheff17I would actually check out http://edubuntu.org/05:23
thesheff17you can run a single instance as a server and everything is loaded on the clients automatically...booting and everything.05:23
* ball nods05:24
ballEdubuntu uses ltsp afaik.05:24
thesheff17ball: well you can always run vnc stuff05:25
ballVNC lets people hot-desk and is cross-platform, but lacks the video accelleration of X window and Sun Ray.05:26
ball...come to think of it, X can do 3D over the wire too, though I'm not sure whether ltsp supports that.05:27
thesheff17true. I have used forwarding X  which works really good.05:27
ball(not that we do much 3D at the office)05:27
thesheff17ball: I guess its more on what you want to accomplish and the advantages/disadvantages of each option.05:36
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ballI should sleep on it.  I can't see straight to write anyway.05:37
meltingwaxhow can i determine which version of ubuntu server i am using?06:17
qman__meltingwax, cat /etc/issue07:41
meltingwaxqman__: thanks07:41
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arkonovaInstalled gitosis via apt-get and was wondering why the post-install script creates the user "gitosis" instead of simply "git". Is there any reason i am missing? Should i avoid renaming that user to "git"?09:40
vrana-_hi all10:07
vrana-_is here somebody ?10:07
chovynzI got my first ever server up and running the other day :) IT was a rush to see "It works! you have reached this page that is on the web server. There is, however, no content on it yet." I want to know how I can make a music streaming server.10:08
vrana-_great mam10:09
vrana-_I really dont know how to set up music streaming server10:09
chovynzwhat have you got setup on your server?10:09
vrana-_recently nothing mush, just purchased virtual privite srever with ubuntu10:10
vrana-_and tried to run java server for chat, but its not working very well10:11
vrana-_its crashing all the time10:11
chovynzDo you know why it's crashing?10:11
vrana-_I want to replace java chat server for a IRC or jabber10:12
vrana-_but I dont decide yet what is better for me10:12
chovynzhow far have you got?10:12
vrana-_so Im just lurking around IRC, because I dont know IRC in fact. This is first time Im using it :)10:12
chovynzwelcome then :)10:12
vrana-_Thanks. :)10:13
chovynzso how far have you got on setting up a irc or jabber?10:13
vrana-_im just deciding what is better for that10:14
vrana-_what you think10:14
chovynzNo idea. What's your setup for security like?10:14
vrana-_I dont care fo a security :)10:15
vrana-_I want to tr to make a facebook game with chat10:15
chovynzyou will care once your server is hacked.10:15
vrana-_you are right10:15
chovynzso, what troubleshooting have you done to determine why the java chat wasn't working?10:17
chovynz(I don't know anything, I'm just trying to ask questions that  might help you on your journey)10:18
kerozeneapticron.conf: if I don't explicitly set $SYSTEM, can I still use it in $CUSTOM_SUBJECT ?10:18
uvirtbotNew bug: #697601 in keepalived (main) "Keepalived version bump to 1.2.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69760111:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #700050 in net-snmp (main) "snmpd binds to by default" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70005011:14
arief1hi All13:14
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njbairFor some reason I can't get dnsmasq to assign to a dhcp-host. If I change the 2 to anything else in range, it works fine. Could this be a bug?14:59
RoyKno idea15:02
* RoyK uses a dhcp server for serving dhcp15:03
ejatanyone can help me with heartbeat + apache .. i manage to get it work .. but how do the 2nd node take over while apache service stop15:07
shaggy2hey is there anyway I can make a complete image of my ubuntu server install with everything on it and working, so if I have a failure I can just reload the image?15:18
shaggy2my server has a DVD burner in it15:19
njbairI've got an ubuntu server guest OS in virtualbox and I'm trying to remember what package I installed to be able to mount shared folders. Does anybody know?15:31
mfraz74If I have ssh to only allow keyed entry, can someone hack into my server if they don't have a key?15:32
gobbenjbair: mount shared folders from virtualbox-host?15:36
gobbemfraz74: of course it's possible, but not without somekind of bug or security hole15:37
njbairgobbe: yes, I know I didn't install the full guest-additions package, but I have it working on one system15:37
gobbemfraz74: there is no 100% sure thing what it comes to computer connected to internet15:37
mfraz74gobbe: i've seen a few login attempts in the auth log, but they don't get in15:38
ejatanyone can help me with heartbeat + apache .. i manage to get it work .. but how do the 2nd node take over while apache service stop15:41
gobbemfraz74: yep, that's because they try with password15:52
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RoAkSoAxkirkland: ping17:17
kirklandRoAkSoAx: working outside around the house today17:37
kirklandRoAkSoAx: wassup?17:37
RoAkSoAxkirkland: so I've been thinking, and you mentioned yesterday that each monitor (even process monitor) should track activity regardless of the INTERVAL SECONDs, this means, to continiously track activity not depending on when to check for it every INTERVAL SECONDS, right?17:43
=== kiall|AFK is now known as kiall
RoAkSoAxkirkland: so the idea is to run each monitor in a thread within its own class (specially for ProcessMonitor, IOMonitor - InputMonitor and RemoteMonitor already do - WOLMonitor, TCPMonitor will be threaded) to get "ACTIVITY" regardless of the interval seconds. Because right now, every INTERVAL_SECONDS (in ProcessMonitor, IOMonitor), powernapd checks for activity (they do the lookups in that moment). So, I believe that to get better results (Proce17:55
kirklandRoAkSoAx: yeah, that sounds okay to me17:56
RoAkSoAxkirkland: this, however, will be heavier because the check for "activity" will never stop, rather than just check every interval seconds17:57
kirklandRoAkSoAx: right17:58
kirklandRoAkSoAx: let's try it and see how bad it is?17:58
kirklandRoAkSoAx: and let's try to move as many monitors as possible from polling -> event based, over time17:59
RoAkSoAxkirkland: by event based, you mean when something happens, the monitor will signal powernapd daemon??18:00
kirklandRoAkSoAx: yes18:00
RoAkSoAxkirkland: wouldn't that be even more process intensive?18:00
kirklandRoAkSoAx: rather than checking every X seconds, just sit there doing nothing, waiting, until an event happens18:00
kirklandRoAkSoAx: it should be much cheaper18:00
RoAkSoAxkirkland: not for the InputMonitor (USB) though18:01
kirklandRoAkSoAx: i gotta run, for a bit18:01
kirklandRoAkSoAx: i'll check back later ;-)18:01
RoAkSoAxkirkland: alright, have a good one ;)18:01
StrangeCharmwhat sort of file server should i use if i want data to be encrypted in transit, without being incredibly slow?18:04
thesheff17StrangeCharm: scp is secure and I believe it works pretty well...you can also pass the type of encryption you want to use to scp18:06
thesheff17I use scp -c arcfour which is weaker encryption but faster for transfer.18:08
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StrangeCharmthanks, thesheff17 i'll look into that18:09
thesheff17StrangeCharm: also you can use rsync tunneled through ssh so you only have to transfer files that have changed.18:09
StrangeCharmthesheff17, i like rsync over ssh, but here i'm looking for an on-demand fileserver, rather than keeping two copies of the same data18:14
thesheff17StrangeCharm: well assuming the clients are windows you can use winscp as the client to connect to any ssh server.18:16
StrangeCharmthesheff17, thankfully i have the joy that almost all clients are running ubuntu18:21
nhckHi, installed mpc & mpd via apt on an ubuntu server. Strange enough I get "error: directory or file not found" everytime I try to add a file - even when I am root. I can't find out whats happening, but I need mpd to work for an external package (mpd-upnp) I use in order to make it a media server. Any ideas?18:23
StrangeCharmthesheff17, so, scp is faster than sftp for file transfers, but only does transfers, not any other file management? is there any way to easily use sftp for management, but switch to scp for bulk transfer?18:24
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thesheff17StrangeCharm: ah well that is nice...in ubuntu you can just do Place->connect to server->select SSH and use nautilus as client.18:25
thesheff17sftp is just ftp tunneled through ssh18:25
StrangeCharmthesheff17, wikipedia disagrees18:26
StrangeCharmthesheff17, quote "SFTP is not FTP run over SSH, but rather a new protocol designed from the ground up by the IETF SECSH working group." from https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/SSH_file_transfer_protocol18:26
thesheff17ah ok...well almost all SFTP clients just support SSH or scp basically.18:28
StrangeCharmthesheff17, thus far, i've just been using nautilus but it's incredibly slow, i was hoping to find a better way18:28
thesheff17StrangeCharm: I would do some command line testing with scp & scp -c arcfour18:29
StrangeCharmthesheff17, is arcfour the name of an encryption protocol?18:30
thesheff17chances are the bottleneck is the encryption part and not the actual transfer18:30
thesheff17StrangeCharm: samba is also very fast but I haven't tried to get encryption over the wire for that.18:31
StrangeCharmthesheff17, do you have any info on the strength of arc4? i'm not sure that there are any standard samba implementations that do transport security18:32
StrangeCharmthesheff17, samba is the standard for a network filesytem, right? it works pretty well xplatform?18:33
thesheff17StrangeCharm: well I would say SMB is the standard protocol for windows based clients...samba implements SMB...usually unix/linux have traditionally used NFS mounts like windows shares.18:34
StrangeCharmthefish, i'm not familiar with nfs. acronym for 'netowrk filesystem'? how does it stack up to smb for speed and security?18:36
thesheff17StrangeCharm: samba is def been faster than nfs for me in the past.18:37
StrangeCharmand neither have transport security?18:37
thesheff17StrangeCharm: I don't believe so...I was actually looking for some security over samba...which would be nice18:38
thesheff17StrangeCharm: though of course now I reading some stuff on nfs and people are saying it is faster than samba...so I could be wrong.18:38
StrangeCharmnautilus does both nfs and smb shares nicely, right?18:39
thesheff17StrangeCharm: yea18:39
thesheff17StrangeCharm: well not nfs...nfs is usually mounted manually or through /etc/fstab on boot up.18:39
StrangeCharmthesheff17, how does that work with devices that aren't always online?18:40
thesheff17once mounted you can easily browse with nautilus.18:40
StrangeCharmdo things break when an nfs share is disconnected?18:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #706368 in bind9 (main) "package bind9 1:9.6.1.dfsg.P1-3ubuntu0.4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70636818:41
thesheff17StrangeCharm: it is tricky when it isn't mounted because then that directory is essentially on the local file system....I can't tell you the number of times I forgot to mount a usb drive and trasnfer a bunch of stuff from local disk to local disk.18:41
thesheff17if there are no files visible in the dir you mount to you know the nfs share isn't mounted correctly.18:42
StrangeCharmthesheff17, right, but it doesn't fundamentally break (like unplugging a usb disk which is still mounted)? the data isn't accessible, sure, but if it's just data data, (as opposed to data applications or the OS need) then that shouldn't be a problem, right?18:44
thesheff17yea there is no problem like that.18:45
thesheff17nfs might also scale better with many users.18:45
StrangeCharmthesheff17, sweet, though it still doesn't address the question of transport security18:46
StrangeCharmi assume that nfs is secure 'at rest' (as in, when there are no users, an attacker can't list the filesystem or access files)18:47
thesheff17StrangeCharm: username pass I believe is passed to nfs during the mount...unless that person has read/write then it will deny by default.18:48
thesheff17it does look like samba supports some encryption now: http://news.samba.org/announcements/3.2_press_release/18:49
thesheff17though I have never used it.18:49
StrangeCharmthesheff17, is user authentication at least secure on nfs and smb?18:49
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StrangeCharmthesheff17, is that was released in 2008, then it's surely filtered down by now?18:50
thesheff17StrangeCharm: yea I believe it would...the problem is finding how to do it...maybe the samba site would know more....everytime I search google for encryption and samba I just get encrypting the local disk which is not what we want.18:52
StrangeCharmthesheff17, likewise18:53
thesheff17http://www.oregontechsupport.com/samba/security.php lol tunneling samba through SSH :)18:55
StrangeCharmthesheff17, hmn, according to http://blog.permabit.com/index.php/2009/08/deduplication-and-encryption/ nfs supports transport encryption 'First and foremost, transport encryption is used wherever possible. If the application protocol (i.e. NFS, CIFS) supports an encrypted connection, we will deliver that. '18:55
thesheff17StrangeCharm: so yea it looks like NFS & samba rely on external tools to do encryption over the wire.  All username/pass though should be encrypted.18:57
StrangeCharmthesheff17, right, that's food for thought. i particularly like nfs, and i'm looking at http://www.linuxsecurity.com/content/view/117705/49/19:00
Patrickdkheh, just use ipsec, done :)19:10
Patrickdkfor me, samba just encrypts by default19:11
Patrickdkand I know it works, cause my workstations are set to only talk to servers that support encryption19:12
Patrickdkwhen I talk to old samba, v2.x, it won't connect, cause no encryption support19:12
StrangeCharmPatrickdk, i had considered that, but i have no idea where to start19:13
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dkuIf nslookup hostname works (gives back an IP), but telnet hostname or ping hostname respond with 'unknown host hostname', what does that mean?19:32
N2Deepyou might look at your /etc/nsswitch.conf19:36
N2Deepspecifically the "host" line19:36
dku"hosts: files dns"19:36
N2Deepare you using FQDN for hostname?19:38
dkunope, is that required?19:38
ded0hi. is there any server gui for managing DNS and CIFS shares? i found gbindadmin and gsambad, but they might be pretty old, also seems not to be in the repo. any suggestions?19:39
N2Deepdku: it really depends on how your DNS server is setup to respond to queries.19:40
N2Deepdku: since I know nothing about your setup, it's hard to diganose.19:41
dkuN2Deep: i'm using dnsmasq, default setup. seems when I enable FQDN, it resolves fine19:41
chovynzNewbie here : What type of applications should I be using to serve music to my network?19:42
chovynztype of = deleted19:43
N2Deepdku: cool. So you made a change to the dnsmasq config, or you did "ping hostname.fqdn" from the client?19:43
=== kiall|AFK is now known as kiall
dkuN2Deep: i enabled fqdn in dnsmasq, and now ping/ssh/telnet hostname.fqdn works, but ping hostname still does not.19:44
N2Deepdku: the machine running dnsmasq, do you have shortnames or the full hostname.fqdn in /etc/hosts?19:45
dkuN2Deep: i haven't touched /etc/hosts, should i have?19:46
N2Deepdku: if you are setting static addresses in dnsmasq, then yes.19:49
dkuN2Deep, well, I'm having dnsmasq acting as a DHCP server as well, so the addresses aren't static19:49
N2Deepyou should also check the section for  expand-hosts   in /etc/dnsmasq.conf19:50
N2Deep...make sure it's not commented19:50
dkuit's not, i uncommented it so that FQDN would work19:51
N2Deepdku: if you are wanting to use dhcp and get hostnames, you need to check /etc/dnsmasq/dhcp.conf19:52
N2Deepthat's where you assign a hostname to a MAC address, and a address from your dhcp range to a hostname.19:53
N2Deepdku: have you done any reading??19:54
N2Deepright in /etc/dnsmasq.conf there is a line.19:54
N2DeepAlways set the name of the host with hardware address 11:22:33:44:55:66 to be fred19:55
N2Deep...  dhcp-host=11:22:33:44:55:66,fred19:55
dkuthat doesn't work for me, though19:55
dkumy hosts dynamically send their hostnames with the DHCP lease19:56
dkuthe DNS server has them, and responds correctly19:56
N2Deepwell I'm using the /etc/dnsmasq-dhcp.conf file in my network, and it works fine.19:56
dkui.e. nslookup hostname @localhost works fine19:57
chovynzI have ubuntu-server, how do I rip my music onto it so that it can serve music to the network? I'm reading up on daap and things, but I don't really know my way around teh command line19:57
N2Deepdku: you are aware that you have to restart dnsmasq any time you make a change to a conf file?19:58
dkusure am, N2Deep19:58
N2Deepok cool, just making sure.19:58
dkuit's not that DNS doesn't know about it19:58
dkuDNS responds correctly19:58
dkuit's that ubuntu doesn't qualify hostname to hostname.fqdn19:59
dkuisn't that a /etc/resolv.conf thing?19:59
dkuah yes19:59
N2Deepit's a high possibility19:59
dkuadding 'search fqdn' to resolv.conf seems to fix it19:59
N2Deepnice good work.20:00
monteithcan someone chat briefly with me about file permissions with an apache server?21:47
monteithjust need to clarify some confusions21:48
guntbertmonteith: ask away, there can always be somebody who knows21:50
monteithanyways... i've used aptitude to install apache and a number of its components, and so it runs its processes on the www-data user and group21:50
monteithin this case, should "others" be given permission for anything within the web server?  who would the "others" be?21:50
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guntbertmonteith: I'd see no need - "others" might be shell users, ftp users, another server...21:55
guntbertmonteith: but I'm no expert server management21:57
guntbertso see it as opinion only21:58
mrmistin that configuration I couldn't see any need for it either21:58
mrmistit being "others" access21:59
monteithi'm really just trying to understand permissions and ownership in the larger picture21:59
monteithand if an apache process is being run by a www-data user, i was wondering how an "other" would access it21:59
guntbertmonteith: every file has two owning entities: a user and a group, every user who is neither the owner nor a member of the owning group counts as "other"22:02
monteithguntbert:  i'm not being specific, sorry.  my train of thought was on users accessing my website.  it would be encapsulated to the www-data user/group22:03
mrmistYeah don't worry about users coming in over the web22:04
mrmistthe apache processes serve them and they run in the www-data context22:04
guntbertmonteith: yes, users from the web-site are covered by www-data, and the server checks what they may do22:05
monteithon that thought though...  the two entities don't necessarily need to relate to eachother?  ie.  chown user1:group2 ... user1 doesn't need to be part of group2?22:05
dkusshd on my server is starting before the NIC gets an address from DHCP, so sshd restarts around a minute after booting (isn't available right away, as it should be). How can I fix this?22:05
mrmistmonteith: the user and the group can be completely independant of each other22:06
StrangeCharmif a file's group is somegroup, and someuser is a member of somegroup, can they access that file?22:07
RoyKStrangeCharm: chmod g+w22:08
mrmistIt depends on what the "group" perms are, but "yes", possibly22:08
RoyKare  tee eff emm22:08
StrangeCharmRoyK, that that allows anyone who's in the file's group to write to it?22:08
talatCan i use two host computer resource for one vm22:10
talatis it possible ?22:10
StrangeCharmRoyK, i'm having trouble then. i have a directory  which has "drwxrwx--- 1 user1 group1". i'm signed in as a user which is a member of group1, but i can't read that dir. what might i be doing wrong?22:14
guntbertStrangeCharm: you need read permission for the complete path22:17
StrangeCharmguntbert, the file is in the home directory of the user i'm signed in as, and that user owns their home directory22:18
w0rseHello! Are newbie questions acceptable here?22:18
guntbertStrangeCharm: please look at or pastebin the output of stat <thatfile> and of id22:19
guntbertw0rse: as long as they pertain to server specific problems - yes22:20
beretahello can anyone tell me how to change the port on apache222:21
beretai have changes the "listen" directive in the port.conf file.... i also need to enter this somwhere else22:21
guntbertbereta: did you restart apache?22:22
beretahow do i cange the girtual host statement22:22
beretayes i did22:22
rychu_plHmmm is this directive is also in apache2.conf ??22:22
rychu_plfix me if Im wrong ;)22:22
lenioshttps://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/bind.html ?22:22
StrangeCharmguntbert, id seems to shed some light on the problem. it shows a different list of groups from groups <user>. why might that be?22:23
w0rseyes, I've got a server related problem. I have a vps hosting with 9.04 running in openvz. And there's a strange issue when I try to install any database engines that work via localhost connections. It looks like localhost isn't responding at all. All conections to it just hang. I checked the /etc/network/interfaces and the loopback interface is there.22:23
guntbertStrangeCharm: my crystal ball won't tell me tonight :-)22:24
beretai have resterted the server, when i go to host:8080 it tels me not found22:24
saliakAnyone had luck getting digest authentication to work with apache?  I have basic working, but for some reason digest doesn't.  nto sure how to figure out why it's failing (are failed login attemps logged somewhere?)22:24
leniosconfig file is /etc/apache2/httpd.conf22:24
beretalenios: the httpd.conf file is blank in apache222:25
leniosw0rse, does it work with ?22:25
guntbertw0rse: does ping localhost work?22:25
leniosbereta, add your config to it, and restart apache22:25
w0rseguntbert: ping hangs too22:25
beretalenios: add my config to what?22:26
leniosbereta, add the listen directive to this file22:26
beretalenios: isent that the same thing i did22:26
w0rselenios: ping doesn't work too22:26
monteithwhat files AREN'T included if you exclude -a from the ls command22:26
monteithsorry, wrong chan22:27
leniosw0rse, can you paste /etc/network/interfaces, and result of sudo ifconfig -a ?22:27
leniosbereta, i don't know about your port.conf22:27
w0rselenios: one sec22:28
aaronb_houstxmonteith:  that would be 'dot' files, files beginning with a period22:28
guntbertw0rse: o.o, please pastebin the output of ip ad    ,    of route         and of cat /etc/hosts22:28
leniosbereta, /etc/apache2/ports.conf should be read and used to configure listen port though22:29
guntbertlenios: I'll leave this to you :-), no need for double teaming22:29
beretalenios: from my understanding apache2 does only uses the httpd.conf file for some stuff.... apache2 now uses the apache2.conf file for all the configuration except the port, for the ports it uses the ports.conf22:29
beretalenios: in the apache2.conf there is a Include ports.conf dirrective that makes ports.conf part of the main config file.... right?22:31
leniosi would have to check it to be sure22:32
w0rselenios: /etc/network/interfaces : http://pastebin.com/vL0Eyr8K and ifconfig -a : http://pastebin.com/DrrDPUTv22:32
w0rseguntbert: here's etc/hosts: http://pastebin.com/eS2zNbGY , not sure I got the first command you provided22:34
w0rseguntbert: ip ad: http://pastebin.com/muMuSMsj, route: http://pastebin.com/SWSJ884J22:36
guntbertw0rse: I see no error, if lenios doesn't find anything you might want to ask the admins/support of your hoster22:36
w0rseguntbert: is it ok there's no localhost in 'route'?22:37
guntbertw0rse: yes, I don't have it either - just checked22:38
mrmistlocal interface needs to be up not down really, if you want to use it22:39
w0rsemrmist: how can I start it?22:40
guntbertmrmist: look at venet0 please, that is assigned
guntbertand is up22:41
mrmistahh right it's some virtual thingy is it22:42
aaronb_houstxw0rse: have you checked listening ports with 'netstat -anp' to see if 8080 is active?22:42
guntbertaaronb_houstx: he can't even  ping localhost22:42
w0rseaaronb_houstx: no, there's nothing on 808022:43
aaronb_houstxw0rse, guntbert: aside from other networking issues, that means that it's not reading the port directive in apache config22:44
guntbertaaronb_houstx: good catch22:44
w0rseaaronb_houstx: I have no apache installed22:45
aaronb_houstxsorry, reading wrong post above...22:45
guntbertw0rse: who is your hoster?22:46
w0rseguntbert: ideastack.com - I guess they're not leaders in business :)22:47
guntbertw0rse: I don't see a forum, so just ask they support22:49
w0rseguntbert: will do. thanks for help, everybody!22:50
chovynzok, so I22:55
chovynzI'm sucessfully running my web server. I have a few questions22:55
chovynzas far as I know, 192.168.xxx.yyy is a private network correct?22:56
guntbertchovynz: yes22:56
chovynzSo if I am using lets say this machine is, and I type in my web browser (server) this is not using broadband correct?22:57
chovynzit is only using the local network.22:57
guntbertchovynz: normally, yes  - why do you ask?22:59
jongbergshi, what dns record in bind9 should for me to be able to resolve example.com instead of www.example.com?23:00
chovynzI'm trying to set up a more functional network in my home, behind my router/firewall. I dont want outsiders to access what I'm putting up on my "web server" but I do want the people in my home to be able to access the server.23:00
chovynzone of these functions of the server will be to log all internet and netwrok usage, serve music to various users, and have a general storage places so thaty you can access teh family data from anywhere in the house.23:01
chovynze.g. Net to the kitchen or the recipe database.23:02
chovynzwhile playing music in teh lounge23:02
guntbertchovynz: the logging will be tricky, but the access should work from the start23:02
chovynzguntbert: access is working. I reinstalled it. However, now that I have teh "It works" message, where do I go from here? how can I make sure it's not accessible from outside?23:03
chovynzaccess to teh server i mean, not microsfot access23:03
guntbertchovynz: it cannot be accessible from outside, you are behind a router that hides what is behind from the outside23:04
chovynzso unless i set up any portforwarding it should be "safe"?23:05
guntbertchovynz: exactly23:05
chovynzok. well the next question i have for server is how do I get ...no, how should I set up my server / folders so that anyone in my home can access the music?23:06
chovynzwhat would the first steps be, in making the server actually serve something?23:07
guntbertchovynz: start here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Servers#UPNP%20Mediaserver23:08
guntbertgern geschehen :-)23:10
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ToHellWithGAis 47 days uptime too much?23:18
whoelseToHellWithGA: no, why?23:19
ToHellWithGAwhen i ssh to my ubuntu box i'm told *** System restart required ***23:19
ToHellWithGAperhaps a newer kernel was installed when i ran aptitude full-upgrade23:19
whoelseToHellWithGA: you probably installed a new kernel, then it neeed to reboot23:20
ToHellWithGAso long as the existing kernel is running without errors, i can save that reboot for when i next change the hardware, right?23:20
whoelseToHellWithGA: but that only means that the newly download kernel won#t run until then23:20
ToHellWithGAright on, i'm ok with that23:21
ToHellWithGAthanks whoelse23:21
whoelseToHellWithGA: that seems a bot long - kernel updates usually are security related23:21
whoelse*a bit23:21
PiciThats why I always install apt-listchanges, so I know what upgrades I'm getting when I do upgrade.23:22
ToHellWithGAPici: does that run within the aptitude interface?23:23
whoelsePici: apt-listchanges? I'm too lazy, does it notify you or do you ask it?23:23
PiciToHellWithGA: I'm not sure, I rarely bring up the full aptitude application.23:23
ToHellWithGAi don't run aptitude as an application, just with its CLI arguments23:24
ToHellWithGAi'm sure it's pretty enough in curses, but that seems kinda cumbersome23:24
Piciwhoelse: It sticks itself in right after you download packages but before you install them.  And you can configure how it notifies you, either by displaying then, or emailing you and which changelogs you get.23:24
slim_hi, in case if installing a new server now , which version recommended  ubuntu-server LTS or the latest version ?23:25
Picislim_: For a personal server I'd go with latest, anything production I'd use LTS.23:25
whoelsePici: thx23:25
slim_thanks Pici , it will be the company  server23:26
ToHellWithGAif you don't stay fairly current with the non-LTS releases you can be left behind23:27
Pici18 months can be a short time if you need to schedule downtime/testing for new versions...23:27
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RoyKToHellWithGA: using non-LTS releases for production isn't very wise23:31
RoyKthere are tons of fixes never applied to the non-LTS releases23:32
PiciCVEs do though.23:32
Picihmm.. no factoid.23:33
RoyKwell, LTS works well23:33
RoyKeven my owld 8.04 work23:33
RoyKno fancy stuff, just fixes23:33
ToHellWithGARoyK: i try to plan sysadmin/nerd by running the server version and LTS on my home network file server23:34
ToHellWithGAnot too much risk there ;)23:34
RoyKfor a home server, you can use anything23:34
RoyKeven fedora :P23:34
ToHellWithGAhey now23:34
ToHellWithGAi could use open solaris if i wanted to beat my head against the keyboard23:34
ToHellWithGAhas oracle killed that yet?23:35
RoyKopenindiana is the new project23:35
RoyKoracle killed opensolaris, yes23:35
RoyKI have a couple of 100TB servers on openindiana23:35
RoyKworks well23:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #706442 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-mysql 5.0.1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70644223:36
ToHellWithGAdo you use it for the extra special filesystem?23:36
RoyKToHellWithGA: zfs for backup storage23:36
ToHellWithGAit sounded pretty clever, something about keeping the original file and a series of timestamped changes, right?23:37
RoyKToHellWithGA: I've been working with zfs for a couple of years now, and it works well23:37
RoyKToHellWithGA: not really, but all data is checksummed at the block level, and you can make snapshots of filesystems whenever you like, filesystems, that is, a subset of the storage pool23:39
RoyKToHellWithGA: /j #openindiana :P23:39
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boota2Please point me (if any available) to a solution for accounting traffic and setting deaily traffic quota for users.23:56
boota2I'm intersted only in ready soulutions, with web interface, no half-baked scripts.23:57

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