Zaibach333could someone help me figure out how to change the amount of virtual desktops on ubuntu 10.1019:49
Obsidian1723Do you see the squares in the lower right hand corner?19:51
Obsidian1723right click one of them.19:52
Zaibach333the properites gives me columns and rows19:52
Obsidian1723then click preferences19:52
Obsidian1723change columns to x #19:52
Obsidian1723so 5 = 5 desktops19:52
Obsidian1723Mine is 4 columns and 1 row19:52
Obsidian1723easy peazy19:52
Zaibach333okay thanks19:53
Obsidian1723no problem.19:53
Zaibach333say I didnt know there was a minnesota channel is there something behind this?19:53
Zaibach333cause I'm in mn19:53
Obsidian1723same here19:53
Obsidian1723yeah, its the MN LoCo19:53
Obsidian1723there's also Free Geek here as well.19:53
Obsidian1723they recycle old PCs, put Ubuntu on them. volunetter organization.19:54
Obsidian1723You can earn a free pc there, etc for volunettering19:54
Obsidian1723on this network.19:54
Zaibach333I'm a student pretty busy but I might take a look19:55
Obsidian1723right on...19:55
Zaibach333I watched the video on that site, perhaps somebody here could help me get ubuntu running faster on the computer I've installed it on20:05
Zaibach333it's running quite slow, intel centrino dell laptop with 1 gig of ram20:06
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