MarkDudeFind a place that will let you put out CDs as well00:08
MarkDudeAnd have a meeting time flier next to them00:08
phoenix3Yo friends, this is actually nUboon2Age, setting up empathy at the Phoenix Self Help Center in Palo Alto.00:27
MarkDudephoenix3, the place you were going to submit an email for them to get a donation from GK?00:30
MarkDudegrantbow, ping03:40
grantbowMarkDude, pong03:53
MarkDudeI cant make it to DVLUG tonight03:53
MarkDudeWill you be at the SF show tomorrow?03:54
MarkDudeHow about you aaditya ?03:55
nhainesWhoops, I forgot I am at home and not at work... miscalculated travel times to San Diego last night!17:16
nhainesI'll still be there, just closer to noon than 11.17:17
nhainesBut 11:30 is still a fashionable time to get there.  :)17:17
pleia2oh! updating identica now17:18
MarkDudeWow, 70 minutes to upload a 19 minute video on youtube17:57
MarkDudeUsing ethernet- on Comcast no less17:57
* MarkDude thinks he has a throttling evil going on17:57
akkYoutube upload is always very slow for me.17:58
MarkDudeaaditya, you making it to jono's show tonight?17:58
MarkDudeIt is HD , but , still17:58
MarkDudeHow are you akk?17:58
akkHiya MarkDude ... been sick a lot, but finally feeling better. How are you?17:59
MarkDudeHanging in there17:59
MarkDudeTrying to arrange a sponsor for the next geeknic :D18:00
MarkDudeTshirts and/or swag would be great18:00
* MarkDude still has your plant- it looks real happy- and still has 6+ groundcheries on it18:01
kduboisnhaines: still coming to the meeting?19:10
nhaineskdubois: yup, just parked.19:36

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