greiserwhy am i so addicted to old babylon 5?03:25
Epidemichey guys, just got a second machine with 10.04 on it, got it hooked up to my tv over hdmi... only problem is, it's cutting off all 4 sides of the screen :( any ideas?04:14
Epidemici'm about 90% positive the tv isn't set to zoom but I currently can't find the TVs remote :(04:15
greiserwhat's up18:13
amougeok. need some help, not ubuntu specific but hopefully someone in the community can help. Anyone a mysqld expert? :-D18:40
amougemysql wont work18:40
amougewont start i should say.. and thats my error log18:40
greiserlooks like it's a drive thing18:41
greiser[ERROR] Can't start server: can't create PID file: No space left on device18:41
greiseryour out of hard drive space...18:42
greiserthat's what those Errcode: 28's are18:42
tiemonsterpartition-happy sysadmin ;-)18:47
amougehow do i see free space?18:47
greiserdf -h18:48
amougeah yup lol18:49
amougelook it started!!!18:49
amougehmmm one site is having a connection problem still18:50
amougeah there we go. Thank you so much!18:50
greiserthat will be $50 payable by credit card for consulting fees.....  or your first born....  or a donated server.... which ever is of greater value....18:51
tiemonsteroh, oops19:01
tiemonsterdidn't see the first born comment19:02
tiemonsteramouge: do you have kids?19:02
greiseron second thought.... i don't need any more kids....19:06
greiserthe 2 i have is enough trouble19:06
tiemonsterI hear you19:06
amougetiemonster: I have 1 and another coming any day19:21
amougeoff to do taxes now that my boss isnt up my arse anymore19:22
tiemonsteris there a way to copy a whole folder with scp?19:32
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