ali1234i get 55.7 seconds but i only have a GTS 24000:00
Azelphurali1234: what's the package? It's not pyopencl or python-opengl00:01
Azelphurali1234: 28 seconds00:04
ali1234that's still not fast enough00:05
Azelphurali1234: when I start it it asks if I want to use "D13U" or "GeForce 8800 GT"00:05
hamitronis it using enough "threads"?00:05
Azelphuron D13U which is no doubt the 570, it runs in 28 seconds00:05
Azelphurif I try to run it on the 8800GT it errors00:05
ali1234if i ran the C version of the algorithm on all 4 cores it would run about the same speed00:06
hamitronAzelphur: how many cores yours have?00:07
Azelphurgraphics card?00:07
ali1234GPUs use SIMD00:07
hamitronso it auto spreads?00:09
hamitronbeen cheap, I went for the GTS 450 with only 192 cores00:10
ali1234it has 192 cores but they all do the same instruction00:11
ali1234same instruction multiple data00:11
ali1234so eg add together 192 pairs of different number, giving 192 answers00:11
hamitronso is 256 cores twice as good as 128?00:12
hamitronor depends on program?00:12
ali1234if you have larger datasets, yes00:12
ali1234all my arrays are bigger than 256 elements, so it should use the card to the max...00:12
hamitrondoes yours have large datasets?00:12
hamitronAzelphur: appears yours has upto 512 :D00:14
MattJali1234: map/reduce! \o/00:15
ali1234actually i always do at least 102400:15
ali1234up to 1024*102400:15
ali1234maybe it's python overhead00:15
hamitronuse C...00:16
ali1234i hate writing boilerplate00:16
hamitronwhy does the GTX570 support a lower version?00:17
hamitronor is that just wrong00:18
ali1234no idea00:18
ali1234hmm... i have an idea00:19
hamitron556Gb partition defragmented at last \o/00:21
* hamitron has learnt his lesson, never run it with less than 1Gb free space00:22
directhexhm... commercial ripping app w/ linux port works with all my discs, even the 3d one released 2 weeks ago01:42
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Making Ubuntu More Personal: Identify Contributions To Engage More Personally - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/01/22/making-ubuntu-more-personal-identify-contributions-to-engage-more-personally/02:12
ubuntuuk-planet[Matthew Garrett] Open embedded GPUs - http://mjg59.livejournal.com/133472.html06:12
andylockranno idea why I woke up this early.06:38
andylockraneven less idea why I decided it would be a good thing to then come into the office06:38
MartijnVdSmorning :)06:49
MartijnVdSandylockran: office? on saturday?06:49
andylockranMartijnVdS: yeah :s06:49
andylockrantrying to teach my bodyclock a lesson06:49
MartijnVdSandylockran: I do that by going to sleep at 22:00, then making myself not get up before 606:50
andylockranyeah, I tried that and failed :s06:50
MartijnVdSNow I've done that, I can go to sleep at any time, and still wake up at 6, without an alarm06:50
MartijnVdSIt even works across time zones (once I'm de-jetlagged it works instantly!)06:50
* MartijnVdS has been living "alarm clockless" for ~7 years now06:51
andylockranMartijnVdS: any nice plans for the weekend?06:51
MartijnVdSandylockran: going for a run in a few hours06:52
andylockranthat's my plan also :)06:52
MartijnVdSthen bring some large trash^Wstuff to the recycling place06:52
MartijnVdSI'm planning 10-15km (6-9.5mi)06:53
andylockranI'm only going to do 6km06:53
andylockrannot been out for a while06:53
MartijnVdSI want to run the local 20km early March06:53
MartijnVdSso I need the practice :)06:53
MartijnVdS(and when I'm done, I can say I ran 20 km at 10 kph while being 30 years old :)06:54
andylockranMartijnVdS: I know the feeling.  Not ran much before, did a 10k last year in 53.54 and was so chuffed06:54
andylockranhoping to get a sub-50 time in the spring06:55
MartijnVdSandylockran: Yeah last year I couldn't run more than 5 minutes06:55
andylockrangot some interesting projects on at the moment.07:00
* MartijnVdS has been buying (and playing :)) records.. the old vinyl ones :)07:01
MartijnVdS\o lazarus_07:01
lazarus_21 today woop07:01
andylockrancongrats from me too!07:02
* MartijnVdS gives lazarus_ a free copy of Ubuntu for his b'day07:02
* andylockran provides 64 bit..07:02
* lazarus_ already runs ubuntu 10.10 64-bit07:03
lazarus_on an intel i3 550 with 1tb hdd and 4gb ddr307:04
andylockransounds nice :)07:04
lazarus_the ram is crap and needs replacing07:05
MartijnVdSlazarus_: heh, I have an i3 550, 1TB, 4GB :)07:05
andylockranyou know what to ask for your birthday then :)07:05
MartijnVdSbut I'm running Natty07:05
andylockranI have a model name: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz07:06
lazarus_with the asus p7h55-m si mobo07:06
andylockranwith a 500GB HD and 4GB DDR207:06
MartijnVdSmodel name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU         530  @ 2.93GHz07:06
MartijnVdSoh I have a 530 apparently ;)07:06
MartijnVdS        Product Name: P7H55-M PRO07:07
MartijnVdSlazarus_: are you a clone of me?07:07
MartijnVdSlazarus_: but 9 years younger? :P07:07
lazarus_hehe i have the P7H55- SI07:08
lazarus_not PRO07:08
MartijnVdSwhat's the difference?07:08
lazarus_hehe i have the P7H55-M SI07:08
lazarus_my ram is cheaply made and isnt up to par07:09
lazarus_V-DATA 1333mhz]07:12
lazarus_V-DATA 1333mhz07:12
lazarus_2 x 2GB07:12
MartijnVdSI don't know what mine are07:12
MartijnVdSand the case is closed so I can't look07:13
lazarus_in total i paid £370 for the whole pc the £149 for my monitor07:13
MartijnVdSnice and cheap :)07:13
MartijnVdSI have a satellite receiver card in this one07:14
lazarus_thats what i thought too07:14
MartijnVdSso I can watch Freesat while I work :)07:14
MartijnVdSthe card? nah, €100ish07:14
MartijnVdSthe dish was more expensive (but I use that for the box connected to my TV as well)07:15
lazarus_unfortunatly i still have windows installed for gaming07:15
MartijnVdSI have a separate machine (and a PS3) for that07:15
MartijnVdSAlso use it to update my Logitech remote (no Linux software, boo!)07:16
lazarus_uh-oh i own the ps3's enemy07:17
MartijnVdSlazarus_: Wii? ;)07:18
lazarus_pahahaha no07:18
lazarus_MartijnVdS: xbox 36007:20
MartijnVdSmorning cz<tab>08:06
HazRPGI knew there was a reason I barely go on ##windows :/08:17
lazarus_HazRPG: what reason08:18
HazRPGtreating you like a noob08:19
HazRPGall I wanted was a recommendation of a tweak program to edit registry based stuff without having to do some googling or trial-n-error of random thing08:20
HazRPGpeople part of the open-source world are much friendlier08:21
czajkowskiegg and soliders are nyoomy!08:30
czajkowskiJust sayin'08:30
czajkowskiohh a popey08:31
danfishczajkowski: is soliders a typo or an Irish thing?08:31
danfishmorning btw08:31
popeyjust warmed up some chocolate croissants for the kids08:31
popeyi may have a sausage sarnie08:32
popeydanfish: wut!08:32
czajkowskidanfish: eh08:32
popeysoldiers is toast sliced to you can dip it in a boiled egg08:32
czajkowskiyou are kidding08:32
popeyevery child knows this!08:32
czajkowskipopey: :D08:32
czajkowskiyup! lovely yummy runny egg!08:33
danfishpopey: :)08:33
danfishooohh - 6 sleeps until our first child free weekend \o/08:35
czajkowskidanfish: I take it this is a good thing?08:36
danfishI love em, but could do with a weekend off08:36
czajkowskidanfish: how many do you have ?08:36
popeyi kicked off a 35 hour job at 18:30 last night08:36
popeysome dope rebooted the box I was running it on08:37
czajkowskiso is grumpy going to deal with dopey ?08:38
danfishczajkowski: 2 boys, a 20mnth old and a 4 yr old08:38
czajkowskiawww nice :)08:38
danfishpopey: that's some job, what was it?08:38
popeyoracle cost based optimizer08:40
czajkowskieven the name of it doesn't sound friendly08:40
czajkowskigranted it has the word oracle in it, which alone makes it that way08:40
popeyits a very intensive job, especially given it's chugging through 8TB of data08:41
czajkowskiod I feel more human today, have a ton of energy08:41
czajkowskiso why did the twat go and reboot the machine?08:41
danfishand optimizer is spelt with a 'z' ;)08:41
danfishwhich makes it even wrongerer08:42
popeyoh, sadly it is08:42
czajkowskidear rain go away, I need to go get some fresh air08:43
popeyczajkowski: they were re-cabling the datacentre08:43
* danfish orders a batch order of "Cost Based Oracle Fundamentals" to dish out as sleep aids to insomniacs :P08:43
popeyand we gave them a very specific list of boxes to do, mine was absolutely not on the list08:43
popeyseems like they yanked it anyway08:43
czajkowskidanfish: I can also recommend any networks college book. Puts you straight out08:44
popeyhey ho08:44
czajkowskiI hated that module in college08:44
popeyoracle books are incredibly dull08:44
popeyall database books are IMO08:44
danfishme cable monkey, me see cable me yanks ;)08:44
popeywhen the DC was put in the servers were moved in from another DC, the company saved money by using the server luggers to do the cabling rather than a cabling company08:45
popeywhich is why now we are re-cabling08:45
czajkowskinot much cost saving then08:46
popeyand we get all kinds of issues due to the cables being plugged in wrong08:46
* czajkowski decided to go to Canada last night for a holiday CANNOT_WAIT08:46
popeyheyho, enough work crap :)08:46
popeyyay holidays!08:46
danfishczajkowski: Canada's ace - where you going?08:46
czajkowskidanfish: Guelp08:47
czajkowskidanfish: about 13 of my mates are gone to Canada for work in the last 2-3 years08:47
czajkowskidanfish: it's just outside of Toronto08:47
danfishwe nearly moved to Canada 3 years ago08:47
czajkowskiwe all got out the Google cals last night and found July to be a quiet month :)08:47
czajkowskidanfish: oh if I didnt get this job back in November, I'd have gone to Canada, was going to work for mate that I'm now visiting minding her kids till I got work08:48
czajkowskihad all the forms to get the visa08:48
danfishyou'll have fun there, eh?08:48
czajkowskiadmittedly it makes it harder to go to oggcamp if I moved to canada08:48
danfishtrue - but it's a very tempting place to work.08:49
czajkowskidanfish: yup :D a week of sun, no nerds (as much as I love ye lot) and catching up with my 2 best mates08:49
danfishwe'll track you down :D08:49
czajkowskidanfish: yup, salaries are damn high, mate moved over, she's  a single mum with 3 kids. The kids adore it, the eldest was struggling in school back home, and is now caught up and in the top 5% of her class08:49
czajkowskithe twins now there 2 years have such cute accents.08:50
popeydo they say 'aboot'?08:51
czajkowskipopey: the twins do, the 10 year old nope08:51
popeyyou're not proper canadian until you do08:51
czajkowskihard to believe they will be 5 next month, considering when they were born they nearly didn't live 4lbs and 3lbs :( then home and stopped breathing as they had sleep apnea08:52
popeyone of out friends has a kid with sleep apnea08:53
popeyand my father in law has it08:53
danfishit's unpleasant and underfunded here08:54
czajkowskiaye I think Alannah grew out of it after a litle over a year Cillian took him till he was 2 to stop. Tc had to resuscitate Cillian when he was a month old. Good thing she teaches that kinda thing08:54
czajkowskidanfish: aye so true08:54
czajkowskiand frigging scarey. cots had alarms fitted so we all knew what to do when they went off ---- RUN!08:54
popeyhttp://piersmorgan.blogs.cnn.com/2011/01/07/what-time-does-piers-morgan-tonight-air-in-your-country/ does that page load for anyone?08:55
popeykinda just sits there for me and never finishes, all i see is the header08:55
czajkowskinow I get to see his ugly mug, thanks popey08:55
danfishsadly yes08:55
popeyall of the page?08:55
* czajkowski prods popey 08:56
popeyhow odd08:56
danfishyes, again sadly08:56
czajkowskiit's a long page of comments as well08:56
popeyinteresting, its powered by wordpress.com08:56
popeyaha, finally loaded08:56
* czajkowski got her blog moved over to new hosting so no more down time and falling over ! 08:57
danfishpopey: you need to put some more coins in the internet meter ;)08:57
popeykvarley: my minecraft server is up :)08:58
kvarleypopey :) please can you pm me the ip?08:58
popeyhttp://popeydc.dyndns.org/ <- graphical map :)08:58
kvarleythanks :)08:59
danfishczajkowski: next time your in central London, there's a Canadican pub in Covent Garden - the Maple Leaf09:02
HazRPGhmmz, that's the 10th time this week I've heard minecraft... what is it exactly?09:04
HazRPGand why haven't I heard about it before this week?09:04
danfishHazRPG: it's been classified as a class A drug - be warned :)09:05
HazRPGlike World of Warcraft then?09:05
Myrttii hate scrabble09:06
danfishI haven't actually played it yet as I'm still in therapy for my Angry Birds addiction09:06
HazRPGguessing minecraft is a paid for game right?09:09
HazRPGaccording to minecraft.net at least09:09
danfishlo daubers09:15
HazRPG\o daubers09:17
* daubers notes he has 250 updates waiting and can't land them because some dependancies of libre office aren't there yet :(09:18
daubersAnyonne know if there's a quickly template set for working with Qt instead of GTK?09:26
HazRPGhmm, I'm stuck at "Planting..." on http://www.minecraft.net/play.jsp <-- that site09:27
Laneywhy don't you just do a safe-upgrade?09:27
Laneyor let the aptitude resolver pick a solution that works09:27
daubersLaney: because the resolver wants to remove Unity :(09:28
HazRPGat like 75%09:28
Laneykeep saying no09:28
Laneyuntil it gets to one which doesnt09:28
AndIrc__hi everyone... wonder if anyone can help, have a laptop that will no longer boot into x after I set the auto logon checkbox for a user. u can get to a command line, all I need to know is where that checkbox info is stored in a config file10:19
AndIrc__so I can undo it10:19
AndIrc__its a 10.10 install10:20
nperryAndIrc__: /etc/gdm/custom.conf10:26
dwatkinsandirc__: /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom according to a search10:26
dwatkinsheh ok10:27
AndIrc__I don't have either of those files in that location10:30
dwatkinsI can only suggest grepping for the configuration settings, e.g. AutomaticLogin10:36
AndIrc__ok will give that a go.... thanks10:37
=== HazRPG1 is now known as HazRPG
jonsainthi all. i got very little knowledge with ubuntu as ive been on the dark side for many years so still a learning curve for me, on ubuntu, do i need any kind of anti-virus and if so, where do i get it and is it easy to set up?11:10
mash909morning, my new 10.10 install seemed fine last night, but now things crash immediately after login!  I can get to tty11:11
cpsMorning everyone :)11:12
marxjohnsonjonsaint: Depends. In general, no you don't, but if you've got Windows machines on your network and you're sharing files with them, it's best to install something like ClamAV and do a regular scan.11:12
* cps is on a train to preston11:12
mash909what's the best way to verify my disks?11:12
marxjohnsonThis is, however, to stop Windows getting infected, not Ubuntu11:13
jonsainti got nothing networked marx. its just this machine and the internet11:13
marxjohnsonNot running a mailserver/webserver or anything on it?11:13
marxjohnsonmash909: fsck?11:14
jonsaintnope. i did a format of my hard drive to wipe off that nasty microsoft rubbsh and installed ubuntu11:14
marxjohnsoncool, you should be safe then11:14
marxjohnsonalthough you should still take the usual precautions of connecting to the net, firewall etc ;-)11:15
jonsaintis it right in me saying that viruses for microsoft stuff cant infect an ubuntu machine? or am i wrong?11:15
marxjohnsonI suppose they could potentially execute under WINE, but that's unlikely to do much damange11:16
jonsaintso ubuntu is a really good system then?11:16
marxjohnsonyes :-)11:16
mash909will try fsck (digging out a rescue disk)11:16
jonsaintsorry for all these mad questions, im new to all this11:16
marxjohnsonno that's cool, glad to help11:16
jonsaintthanks again. chat soon.11:17
marxjohnsondont be lulled in to thinking Ubuntu is invincible though11:17
jonsainti wont11:17
jonsaintil still be just as careful!11:17
AlanBellMy Maverick TShirt has arrived11:18
MartijnVdSjust in time for the natty release party11:18
jonsaintaah mr bell. how did the crossing go?? not too rough i hope11:18
* cps noms on some softmints11:20
cpsvirgin trains \o/11:20
AlanBellcrossing was very smooth11:24
MartijnVdSOoh, apparently IANA distributed its final IPv4 space11:25
cpswill need to let my stepdad know11:30
cpshe says he's not ready to get an ipv6 tunnel though11:30
* MartijnVdS has native V6 on his DSL11:32
cpsBT doesn't do IPv6 :|11:37
cpswhich is why I suggested to my stepdad to have an IPv6 tunnel11:37
AlanBellhow does an ipv6 tunnel actually help?11:42
cpspacking up now, preston's the next stop11:45
MartijnVdSAlanBell: you'll be able to access ipv6-only hosts :)12:17
* HazRPG stares at box that arrived in the post today12:21
HazRPGWoot! My first ever graze xD12:21
olyhi, wonder if someone can help me with a nautilus problem12:32
olyfor a while now when ever i use a ssh bookmark nautilus freezes12:32
MartijnVdSmaybe it's trying to ask for a password?12:32
olyi can connect fine from terminal12:32
olyits only nautilus freezing12:32
olyyou would think, but if it is there is no password box12:33
olyi tried removing the known_hosts file so the keys where all reset12:33
olyjust to rule that out12:33
olyif it was just the password box it should not freeze nautilus completely12:33
olyas in i have to kill it to be able to continue using it12:34
olyfound some stuff on the net seems other have had the problem12:34
olybut no solution that works :/12:34
MartijnVdSoly: are there any errors/messages in ~/.xsession-errors about it?12:35
HazRPGnot sure if this is good advise, but you could try running "sudo nautilus" and rule out the whole password thing12:35
MartijnVdSHazRPG: no!12:35
MartijnVdSHazRPG: he's having ssh problems, not root problems :)12:35
olynope i just did a tail on that file and nothing new is added12:38
MartijnVdSwhat happens if you "pkill nautilus && nautilus" (i.e. run it in a terminal)12:38
MartijnVdSor just:12:38
MartijnVdSnautilus ssh://some.host/path12:38
MartijnVdS(if something is failing it'll probably be gvfsd though..)12:39
MartijnVdS(try killing that one ... it should respawn as needed)12:39
olygvfs was my guess but that does not help fix it12:39
olytrying the nautilus from command line12:39
olythough one problem i noticed is nautilus tend to detach from the terminal12:40
olywell no errors from terminal and nautilus does not open if i specify the url12:42
olytrying to reinstall gvfs but dont expect that to fix it12:42
olyfixed it \o/12:47
olyand found a bug i guess12:47
olyseems nautilus-bzr is the cause12:48
olygoing to reinstall just to confirm12:48
olywell thats definately the problem reported it as a bug for now13:00
olyluckly i normally use bzr from command line anyway13:00
MartijnVdSnice find though13:02
olyyeah i am pleased, makes it a bit easyer to drag files to remote locations :p13:03
MartijnVdSI guess I'm too used to the command line for that13:06
MartijnVdSI use it with cifs though13:06
MartijnVdSto drag files to/from my NAS13:06
MartijnVdS\o ldl13:08
livingdaylightAnyone familiar with Calibre? I dropped a pdf file to convert to epub. It took a good 15 minutes to convert. Obviously, depends on the size but is that normal?13:09
livingdaylightMartijnVdS, hi, was it you who told me about Calibre a few days ago?13:09
MartijnVdScould be13:14
livingdaylightwas concerned as there 's no (reassuring) progress bar; just a whirrling round and round circle, as if stuck, but did eventually finish13:14
MartijnVdSthe guy who makes it is very cool & responsive, you could suggest a progress bar feature :)13:15
MartijnVdSI think the podcast people had him on once13:15
MartijnVdS(though that might have been Outlaws)13:15
dutchienope, it was uupc13:16
jonsainthi all. i seem to have forgot how to convet then burn a film. im using devede to convert it and using k3b to burn. but thing is when using devede to convert, its converting to an iso file and i cant burn it. anyone got ideas plz??13:39
MartijnVdSjonsaint: right-click the iso, select the option to burn it to dvd?13:40
MartijnVdSjonsaint: (right-click in the file browser)13:40
jonsaintand that will work??13:40
MartijnVdSwhy wouldn't it?13:40
MartijnVdSit's a prepared image of a DVD-Video, isn't it?13:41
MartijnVdS"Burn image to disc" will, well.. burn that image to a disc13:41
jonsaintjust trying it now lol13:41
=== denny- is now known as denny
gordi installed xchat on windows so i can play video games and irc at the same time, it comes with a winamp control plugin... i don't understand why13:45
bigcalmpopey: ping13:45
MartijnVdSgord: because it's Windows and weird13:45
gordwe all like to complain about ubuntu from time to time, but logging into windows puts its allllllllllllllll into perspective13:46
=== issyl0 is now known as Guest37203
=== Guest37203 is now known as issyl0
gordokay, xchat on windows now using the ubuntu font, its almost like i'm home13:51
livingdaylightgord, wait till your copy expires13:56
gordlivingdaylight, well you don't use the official build obviously13:56
MartijnVdSwoo.. OTA on my Nexus One14:02
MartijnVdSToo bad it's 2.2.2 instead of 2.3.014:02
gordargh, you got me excited for a few seconds then :(14:02
MartijnVdSgord: well it fixes the "SMS bug" that I've never seen, apparently14:03
popeybigcalm: pong14:09
popeybigcalm: seen the map?14:09
popeyupdates every 10 mins14:09
czajkowskipopey: do the kids play ?14:09
popeyi might buy them their own copies14:10
popeybecause then we can play together14:10
gordand they can have their own skins :)14:10
bigcalmpopey: what happened to my hut? Looks like an explosion of boxes14:10
czajkowskipopey: that's pretty cool14:10
czajkowskinever played it myself14:10
MartijnVdSOops! Google Chrome could not connect to popeydc.dyndns.org14:10
czajkowskiI don't need another distraction14:11
popeybigcalm: yeah!14:11
popeyi arrived and the house was a mess already14:11
bigcalmI was trying to be neat and organised14:11
popeythen a thing blew up just next to the wall14:11
popeyi tried to rebuild a bit14:11
popeyat least put the walls back14:11
popeybut it was quite an explosion14:11
czajkowskiI was very confused there for a min, thought you were referring to home home14:11
* czajkowski prods popey 14:12
popeyMartijnVdS: wfm :)14:12
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: works grand here also14:12
popeythere is a tower of sand in the bottom right of the map14:12
popeythat's where I am now :)14:12
MartijnVdSpopey: trace stops at
gordin my world, i got fed up of creepers so i built my home on a small island just off the coast, it works well :)14:12
popeywaiting for daytime14:12
czajkowskiterran: Cowen is gone14:13
popeyi have a lot of refined sugar, no clue what to with it14:13
gordmake a cake?14:13
czajkowskigord: do you have cakes14:13
czajkowskipopey: PANCAKES!14:13
gordi wish i had cake =\14:14
* czajkowski made yummy soup earlier on 14:14
bigcalmminecraft has stopped responding after I left your server14:14
czajkowskisoo damn tasty14:14
bigcalmSilly minecraft14:14
gordwait, i forgot i have no food in the house again. i should go shopping but whenever i go shopping hungry i just buy tasty things that empty out of the house in two days. its a vicious cycle14:14
czajkowskigord: online shopping get it delievered14:14
czajkowskihmm wonder do I have time to make some bread14:15
gordi'v never tried online grocery shopping, does it cost much more?14:15
czajkowskigord: if you book in advance anywhere between 3-5 quid14:15
gordhuh, fairly reasonable14:15
czajkowskimeans you also get more as well to your house14:15
czajkowskigord: I find tesco pretty good14:15
czajkowskihmm no flour :(14:16
MartijnVdSpfuh, who needs flour!14:17
bigcalmpopey: does each user have a different spawn point?14:17
bigcalmMartijnVdS: florists14:17
bigcalmczajkowski: *hugs*14:17
MartijnVdSbigcalm: good point14:17
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: I do to make bread or now I want pancakes14:17
MartijnVdSbigcalm: (actually, in Dutch, "flour" and "flower" are the same word: "bloem")14:17
czajkowskiwith sugar and lemo on them14:18
MartijnVdStime for some shopping then :)14:18
MartijnVdSdon't forget buckwheat -- pancakes with buckwheat + beer = best pancakes14:18
popeybigcalm: no14:18
popeythere is one spawn14:18
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: oh14:19
popeyheheh, the server is using 2.5GB RAM14:20
dutchie:o there's a popey minecraft server?14:27
* TheOpenSourcerer has been cooking all morning.14:28
popeythere is dutchie14:30
dutchiehow exciting14:30
dutchiei may pop along when i am not supposed to be working14:30
popeyi need to tweak the script to show how long it takes to generate the map i think14:31
directhexpopey needs moar mhz14:33
popeyit doesnt take long14:33
popeyjust interested to know how long it takes over time14:33
directhexPOPEY NEEDS MOAR MHZ14:33
popeyneed more MB reall14:33
* directhex rips more blu-ray14:34
popeyshame the 32GB RAM I have sat here wont fit in it14:34
* dutchie takes a break from "work"14:34
gordhuh, wine is getting dosbox integration14:35
gord"ubuntu, we officially support commander keen!"14:35
directhexgord, explain?14:36
directhexgord, oh, run a DOS app & it spawns dosbox?14:36
gordi'm not sure14:36
gordi doubt it will just spawn dosbox though14:37
gordgetting 30kb/s from sourceforge today, iruno why people use that thing...14:40
MooDoogord: convenience?  nothing better?14:42
gordthere is *plenty* better than source forge14:43
MartijnVdS* > sourceforge14:43
brobostigonafternoonings all.14:58
MooDoobrobostigon: hello there14:58
brobostigonMooDoo: hello, :)14:58
brobostigonadsl failiure, talktalk's fault, from 8am till a half hour ago, talktalk fail.15:00
* MartijnVdS just listened to Talk Talk 8-)15:01
brobostigonMooDoo: crap thing is, this happens around once a month, or more, and my dad is just about thinking about a different isp.15:02
brobostigoni might suggest an isp that does native  ipv6 to my dad. afterall, he does like things to last and be future proof, and getting ipv6 will do that.15:05
MooDoobrobostigon: is it widely used yet?15:11
brobostigonMooDoo: most software works perfectly now within ipv6, a few sites have ipv6 versions innlcuding freenode and gogle and facebook, however there arent many isp's that offer native ipv6 connectivity yet.15:12
Azelphurhmm, just tried wiring up my mythtv box to my new TV, it has VGA In, and right next to it it has a 3.5mm jack for "PC/HDMI Audio" so I stuck a 3.5mm cable from the pc speaker, into that15:21
Azelphurbut no sound :(15:21
Azelphurnew fangled technology how does it work.15:21
dwatkinsHDMI should do audio itself.15:22
AzelphurI'm plugged in on VGA15:22
MartijnVdSdwatkins: it should, but if you're using a DVI-to-HDMI plug you need that jack15:22
ali1234not if it comes from a DVI-D port15:22
MartijnVdSAzelphur: use the green "audio out" hole15:22
AzelphurMartijnVdS: on the PC? I did15:22
MartijnVdSnot the "PC/HDMI Audio" one15:23
MartijnVdSI think?15:23
MartijnVdSoh wait that's on your monitor end?15:23
AzelphurPC/HDMI Audio on the TV15:23
AzelphurSpeaker socket on the PC (Green)15:23
MartijnVdSdoes audio work at all (if you connect something directly to the green PC port)15:23
Azelphuryea, if I go in via composite (yellow red and white cables) it works15:24
Azelphurbut no hd resolution there obviously :P15:24
MartijnVdSmaybe it's some config thingy on the TV?15:24
MartijnVdS"Use this audio port when using VGA"15:24
AzelphurI'll have a nose15:25
MartijnVdSgood luck :)15:25
bigcalmpopey: dutchie: if you're bored, you could finish off my tap in the sky15:58
* dutchie has probability to do15:59
MartijnVdSdutchie: .. probably :)15:59
livingdaylightMartijnVdS, can one read epub or mobi files from Calibre on the Desktop?16:17
Pendulumlivingdaylight: you should be able to16:19
Pendulum(at least you could last time I tried Calibre)16:19
MartijnVdSyes, in calibre right-click on it16:19
MartijnVdSthen "View"16:19
livingdaylightcan't figure out how16:19
MartijnVdSor something16:19
livingdaylightthere we go - thx guys16:20
livingdaylightnow just have to figure out how to transfer 'em across to the Desire HD16:20
=== monsterkiller is now known as MonsterKiller
MonsterKillerHey. I tried to add a new user to admin and ubuntu server told me 'admin16:39
MonsterKilleradduser: The group `admin' does not exist.'16:39
MonsterKiller'adduser: The group `admin' does not exist.'' rather16:39
AzelphurHmm, anyone familiar with the twitter command line tool?16:44
AzelphurIt seems to have bad time zones, it's saying people are posting in the future :P16:44
dwatkinsWhich commandline tool, Azelphur, Twidge?17:16
MartijnVdSdwatkins: curl 8-)17:21
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: that would be hard with OAITH, but possible. I gather there are perl modules for it.17:21
MartijnVdSdwatkins: nah you just point it at your browser's cookie jar and use the "normal" web frontend?17:21
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: aha, I see17:22
dwatkinsWhat if you're running a perl script on a server with no browser, though... lynx?17:22
MartijnVdScould work17:22
MartijnVdSor you could copy your cookie jar over first17:23
dwatkinsyeah, interesting idea.17:24
* MartijnVdS browses discogs.com a bit17:26
MonsterKilleranyone know what this is?: /usr/sbin/named -u bind17:36
MartijnVdSthat's bind :)17:37
MartijnVdSa dns server17:37
MonsterKilleroh okay17:38
Azelphurlol, 3 don't know baout giffgaff :D17:59
AzelphurI called them to get my pac code, and they asked me why I was leaving17:59
Azelphurand they was all like there's no such thing it doesn't exist17:59
pr0ph3thi all18:06
MartijnVdSAzelphur: that's the "retention" dept18:07
Azelphurindeed :P18:07
Azelphur7 transfers, 2 giffgaff explanations, and 3 sets of 3 verification questions later18:07
Azelphurand they are going to text me my pac code18:07
pr0ph3tI have a problem with sound, well kinda; sound works fine but the ubuntu startup sound doesn' play anymore, or the log out one, just some event sounds seem to work, what can I do to check what is wrong?18:08
MartijnVdShaha.. T-Mobile is giving away free pay-as-you-go SIMs with €30 on them.. they're the crappiest network of .nl (worst signal, etc.)18:08
MartijnVdSthey're about to get worst :)18:08
moreatipr0ph3t: have you looked at System > Preferences > Sound, on the Sound Effects tab?18:13
MichealHpastebin is... Down? :O18:26
MichealHHow will #ubuntu cope? :P18:26
MichealHOh :P18:27
AlanBellI hacked my pastebinit to point to paste.ubuntu.com by default18:27
DJonesOr http://pastebin.ubuntu-uk.org18:28
AlanBellwhen I say hacked, I mean configured18:29
AlanBelledit ~.pastebinit.xml and set your default pastebin18:29
brobostigonpiping goodness into pastebinit, very useful.18:29
AlanBellyo dawg, we heard you liked pastebin so we are using pastebinit to pastebin your .pastebinit.xml18:31
DJonesAnyway, its not as if pastebin.com is a major part of the internet, I'd be more worried if facebook.com was down, imagine the complaints then :)18:35
brobostigonhow or microsoft.com or apple.com or google.*18:36
brobostigonrm how18:36
MartijnVdShttp://test-ipv6.com/ipv6day.html :)18:38
MartijnVdSthat'll be a good day for complaints18:38
brobostigonMartijnVdS: interesting yes, but i hve prepared out home net for this event already.18:38
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: your home, sure18:39
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: but there are loads of other people, with broken routers18:39
brobostigonMartijnVdS: very true, but this is only to highlight,that some things to be fixed, to be able to cope with the future.18:40
* brobostigon hugs his wrt54gl18:42
* MartijnVdS hugs fritzbox18:42
DJonesUgh. I wish I knew what was broken with a laptop, great up to 10.04, but neither 10.10 or 11.04 will boot, I can get to grub, but it just goes to black screen, all I get are the coloured dots scrolling past then nothing. No login screen.  10.10 would work if I selected the kernel for 10.04 that hadn't been removed on upgrade, but otherwise, after 10.04 its become unusuable19:24
ali1234probably KMS19:28
DJonesPossibly, its something I've had to fix on other machines, bit of a bugger when I can't get past the black screen with anything yet19:29
DJonesOldish laptop that I'm playing with19:36
dwatkinsHave you tried upgrading the BIOS, DJones? Just a guess.19:38
DJonesI've not tried, could be an answer, I doubt its ever been upgraded in its life19:39
Myrttiprobably need a kernel parameter at boot19:40
Myrttito bypass nouveau19:40
DJonesI'm going to try a clean install from the alternate cd to see how that works just in case there's a conflict from earlier versions19:43
gordDJones, delete the xorg.conf - should boot up with nouvou - that'll tell you if its kms or not19:44
gordactually i'm not sure if that uses nvidia or not, you might just have to uninstall the nvidia package19:45
DJonesgord: I'll try that if I can get into it, I guess its boot with a cd time :)19:45
gordDJones, recovery console doesn't work?19:46
DJonesNope, not so far19:48
DJonesgive me a minute, i'll see were it gets to19:49
DJonesfsck from util-linux-ng 2.12.2 and then dead, no lights flickering or any signs of life19:50
AlanBello/ TheOpenSourcere120:02
popeybalor: i appear to have started a small fire21:05
dogmatic69having issues installing things again21:05
dogmatic69last time it was my oc'ed cpu, now it cant be :/21:05
=== daubers_ is now known as daubers
daubersHmmm.... dbus has borked :(21:24
* daubers notices unity-place-applications has turned up in his update list21:25
daubersNow if only whatever was blocking it being installed would turn up in the repo too21:26
=== Gms is now known as Guest27108
CompacthackEvening all, wondering if someone could help, trying to put 10.10 on my Macbook air, Can't boot these things from usb driv e (don't have cdrom) so copy usb install disk to a partition on the ssd (disk0s3), when I get into the 10.10 install it tells me because the installation medium is on /dev/sda3 it can't modify or create any of the partitions on that drive, and I can't go any further.21:44
brobostigonyay, gingerbread on my htc dream, :)21:48
AlanBellCompacthack: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/How%20to%20install%20Ubuntu%20on%20MacBook%20Air%20using%20live%20CD21:49
Azelphurbrobostigon: cyanogen? :D21:53
Azelphurbeen running cyanogen since day 1 :P21:53
CompacthackI can boot into ubuntu with refit, can change the partitions with gparted, so I've created my swap and ext4 for /. but in the install I have to set the ext4 partition as / and the installer tells me it has to unmount sda3 (my install medium) to set /.21:54
brobostigonAzelphur: based on cyanogenmod git, but not built by them.21:57
Azelphurbrobostigon: I see :)22:01
brobostigonAzelphur: as there atmoment, isnt an official release not nightlie or otherwise of gingerbread for htc dream.22:02
Azelphurah, cyanogen 7?22:03
AzelphurI had a go at doing that on my G2 but it didn't work so well22:03
Azelphurso I went back to 622:03
brobostigonAzelphur: it seems to be going ok, most of the basics are working, i did have to adw though,22:04
brobostigongallery is so smooth.22:04
brobostigonits looking really smooth overall. letś try the camera and wifi and bluetooth.22:06
balorpopey: get out of the house then22:06
balorpopey: Or, if it's in your pants, I don't want to hear22:07
brobostigonAzelphur: however without that clever cm config program. :(22:10
MonsterKillerHey. ubuntu is telling me the irc 'services' file doesnt exist when i cd into its directory then to ./services but its there when i do ls. http://paste.monsterprojects.org/mpbehhhhjlhhwej22:37
stuphiMonsterKiller: is it executable?22:39
MonsterKillershould be :/ ill try22:39
stuphiWhat does ls -l give?22:40
MonsterKiller-rwxrwxrwx 3 rob  rob  1160791 Jan 23 01:21 services22:40
MonsterKillerso it should be executable?22:41
stuphiWhat about the directory it is in?22:41
MonsterKillerdrwxr-xr-x  7 rob  rob  4096 Jan 23 01:21 services22:42
stuphiTry the file command on the services file.22:42
MonsterKiller-bash: ./services: is a directory22:43
stuphiA directory is not executable, so is that your problem? Change into that directory and see what is there.22:46
MonsterKillerwhat do you mean?22:47
stuphiwhat does 'file ~/services/services' give?22:49
MonsterKiller/home/rob/services/services: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, not stripped22:49
stuphiSo it is an executable file. Does it match the system you are trying to run it on? BTW, I am near the limit of my skills here. :-)22:51
AlanBellwhere did it come from? could it be evil?22:52
AlanBelle.g. it is running, and what it does is print to stdout "file does not exist"22:52
stuphiIt says that it uses shared libs. Do you have those libs? There is a command that will list the libs that an executable file needs, but I can't remember what it is just now.22:53
MonsterKillerif i make it no executable then it says permision denied but if it do make it executable then it says its not there22:54
AlanBellcould that partition be mounted noexec?22:54
MonsterKillershouldnt be22:54
AlanBelljust type mount22:54
MonsterKiller/dev/simfs on / type reiserfs (rw,usrquota,grpquota)22:55
AlanBellnothing mounted on /home ?22:55
stuphitry ldd ~./services/services22:55
MonsterKillerldd: ~./services/services: No such file or directory22:56
stuphitry ldd ~/services/services22:57
MonsterKiller'not a dynamic executable22:57
stuphiAre you running a 64bit kernel?22:58
stuphiThat will probably be the problem.22:58
stuphiIt is an ELF 64-bit executable.22:59
MonsterKilleris there a way around it?23:00
stuphiRecompile the executable or the kernel. :-)23:00
stuphiThat probably does not help you very much now though.23:01
stuphiI know that there are tricks to get 32bit code to work on a 64bit kernel, but I don't think the other way round is possible.23:03
stuphiFirst thing to try would be to go to where the program came from and see if they supply a 32bit version, or the source code.23:04
stuphiAlternativly, do you have a 64bit machine you can run it on?23:05
Myrttimy irc is broken, its been quiet for 9 minutes23:19
gordyou can't run 64-bit code on a 32-bit system.23:21
bigcalmpopey: say when you're ready23:25
popeywhere were you bigcalm ?23:25
bigcalmI was at the end of my track23:25
popeyhope it doesnt start at night23:25
popeyreconnect now and go to the house23:25
bigcalmThe sun is setting23:26
gordfyi, minecraft is tonnes better with voip :) mumble is quick and easy to set up too23:26
bigcalmI've put everything into a chest23:28
gordits always fun to hear someone calmly talking about something or other and then yell something you can't make out, always a creeper ;)23:28
popeyits back23:29
bigcalmI'm in the sittingroom with my GF watching telly, so the sound is off23:29
gordi can't play with the sound off... need to know if i'm about to be skeletoned23:30
bigcalmpopey: you're watching telly with my GF?23:30
popeyi should plug headphones on23:30
gordi mean i guess technically you could play with sound off, its just, for my sanities sake i play with sound on23:32

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