cyberangerchibihogoshino: I am at a sci-fi convention, chattacon00:36
chibihogoshinosweet cyberanger00:36
cyberangerand I hijacked computer gaming's dns (I'm an admin here, just "barrowed" two subdomains for ubuntu00:37
cyberangersecuity and archice00:39
cyberangerlocal mirror00:41
Dan9186[MM]anyone on this time of night?07:12
cyberangerDan9186[MM]: toss a coin08:24
cyberangersooner or later, it'll land in your favor08:25
linuxman410wrst r u here13:18
linuxman410cyberanger r u here13:19
wrstlinuxman410: just for  a minute i am13:22
linuxman410wrst how do i renew my membership to team it is about to expire13:24
wrsthmm hangon linuxman410 let me check launchpad13:24
wrstlinuxman410: i just changed the date for you :)13:27
wrsti think you shoudl be able to do that to13:27
linuxman410wrst thanks13:28
wrstcheckand make for sure it looks ok on your end13:28
wrstno prob but double check me to make sure that is correct13:28
linuxman410ok wil do13:28
wrstsee you later linuxman410!13:28
cyberangerwrst: he can renew15:13
cyberangerI was gonna get that before his date15:14
wrstcyberanger: i thought the renewal was a pretty easy process18:16
cyberangerwell, easy to remove18:28
cyberangershould be easy to renew too18:29
wrstkinda what i thought but sometimes when in a hurry just easier to do it for someone :)18:36
wrstcyberanger: i think i am in the process of completely linuxing our church18:37
wrsthello chris458519:20
cyberangerwrst: cool19:28
wrston our recording machine i did go with arch however everything else is ubuntu19:29
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