dmcgloneanybody use time warner cable's caller ID on tv and/or pc?01:20
Unit193Friend of mine has it on TV01:21
Unit193At times it shows on TV before the phone rings01:21
dmcglonedo you have to have digital cable to use it?01:21
Unit193I don't know if you have to, but they do01:21
canthus13dmcglone: Yes.01:24
canthus13dmcglone: The CID info is sent to the cable box.  Analog has no way to address a particular customer.01:24
dmcgloneI see01:24
canthus13Unit193: That's really wierd.  iirc the CID standard requires the info to be sent between the first and second ring... Might be different since OSD isn't defined by any CID standards.01:25
dmcglonecanthus13: any way I can figure out my customer code without having to call them?01:34
canthus13...Customer code?01:34
Cheri703dmcglone: you might try the online chat?01:36
dmcglonestupid TWC puts a customer code on their bill and you need it to register for the online services, but I haven't got a bill yet01:36
dmcgloneCheri703: I tried, they won't do anything01:36
dmcgloneshe said they can't see it01:37
Cheri703have you gotten your first bill yet?01:37
Cheri703you might have to wait til then01:37
Cheri703they were stupid til after I got my first bill. I had to yell at them01:37
dmcglonethat sux01:37
dmcgloneOh believe me I had it out with them today01:38
Cheri703I'm thinking about making cookies...01:38
dmcglonetook me 4 hours to get my phone service operational01:38
* Cheri703 ONLY has internet01:38
dmcgloneI went with the internet, phone and basic cable for 114.00/mo that includes taxes01:39
canthus13dmcglone: Customer code is a federal CPNI requirement.  We just call it a security code. and no, the only place it'll be is on your bill.01:40
canthus13dmcglone: They should be able to call you back at your home phone # and give you that code, though.. but that's going to depend on their own policies.01:40
dmcglonethey have a number to call, but what good does that do a deaf guy? How stupid01:41
canthus13dmcglone: Good point.01:41
dmcgloneso I have to wait a month to take advantage of my services01:41
canthus13dmcglone: And only one or two models of captel phones work with cable tel service. the other ones are designed for actual line voltage as opposed to what is designated in the standards.01:42
dmcgloneI was so pissed today, I just wanted to go to TWC and show them just how fucked up their way of doing things is01:42
canthus13dmcglone: It's not their fault. they can get HUGE fines for violating CPNI regulations.01:42
dmcglonecanthus13: it's more than that01:42
canthus13dmcglone: And actually, if you were to go in to their office and show photo ID, they should be able to give you that #.01:42
dmcglonehere's what pissed me off the most01:42
dmcgloneI got on their chat service after about 2 hours trying to figure out why the phone wouldn't work01:43
dmcgloneI had to fill out my name address etc etc01:43
dmcglonegot to the chat page and it said it didn't support my web browser or OS01:44
canthus13requires IE?01:44
dmcgloneso I went to my mom's winblows computer and she uses chrome01:44
dmcglonefilled all that stuff out again01:44
dmcgloneyup, I ended up having to use IE and active X01:44
canthus13that's idiotic.01:45
canthus13Ours require you to have at least IE7 or FF3.01:45
dmcgloneso after another hour of trying to get in touch with someone, I finally succeeded to get into the chat01:45
Unit193Would changing useragentstring help?01:45
canthus13Unit193: Not for activeX.01:45
dmcgloneafter telling her my problems, giving her my last 4 S.S she says01:46
canthus13Unit193: IE is the only broser that supports ActiveX. and most browsers have it turned off by default.  Since XPSP2, I think.01:46
dmcglonecan't help you01:46
canthus13They can troubleshoot without that #. they just can't reveal any type of account information, make changes to tel service, or reset any passwords that could potentially give access to that information.01:47
dmcgloneso I called my wife at work ranting and raving and she called them, and he walked her through getting the phone working01:47
canthus13Sounds like you got an idiot on chat.01:47
dmcgloneI tried 2 times, they must be full of idiots01:47
* canthus13 wonders if TWC has different departments for web chat and tel support.01:48
canthus13dmcglone: Our web chat is all done by the same people that you would talk to on the phone.01:48
dmcgloneI have no idea, but I really really want to do something about them not serving the disabled community and people who choose not to use IE better!01:48
dmcgloneI am bound and determined to do something about it too01:49
Cheri703dmcglone: if you need a set of ears to borrow, let me know, and I can call them for you and type to you01:50
dmcglonethey cause me to have to rely on other people to get my business done01:50
Cheri703and/or I'll voice my displeasure as well01:50
dmcgloneCheri703: I appreciate that :-)01:50
canthus13Cheri703: Heh. there's one advantage over relay. :)01:50
Cheri703happy to01:50
Cheri703locorelay ;)01:50
canthus13Although, I had one poor relay interpreter that was pushed to the point of tears by the bitch of a woman that was insulting her directly over video relay...01:51
Cheri703ew, that's ridiculous01:51
dmcgloneIt's funny how freakin easy it is to sign up for all that crap, but to access it is a different story01:51
Cheri703I wonder if you can work from home as a relay operator......HMMMM01:52
dmcgloneI'm not sure, but have you seen them typwriters they have to use?01:52
canthus13Dunno, but I do know you have to be certified for most relay companies.01:52
dmcgloneI had one in college01:53
Cheri703probably like a court recorder keyboard01:53
canthus13some of those things are freaky.01:53
canthus13I would think that most use regular computer keyboards now, though.01:53
dmcgloneI'm not sure, but it's small and you have to hit key combo's to get 1 letter01:53
canthus13yeah. 3 rows of about 8 keys, IIRC.01:54
canthus13I haven't seen one in over 20 years, though.01:54
Cheri703close captioners have keyboards like court reporters01:54
Cheri703phonetic keys, not letter keys01:54
Cheri703something like that01:54
dmcglonethe woman that did it for me in college, man she could type whole words with just 1 punch01:54
canthus13I don't know which is worse... closed captioners or the freaking voice recognition systems that are replacing them... :P01:55
dmcglonecanthus13: the voice recog01:55
* canthus13 gets complaints about the captioning all the time, like there's something WE can do about it.01:55
dmcgloneI was going to watch a movie with my family tonight, but yup, no captioning01:55
canthus13the voice rec stuff really sucks for some of the morning news talk shows...01:56
canthus13It's like google's voicemail transcriptions.01:56
dmcgloneHmmm /me is wondering how deaf people would use VR01:56
dmcglonemost deaf people don't have good voices01:57
canthus13dmcglone: Heh. I think google voice transcription would probably just give up and say 'no transcription available'.01:57
dmcgloneyup.. LOL01:57
dmcgloneor translate freddie into fuck me01:58
canthus13Some of the voicemails I get from my wife are freaking hilarious.01:58
dmcgloneI can imagine01:58
canthus13but I suppose it'd be helpful for deaf folks receiving the voicemails...01:58
dmcglonedunno, I'm fortunate enough to be able to hear pretty darn well, I just have problems with foreign voices, and by that I don't just mean from other countries, but voices I've never heard02:00
dmcgloneIt's hard to explain. I often times have to know you to be able to speak to you on the phone02:01
canthus13Makes sense.02:01
dmcgloneI can talk to my sisters and my mom and wife, but trying to talk to my brother on the phone is hell02:01
canthus13dmcglone: Different pitches.02:02
dmcgloneI think because of the tone of his voice, his words run together too much02:02
dmcglonewell canthus13 hopefully from all my bitchin tonight, you will have experience enough to keep the cable company you work for on the straight and narrow :-)02:04
dmcglonehopefully this experience has given you a new voice :-)02:05
canthus13dmcglone: Eh? We have a person dedicated solely to fielding captioning complaints. :P02:07
canthus13we do fairly well, although there is no elevator to get handicapped employees upstairs.02:07
canthus13...But we have a wheelchair ramp. go figure.02:07
dmcgloneWhat I'm saying is, someday you might hear the company say "were gonna do this" and you realize it's only gonna hurt people like me and you will speak up and say something :-)02:08
canthus13I usually do bring stuff up like that.02:08
dmcglonelike TWC!02:08
dmcgloneif they would just give me an option to get my customer code somehow without having to risk calling and having to hang up, I'd be happy02:09
Cheri703I called and couldn't get the code dmcglone, had to wait for the first bill02:09
Cheri703OR go in person02:09
canthus13But we've got a pretty decent track record for working with handicapped.02:10
dmcgloneI really think I'll be going in person, because I think I need to find someone that I can voice my opinions to and hope for change02:10
Cheri703dmcglone: if you hear of any jobs that someone could do from home and are helping people with disabilities (any really) pass them on to me ;)02:10
* Cheri703 has worked with VARIOUS people and truly enjoys helping :)02:10
dmcgloneI sure will Cheri70302:11
Cheri703thanks :)02:11
dmcgloneI've been debating whether I should get Video Phone for my home02:11
Cheri703no diapers though, so I won't do home health care stuff02:11
Cheri703my dad has "purple" to talk to his mom02:11
dmcgloneVideo Phone is free :-)02:12
Cheri703that works02:12
canthus13dmcglone: Dunno how the video phones are, but if you get a cap tel phone, make sure it's the 801 model. (I think.. the one that works with VoIP lines)02:12
dmcgloneI completely forgot about TTY's02:13
dmcgloneI'm so comfortabe using the internet for all my communication needs, I hardly have to use anything else02:13
dmcglonehow weird.02:14
dmcglonethe only hint of a deaf person living here is the telecaption on the tv02:14
* Cheri703 watches tv with captioning02:15
Cheri703it drives me nuts watching downloaded stuff without it :(02:15
dmcgloneit wasn't until last summer, I reunited with all my deaf friends02:15
canthus13dmcglone: I didn't know that TTYs still existed, honestly.02:15
* canthus13 thought they kinda faded out with the advent of the internet...02:16
dmcgloneyeah they do. they are even in hospitals02:16
canthus13dmcglone: Most hospitals have pay phones that only cost a dime.02:16
dmcglonewell at least the few hospitals here I've been in02:16
canthus13...and still have machines running win98.02:16
dmcglonethats old02:17
canthus13dmcglone: I still talk to a customer every once in a while that has Win98.02:17
canthus13it's depressing, really.02:17
dmcgloneI would say so02:17
canthus13they have the idea that a computer is like a car... (They don't build 'em like they used to!)02:18
dmcgloneor houses for that matter02:18
canthus13It's funny to hear them refer to the computer as a '2001 model' or a '1997 model'02:18
dmcgloneoh geez02:18
dmcgloneyou should ask em if it has a spoiler on it02:19
dmcgloneholly carb?02:19
canthus13I had one crazy old nun the other day insist that I was wrong, and that she had faith that her computer would start working again without her needing to replace the obviously bad ethernet cable.02:19
canthus13Pray to St. Bill, I guess..02:20
dmcgloneis she still waiting?02:20
canthus13I dunno. SHe's nuts, though.. yells at us on a regular basis.02:21
dmcglonepoor ol nun02:21
dmcglonethey do no wrong02:21
dmcgloneI would love to have your job02:21
canthus13True.  Poor woman is retired, lives in a building full of college students.  You'd think she could bum an ethernet cable from one of them...02:22
dmcglonebut I thought god would take care of it?02:22
Cheri703so I really want to work from home02:22
canthus13Heh.  Another time she called, yelled at us because we wouldn't come fix her stuff.  The power had shorted out for half her apartment.02:22
canthus13Cheri703: Phone sex.02:23
dmcgloneI don't blame you Cheri70302:23
canthus13that's work from home. :)02:23
dmcglonelol canthus1302:23
canthus13Funny as hell, too.02:23
Cheri703canthus13: considered it in the past, but I think I'd giggle. if it was typed chat, I'd consider more strongly02:23
canthus13Cheri703: Most of it these days is a combination... you reel them in with the chat, then get 'em on the phone.  Wife did it for a while. It's pretty bizarre.02:24
dmcgloneCheri703: stuff envelopes02:24
Cheri703eh, and papercuts are of the devil02:24
dmcglonethats why you wear thimbles02:24
canthus13dmcglone: Most envelope stuffing is a scam.. Phone sex is one of the few 'legitimate' work-at-home jobs. :/02:24
dmcgloneCheri703: sell cocain ;-)02:25
canthus13Cheri703: Gamecrush, if you're into gaming.02:25
Cheri703there are SOME work from home call center type jobs that are legit02:25
dmcglonestart a meth lab02:25
Cheri703I'm going to be trying to get some dog training stuff going as well02:25
canthus13Cheri703: I know of one company that does support like that.. but you have to live in texas.02:25
dmcgloneCheri703: how about medical transcripting?02:26
Cheri703do you have to have special qualifications dmcglone ?02:26
dmcgloneMy sister does that02:26
dmcglonetraining for like 4 months02:26
dmcglonethen you do it from home02:26
dmcgloneyou work your own hours too02:27
canthus13Cheri703: there's always online freelance tech support.02:29
Cheri703how so?02:29
dmcglonedoctors will send you the papers they need transcribed and you transcribe them when you want, but there is a deadline, but it's not a tight one02:30
Cheri703as in, how would I go about doing that? *canthus02:30
Cheri703dmcglone: it looks like the training costs :(02:30
canthus13Bah. I'm trying to remember the name of the site, but there's a site you can advertise on, and set rates, and work with people via webcam/desktop sharing.02:30
dmcgloneCheri703: gov loan :-)02:30
Cheri703no debt if possible02:31
dmcgloneyou do not have to pay back student aid loans02:31
Cheri703yes you do02:31
Cheri703grants, no, loans, yes02:31
dmcglonenot certian grants02:31
dmcgloneI'll be back in a bit02:32
canthus13bah. google turns up ...interesting... results. (Live video chat models, anyone?)02:35
Cheri703ha, no02:35
canthus13Cheri703: http://www.support.com/about/careers/locations/workfromhome02:39
Cheri703veeeeeerrrrry interesting02:41
canthus13Heck, I'm gonna keep an eye on them.02:41
Cheri703that's going on my list02:42
Cheri703blarghity blargh?03:13
Unit193D!!! WINDOWS!!!03:13
canthus13Cheri703: just tried the magic packet thing on my router again. It freaked out and clammed up on me. again.03:14
canthus13It's odd behavior.  there's got to be a way to get it going. I'm going to try a hard reset later and see if I can enable it that way.03:14
Cheri703hmm....good luck, I don't know much about that03:14
canthus13That's ok.. I don't either. :D03:15
* canthus13 is hoping to learn a little about it. :)03:15
Cheri703ah, always good03:16
Unit193You could just get some other router ;)03:23
canthus13Unit193: I have some other router. :)03:29
canthus13Netgear is interesting because by default it will answer on port 23, and then immediately drop the connection.03:29
Cheri703netgear = meh03:29
canthus13Supposedly, you can generate a magic packet that woull enable the telnet interface...03:29
canthus13Cheri703: Netgear is sluggish, but a solid performer for me. No problems with crashing.03:30
canthus13Belkin, otoh, sucks. Dlink is close behind.03:30
Unit193I have SSH on mine :)03:31
Unit193But it's not N03:32
* canthus13 needs to install DD-WRT on his Linkshs...03:33
Unit193Tomato won't fit? (or TomatoUSB)03:33
canthus13Not on a 300N, I don't think.03:34
Unit193Do you like Tomato, OpenWRT or DD-WRT best?03:35
canthus13I only have experience with DD-WRT.03:37
canthus13I believe Netgear uses OpenWRT on some of their routers, though.03:37
Unit193300N v1?03:37
canthus13Umm.. 1.103:38
canthus13big difference.03:38
canthus13no. wait. maybe it IS the v1.03:39
Unit193V1 works with TomatoUSB03:40
canthus13Huh. I might take a look at it again. I'm having problems finding any useful info about tomato. the site seems rather bare.03:40
Unit193Tomato or TomatoUSB?03:41
* canthus13 checking out TomatoUSB's page now.03:43
Unit193I have only used Tomato03:43
Unit193canthus13: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Tomato_Firmware03:44
Unit193Teddy Bear = TomatoUSB03:46
* canthus13 wonders if you could install NFS in TomatoUSB...03:48
Unit193^ Might have it03:50
canthus13Actually, I may wait 'til I pick up a 350N. I need the gigabit interface...03:53
Unit193Too late?:http://slickdeals.net/forums/showpost.php?s=ac3ac8c4840e8bfd58d8728433532a14&p=29144836&postcount=8303:56
canthus13Eh? Oh. I know how to set up NFS. that's all I use.. NO need for Samba on a pure linux network. :)03:58
Unit193That was a post about Tomato(USB)04:01
* canthus13 is looking for a router he can upgrade. Something he can cram at least 256MB ram into, preferably 512.04:03

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