LostPenguinbluezone drivers are the #1 reason I do windows...00:00
bluezonedrivers and games xD00:00
Equanthomhello, please a little question, how I can view in terminal all the modules and kernel modules associated with audio? using ubuntu 10.1000:01
LostPenguinI got FFXI to run on wine, everything else I play is on console00:01
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LostPenguinEquanthom: lspci00:01
Equanthomoh thanks00:01
zatanHi I am having issues with SOUND i cant play two application at once ?00:02
Equanthomuseful ! problem solved thanks00:02
kxPudabudigada nope its still messed up00:02
Pudabudigadakx Yup?00:02
HilarieSo, .deb is what i am looking for when I am trying to find apps online?00:02
NoeltoriousHilarie: yes00:02
user1199when i minimize stuff i can't see it on the bottom bar.... i use alt-tab to get it back.. any idea how to get the titles on the bar??00:02
kxPudabudigada yeah i actually took a screen shot want to see it?00:02
LostPenguinHilarie use package manager to find games00:03
KM0201Hilarie: its best to use software center, but if the app is not in software center, and you can find an ubuntu .deb... then yes.00:03
HilarieI am looking for truecrypt00:03
Pudabudigadakx I think I may have had that problem before00:03
KM0201Hilarie: i think thats in software center00:03
HilarieThe only thing in the software center is a snazzy UI00:03
NoeltoriousHilarie: lol00:03
Hilariewhich sends you straight to the truecrypt website00:03
kxPudabudigada yeah? what do you thing it is and just if you didnt get the pic here it goes again http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/9504/screenshotkts.png00:04
Pudabudigadakx Yup?00:04
HilarieEasycrypt through the built in installer only makes things pretty00:04
KM0201Hilarie: sorry, i was thinking of crypt keeper00:04
user1199when i minimize stuff i can't see it on the bottom bar.... i use alt-tab to get it back.. any idea how to get the titles on the bar??00:05
alex__I've better than TrueCrypt \(-0-)/ ^^00:05
Pudabudigadakx, remove that eye thing, I think I can recall that causing issues.00:05
KM0201Hilarie: truecrypt can be usd to create an encrypted folder, and you can just enable/disable it at will.. it's pretty simple to use.... i'm not that familiar w/ truecrypt00:05
kxPudabudigada ok lets see00:05
Noeltorioususer1199: right click the panel choose add to panel and a window should pop up00:05
kxPudabudigada ok gones but its still messed up00:05
Noeltorioususer1199: i cant remember the exact name of the item but it should say window/s in it00:06
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Pudabudigadakx use 'top' in terminal00:06
alex__TrueCrypt uses a 128 -> 256 bits Encryption Algorithm00:06
Hilarie@alex I am looking for hidden partitions within the partition00:06
Pudabudigadapastebin me the output00:06
user1199Ahh, Window List..00:07
KM0201Hilarie: http://unixlab.blogspot.com/2011/01/how-to-install-truecrypt-on-ubuntu-1010.html00:07
alex__But A2DCrypt uses a 2048 Bits Encryption Algorithme, and OpenSource 4 Linux00:07
kxPudabudigada k i got it00:07
Noeltorioususer1199: you should be able to lock that to the panel so that it doesnt go disappearing on you again, if you want00:07
Hilarie@alex_ then why did you send me a .exe? I thought thats windows only, or wine00:08
Pudabudigadakx pastebin me the output00:08
user1199Noeltorious: Thanks, found it.  must have removed it by oops..00:08
user1199Noeltorious: All locked. thanks for the help..00:08
k0d3Hello all.00:08
Noeltorioususer1199: no prob!00:08
alex__@Hilarie Ok, so TrueCrypt is better. Do u now another software to do this ?00:09
linseoHas anyone here ever been so unlucky as to fry a motherboard or other innards via static electricity during a regular procedure?00:09
|ns|nR8seen it happen linseo00:09
Hilarie@linseo touch the metal case00:09
KM0201alex__: i doubt an app like that would run well in wine... regardless, trucrypt has a linux version, and there's some encryption program in the repositories..00:09
LostPenguinlinseo: every time I try and change a processor00:09
k0d3I dont suppose anyone here is familiar with ushare streaming to the 360 by chance?00:10
alex__@Hilarie, go to http://www.netnavis.hostoi.com/a2dcrypt/a2dcrypt-v1.2-unix.tar00:10
Pudabudigadalinseo, Or a radiator, or, better still, use an anti-static strap.00:10
KM0201linseo: built computers for about 13yrs, never fried one yet... and i never wear a wrist strap, and build on top of carpet..lol00:10
kxPudabudigada hold on00:10
AMT-IT-Guygreetings everyone, any Samba experts around to answer a quick question?00:10
kxPudabudigada its way distorted00:10
alex__for A2DCrypt under Linux, the Windows Version doesn't run with Wine =S only the linux Version is able to run under... Linux ^^00:11
Pudabudigadakx, I opened a dialogue window, use that00:11
|ns|nR8KM0201, you could of caused minute changes such as the sine wave in a ram chip, ,meaning it would never overclock as far as it could of00:11
k0d3Well, If anyone could help me get ushare to support streaming .avi files, id be eternally grateful. None of the guides explain how to edit or find the mime.c they keep talking about00:12
AMT-IT-Guydoes anyone know how to reload the smb.conf without killing the services?00:12
KM0201|ns|nR8: what can i say, i live on the edge... never a problem yet... i imagine given the # of PC's i've built over the years, if somethig was gonna cause a problem, i'd ahve found out by now.00:12
HilarieSo... I copied and pasted $ tar -xzvf  truecrypt-7.0a-linux-x86.tar.gz into the command prompt00:12
KM0201|ns|nR8: but i agree it's smart to take precautions, and iusually do at least discharge myself by touching something metal/grounded before handling components00:13
Hilarieand it said $ command not found00:13
gordonjcpKM0201: ESD doesn't always (or even particularly frequently) show up immediately00:13
KM0201gordonjcp: well surely it would have in 14yrs?00:13
KM0201Hilarie: did you download the file00:13
gordonjcpKM0201: same computer running for 14 years?00:13
HilarieYa, its on my desktop00:13
gordonjcpKM0201: never replaced any parts at all?00:13
KM0201Hilarie: put it in your home folder, then copy/paste the command again00:13
KM0201gordonjcp: do you just thrive on being dense?00:14
KM0201gordonjcp: this is the 3rd time today youv'e takensomethin totally out of context00:14
gordonjcpKM0201: I'm beginning to suspect you have trouble with reading comprehension00:14
HilarieStill said $ not found00:14
KM0201Hilarie: then you're not doing somethign right.00:14
gordonjcpKM0201: if you zap a part with static, it may well work perfectly well *now* but fail rather more quickly than it would if you hadn't zapped it00:14
KM0201Hilarie: hold on00:15
linseoI had never burnt one before, and then I just got my very first new laptop, and it seems that nothing else can be wrong... I must have fried it 23 hours after receiving it on first attempt opening, surrounded by wood and stone.... Static fucking electricity...00:15
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:15
bluezonegordonjcp, but KM0201 is a god :(00:15
KM0201gordonjcp: well, i'll take my experience over yours....00:15
itaylor57KM0201: I have to agree with you, I have never fried a computer working on it either00:15
gordonjcpKM0201: or, to put it another way, the DIMM you just picked up after walking across your acrylic carpet has been zapped, but won't actually fail for another year00:15
gordonjcpKM0201: <shrug>00:15
gordonjcpKM0201: it's actually my job to know about ESD in manufacturing and repair00:15
KM0201bluezone: you can do what you want... not really sure the reason for the satire.. just saying, some people love over-reacting00:16
PlainFlavoredif i add the backports repo to my software sources, will it automatically update codeblocks or will i have to reinstall?00:16
rwwKM0201, gordonjcp: Take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, please.00:16
PlainFlavoredi'm using 10.0400:16
gordonjcpKM0201: but in general PC stuff is chunky crude stuff that won't really suffer much00:16
bluezoneKM0201, not me , the other guy xD00:16
gordonjcprww: meh, I'm done here ;-)00:16
KM0201Hilarie: did you download the 32bit?00:17
HilarieFailing to compensate for the 64bit vs 32 bit00:17
HilarieI am really not this stupid irl, I promise00:17
KM0201Hilarie: it happens...00:17
gk__Good morning00:17
gk__any help on ltsp-build-client00:18
ice799if i have a bunch of static routes set up is there a way to get route to output the route commands i would need to enter00:19
ice799to replicate the set of static routes00:19
ice799on an idential system?00:19
bluezoneLostPenguin, humm i don't know if your experienced with this, but for some reason when i mount the diablo 2 expansion disk or when i burn it or when i copy it from a burned disk, and run the installer.exe, it says the disc is not in the tray, and the installer asks for it to be inserted, but the installer disc (for diablo classic) worked fine, any ideas?00:19
kxPudabudigada you still there?00:20
HilarieVictory is mine!00:20
LostPenguinbluezone configuration file in the installed diablo directory00:20
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LostPenguinyou're going to have to move the downloadedx disk in to the wine file system and point to it there00:20
bluezoneLostPenguin, no no i mean i can't install expansion period because it gives me a no-disc-inserted error on wine00:21
bluezoneLostPenguin, the same type of error you would get in diablo 2 on windows, just not when installing it from a cd because obviously it is inserted00:22
LostPenguinbluezone make a virtual disk out of the direcotry it is in00:22
wedwo-gk__, hello, just ask the real question00:22
mikeschtezio schwusinski?00:22
mikeschmizi banatus00:23
bluezoneLostPenguin, you mean like diablo_2_expansion_disc.iso ?00:23
gk__I am getting error while running ltsp-build-client. It builds the base system successfully and at the end fires the error00:23
mikeschanalato bezi man furz00:23
gmgDoes anybody have teamviewer? I would like to know how to set it so that I can login automaticly without waiting for the IP address00:23
Equanthomanother question, If it`s possible, how I can know the correct module name or the process name associated with "headphones hotpluging"? [when you plug the headphones, something automatically  (the thing that I want to know) disables the sound in speakers)00:23
gk__I: Configuring initramfs-tools...00:24
gk__I: Base system installed successfully.00:24
gk__error: LTSP client installation ended abnormally00:24
LostPenguinbluezone didn't you coppy it to your hdd for chmod?00:24
NoeltoriousLaurenceb: did you get a resolution?00:24
bluezoneLostPenguin, yes but i also have the official iso to install it, i did that because i thought it would fix this no disc error00:24
KM0201gmg: what do you mean "log in automatically"00:25
zulaxi am setting up ubuntu server, I am low on resources (hardware), should I use LVM during partition00:25
kxproblem with xwindow i think00:25
ice799if i have a bunch of static routes set up is there a way to get route to output the route commands i would need to enter on an identical system to replicate the routes?00:25
HilarieWhy would an x64 version of ubuntu only be seeing 3.6gb of my 4gb of ram?00:26
MaDSeNzulax: u have more disks?00:26
zulaxMaDSeN, no, i plan to use all that I have in the computer00:26
LostPenguinbluezone IDK how to make wine mount an IDO as a drive, only a place in the filesystem00:26
KM0201Hilarie: because static killed the other 400mb :)00:27
itaylor57Hilarie: probably used by the graphics chip00:27
HilarieI thought x64 had a limit of like 5 bajillion mb00:27
IdealienHello - Ran into an installer crash trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 from live cd to a partition on a 1tb external USB hard drive. First was a fatal error executing 'grub-install/dev/sdb' failed and second was full installer crash with recommend to open a bug report. Thought I'd ask here before doing that to see if anyone might be able to help?00:27
gmgI have a other machine without a keyboard, mouse or screen and would like to access it when i want to00:27
Noeltoriouszulax: depends on your needs i'd say, i dont use it on my server though00:27
HilarieOh, my ATI chip is jacking ram00:28
MaDSeNzulax: no need then00:28
bluezoneLostPenguin, oh so i would have to mount it in wine?00:28
KM0201Hilarie: but if your onboard graphics is using your system ram(quite possible) then it's only going to detect System Ram-Video ram00:28
zulaxMaDSeN, Noeltorious thanks :) I think I got my answer00:28
gk__hello wedwo-00:28
LostPenguinbluezone exactumundo00:28
bluezoneLostPenguin, so ill just try alcohol 52% then lol00:29
MaDSeNguys.. whos got the longest uptime ? :D00:29
wedwo-gk__, sorry, out of my league00:29
KM0201MadAGu: not me.. i only have about 9hrs on this box... but i think my freenas box has been up for about 22 days...00:29
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gk__i am getting following error while ltsp-build-client I: Configuring initramfs-tools...00:30
gk__I: Base system installed successfully.00:30
gk__error: LTSP client installation ended abnormally00:30
bluezoneLostPenguin, nope didn't work lol00:30
gk__ltsp-standalone-server is already installed00:30
HilarieDoes firefox on ubuntu have the same memory leaking problems as it does on windows?00:30
KM0201MaDSeN: well you can't ask that question w/o revealing yours..lol00:30
KM0201Hilarie: yeah, a little bit.00:31
k0d3I dont suppose anyone here uses ushare for a 360 do they? id LOVE to get it to stream divx, so i can then completely ditch my windows partition00:31
MaDSeN01:42:48 up 52 days,  8:38,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0000:31
MaDSeNrock solid00:31
HilarieNice load average00:31
KM0201MaDSeN: dude, you aren't updating your system.. there were a few updates today that required updating00:31
LostPenguinuptime ain't what it used to be, important updates make you reboot00:31
genii-aroundLostPenguin: Look into ksplice00:31
MaDSeNKM0201: bahh hahah00:32
KM0201!info chromium-browser | Hilarie download firefox-killer00:32
ubottuHilarie: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 8.0.552.237~r70801-0ubuntu0.10.10.1 (maverick), package size 14318 kB, installed size 49400 kB00:32
k0d3was that directed at me?00:32
momozhi all.. any apache experts out there? can't figure out how to get utf-8 issues fixed... apparently my server is sending xml encoded at utf-8 but server says US-ASCII :our feed appears to be encoded as "UTF-8", but your server is reporting "US-ASCII"00:32
LostPenguingenii-around my life is tough enough and I can't make shit work as it is, thanks anyway lol00:32
HilarieChrome doesn't have the addons I like yet00:32
KM0201Hilarie: like what?.. it's got an awesoem adblock... (better than FF i think)00:32
momozmay be an ubuntu problem as I have two very similar setups.. one works and one doesnt (rss xml feeds)00:32
genii-aroundk0d3: Whoever needs max uptime, if that includes yourself00:33
HilarieIt's milestone was getting the *same* ad block as FF00:33
k0d3ah kk.00:33
KM0201Hilarie: i think Chromes adbock is better.. at least for me.00:33
HilarieLast I checked, all the adblocks did on chrome was made the adds not get displayed00:34
KM0201Hilarie: but all i need is adblock, and youtube downloader, both of which work well w/ chrome00:34
HilarieAdblock Plus for FF actually doesn't download them00:34
Ademanhttp://georgia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10178534#post10178534 the first post is basically my problem, it sounds like the ubuntu installer *doesn't* support serial I/O ?00:34
KM0201Hilarie: you might be right, i never looked at ti that deep, i just know i don't see them.00:34
NoeltoriousHilarie: i didnt know that, thats pretty sweet00:34
HilarieI am on a kinda low bandwithe sitution00:34
skilzwhat software can I use to create a database/forum site where people can create profiles and upload images and update their status?00:35
HilarieOkay, so I uninstalled a program, and its still chilling next to my clock00:35
NoeltoriousHilarie: prob gotta reboost00:36
KM0201Hilarie: what program?00:36
ubottuhtml is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/00:36
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KM0201Hilarie: right click it and choose "quit"00:36
HilarieDoes nothing00:36
HilarieNeither does trying to open it or do anything with it00:36
gnewb!HTML | skilz00:36
ubottuskilz: html is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/00:36
genii-aroundAdeman: You may want to enquire in #ubuntu-virt00:37
layr89_hi. any Ricoh card reader / HDMI specialists here?00:37
aciculalayr89_: we are volunteers, best to just ask your questions00:37
skilzgnewb, I know how to write html, but is there some sort of progam I can use like vbulleten to make it easyer00:37
KM0201Hilarie: system/admin/system monitor ... click the processes tab, go through there, find it, right clcik, kill process00:37
gnewbskilz: There are other programs also, Moin Moin is a nice Wiki like pkg.00:38
skilzor that photo one, I forget what its called, used it years ago, you create photo albums00:38
HilarieFinally, the control alt delete window thingy00:38
KM0201Hilarie: lol00:38
KM0201Hilarie: you can actually add system monitor to your panel as well (right click, add to panel).. i find having it there is handy00:38
DarkStar1what channel do I go to to ask about iptables?00:38
layr89_acicula: my questions are rather complicated. Basically 2 major ones: 1. no sound via HDMI    2. Built-in card reader recognized, but doesn't work whatsoever00:39
NoeltoriousHilarie: lol, thats happened to me when i remove an app while its running. and yes having sys mon in the panel is awesome00:39
gnewbskilz: Bluefish is very reliable, I ported Arachnopelia and Ruby into one of my boxes for HTML stuff.00:39
jca1981can anyone please help me, my buntu box, i have to run ifup eth0 everytime i boot before i can get net.00:39
aciculalayr89_: the sound issue is rather common00:39
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smegzorHi.  I can install the latest kernel via a kernel ppa.  Is there any reason I should not install kernels via ppa?  Can it break my install?  If it does, can I just reboot and select an older kernel to get going again?00:40
HilarieGot another one... how can I make it so backspace in firefox is like hitting the back button?00:40
gnewbjcal981: What flavor or version are you on?00:40
cavalierprimejca1981: is network manager in your startup applications00:40
DarkStar1Anyone know?00:40
bluezoneLostPenguin, YES! i got it lol. you have to add your mountpoint to winecfg under drives00:40
smegzorI'm running 10.04 64bit and I'00:40
layr89_acicula: can't say how common. i've read and tried many ways. i can't get get my HDMI device recognised.00:41
aciculasmegzor: not if you have to ask, not likely,yes. PPA are unsupported versions00:41
smegzorI'm thinking about installing kernel 2.6.3800:41
KM0201jca1981: my first thought... right click network applet, edit connections, highlight your connection, click edit, make sure "connect automatically" and "available to all users" is checked for that connection00:41
jca1981gnewb, i think im on the newest stable 10. somthing00:41
jca1981cavalierprime,how do i check that?00:41
gnewbjcal981: Ok, did you see what the others said about the Network Manager?00:42
Varcguys, In the temrinal i write "inkscape" and this is working but i wanna finish the command or the funtion what is the command? is not exit, quit, q00:42
jca1981im using a static ip :)00:42
KM0201jca1981: my first thought... right click network applet, edit connections, highlight your connection, click edit, make sure "connect automatically" and "available to all users" is checked for that connection00:42
aciculasmegzor: unless know you need a particular feature i would not bother00:42
gnewbVarc: kill00:42
cavalierprimejac 1981:  system > preferences > startup apps00:42
KM0201jca1981: reallyhow you get our IP is irrelevant00:43
genii-aroundVarc: ctrl-Q00:43
gmggeees you guys are alot of help!00:43
VarcNo, dont work00:43
smegzoracicula: thanks.  I'll install it then :)  The particular feature I'm interested in is the performance improvement I read about.00:43
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Varckill or ctrl + Q don't work the way i think but is not the idea is closing the temrinal00:44
Noeltoriousgmg: lol what did you need help with?00:45
gmgWith teamviewer00:45
KM0201!attitude | gmg00:45
ubottugmg: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:45
VarcI think, this can't be closed. Hmmmm Any command work00:46
aciculasmegzor: ok, good luck00:46
gnewbVarc: Here,,and many others....http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-452082.html00:46
KM0201gmg: that's not a common app that everyone uses, if you have a quesiton that specific, take it up w/ teamviewer support00:46
gmgWhat attitude! monkey00:46
Hilarie!timebomb gmg00:46
HilarieWas worth a try :P00:46
jribVarc: ctrl-c00:46
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VarcI do it  ! :D00:47
gnewbVarc: This one is easier to read:> http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/kill-a-process-by-process-name-from-ubuntu-command-line/00:47
KM0201gmg: i quote  "geees you guys are alot of help!"00:47
VarcIs just closing the program00:47
jribVarc: well what did you want it to do?00:47
Noeltoriouswouldve helped i use tv all the time lol00:48
VarcIs you write "inkscape" this open the program but if you close it from the interzafe this close the program with the terminal00:48
jribVarc: yes, and?00:48
Noeltoriousbut youre right that was pretty rude00:48
a_rd_ywould it make sense that, if I have /var/spool mounted as a tmpfs in my fstab file, cron completely stops working?00:48
k0d3Perhaps this is a poor place to ask, but does anyone here know c++ vury well?00:48
VarcI am new men, xD I am seeying how to install programs with the terminal00:48
VarcAnd how run it00:48
jribk0d3: ##c++00:49
PudabudigadaVarc sudo apt-get install [name of program]00:49
PudabudigadaVarc e.g: sudo apt-get install Lynx00:49
jca1981cavalierprime,network manager was in startup applications and it was set to automatatic connect, hmm, i will try to reboot again to see if it sticks00:49
k0d3@jrib: Your quite proficcient?00:49
cavalierprimejca1981:  gl00:49
momozhi all.. any apache experts out there? can't figure out how to get utf-8 issues fixed... apparently my server is sending xml encoded at utf-8 but server says US-ASCII :our feed appears to be encoded as "UTF-8", but your server is reporting "US-ASCII"00:49
NoeltoriousVarc: and sometimes the package name differs from the program name itself00:50
jribk0d3: no, I mean the right place for you to get help with c++ is the ##c++ channel00:50
VarcPudabudigada: yes, yes, i know it now thanks.00:50
k0d3oh, ya. just didnt wann run there =P00:50
k0d3it can wait =P00:50
VarcNoeltorious: How can i know it?00:50
PudabudigadaVarc just type the programs name to run, glad to help00:50
gnewbVrac: It is a bit of a learning curve, but once learned you will ponder why,,,,,00:50
WeeJeWelCould someone please help me and check if wget says anything about certificates? "wget http://mail.google.com/mail/feed/atom/unread"00:51
k0d3bbiab. thanks all00:51
jribWeeJeWel: well you may want to pass --no-check-certificate...00:52
VCoolioVarc: dpkg-query -L package to see what a package installed; find the executable; most of the time it's rather obvious though00:52
Varcgnewb: I am new in Linux and i wanna work in it so i am reading  abook and work with Ubuntu for see options00:52
WeeJeWeljrib i just want to know the output00:52
KM0201WeeJeWel: says authorization failed00:52
WeeJeWellike this? ERROR: cannot verify mail.google.com's certificate, issued by `/C=ZA/O=Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd./CN=Thawte SGC CA':00:52
jca1981cavalierprime,still does not work00:52
HilarieBrought up a bunch of my emails from gmail00:52
KM0201WeeJeWel: http://pastebin.com/mQxughmD00:53
gnewbVarc: That is the way to do it, as always RTM, then read it again, and always make a backup.00:53
WeeJeWelthanks KM020100:53
HilarieYour posting a universal link for peoples own emails00:53
jca1981I was trying to get ipv6 to work earlyer mabe i screwed somthing up00:53
WeeJeWelweird response tho00:53
Hilariewell, gmails00:53
NoeltoriousVarc: and what i'll do somethimes is sudo apt-get *part of the program* and hit tab to see possibilites, downside is sometimes you get a ton of hits00:53
WeeJeWelbut I guess the problem's on my side00:53
FireblastoDoes ubuntu not play .avi files very well?00:53
KM0201Fireblasto: sure it does00:53
Varcgnewb: What is RTM ?00:54
NoeltoriousVarc: ex: sudo apt-get install chrom and hit tab, pulls up a bunch of chromium packages00:54
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cavalierprimejca1981: hmmm, you have it checked in your startup?  well...after starting it manually AGAIN, go back to the startup menu and click options>remember currently running apps00:54
FireblastoKM0201 I have no idea why banshee, media player, and even chromium are failing to play it00:54
KM0201Fireblasto: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras   let it install, then try to open the .avi again00:54
KM0201Fireblasto: well, duh.. none of those will play an .avi... you play .avi's w/ Totem00:55
VCoolio!avi | Fireblasto00:55
ubottuFireblasto: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:55
VarcNoeltorious: I see, if i put dpkg-query -L package How can i know what is the program to run? Are .exe like Windows?00:55
VCoolioVarc: executables are in /usr/bin or sometimes /usr/local/bin00:55
VarcVCoolio: But, if i have it in a package00:56
NoeltoriousVarc: are you wanting to install a package you dl'd or that is in the repositories?00:57
PiciVarc: Normally I do dpkg -L packagename | grep bin   to check what executables the package came with00:58
jca1981cavalierprime,yes it is checked, and ive pressed the remember curently running apps00:58
VCoolioVarc: a package is a combi of stuff; executables go to /usr/bin, configs to /etc, libs to /usr/lib and the rest to /usr/share/something00:58
VCooliomore or less00:58
VarcNoeltorious: Look, If i download a program, and i wanna install it from the terminal i write sudo apt-get intall application and the PackAge don't have the name of the program how can i find the executable?00:59
PudabudigadaVarc: Just type it's name into the terminal00:59
cavalierprimejca1981:  strange...you got all the latest greatest updates?  other than that i am outta ideas for now01:00
NoeltoriousVarc: okay i think im finally there with you, this is a .deb file youve downloaded?01:00
KM0201well if he used apt-get, then it's presumably in the repos01:00
VarcPici: thanks this work!..01:00
jca1981cavalierprime,can we check somthing in some of the etc/ config files?01:00
VarcI know pudabidigada but if i don't know the name01:00
VarcOr the name is not correct01:00
jca1981cavalierprime,mebe somthing is wrong there01:00
VarcNoeltorious: No, is just a example i don't have problems with software now01:01
VarcI wanna know more about how to install programs01:01
VarcJust that01:01
cavalierprimejca1981: possible, but have to research it a bit01:02
VCoolioVarc: you don't install downloaded stuff with apt-get, you do 'apt-get install blah' and it will download and install blah; if you download a deb you do 'sudo dpkg -i file.deb' and with a .tar.gz it's complex01:02
VarcWhat!? I can download and install with the terminal?01:03
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KM0201Varc: well yeah.01:03
VarcHmmm, Let me try !01:03
VCoolioVarc: that's the whole idea, let apt-get find it all, don't download first from some obscure website01:03
KM0201Varc: if your'e a newb, use the GUI tools(little easier)... system/admin/synaptic... or applications/software center01:03
rafaelsoaresbrHow to know the architecture of a process (32 or 64bits)?01:03
KM0201rafaelsoaresbr: a process, or your OS?01:04
VarcKM0201: No, no i wanna study the temrinal01:05
cavalierprimejca1981:  you can look at  sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces  and add these if missing:  auto eth0         iface eth0 inet dhcp01:05
maltonhi.  i am trying to install some new fonts that i have downloaded and i have no idea how, can anyone help?01:05
VarcVCoolio: I see, is a exellent idea. I will try01:05
VCooliomalton: extract to .fonts01:05
KM0201Varc: well thats fine, in due time.. you gotta learn how to use the OS...01:05
xanguamalton: double clic in the font01:06
rafaelsoaresbrKM0201, the same way Windows Task Manager.01:06
KM0201rafaelsoaresbr: huh?01:06
maltonVCoolio: do i have to update hte system somehow after i do that?01:06
VarcKM0201: I like design Programs and i am in the Bug Squad of Ubuntu but i really really wanna study the Terminal01:06
nerdy_kidwhat exactly does KMS do beside providing a nicer splash screen/bootup?  does it provide any performence boosts?  thanks01:06
KM0201Varc: you're in the bug squad and you didn't know how to use apt-get?01:06
maltonok, i see. when i double clicked it asked if i want to install it01:07
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VarcKM0201: I only find bugs01:07
rwwdon't bite the newbies01:07
maltonthanks VCoolio01:07
mellinHowdy all01:07
KM0201rafaelsoaresbr: system/admin/sytem monitor might be what you want01:07
_Synergy_What is the command to see what version of linux I am on (full details)   uname ? dash something?01:07
KM0201rww: trying not to, but that just strikes me as incredibly odd01:07
rww_Synergy_: uname -a01:07
Noeltoriousthat is odd but not impossible i guess lol01:07
Pici_Synergy_: lsb_release -a for the Distro version01:07
jca1981cavalierprime, interfaces looks like this: auto lo01:08
jca1981iface lo inet loopback01:08
jca1981iface eth0 inet static01:08
jca1981        address
jca1981        netmask
jca1981        gateway
FloodBot2jca1981: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:08
rwwKM0201: BugSquad doesn't have a lot of requirements.01:08
KM0201rww: i woud say "clearly" but that woud sound condescending....01:08
mellin_Synergy_: man uname will explain all you need to know above and beyond uname -a01:08
maltonVCoolio: it says that the install failed01:08
VarcThanks rww and KM0201 xD01:09
VCooliomalton: put in .fonts and then 'fc-cache -rv' or logout and back in; but how did you install and why did it fail? error message?01:10
VarcWell, i try and this work. I will to study more the Linux command's. Thansk a lot guys01:11
maltonVCoolio: when i clicked on the font in the .fonts folder (that i made) it opened a window with a preview of the font and a <install font> button on the bottom. when i clicked the button it greyed out and the text on the button changed to "font failed"01:12
VCooliomalton: just open openoffice or something and see if you can use the font01:12
jca1981cavalierprime,adding auto eth solved it :)01:13
VCooliomalton: if it's like /home/malton/.fonts/font.ttf it should be found01:13
cavalierprimejca1981:  sweet01:14
xilhi all, small question. I made a directory ~/bin that I want to put permission unneeded scripts into. How do I add the directory to my PATH?01:14
moses_is there a processing optimizer program for ubuntu?01:14
jribxil: just login again, and it will be in your path (the default ~/.profile has a clause for ~/bin)01:14
jca1981cavalierprime, Thanks01:16
cavalierprimejca1981: np01:17
xiljrib: oh lucky me for picking that directory then, haha, thanks01:18
quattleHave a system working, but every time it boots, I get ... (no X, no gdm) so I switch to tty1 and ''start gdm'' and it's fine.  Clues on where to look to get gdm to start automatically? (10.04, x64)01:19
ubottusvg is Scalable Vector Graphics, a language used for graphical applications in XML, and a W3 recommendation. SVG Editors: Inkscape, Karbon1401:20
NixGeekCJ23: hello01:23
ThOr101What is the name of the command to install ubuntu on the hard drive (I don't have a pen drive boot available, but want to do do a full install onto a thumb drive)?01:23
ThOr101not with casper, not live.  But a full install01:24
xanguaThOr101: just burn the image¿01:24
nataliehello my friend installed ubuntu for me but it looks like windows vista01:24
natalieis there anyway to change the theme?01:24
Pudabudigadanatalie, What?01:24
ThOr101I don't want to boot the ISO, I want to boot the OS, natively from the drive.01:24
xanguanatalie: system>prefs>appearence01:24
nataliemy friend was supposed to change my computer from xp to ubuntu because linux cant get viruss01:24
NixGeeknatalie: right click on the desktop and click change desktop backgound and then choose the theme tab01:25
LostPenguinMS not has free virus protection lol01:25
ThOr101natalie: actually that is incorrect.  OS/2 can't get viruses01:25
natalieNixGeek: i don't see that option01:25
ThOr101Linux CAN get viruses01:25
nataliei see personalize should i click that?01:25
NixGeekThOr101: but it doesn't...01:25
PudabudigadaTh0r101 Are you really suggesting OS/2?01:25
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natalielinux CAN get viruses?01:26
NixGeeknatalie: I think he actually installed vista (or you booted into vista)01:26
nataliemy friend said it was impossible01:26
ThOr101Pudabudigada: Dude, that was a nice OS at the time.  I just tossed my install disk last month.01:26
natalieNixGeek: no he said it was only a theme01:26
nerdy_kidnatalie: only if the end user is stupid01:26
ThOr101Pudabudigada: It was quirky, but a pretty stable OS.01:26
natalieplus my friend works for a software company so i got ubuntu for really cheap01:26
CJ23Will temoparily deleting my swap partiiton be okay to do if I somehow specify to allot a new partition as a swap01:26
PudabudigadaTh0r101 Really, why did everyone hate it?01:26
xanguanatalie: you can download ubuntu for free from ubuntu.com01:27
nataliexangua: i don't think so01:27
ThOr101So let me ask the question this way...  When someone boots a live version of ubuntu, an icon on the desktop will allow you to install to the hard drive.  What is the name of that application?01:27
mellinand really works hard at letting a virus hit it. I don't know the new count but there are only a handful of viruses that *could* affect linux in the wild01:27
natalieit's like $5001:27
ThOr101Pudabudigada: Because it wasn't windows, and windows is what they were used to01:27
nerdy_kidnatalie: nope, ubuntu is free01:27
Pudabudigadanatalie, You got ripped01:27
natalietrust me my friend is a computer genius i think he would know01:27
xanguaThOr101: are you refering to wubi¿¿ i don't like it01:27
nerdy_kidnatalie: if you payed for it, you got scammed01:27
NixGeeknatalie: 1, your friend can lie 2, ubunut is free 3, linux can get viruses, it's just noone targets linux, windows is a much easier and more succeptable target with many more users01:27
mellinActually OpenSource...but lets not split hairs here.01:28
Pudabudigadanatalie, I think he may have installed windows01:28
ThOr101xangua: Nope.  Boot a live version of Ubuntu (so you are using it) and on the desktop is an icon to "Install 10.10"01:28
Picinatalie: Please don't waste our time here.01:28
VarcHey, hey, Linux CAN'T have viruses right?01:28
dreamer000hey whats about?01:28
KM0201Varc: well, it can...01:29
j-invariantVarc: of course it can01:29
KM0201!virus | Varc01:29
j-invariantVarc: any computer system can01:29
ubottuVarc: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus01:29
Varcbut cant do nothing01:29
nerdy_kidVarc: Linux _can_ get viruses if you install untrusted software.01:29
PudabudigadaVarc in practicality, you'll probably never see one.01:29
ThOr101Technically, it is more likely that Linux/Ubuntu would get a trojan than a virus, but really, we're just splitting rabits at this point.01:29
KM0201Pudabudigada: exactly01:29
PudabudigadaThOr101, You'd better eat them!01:29
VarcSo, is possible but is very difficult have one right?01:29
aciculaVarc: not difficult, but unlikely01:30
ThOr101Pudabudigada: I've never had rabit (that I can recall) is it any good?01:30
dreamer000so what?01:30
KM0201Varc: you'd have to be pretty dumb.01:30
dreamer000america is stupid01:30
laesherhello world!01:30
nerdy_kidVarc: you can only get a virus by basically installing a malious package.  other then you are set.  all the packages in the software channels are safe, obviously01:30
PudabudigadaThOr101, I can't remember, We have one in the freezer, if I see you again, I'll let you know!01:30
dreamer000africa don't trust their systems :)01:31
aciculadreamer000: stop trolling01:31
laesherwat is irc?01:31
nerdy_kidlaesher: this01:31
KM0201!irc | laesher01:31
ubottulaesher: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines01:31
jribdreamer000: this channel is for the discussion of ubuntu support only, take that somewhere else01:31
* mellin wonders where in the heck some of these folks come from..sheesh01:31
VarcSo, this OS can have but this can do sometinhg like in windows?01:31
laesherso its kindda like multiplayer notepad  ?01:32
gordonjcpVarc: you can actually get Windows viruses to work in Linux01:32
gordonjcpVarc: it's more trouble than it's worth01:32
aciculalaesher: indeed01:32
nerdy_kidoh no, here we go...01:32
gordonjcpVarc: it's really funny though01:32
mellinVarc: Google is a wonderful search engine! If you want to learn more about viruses in linux then use it. This channel is really here to support each other and learn how to better use Ubuntu linux01:32
Guest9167B E S T   I R C  -  CHANNEL ?01:33
quattleso my PC boots into the ubuntu logo, no graphics, I then switch to tty1, and start gdm and all is cool.  Any idea how to get GDM to start itself?01:33
Varcmellin: true, sorry for that01:33
axisysi am failing to compile filebech.. missing libtecla.h  .. is there a pkg for available for that?01:33
KM0201!best > Guest916701:33
ubottuGuest9167, please see my private message01:33
ThOr101xangua: ubiquity was what I was/am looking for.01:34
laesheractually this seems like a cool channel looks like its even helpful at times >.<  /grin01:34
mellinahem oh yeah now remember the question I wanted to ask. I checked to see if Eclipse is installed which it is. I want to use it for web development, but don't know the name of the executable file? Anyone?01:35
KM0201laesher: we try.. :)01:35
mellinlaesher: heheh01:35
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aciculamellin: eclipse, but its also in the application menu01:36
WXZI added some custom application launchers, but for some reason everytime I reboot one of my custom application launcher doubles and one of them disappears01:36
ownercan anyone tell me how to get my printer to work from this system01:36
mellinacicula: That was what I tried, but alt+F2 didn't execute it. I checked the software center and it shows installed...hmmmm01:37
mellinand I don't see it in the menu??01:37
WXZowner: system > administration > printer01:37
KM0201mellin: what did you install?01:37
ownerwxz the diver will not load01:37
aciculamellin: odd, try opening a console and typing eclipse, hit tab and see what comes up01:38
WXZowner: you click add right?01:38
mellinKM0201: Nothing, I was asking after trying to execute Eclipse and it failed what name I should try to execute..which I had already done...it doesn't show in the menu either01:38
owneryes but when it starts the setup it says dianoes failure01:38
mellinacicula: Ok will do thanks all!01:39
KM0201mellin: eclipse  ?  it's case sensitive01:39
WXZowner: so you click add, select your printer, then click forward and it says "diagnosis failure"?01:40
mellinKM0201: Ok "find / name=eclipse" didn't match up anything..I'm just going to apt-get it and see what transpires....01:40
KM0201mellin: hmm. ok01:40
ThOr101i guess ubiquity only works from a live boot.01:41
ownerWXZ: Yes I can't get passed that point. I was told to add updates and it should work but it still does not01:41
WXZowner: what kind of printer do you have?01:41
AhrotahnteeGeneric question: is it possible to determine (from a program side) if the screen session that is active is looking at the screen session that the program's running on?01:41
mellinacicula: Also this didn't run the executable...01:41
ownerWXZ: HP deskjet 2050 all in one01:42
Ahrotahnteeactually; withdrawn.01:42
razieliyodoes the platypus have wings?01:43
bastidrazormellin: in a terminal type: dpkg -L eclipse    :that will list all the files it installed. something in /usr/bin or /usr/sbin .. probably has the bin for it01:43
hrobertsrazieliyo: NO01:43
mellinHow can I figure out why Ubuntu software center thought eclipse was installed. Because it wasn't. I just got it ;-)01:43
shmupany clue why bash won't tab complete everything? for example, if i want to unzip something that doesn't end in .zip.. say i wget it and its extensionaless01:43
shmupit wont let me tab complete the name01:43
WXZowner: did you install hplip?01:43
razieliyohroberts, what about... membranes?01:43
mellinbastidrazor: Ok thanks that is a new command for me to commit to memory. I will use that in the future to save bandwidth. Thanks a bunch!01:44
MrDudlerazieliyo: how does this relate to #ubuntu?01:44
quattleowner: for hp printer, apt-get install hplip01:44
hrobertsrazieliyo: what do you mean by membranes?01:44
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razieliyook, I got nothing01:44
ownerWXZ; what is hplip? I dont think so01:44
razieliyoI got in the wrong channel01:44
Diamondciteshmup: I thought tab completion only works for files already on your system locally.01:44
hrobertsis there anyone here who is good with grub2 who can help me with an issue?01:44
razieliyohroberts, just ask01:44
aciculashmup: it matches files based on extensions01:44
shmupacicula, i thought so. hm, i remember having a vps before, elsewhere..01:45
WXZowner: ot01:45
shmupand it'd tab complete these, though01:45
shmupno problem01:45
shmupi wonder if something could be configured in the bashrc01:45
WXZowner: it's a package which add support for HP printers01:45
aciculashmup: you can configure the behaviour01:45
Pudabudigadahroberts,  whats up?01:45
DarkStar1can I use SCP to grab a whole folder?01:45
razieliyohroberts, I have had several problems with grub2, so I may help01:45
danielload proxy01:45
WXZadds support*01:45
rwwdaniel: scp -r01:45
rwwDarkStar1: ^^01:45
HilarieWhat is the alt tab equivalent for the "workspace"01:45
DarkStar1rww: Thanks01:45
danielrww: what is that command for?01:46
hrobertswell I have tried this before:  here goes, I install ubuntu server 10.10 on an older compaq presario 1600 series running a hardware raid 5, I did an update and then an upgrade, rebooted the server at least 5 times, I then did a dist-upgrade to replace the kernel with a kernel, now no matter which kernel I select the server will not boot....01:47
ownerWXZ: Oh how do I do I get that?01:47
hrobertsnow for the fun part...01:47
rwwdaniel: sorry, i mistabbed01:47
WXZowner: system > administration > synaptic package manager01:47
mellinowner: I too have a hp 3 in one printer. Once hplip was installed and I went to add the printer after a short pause it found the printer on my network. I realize you may have it connected directly however, but it should work almost exactly the same01:47
WXZowner: then quick search hplip and check it off, then click the "apply" button (3rd button from the left)01:48
hrobertsIf I launch grub and while at the menu I select "c" and manually linux the vmlinuz-2.6.35-24 kernal and then I initrd the file, I can press esc and select the kernel and it loads everytime.  but I have to do this everytime the server reboots or it will not load01:48
razieliyohroberts, you can try to chroot your system within a live distribution01:49
razieliyoand grub-mkconfig creates your configuration file01:49
ownerWXZ: 10-4 trying that now01:49
razieliyoor grub-install --recheck /dev/sdX could work01:50
DatzHi, I want to move, or merge perhaps two directories of log files. folder A contains folders with log1 log2 and folder b contains log3 log4 etc.. Is there an easy way to merge everything into folder a?01:50
hrobertsany suggestions on how to modify grub so it will load.  I can pastebin the file, just let me know which is the correct file. There is no grub.conf in grub201:50
Pudabudigadahroberts, you could reinstall GRUB01:50
paul__I'm Chinese!01:51
jribDatz: move the contents of folder b into folder a?01:51
jribDatz: yes, do that...01:51
w1n5ton0is it possible to install ubuntu on a hard drive that's already formatted?01:51
Datzjrib: well, there are many folders within folders too01:52
razieliyow1n5ton0, it is01:52
* mellin appreciated the "dpkg -L" command ;-)01:52
w1n5ton0How would you partition it?01:52
WXZowner: how'd it go?01:52
mellinw1n5ton0: Of course01:52
Datzjrib: do what?01:52
w1n5ton0just swap and ext4?01:52
razieliyow1n5ton0, yes01:52
razieliyowith ubuntu installer you can do it01:53
w1n5ton0How much swap is recommended for a 750 gb hard drive?01:53
hrobertsrazieliyo: grub-install -recheck is not a part of grub 201:53
razieliyomaybe you should reformat again01:53
jribDatz: well in the example you gave, you can just move the contents of folder b into folder a since there is no overlap.01:53
hrobertsPudabudigada: what is the easiest way to reinstall grub?01:53
hrobertsrazieliyo: I have reloaded this machine 6 times now01:54
razieliyohroberts, I think it is01:54
quattlewinstone: It's a function of memory, not disk size.  How much memory do you have?01:54
jribDatz: but if there are folders within folders, possibly overlapping, then maybe you want to use rsync or cp01:54
Datzjrib: if I do "mv old/ new/"  and there are folders multiple folders of files in old/ and new/ if will merge them?01:54
ownerWXZ: got the hplip done now just got to check if the printer will load. Thanks a bunch!01:54
jribDatz: no, mv will not merge anything01:54
Datzjrib: so it is possible with cp?01:54
razieliyohroberts, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20GRUB%20201:54
jribDatz: sure01:54
razieliyohroberts, --recheck worked for me when I had problems with grub201:55
LewocoI right-clicked a .iso and popped a CD-R in my burner, but "Write to Disc" states "No disc available, Please replace the disc with a supported CD or DVD." What could be wrong?01:55
hrobertsthanks Ill try reinstalling01:55
Datzjrib: so just "cp old/ new/"01:55
quattlegdm doesn't start when I boot.  Any ideas?01:55
jribDatz: that's probably not what you want to do...01:55
jribDatz: that would give you new/old/01:56
Datzcp /old/* new/01:56
Datzidk :p01:56
FloodBot2Datz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:56
quattlelewoco:  Are you sure the drive is a burner, are you sure the medium wasn't already burned?01:56
jribDatz: except cp only operates on files01:56
Datzcp -R ?01:56
moses_so any tools to make ubuntu skim down the effects so the graphics card will go faster?01:56
subminuentischcp -r old new01:57
jribDatz: sure, I usually just use -a01:57
Datzok, I'll look into those options, thanks01:57
pickleddoes anyone know how to test if a device is mounted? (for the purposes of a bash script).. ?01:57
Lewocoquattle, 100% sure on both counts. I burnt a CD with the burner half an hour ago using media from the same reel as the current disc in the drive.01:57
Pudabudigadamoses_, You can use the display customisation options to turn off effects, or try a lighter environment such as xfce01:57
jribDatz: and you should probably use -i in case there happen to be files that do have the same name01:57
jribpickled: try #bash01:58
HilarieJust because one disk worked doesn't mean they are all good01:58
quattlelewoco: do you have two drives (maybe it's looking at the other one?)01:58
Lewocoquattle, Only 1 CD drive01:58
quattlelewoco, bad CD?01:59
Lewocoquattle, I tried a second CD, no difference.01:59
moses_Pudabudigada, is that a WM?02:00
DEAD_BEEFmoses_, Window manager?02:00
quattlelewoco: there is space to write on the HDD (not that it should need it if you're burning an ISO)02:00
DEAD_BEEFmoses_, nvm02:00
=== roaming is now known as INFURNO
DEAD_BEEFmoses_, I've had a long week02:01
themusicgod1i have a bazillion popups with "Out of Space" and a pictur eof the ubuntu cloud02:01
themusicgod1on upgrade to 10.1002:01
Lewocoquattle, hmm, I selected Brasero from the right-click menu instead of "Write to Disc...". The dialog that popped up looked the same, except that it now recognises the CD-R.02:01
themusicgod1they keep opening and closing02:01
themusicgod1how do i stop that02:01
Pudabudigadamoses_,  WM?02:01
Lewocoquattle, Probably just a bug.02:01
quattlelewoco:  I like brasero, what were you using before?02:01
w1n5ton0is there a way to ghost an entire filesystem to an external drive?02:01
themusicgod1dd ?02:02
jribw1n5ton0: partimage02:02
Datzjrib: doesn't seem to be working02:02
Lewocoquattle, Like I said, I selected "Write to Disc..." but the resulting dialog looked identical to brasero so I think it's just another right-click menu option that eventually runs the same software.02:02
jribDatz: pastebin commands and output that show that02:02
* Datz uses verbose option 02:02
quattlelewoco: ok, whatever works!02:03
momozhi all.. any apache experts out there? can't figure out how to get utf-8 issues fixed... apparently my server is sending xml encoded at utf-8 but server says US-ASCII :our feed appears to be encoded as "UTF-8", but your server is reporting "US-ASCII"02:03
gk__oin #ltsp02:03
w1n5ton0No ext4 support02:03
hrobertsI did sudo grub-update and now it loaded without an issue02:04
quattlew1n5ton0: what do you mean by "ghost"... you can copy the whole file hierarcy locally or remotely with rsync.02:05
hrobertsthanks guys for your help02:05
w1n5ton0say I just said cp / /dev/sdb02:05
Pudabudigadahroberts, I've been trying to find that command for ages!02:05
DEAD_BEEFquattle, what about using dd02:05
jribw1n5ton0: but partimage docs then point you to fsarchiver :)02:05
hrobertsPudabudigada: the correct command is sudo update-grub02:06
quattlew1n5ston0:  you would have to partition /dev/sdb, make a file system there, and then mount it somewhere, then cp would work. System/Administration/Disk Utility should guid you through it.02:06
Pudabudigadahroberts, I kept forgetting the hyphen02:06
w1n5ton0Screw it02:07
w1n5ton0I'll just back up my home folder and copy it to a fresh install02:07
Datzjrib: I should probably do something like: cp -ai folder1/* folder2/  , to indicate copying the contents of folder1, and not the folder itself, correct?02:07
quattleDEAD_BEEF: sure dd would make a copy, but what does he want to do with it?  With dd, he needs a destination of exactly the same size to place the file system there.02:07
jribDatz: yes02:07
Datzah, that's where I went wrong :p02:07
gk__ltsp-build-client error02:11
lee__hey ubuntu korean server where?02:12
Datzjrib: thanks for your help, worked. :)02:12
ubottu도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko02:13
richard_Hi, any one please help me with my mic. I cant get it to work for some reason.02:13
hipitihopwhat is the correct way to killall a process which refuses to be killed02:14
Ramseizecan anyone help me, im getting this error  --->>13.14035 /build/buildd/linux-2.6.35/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c: usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed02:14
Prajwalany ubuntu hindi server?02:14
Pudabudigadahipitihop, sudo kill [PID]02:15
xangua!in > Prajwal02:15
ubottuPrajwal, please see my private message02:15
rwwPrajwal: try /msg ubottu !factoidname for exploring.02:15
rwwthe -in channel is in English, if I remember correctly.02:15
=== randy is now known as Guest82787
Ramseizedoes anyone knows how to fix this error>? ---?13.14035 /build/buildd/linux-2.6.35/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c: usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed02:17
babaluanyone there02:18
babaluyo yo02:18
hrobertsyo yo02:18
babaluwho is this02:18
babaluso we all luv linux?02:18
aeon-ltdguys in #ubuntu02:18
babaluor just me?02:18
aeon-ltd!ot | babalu02:19
ubottubabalu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:19
Ramseize13.14035 /build/buildd/linux-2.6.35/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c: usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed  -->> how can i resolve this issue?02:19
cocolover76does anyone know how to make a server on this xchat02:19
babalunever used an icr channel b402:19
hrobertsirc not icr02:20
=== squishy is now known as SquishyNotHere
Pudabudigadacocolover76, /join #[channelname] will give you a channel02:20
richard_Any one got any ideas on why my line in (alc889a) / mic port doesnt work under linux ?02:21
hipitihopPudabudigada, I have tried that, but the process does not go away02:21
babaluguys can someone help me plz im new to the comunity and I dont know much about linux but i just luv it02:22
hipitihopPudabudigada, afaik, standard killall uses sigterm, should I use something else02:22
=== richard_ is now known as Keypad
Pudabudigadahipitihop, And now your beyond me, sorry.02:22
mellincocolover76: Do you mean a "channel"?02:24
mellincocolover76: If so the command would be as follows minus the quotes "/join #<unique channel name that doesn't exist>"02:25
babaludoes anyone speak spanish in here?02:26
Senixhow do i enable system speakers? i have xchat set to beep when my name is mentioned but it wont beep02:27
mellinAnyone here a user of Eclipse? If so is there a way to preview my html page during my coding? I figured this would be the best way to learn HTML4 without a GUI02:27
rwwbabalu: for spanish, /join #ubuntu-es02:27
PudabudigadaSenix do you mean the bleaper?02:27
mellinbabalu: I speak some it isn't my first language. However there are channels that have Ubuntu support in Spanish02:27
babaluhow do i do that ?02:27
SenixPudabudigada, i have no idea, i just want it to beep when my name is mentioned02:28
breadcrumbbabalu type /join #ubuntu-es02:28
mellinbabalu: you type without quotes "join #ubuntu-es02:28
babaluI have a big problem whit wow and unbuntu 10.10 6402:28
Varcbaalu: Yo si hablo español :D02:28
mellinVarc: That is Yo se hablar el espanol that is the grammatically correct way to say it ;-)02:29
themusicgod1nm i figured out how to get rid of the bazillion popups.02:29
PudabudigadaSenix check your volume control02:29
DEAD_BEEFis there an irc channel for gnu-readline?02:29
themusicgod1outside of the "basic troubleshooting steps" what else can I do to get my microphone working in 10.10 (that was working in 10.04)02:29
Varcmellin: sorry but i am from Venezuela you can't teach me xD02:29
sandkinganyone can recommend a tool for pdf cropping ?02:30
[ubuntufan]can someone tell me how this works with the ubuntu cd src 10:0402:31
=== haji is now known as magg
mellinVarc: Ok well then I assume a typo ;-)02:31
DEAD_BEEF[ubuntufan], how what works/02:31
Pudabudigada[ubuntufan], What do you mena?02:31
[ubuntufan]I have the cd src 10:04 and would have to ask you to install or how the proceeds02:32
DEAD_BEEF[ubuntufan], If you mean the live cd, just boot from it02:33
JesdiscipleIn Gnome/Bash, how could I send a window to the top of all the others?02:33
mellinsandking: go to the Applications menu at the bottom is the Ubuntu Software Center. Just type pdf and it will list programs that will fit your need02:33
Pudabudigada[ubuntufan],  is english not your first language02:33
sandkingmellin, oh, i tried pdf crop in synaptic02:35
DEAD_BEEF[ubuntufan], select your cd/dvd drive as the first boot device and you should be golden02:35
axisyswhat pkgs do I need to compile a something in ubuntu .. I already have build-essential ... but still saying inet/ip.h not found02:35
mylcdisfsckedHey to anyone looking for the solution to the problem i had earlier, the fix is pretty simple. Just go to fedoraproject.org, download the CD, and install it. Fixed all my problems ;-)02:35
mylcdisfsckeds/CD/CD image/02:36
mellinmylcdisfscked: OK good then join #fedora and leave us alone...02:36
mylcdisfsckedmellin: just thought the channel would want to know. spent ~10 hours trying to get ubuntu to work, fedora installed seamlessly :-)02:36
cweilemannAnyone set up nginx to run wordpress?02:39
Prajwalstop playing FloodBot3 :P02:39
earthmeLonIs there a way I can setup my linux firewall so that:  WAN requests are filtered while ALL ports are open over LAN?02:40
VarcHow can i change the color of my terminal?02:40
cocolover76does anyone know how to make a server02:40
jerrymanderingserver for what?02:40
PrajwalVarc: settings/preferences02:40
mellincocolover76: What kind of "server"?02:40
Prajwalof terminal02:41
Jesdisciplecocolover76: sudo apt-get isntall apache ?02:41
=== epwna is now known as Pinako
cocolover76well, i cant get a room on freenode since im not 13 and i need a server02:41
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, what includes are you using?02:41
VarcPrajwal: Yep but where?02:41
jerrymanderingah irc server?02:41
Prajwalon the terminal02:42
axisysDEAD_BEEF: i just downloaded filebecnh and compiling it.. so whatever includes it has.. i am guessing the default ones02:42
JesdiscipleYou'll probably be happier long-term if you just wait to turn 13...02:42
axisysDEAD_BEEF: http://sourceforge.net/projects/filebench/ <-- trying to compile this02:42
master_does anyone know of an alternative to hulu.com that is truly free?02:42
VarcPrajwal: thansk you02:42
LostPenguinmaster_: www.thepiratebay.org02:43
jerrymanderingmaster_: netflix02:43
mellinLostPenguin: Mwahahahahahah02:43
JesdiscipleIn Gnome/Bash, how could I send a window to the top of all the others?02:43
master_i'm trying to watch House episodes9 and 1002:44
PrajwalJesdisciple: alt+tab02:44
mellinjerrymandering: Is there a workaround for using Netflix with linux?02:44
JesdisciplePrajwal: trying to build a Bash command ;)02:44
cocolover76master_: hulu.com IS TRULY free02:44
Prajwalahh ok :P02:44
PrajwalVK_KEYPRESS is something for firefox dont know whats it for ubuntu02:45
=== ech is now known as Guest4206
KeypadCan some one help me with my Realtek ALC889A on 11.002:45
CamonZhi, how can I check the contents of a package installed trough apt?02:46
PrajwalCamonZ: open the synaptic02:46
mellinCamonZ: dpkg -L <installed program>02:46
mellinCamonZ: From the command line that is02:47
CamonZmellin: thanks :D02:47
mellinCamonZ: That will show you all the paths related to the installed program ;-) and your welcome02:47
oiaohmright anyone in here had anydealing with xubuntu 10.10 and ipw2200 driver and got it to work.  If so you did want.02:47
oiaohmI am getting frustrated02:48
CamonZmellin: now the question was triggered because somehow on a vps upgrade my gitosis installation got damaged02:48
timoharlingwhats the best compiler for learning c++02:49
CamonZit seems it's missing all the files in /usr/shared/pyshared/gitosis/*02:49
mellinoiaohm: Well you could join #xubuntu and they might better tell you how to do it if you aren't getting assistance here...02:49
Omen_20So why does UbuntuOne use Tomboy instead of the memo section of Evolution? Seems like that'd be a better place to keep notes.02:49
CamonZis there a way I can repair the install without loosing my repos02:50
mellinCamonZ: I would do a man apt-get and it should list an option to refresh or check for what is gone and re-install from that. I'm just guessing and not by any means a decent linux user02:50
axisysDEAD_BEEF: i am compiling it like this http://pastebin.com/yJxfSJCD02:51
axisysDEAD_BEEF: as suggested in INSTALL of filebench src02:51
=== damnfool0 is now known as fox-man
=== michael is now known as Guest87686
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, I don't have much experience compiling software, I think ip.h should be part of the kernel source though02:52
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, wish I could be of more help02:52
axisysDEAD_BEEF: may be I need to download the linux src... as part of the requirement before compiling anything.. I thought build-essential should have them02:53
adv0catehey i just upgraded my ubuntu to the latest version. Now my docking station below never shows up. Please help02:53
axisysDEAD_BEEF: thanks for your help02:53
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, do you know if you have linux-headers installed for your kernel?02:53
* russet doesn't like Ubuntu right now02:53
mellinCamonZ: Looks like you use -f with apt-get02:53
Jesdiscipleraising a Gnome window via Bash: http://superuser.com/questions/142945/bash-command-to-focus-a-specific-window02:54
Shadowjedi01Greetings and salutations, I was wondering if there was perhaps a knowledgeable guru in here willing to loan a  helping hand02:54
mellinrusset: Greetings02:54
Spirits-Sighthow can I get gxine to play in a seperate x screen?02:54
KM0201Shadowjedi01: with?02:54
JesdiscipleShadowjedi01: typically, yes02:54
Shadowjedi01My question is pertaining to avant window navagator I went to the IRC room for awn and no one would help02:54
mellinShadowjedi01: Best bet is just ask and perhaps someone can help :-)02:54
axisysDEAD_BEEF: i just checked.. I do have it..02:54
skyboundaxisys: /usr/include/linux/ip.h is part of linux-libc-dev on my box02:54
Shadowjedi01ok so my question is does anyone know how to enable the "stacks" feature in Avant Window Navigator?02:55
CamonZmellin: I actually feel more safe cp -r the missing dirs from /usr/share/python-support/gitosis to /usr/share/pyshare/02:55
axisysskybound: it is looking for inet/ip.h02:55
CamonZwhich are the missing files02:55
skyboundaxisys: sorry, my bad02:55
JesdiscipleShadowjedi01: since you tried the correct channel, I'm guessing you also searched?02:55
Shadowjedi01and also is there a way to change the startup screen for 10.04?02:55
mellinCamonZ: Ok unless something has upgraded and then when you copy the files it might break it...02:55
nixnewbie73just removed win 7 and now ubuntu   loving it so far02:55
bluezone_is there any way to disable using alt to move windows?02:55
Jesdisciplenixnewbie73: how long?02:56
adv0catedoes gnome-do have anything to do with the docking station?02:56
nixnewbie73yesterday i installed ubuntu02:56
mellinnixnewbie73: Congrats. Now stick with it and as you learn your appreciation will grow in leaps and bounds02:56
nixnewbie73only  thing  i cant do desktop effects :( lol guess i need a new card02:57
Jesdisciplenixnewbie73: the hardest part for me was getting used to the lack of all the superuser features I had learned, which I think is the most common problem actually02:57
Shadowjedi01Nix did you do an update right away02:57
nixnewbie73yes sir02:57
Shadowjedi01you may have to use propritary drivers?02:57
nixnewbie73its nvidia02:58
Shadowjedi01none come up in hardware devices02:58
nixnewbie73let me look02:58
KM0201most nvidia cards will work w/ ubuntus restricted driver02:58
mellinShadowjedi01: Well check in the Ubuntu Software Center...I found a developer version of the fglrx driver for my ATI card.02:58
nixnewbie73searchiong for driver..02:58
Spirits-SightI am trying to play gxine in serperate x screen, how can I do this?  I would like to have DVD play in the second screen and do ohter stuff in the main screen?02:58
nixnewbie73says no propieray drivers in use02:59
Shadowjedi01thats about all I got02:59
kthomas_vh_substitute for http://mirror.url.com/ubuntu/?02:59
Shadowjedi01perhaps someone more experienced can give you help nix02:59
KM0201nixnewbie73: are you sure its nvidia?   open a terminal and type  "lspci | grep VGA" w/o quotes and hit enter02:59
adv0catecan someone help me get my AWN working?02:59
Shadowjedi01whats the problem Adv?02:59
nixnewbie73one sec lemm open term03:00
Shadowjedi01command lspci03:00
Shadowjedi01to nix03:00
adv0cateshadowjed01, i had it on my previous version of ubuntu before i upgraded. Now it never shows up03:00
root_hi , i want to install something , how is the command ??    apt-.............?????03:00
CamonZmellin: true; got lucky this time though :)03:00
KM0201!rootirc | root_03:00
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)03:00
ubotturoot_: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.03:00
mellinroot_: Well it is sudo apt-get install03:00
subminuentischroot: sudo apt-get install03:00
nixnewbie73"lspci | grep VGA03:01
nixnewbie73nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000] (rev c103:01
subminuentischroot: but you should rather use the synaptic thingy03:01
KM0201nixnewbie73: ok.. and there's nothing in the system/admin/hardware drivers?03:01
=== kayseone is now known as slax00
nixnewbie73i looked in additional drivers03:01
root_ty all ... and sorry for the rong room03:01
KM0201nixnewbie73: what version of ubuntu again?03:01
nixnewbie7310.10 mavarick03:02
bencahillhey guys, is there a quick way i could setup something like ics in windows over a crossover (from this desktop to a laptop)?03:02
HandyGandyAnyone know how I can disable edid?03:02
nixnewbie73You are using Ubuntu 11.0403:02
subminuentischroot: you should definately not go on irc as root03:02
nixnewbie73i lied lol03:02
nixnewbie73i dl 10.10 guess it updated lol03:02
KM0201nixnewbie73: well, maybe not.. in a terminal   lsb_release -a03:02
mellinbencahill: You are talking about internet connection sharing?03:02
bazhangnixnewbie73, thats #ubuntu+1 not here03:03
nixnewbie73You are using Ubuntu 11.0403:03
nixnewbie73                - the Natty Narwhal03:03
KM0201nixnewbie73: there's an error w/ 10.10, it pulls in 11.04's "about".. during a system update03:03
KM0201nixnewbie73: enter the terminal command i gave you above.. you may not be using 11.04(and probably aren't)03:03
=== HongChuan is now known as hongchuan
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, libnet1-dev might be worth a try03:03
nixnewbie73let me checl03:03
bencahillmellin: yes03:03
mellinbencahill: Ok03:03
bluezone_is there any way to disable using alt to move windows?03:03
axisysDEAD_BEEF: ok03:04
nixnewbie73Distributor ID:Ubuntu03:04
nixnewbie73Description:Ubuntu 10.1003:04
doobienNarwhals are cool03:04
FloodBot2nixnewbie73: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:04
nixnewbie73sorry flood03:04
nixnewbie7310.10 mav03:04
adv0catehow do i check which version of ubuntu i am running?03:04
KM0201nixnewbie73: ok.03:04
KM0201adv0cate: lsb_release -a   in a terminal03:04
nixnewbie73its a 128mb should handle basic effects huh03:05
Jesdisciplenixnewbie73: just FYI, 11.04 means released in April 201103:05
mellinbencahill: Try this -->  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing03:05
nixnewbie73oh ty jes03:05
nixnewbie7310.10 oct 10th lol03:05
* bencahill bangs head on wall03:05
bluezone_is there any way to disable using alt to move windows?03:05
nixnewbie73i love ubuntu  way better than win 7 besides vid card lol03:06
bencahillmellin: ok, that does it! i'm googlin' even for stuff like this :)03:06
bencahillmellin: ^^ thanks :D03:06
* doobien hopes wayland is in 11.403:06
mellinbencahill: NP yes an awful lot can be found about how to do thing with Ubuntu through google...;-)03:06
nixnewbie73how do i get propietrary driver so i can get basic effects03:06
bencahillmellin: woops, I just discovered that I had taken out the second nic it had, can i hotplug a nic (pci)? the computer's easy to get at, and i'd rather not shut down...03:07
KM0201!nvidia | nixnewbie73 there's instructions here i think03:07
ubottunixnewbie73 there's instructions here i think: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:07
snowrichardbe safer to shut it off03:07
mellinnixnewbie73: Well it depends on if your graphics card chipset is supported in the driver03:07
PhaseNoeltorious: Redownloaded the iso, verified the hashes (matched), burnt it again.. installed, and it failed at installing grub, so I skipped the bootloader installation and installed it manually from the livecd... The issue is still happening, though. This time, I'm still able to manipulate the terminal window, just not the Update Manager.03:07
bencahillsnowrichard: i know, but can it hurt?03:07
* Jesdisciple wonders how Ubuntu would handle versions after surviving all the way to year 210003:07
nixnewbie73ty ubottu03:08
snowrichardits possible to short something if you don't get it in straight right away03:08
KM0201!yourwelcome | nixnewbie7303:08
bencahillsnowrichard: yeah, what I was thinking...03:08
mellinIndeed I would not recommend doing it that way!03:08
KM0201!thanks | nixnewbie7303:08
ubottunixnewbie73: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:08
axisysDEAD_BEEF: did not help .. it does not have the inet/ip.h03:08
nixnewbie73lol i figured03:08
subminuentischthen its ubuntu zero o x03:09
subminuentischor x03:09
bencahillmellin: ;) well, since this is the computer in question, cya!03:09
mellincya later03:09
nixnewbie73!thanks | km020103:09
ubottukm0201: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:09
* bencahill quits to plug in nic03:09
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, /me shrugs sorry, I can't seem to find much info on ip.h03:09
=== binarysim is now known as geeknode
* DEAD_BEEF shrugs03:09
=== geeknode is now known as beepcode
nixnewbie73ok going to try and get drivers03:09
* KM0201 steals bencahill 's nic cable03:09
axisysDEAD_BEEF: me neither..03:09
mellinAlright folks I'm out for the night. Thanks to all that helped me, and helped me to learn something new and exciting!03:10
=== beepcode is now known as cigales_01
babaludoes anyone plays world of warcraft on ubuntu 10.10 and wine 1.3?03:10
=== cigales_01 is now known as cigale1
LostPenguinI do FFXI and wine03:11
Jesdisciplebabalu: playonlinux03:11
HilarieEQ1 and wine work :)03:11
bluezone_is there any way to disable using alt to move windows?03:11
nixnewbie73additional Drivers does not find propietary drivers03:12
babaluworked fine b4 but now that I am using 64 bit is not03:12
KM0201nixnewbie73: i think you might have to install the driver from nvidia.com... not sure though03:12
LostPenguinsystem > prefrences > keyboard shortcuts03:12
nixnewbie73ok ill check nvida ty  guys03:12
babalumy screen has some nasty polygons03:13
bencahillaw man, i forgot to install the nic!03:13
LostPenguinwinehq has lots of info on how to run stuff in wine03:13
KM0201nixnewbie73: i think this is it...03:13
* bencahill bangs head against brick wall repeatedly03:14
bencahillcya'lls again03:14
kthomas_vh_lol 203:14
nixnewbie73found it03:14
Jesdisciplebabalue: have you heard of playonlinux before?03:14
Jesdisciplebabalue ^^03:15
Jesdisciplebabalu ^^ grr03:15
nixnewbie73i dl the nvida linux file its a pkg do i double click03:15
babalubut iam realy new into the linux community03:15
nixnewbie73or open in term03:15
babaluand dont know how to make it work in playonlinux03:15
HilarieSo... I installed google desktop... and now it wont go away, its not in the apps manager03:15
axisysDEAD_BEEF: may be I should change this #include <inet/ip.h> for linux03:16
Jesdiscipleto my knowledge, playonlinux will take care of common problems like x6403:16
KM0201nixnewbie73: you have to run it in the terminal... click "additional information" and it tells you the install instructions03:16
=== Zvrk is now known as xXx_hazard_
axisysDEAD_BEEF: it is written by four sun guys.. may be opensolaris has the inet/ip.h that I can copy over here03:16
PhaseI'm having issues with a fresh install of 10.10 regarding the mouse and keyboard being virtually unusable. I've got a nice description of everything laid out here if anyone wouldn't mind taking a look: http://pastebin.com/MCpCpAm6 -- Thanks :\03:16
Jesdisciplebabalu: #playonlinux is available, probably more knowledgeable03:17
eross10.10 - where do i go to buy music03:17
Jesdisciplebabalu: or #wine03:17
babaluI use wine03:17
babaluiam going to try whit play on linux03:17
Hilariesudo dpkg -r google-desktop-linux  that gonna break anything?03:17
Jesdisciplebabalu: playonlinux runs on top of wine03:17
Jesdiscipleit's just a scripting engine and GUI interface for Wine rly03:18
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, it should have mentioned that in the INSTALL file though03:18
axisysDEAD_BEEF: yep... nothing there..03:18
timewriteranyone can tell me what to do in order to use my marvell sata controller on ubuntu 10.10 ?03:18
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, I managed to find this: http://www.linuxhq.com/kernel/v1.0/0/net/inet/ip.h03:18
subminuentischphase: is this an usb mouse?03:18
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, but that's for kernel version 103:19
axisysDEAD_BEEF: yep03:19
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, way old03:19
axisysDEAD_BEEF: heh03:19
Phasesubminuentisch: Yep03:19
subminuentischyou might consider trying a ps2 mouse03:19
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, and looking at a recent kernel I don't find a /net/inet/ directory03:19
Phasehmm let me see if I have one03:19
axisysDEAD_BEEF: yep03:19
subminuentischhad the same problem with my keyboard so^^03:20
erossrhythmbox keeps crashing03:20
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, been there already eh03:20
KM0201eross: cuz it sucks03:20
axisysDEAD_BEEF: heh03:20
LostPenguinvlc ftw03:20
erosscant buy music thru music player then?03:20
axisysDEAD_BEEF: this one might work03:20
axisysDEAD_BEEF: http://www.fsl.cs.sunysb.edu/~vass/filebench/03:20
axisysi will give that a try03:21
LostPenguinwhy would you buy music on a machine connected to the internet?03:21
erossumm.. convenience03:21
* DEAD_BEEF shrugs03:21
SamizdatAnyone know much about virtual drives?03:21
HilarieSupporting artists03:21
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, what have you got to lose?03:21
KM0201eross: banshee?03:21
LostPenguinyou can stream or pirate w/e though03:21
bencahillbluezone_, kthomas_vh_: not laughing now, i have 2 nics! mwahaha! :P03:21
Hilarie@samizdat the encryted kind03:21
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, SUN's version is not compilable on Linux/FreeBSD03:21
axisysDEAD_BEEF: yep..03:21
Hilarie@lostpenguin that's still not supporting an artist03:22
KM0201bluezone_: why would you want two nics?03:22
bluezone_its not me!!!! lol03:22
Samizdat@Hilarie I'm brand new at this and looking for some help w/something I screwed up.03:22
HilarieA kickass firewall to start03:22
LostPenguinbuy a CD, go to the show03:22
=== bluezone_ is now known as bluezone
Hilarie@samizdat what's going on?03:22
axisysDEAD_BEEF: yep.. that was it.. that compiled fine03:23
* KM0201 is deeply confused... ???03:23
DEAD_BEEFaxisys, glad you could help ><03:23
SamizdatI'm trying to install my old civ4 and have put all sorts of things on my desktop I cannot change03:23
* Hilarie is confused as to KM0201's confustions03:23
axisysDEAD_BEEF: you sure did.. thanks a lot03:23
KM0201Hilarie: lol there's no hope03:23
erossheh banshee crashes too03:23
KeyLimePiAnyone know a good place to get old versions of flash installer? Adobe's site doesnt seem to keep em but I think I need to roll back a few versions03:24
Samizdat@Hilarie I have a couple of mounted drives I can't remove03:24
=== Zvrk is now known as xXX_hazard_
erossfreakin fatal error in mono code03:24
Hilarieare they there after reboot?03:24
bencahillhey guys, on this page (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing), it says "After restarting the computer you should now be able to plug in any computer into your other Ethernet port or share through your wireless card." could i just restart the networking service?03:24
Samizdathaven't gotten that far, that the place to start?03:24
HilarieBencahill there is only one way to find out03:25
HilarieThat would be the first thing I would do03:25
SamizdatI might catch you in a few.03:25
KM0201bencahill: i woudl probably follow the instructions03:25
KM0201but i've nver set up connection sharing03:25
ralliasMy ubuntu server won't accept any requests on HTTP, SMTP, or IMAP. Can someone help me out?03:27
bencahillKM0201: ok, cya :)03:27
subminuentischralias are the ports open?03:27
grkbloodi just updated to 10.10 and firefox is crashing03:28
grkbloodit wont open03:28
ralliassubminuentisch: I checked all the obvious issues, port forewarding doesn't seem to be an issue.03:28
FloodBot2Hilarie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:28
erosswow many issues with music store still.. checking out amazon :/03:28
KM0201Hilarie: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+use+google&l=103:29
subminuentischrallias can i have a look at the configfile03:29
HilarieHey, there's one I can send to more people!03:29
KM0201Hilarie: i love that site....03:30
ralliassubminuentisch: Which one?03:30
Hilarie@cmohan Hi03:30
bencahillKM0201: back :)03:31
Hilarie@KM0201 is there a way to filter the sign in/out?03:31
KM0201Hilarie: that would depend on the irc client you're using, but yeah, there usually is03:31
ralliassubminuentisch: This is the main apache httpd config: http://pastebin.com/xeAnC5p403:31
HilarieThe default one with 10.x03:31
ralliasit responds to requests on localhost (with files I forgot about), but nothing else03:32
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.03:32
grkbloodalso, after updating to 10.10 my sound doesnt work03:32
KM0201Hilarie: i don't know what the default one is.. id on't think there's one installed by default w/ 10.x03:32
JesdiscipleHilarie: Help About ?03:33
grkbloodmy sound is no longer in the top right corner03:33
JesdiscipleHelp > About*03:33
HilarieEmpathy Internet messaging03:33
grkbloodhow do i get that back03:33
KM0201Hilarie: ... i'm sure there's a way, but empathy SUCKS... install xchat.03:33
HilarieWill it support MSN Yahoo etc?03:33
asy2say hello me03:33
KM0201Hilarie: xchat is for IRC only03:33
nixnewbie73xchat is just irc03:33
Hilariehello asy203:34
asy2ok thx03:34
KM0201Hilarie: but empathy sucks for msn, yahoo, etc.. to.. isntall Pidgin.03:34
razz1how to get wingdings fonts in ubuntu openoffice calc. cannot find them??03:34
* KM0201 has never understood how empathy replaced pidgin as the default messaging program03:34
ralliasKM0201: When'd that happen?03:34
Hilarie@Razz1 what possible use for wingdings in calc?03:34
Jesdisciplerallias: I think 9.1003:34
* uRock agrees with KM020103:34
KM0201rallias:  a while ago... 9.10 maybe?.... definitely 10.04 and 10.1003:34
tatakhi all03:35
nixnewbie73im saying screw the nvida drivers to much headache lol03:35
ralliasdang... i didn't notice at all.03:35
KM0201nixnewbie73: what happened?03:35
asy2where have irc free on mac os x speedly 15 minute on snack03:35
nixnewbie73it ask to close x03:35
KM0201oh thats right.03:35
asy2why close x03:35
grkbloodhow do add the adjustable volume back to my panel?03:35
nixnewbie73i close x and it ask to log in but i try and ays invalid pass word03:35
razz1Hilarie: you are not going to give me the answer till I give you an explanation or what?03:35
Hilarie@razz1 oh, no, sorry03:35
HilarieI am just really curious03:35
asy2retur,n you password faq freenode03:36
Jesdisciplenixnewbie73: you're logging in via shell?03:36
KM0201nixnewbie73: lemme see if that driver is in the repos.03:36
ralliasAny help with my server?03:36
tatakwhat s going on with your server03:36
asy2in mac os x mùer03:36
KM0201nixnewbie73: what was the ver. number of that driver?03:36
nixnewbie73in term i did sh to run nvida but it says you need to close x or something03:36
razz1Hilarie: just kidding, I need special symbols like tick marks, which I use often03:36
earthmeLonIs there a way I can setup my linux firewall so that:  WAN requests are filtered while ALL ports are open over LAN?03:36
ralliasHTTP, SMTP, and IMAP won't respond to anything03:36
nixnewbie73lemme see03:36
tatakdid you install package03:37
ralliastatak: I've tried everything, http and email won't work.03:37
HilarieDo you have the .ttf you are trying to use?03:37
ralliastatak: yes.03:37
=== jeremy is now known as Guest64649
tatakwhat abaout your localhost page said03:37
ralliasit lists 2 old files that I forgot about.03:37
razz1Hilarie: also I am curious as to why I cannot see them, when I have ttf-mscorefonts installed, I can get some from webdings,03:37
KM0201nixnewbie73: try sudo apt-get install nvidia-9603:38
ralliassame for when I try to connect via the localnet connection03:38
tatakdid you start your service03:38
KM0201nixnewbie73: it's int he repos03:38
ralliastatak: I know its alive, it responds to everyone but WAN.03:38
bastidrazornixnewbie73: you have a several step process. ctrl alt F1 to get to a TTY > login > sudo service gdm stop > run your sh file > sudo service gdm start > ctrl alt F703:38
HilarieNo idea how relevent this will be for you03:38
KM0201nixnewbie73: you'll probably have to restart after it installs03:39
ralliastatak: And ports are forewarded correctly03:39
Hilarie@km0201 pidgin pidgin-data pidgin-libnotify03:39
HilarieSo I can't install it, it says it doesn't trust that library03:39
KM0201Hilarie: what?... sure it does... where'd you read that?03:39
KM0201Hilarie: did you download it from pidgin.net?03:40
JesdiscipleHilarie: you can force it to trust, I believe03:40
KM0201or pidgin.im... sorry03:40
Hilarie@km0201 from the ubuntu software center03:40
uRocklet it install03:40
KM0201Hilarie: whats the current version?03:40
Hilarie@urock wont give me the options03:40
uRockpidgin = 8)03:40
Hilarie1:2.7.3-1ubuntu3.2 (pidgin)03:41
KM0201Hilarie: go there and follow those instructions03:41
nixnewbie73ok brb its done reboot03:41
uRocktell it to go sit in the corner until it changes its mind03:41
=== mackmoron11 is now known as mm11afk
KM0201Hilarie: after you install updates... like it says... type "sudo apt-get install pidgin"... then sit back and watch as the most awesome IM program on the planet is installed03:42
razz1Hilarie: thanks, already have ms corefonts03:42
razz1Hilarie: I will keep looking03:42
KM0201and for cryin out loud, then you need to install xchat... or at least, xchat-gnome (or as i heard it called... xchat-withallthefeaturesremoved) :)03:43
uRockxchat-gnome is much easier on the eyes03:43
KM0201uRock: yeah, but a lot less features, but so simple to use.03:43
asy2hello you03:43
earthmeLonuRock, xchat-gnome vs... xchat-kde?03:44
KM0201the only thing i don't like bout xchat, is the icon... people see it on my desktop, and they think its some sort of pornographic chat program, so i had to change the icons for it.03:44
KM0201nixnewbie73: ?03:44
=== Guest58739 is now known as RaNdY
uRockthere is an xchat-kde?03:44
Hilarie  2. Select Open with: and GDebi Package Installer. Click OK. How do I do that?03:44
grkbloodwhat are some good alternative mixers other than the default? im looking for something that looks like a real mixer and can control apps03:44
HilarieIt's not showing up even on the open with thingamajig03:44
nixnewbie73ok it shows nvida  says its activated but not in use03:44
earthmeLonIono uRock.  I've only heard it called xchat, never xchat-gnome03:44
KM0201uRock: i don't think so.. there might be... KDE, i believe by default, uses Konversation or KVIRC as its irc client03:44
earthmeLonThat's what I was asking03:44
uRockI thought it was chat or xchat-gnome03:45
KM0201nixnewbie73: ok.. go to system/admin/nvidia-settings03:45
KM0201nixnewbie73: will it let you change yoru resolution, etc.. there?03:45
nixnewbie73says you dont apper to be using03:45
uRockubottu is get dumber03:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:45
nixnewbie73edit x config03:45
KM0201that doesn't make any sense03:45
nixnewbie73You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.03:45
tittnhow can i install intel gfx drivers for my laptop i think steam (wine) is crashing cos of that03:46
asy2hello new me03:46
nixnewbie73ill do iy03:46
asy2how are you well im suppose03:46
C_OkieHey jetole if I want to backup sda2 which is an extended partition containing sda5 ( windows ntfs partiiton with data) and sda6 linux swap, would I be able to recreat the swap and is it safe to delete the swap temporarily.  Would backing up with dd if of be better  or can  I evven take a cpy using dd if and mount that ?03:46
asy2dont use win03:46
nixnewbie73Unable to locate/open X configuration file.03:46
KM0201i believe you have to do that from console03:47
tittnim using ubuntu ? :D03:47
babalunixnewbie73 so you want to install the nvidia drivers from its website?03:47
nixnewbie73did sudo nvia-xconfig03:47
nixnewbie73no bab it lready installed03:47
nixnewbie73i just need to use03:47
uRocktittn, System> Administration> Hardware Drivers03:47
HilarieIt just keeps coming back as this requires using untrusted libraries, press okay03:47
KM0201babalu: he's got the nvidia-96 driver installed, from the repositories...03:47
HilarieYou press okay, and then nothing happens03:47
subminuentischralias only option i can think of that there is something wrong in ports.conf or that the port isnt open03:48
uRocktittn, System> Administration> Additional Drivers03:48
SDranyone knows how to hide kernel processes from top / ps?03:48
nixnewbie73You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.03:48
uRockdepending on the release03:48
nixnewbie73gives me that when i open nvidia server settings03:48
tittnits searching :D03:48
tittnbut doesnt find anything03:48
KM0201nixnewbie73: and what happens when you type sudo nvidia-xconfig03:48
nixnewbie73ARNING: Unable to locate/open X configuration file.03:48
subminuentischralias: only option i can think of that there is something wrong in ports.conf or that the port isnt open03:48
nixnewbie73gives warning03:48
KM0201Hilarie: install it from terminal03:48
uRockwhat graphics do you have? tittn03:48
KM0201nixnewbie73: yeah i think you'll have to go to console03:49
Hilarie:( how03:49
nixnewbie73im in terminal03:49
HilariePreferably with something I can copy and paste03:49
KM0201Hilarie: in a terminal sudo apt-get install pidgin03:49
tittni dont know some intel hd gfx from asus laptop03:49
tittnwith hdmi03:49
KM0201nixnewbie73: not terminal, console..03:49
nixnewbie73KM0201:  what console lol03:49
KM0201nixnewbie73: hod on03:49
nixnewbie73KM0201: thanks03:50
tittnwhat terminal :D03:50
nixnewbie73im a newb leave me alone lol03:50
Hilarie@km0201 looks like its working03:50
DaGeek247tittn the one that everyhing in ubuntu runs on.03:51
zulaxso i setup a DNS server, now how do i add entries (a good easy link)03:51
tittni guess it does :p03:52
uRockdoes anyone know the irc name for backtrack?03:52
babalunixnewbie73 do you have you problem solved?03:52
skyboundzulax: lol, what about http://tldp.org/HOWTO/DNS-HOWTO-5.html03:52
uRockif they even have one03:52
nixnewbie73bab km is helping me ty03:52
bazhang!backtrack > uRock03:52
ubottuuRock, please see my private message03:52
peyton_westlakeI was wondering if anyone knew how to find out what a computer display would be named as an output so that I can add a new resolution modeline to my xorg.conf using xrandr?03:52
uRockthank bazz03:52
uRockthank bazhang03:53
KM0201sorry about that03:53
HilarieIt worked!03:53
KM0201Hilarie: you had any doubts?03:53
nixnewbie73why do i not have x config lol03:53
HilarieI have doubts on anything that involves a MS-Dos like format03:53
rafaelsoaresbrwhat's the difference between icedtea and sun-java6-plugin? Does sun java have a 64bit version?03:54
KM0201nixnewbie73: http://linux.about.com/od/ubuntu_doc/a/ubudg24t8.htm03:54
nixnewbie73KM0201:  ill read03:54
KM0201nixnewbie73: that command it's telling you you need to run, run it from console03:54
KM0201nixnewbie73: you may well have to restart after you run it (remember, contro alt f7 to get back tot he GUI)03:55
nixnewbie73run nvidia-xconfig in consol03:55
KM0201sudo nvidia-xconfig (or whatever the command it told you to run was)03:55
HilarieAll that and it doesn't have Fbook chat03:55
nixnewbie73brb ill try it03:55
edwardo_whats the command to install adobe flash player/03:55
bashedAny tool to compare two files and pipe the similarity to another file?03:55
KM0201Hilarie: yes it does03:55
babaluyou need to logg as root first03:55
HilarieIs it possible I need to update then?03:56
KM0201Hilarie: sudo apt-get install pidgin-facebook-chat03:56
nixnewbie73says password i enter ubuntu password says invalid  KM020103:56
wn1zidhas to be root03:56
babaludo this03:56
babalusu passwd03:56
jay_why_beeWhat is the preferred IRC client?  This is my first time with Empathy.  Not bad, but wondering what you guys uesd.03:56
KM0201nixnewbie73: you ahve to log in again... so type your ubuntu user name, and then your password, then run the sudo command and type your sudo password03:56
babaluthen set your password for root user03:56
KM0201jay_why_bee: xchat or xchat-gnome03:57
HilarieE: Unable to locate package pidgin-facebook-chat03:57
nixnewbie73how do i set root password03:57
Flannelbabalu: There's no reason to do that, please don't recommend that here.03:57
nixnewbie73sudo su lol03:57
jorjE: Invalid operation pidgin-facebook-chat03:57
DaGeek247edwardo_ :  try the application manager and search for "restricted" its got the non-free software like flash mp3 etc.03:57
KM0201Hilarie: sorry, sudo apt-get install pidgin-facebookchat03:57
KM0201to many --03:57
KM0201!info pidgin-facebookchat03:57
ubottupidgin-facebookchat (source: pidgin-facebookchat): Facebook Chat plugin for Pidgin. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.67.1-1 (maverick), package size 37 kB, installed size 152 kB03:57
skyboundbashed: 'diff' comes to mind, though that prints the *difference* (more or less)... you want the lines(?) that are the same?03:58
DEAD_BEEFanyone know much about readline?03:58
bashedskybound: yeah, i want lines that are the same. Couldnt figure out how to do that with diff03:58
HilarieI would like to know the reason I can't copy and paste directly from IRC to the command prompt03:58
jorjgood nigth03:59
KM0201Hilarie: hat irc client again?03:59
nixnewbie73ok did it in console how to i restart x03:59
KM0201nixnewbie73: just restart your computer03:59
nixnewbie73freekin noob03:59
uRockHilarie, xchat-gnome can03:59
HilarieEmpathy 2.32.1 You can't copy and paste from here to command prompt03:59
uRockuse ctrl c03:59
DaGeek247Hilarie : cuz its harder that wy. try right clicking on the terminal and selcting paste.03:59
HilarieHave to use a text editor in between04:00
uRockuse the good old keyboard04:00
rafaelsoaresbrHilarie: right-click might work04:00
HilarieNope, its freakin wierd04:00
KM0201Hilarie: try highlighting what you want to copy/paste   then hit "Control + C"   then go to termina, right click and paste04:00
KM0201Hilarie: or live in the now, and install xchat04:01
DaGeek247i think its the source program..04:01
Hilarienope, again, its freakin wierd, workaround---> open text editor as a go between04:01
KM0201(what i said above works w/ xchat)04:01
skyboundbashed: from memory i would guess that diff can't do that, there might be some stuff to do that, but you have to define the problem a bit better. the same lines at the same offsets in the file, longish parts (paragraphs) that are in both files (no matter where in the files)...? out of curiosity: what exactly are you trying to do?04:01
HilarieI am not doing Xchat till you get my facebook working, its not showing up under accounts04:01
uRock ubuntu Rocks!04:01
KM0201Hilarie: i told you how to add facebook04:01
Hilarieaye, it went through, still not there04:01
KM0201Hilarie: did you restart pidgin?04:02
Hilarieit was hiding in the lil mail icon, I thought I did04:02
uRock Hilarie you will love xchat04:02
KM0201Hilarie: exit pidgin, make sure its actualy closed04:02
uRock Makes you wanna talk more04:02
KM0201then restart it04:02
DaGeek247xchat is complicated. :/04:02
=== Zvrk is now known as xXx_hazard_
KM0201DaGeek247: complicated?04:03
KM0201DaGeek247: then xchat-gnome04:03
HilarieIt was hiding in the background04:03
DaGeek247for new users like me.04:03
uRock chat is easy04:03
jay_why_bee_I just did the xchat-gnme... all is great.  This was what I was expecting.04:03
uRock xchat is easy04:03
Out_Coldwhat would happen if i apt-get remove python??04:03
bigeyePlease recommend your favorite channel :) I want to add more channel.04:03
KM0201DaGeek247: it does have a gazillion features, which really aren't necessary for the most part04:03
HilarieDoes it have !timebomb feature?04:03
skyfiregood day04:04
KM0201whats a timebomb feature?...04:04
uRock !timebomb04:04
DaGeek247and it leaves the average new user wondering whats really needed04:04
=== Mel is now known as Guest63359
HilarieIt doesn't work here :(04:04
bashedskybound: I have two crash log files, no paragraphs just lines. I need to find out what resulted in the crash. For that I need to get rid of the non related operations.04:04
uRock<ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about timebomb04:04
Hilariethe !timebomb is a thing an op can have, which tells you there is a bomb04:04
uRock k04:05
KM0201Hilarie: well, if you're not an OP.. why would you care?04:05
Hilariewith a set number of wires, you choose which one to cut, if you cut the wrong one, or don't cut fast enough, you get kicked04:05
KM0201Hilarie: oh i've saw those04:05
skyfireguys why i can't install skype on ubuntu 10.10?04:05
uRock tock?04:05
KM0201Hilarie: another channel i'm in has "russian roulette"... if you lose, you get kicked04:05
FlannelDaGeek247: Stop that.04:05
uRock this channel is too busy for games04:06
KM0201nixnewbie has been gone a while04:06
=== cjcopi_ is now known as cjcopi
C_Okiecould I temporarily delete sda6 a logical drive in the extended partiton sda2? http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php?quickkey=4cjy9v0f2esyhjw&thumb=604:07
uRock C_Okie why would you wanna do that?04:08
|ritztech|anyone know if its possible to have 2 openvpn sessions active04:08
uRock C_Okie as long as you ran backup, you should be fine04:08
HilarieIs there a way to force ubuntu to take a less secure Pword? Its driving me nuts04:08
|ritztech|i have one working on kvpnc but wont let me connect to the othere one04:09
C_Okieto resize sda1 by backing up sda5 , deleting sda2 and enlargin sda204:09
uRock Hilarie use sudo -i04:09
awanti_I need your help... i want to build customized ubuntu (like Ultimate edition) for my college friends. So plz. tell me how to do this!04:09
HilarieIsn't it bad that I am now in root@mycomputername?04:09
uRockawanti_,  there are lots of howto pages on how to do that04:10
KeypadHey, does any one know how to change the default screen on a multi screen setup ?04:10
KeypadI have like three screens in eyefinity04:10
skyboundbashed: 'comm' (in coreutils) but that needs sorted input files; maybe take a look at 'sdiff'; finally you got write something in perl (or whatever script) language. should be rather easy (iterate through lines of A storing into a hash-map/set; then iterate through B and only print lines with a known hash)... sorry, no definite answer04:10
uRock awanti_,  there are lots of howto pages on how to do that04:11
KM0201Hilarie: you really shouldn't be root.. ubuntu uses sudo04:11
HilarieRequires installation of untrusted packages>>>   libsexy2 xchat xchat-common04:11
subminuentischKeypad: system setting screens04:11
HilarieNo option given to override04:11
KM0201Hilarie: i wonder why you keep getting these untrusted packages warning.04:11
uRock why does it show everything as being untrusted?04:11
sacarlson|ritztech|: yes I think you can they just need to be setup on different ports to prevent conflict04:11
HilarieYou are sekretly trying to hack me04:11
uRock yes04:12
DaGeek247Hilarie, the cmd gives you an option. try sudo apt-get install xcht04:12
KM0201Hilarie: negative ghostrider04:12
bashedskybound: thanks, I think i will go with a perl script04:12
|ritztech|but icant change the server of course ( i can access 2 openvpns on my company laptop/ windows box _04:12
=== jay_why_bee__ is now known as jay_why_bee
awanti_can u give me the links.. i am new to Ubuntu (i don't have in depth knowledge). plz04:12
DaGeek247ive had THAT hapn to me before. so annoying.04:13
Hilarieunable to locate the package x-chat04:13
Keypadsubminuentisch, I tryed that, I think the ATI CCC takes over that.04:13
Hilariewith an E first04:13
Hilarie@awanti_ whats going on?04:13
KM0201Hilarie: you probably don't have universe enabled04:13
KM0201!info xchat04:13
ubottuxchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.8-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 312 kB, installed size 840 kB04:13
KM0201Hilarie: go to system/admin/synaptic package manager04:14
awanti_Hilarie: I need your help... i want to build customized ubuntu (like Ultimate editon) for my college friends. So plz. tell me how to do this!04:14
DaGeek247oops; sudo apt-get install xchat04:14
DaGeek247no "-"04:14
KM0201oh i missed that, she typed x-chat     shoud be xchat04:14
uRock awanti_ google is your friend04:14
jay_why_beeis "xchat" a placeholder for "xchat-gnome"?04:14
HilarieYeah, thats the cmd I tried the first time04:15
Hilariealright, I am in synaptic package manager, what do I do?04:15
KM0201Hilarie: sudo apt-get install xchat   didn't work?04:15
KM0201jay_why_bee: no, totally separate programs04:15
uRockjay_why_bee no04:15
KM0201Hilarie: click settings/repositories04:15
Hilarie@km0201 Yar04:15
uRock they be diffy04:15
KM0201Hilarie: on the first tab.. check all the boxes at the top(source code might have just a ine beside it)04:16
KM0201Hilarie: then clcik the "Other software" tab.. and check all the boxes04:16
Ahrotahnteeanyone want to recommend a java runtime environment that isn't going to consume 90% of my resources?04:16
KM0201Hilarie: after you do that, click close, and you'll get a message to "reload"....04:17
HilarieDoesn't google have a JRE?04:17
KM0201click the reload button04:17
Hilarie@KM0201 K04:17
KM0201Hilarie: after it reloads04:17
uRockfluendo ftw04:17
Epidemichey guys, just got a second machine with 10.04 on it, got it hooked up to my tv over hdmi... only problem is, it's cutting off all 4 sides of the screen :( any ideas? i'm 90% positive the tv doesn't have a zoo mode enabled but I currently can't find the remote....04:17
KM0201Hilarie: after it reloads, in the upper right, search for xchat04:17
smwAhrotahntee, JREs tend to take alot of resources04:17
pooltableweb cam how to get it to work?04:18
Hilarie@epidemic sounds like a resolution problem04:18
KM0201Hilarie: and you shoud see a package there called "xchat".... right click it, and choose "Mark for installation"04:18
Ahrotahnteesmw: I noticed, but is there a widely accepted 'best' ?04:18
HilarieWhich one KM0201?04:18
KM0201Hilarie: just 'xchat'04:18
julia_23QUESTION: Is there a way that I can BOOT an encrypted virtualized copy of Ubuntu on a flash drive?04:18
EpidemicHilarie: yeah, but it's at 1080 and it's worked with another computer just fine before04:18
KM0201Hilarie: after you mark it, it will want you to mark some other packages04:18
KM0201mark those, and then click apply04:18
Hilarie@epidemic try 720 and see what happens04:19
JayPhill89what does this mean "Error: Dependency is not satisfiable"04:19
KM0201JayPhill89: means the program has a dependency, that is not available in the repositories04:20
EpidemicHilarie: in 720 everything gets a little bigger and I can see a little more of the borders, but still missing 3/4 of the bottem and top toolbars04:20
JayPhill89the dependency listed is libnautilus-extension1. i believe thats already installed04:20
chris_Hello, how do I uninstall #kubuntu so I can go back to pure gnome04:20
sacarlsonjulia_23: I havn't even figured out how to boot an unecrypted usb flash on virtualbox,  If you find a way I would love to know04:20
KM0201JayPhill89: i have libnautilus-extension1 installed04:21
KM0201chris_: kde is like a windows virus, it really never goes away04:21
julia_23sacarlson: what about with ESXi ?04:22
hilarie_bleh, /nick Hilarie isn't working04:22
chris_Ok, I guess I am reinstalling Ubuntu then I guess04:22
mintux I got this error http://codepad.org/AU4nLGEy  for run a software that I can't understand it.i mean it said the lib you used is X and you have X too . but I don't know why my software doesn't work04:22
bastidrazor!puregnome | chris_04:23
ubottuchris_: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome04:23
KM0201hilarie_: try "/ghost hilary"04:23
uRockHilarie is already in use04:23
czardozhow to disable the "someone has left" messeges??04:24
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents04:24
czardozin xchat04:24
pooltableweb cam view ?04:24
uRockpooltable, plug it in04:24
jay_why_beejulia_23: You have the USB key encrypted with something like truecrypt?04:25
czardozand use cheese04:25
sacarlsonjulia_23: never tried it,  I just read about it and still not quite sure04:25
uRock pooltable, cheese should get in working fine04:25
julia_23QUESTION: Anybody here know how to boot from a Virtualized copy of Ubuntu?  Doesn't necessarily need to be encrypted.  I have an empty USB key with nothing on it, no encryption or anything yet.04:25
pooltablei have it plug it use ing camorama like it go go faster or use another program ?04:26
czardozyou want ubuntu on the flash drive?04:26
hilarie_Julia you want a portable one, or virtualized?04:26
jay_why_beeSo you want to boot via a virtualdisk file?04:26
julia_23@czardoz On a portable flash drive that will function on any computer04:26
czardozyou need the ubuntu ISO04:26
czardozand ubuntu on a system04:26
hilarie_Are you going to be doing this from windows or linux to set it up?04:27
hilarie_You don't need ubuntu to start it czardoz04:27
czardoztoo make a portable pendrive you do04:27
|ritztech|i tried to find a place to change kvpnc port 2222 for the other session.04:27
uRock unetbootin can help get ubuntu onto the usb04:27
pooltablei have it plug it use ing camorama like it go go faster or use another program ?04:27
|ritztech|and if i disconnect openvpn Session A and start Session B it works fine04:28
jay_why_beejulia_23:  so booting up linux on a pendrive does not solve your problem?   You need to boot into a virtual machine?04:28
hilarie_Universal USB anywhere04:28
hilarie_Allows you to install the ISO onto a USB04:28
julia_23@hilarie_ from Ubuntu04:28
hilarie_from windows04:28
KeyLimePiAnyone here know of a storage place for older (outdated) packages for those who need to rollback ?04:29
czardozvat/cache/apt i think04:29
julia_23jay_why_bee: every system that I try boot from will try detect new hardware, no?04:29
jay_why_beeBut them so will the Host OS that will boot your VM04:29
asmalikKeyLimePi, var/cache/apt/archives04:30
julia_23I see04:30
hilarie_@Julia_23 are you doing this from Windows or Ubuntu?04:30
julia_23So there is no universal way to accomplish this?04:30
julia_23@hilarie ^04:30
czardozthen you can make a bootaable pendrive04:30
KeyLimePiasmalik: My machine kept these???? Wow! I never knew about this.  It is my hope that I can roll back to a flashplayer that is not insane04:31
julia_23czardoz: will this pendrive work on every computer I plug it into?04:31
czardozsystem>preferences>startup disk creator04:31
czardozyes it will04:31
hilarie_@julia_23 *most* computers at least04:31
czardoz^ thats more correct04:31
julia_23okay, most is better than some04:31
jay_why_bee@Julia_23, I think you need to create a ubuntu booting USB drive, they see how far that takes you.04:31
czardozbut you need the ISO04:31
jay_why_bee@julia_23 it may not detect all hardware on all systems, but it is really good for an OS that will run from a Live CD or USB drive.04:32
czardozwill work for most of your pusrposes04:33
julia_23wonderful, being it usb, then it will save anything I download and install, correct?04:33
czardozprovided you have space04:33
julia_23then I can fairly easily clone the USB thumb drive to other sticks?04:33
uRock I use Ubuntu on my thumby and love it04:33
jay_why_bee@julia_23 plus I can't imagine how slow a system will be that will boot its HOST oS and its GUEST OS from 1 USB flash device.04:33
uRock no prblems saving nor installing programs and files04:34
julia_23would there be a better choice than Ubuntu? I don't want to complicate things04:34
jay_why_bee@julia_23 :  Pretty sure Ubuntu has a USB drive creating app.04:34
czardoznimblex is good too04:34
julia_23that has access to the same sofware center, firefox, gwibber, pidgin..etc04:34
uRock Ubuntu is the best04:34
uRock I am biased04:34
czardozwill be faster04:34
julia_23xubuntu? okay04:35
uRock puppy04:35
julia_23will give it a test, thanks folkx you are bloody awesome shit04:35
czardozi know04:35
uRock fedora04:35
czardozno way04:35
=== hilarie_ is now known as Hillary
DaGeek247!ohmy <julia_2304:35
uRock OS X04:35
=== Hillary is now known as Hilarie_
Hilarie_Someone took Hillary :(04:36
JPShi everyone04:36
DaGeek247!ohmy < julia_2304:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:36
uRock hi04:36
JPSI need to know to how to secure home directory of each user logging as domain user04:36
uRock JPS, how do you mean?04:37
JPSI am having Linux Box which is on windows Domain04:37
uRockit is a broad subject04:37
JPSwhenever any user logs in to linux box using user@domain04:37
JPShe/she is able to see home directories of other users also04:37
JPSI want to prevent it04:37
uRockby default they can see all, but that is easily changed04:38
czardozremove the x permission from /home04:38
hilarie_Someone took my nick!04:38
KM0201hilarie_: flog them!04:38
uRockJPS, what czardoz said04:38
mevkurrayjps, or use samba to configure it04:38
uRockbilarie, it was me04:39
mevkurrayjps, but what czardoz said may be easier04:39
czardozuts just 1 command04:39
=== hilarie_ is now known as uRock_Sucks
uRockchmod -x nameofdirectory04:39
JPSokay let me try by removing x permission04:39
julia_23apt-get install DaGeek24704:39
czardozin ths case, /home04:39
DaGeek247i dont that program name resrved yet.04:40
JPScan you write chmod for removing x-permission04:41
bastidrazorczardoz: removing x bit will break things.. do chmod 700 instead04:41
JPSchmod 700 not working04:41
=== mm11afk is now known as mackmoron11
uRock_SucksI don't even see Hilarie in the channel04:41
bastidrazorJPS: 'not working' is a bit vague04:41
uRockthey only have to be logged into freenode04:41
KM0201uRock_Sucks: jus cuz she's not in this channel, doesn't mean she isn't elsewhere on Freenode   Freenode has a lot more channels than just #ubuntu04:42
uRockyup, there is #fedora04:42
czardoz@bastidrazor: break?04:42
uRockbut they don't allow talking04:42
kerozenechmod o-x /home04:43
czardoz^ better still04:43
bastidrazorczardoz: if the owner not execute the directory then you have broken things04:43
=== uRock_Sucks is now known as Hilary
czardozbut if his server is suid, will make no difference04:43
KM0201Hilary: there you go, register it, quick..lol04:43
uRockty Hilary04:43
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode04:43
czardozhow to register?04:43
uRocklook up04:44
Hilaryits already registered04:44
uRockyou go girl04:44
KM0201did you register it, or someone else?04:44
Hilarysomeone else04:44
JPSchmod 700 do not allows any user to access home directory04:44
czardozyou can04:44
czardozyou are root04:44
bastidrazorJPS: isn't that the point?04:44
KM0201Hilary: what about two L's?04:44
=== Hilary is now known as Hillary
=== patrick is now known as Guest4955
bastidrazorJPS: that would allow only the owner to access it.04:45
KM0201Hillary: well, i'm out of ideas04:45
uRockbastidrazor, he/she was asking04:45
JPSsir ! i want that only that each user should be able to view his/her own home directory instead of having permission to view other users' files04:45
HillaryThe Hilarie wasn't registered, and I don't think I can register it w/o actually having that nickname04:45
KM0201Hillary: probably, but i thought you said when you tried to register, it said it was registered?04:46
jay_why_beeIs there a way in Xchat to watch two channels side by side, instead of the sidebar-thing?04:46
kerozeneis this #freenode now?04:46
JPSis there any way to achieve this?04:46
HillaryI hadn't tried to register Hilarie yet, but I didn't get a message saying it had been taken either, I just can't change my nick to Hilarie04:46
bastidrazorJPS:  each /home/user1 /home/user2 /home/user3 should be chmod 700 .. that will prevent user1 from viewing user2 and 3 from viewing..04:46
KM0201jay_why_bee: right click a channel and choose "detatch" and it will give it its own window04:46
bastidrazorJPS: i've told you twice and given you the exact command.04:47
SharpclawHello! If anyone has any questions about booting Ubuntu, I'm here!04:47
JPSi tried that command with sudo04:48
jay_why_beekm0201 I don't appear to have that choice when I right-click the channel in the sidebar04:48
uRockCan i boot by hitting the power button?04:48
JPSnow logged in user is having message that he/she can access the home dir04:48
=== Hillary is now known as The_Real_Hilarie
KM0201jay_why_bee: are you using xchat, or xchat-gnome ?04:48
uRockJPS, you can not run that one as root04:48
czardozhmm....me off04:49
JPSI just did it04:49
JPSany remedy now?04:49
uRocknow root owns the folders04:49
uRockinstead of the user04:49
KM0201jay_why_bee: hang on, i gave you instructions for xchat04:49
etafigAnyone have any idea why an ipod classic auto-ejects itself immediately after I plug it in?Lets say I have a 6 core processor, using a windows machine. Am I really going to be using all of the cores? The last I checked there was a limit to how many cores software (at the time) could use.04:49
bastidrazoruRock: chmod will not change the ownership.04:49
czardoznow you have to run choown on each directory04:49
czardozjust write a script04:50
angelslhi. how do I mount the 2nd partition of a multi-track DVD?04:50
JPSfor each ?04:50
czardozwrite a script04:50
czardozwill make it easier04:50
LoshkiAre there a lot of differences between xchat and xchat-gnome?04:50
JPSI have more than 2000 dirs04:50
uRockwith sudo it will04:50
uRockI think04:50
uRockLoshki, try both04:50
bastidrazorJPS: and your OS is Ubuntu?04:51
jay_why_beeLoshki:  Not sure...  just now trying xchat-gnome04:51
JPSYes , its ubuntu 10.0404:51
czardozwrite a script or use wildcars04:51
SharpclawCan I save files while running the trial of Ubuntu?04:52
bastidrazorJPS: 2000 directories or 2000 users?04:52
The_Real_HilarieWhere would I start looking to try and get my mic up and running04:52
jfvineyardjrhow do I download firefox thru terminal04:52
JPS2000 users as such04:52
czardoz2000 directories ====> 2000 users04:52
=== SquishyNotHere is now known as squishy
KM0201jay_why_bee: looks like that might be one of those features removed from xchat-gnome04:53
KM0201yup, looks that way04:53
jay_why_beekm0201: Thanks for the help.... I am installing the Xhat now to try04:53
KM0201jay_why_bee: ok.04:53
KM0201jay_why_bee: now you can be l33t, like everyone else that is here04:53
KM0201The_Real_Hilarie: probably sound preferences?04:54
LoshkiuRock: jay_why_bee: google says here http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/12239/ that the goal of xchat-gnome is to be simpler than xchat...04:54
The_Real_HilarieFrom looking at sound preferences ubuntu doesn't understand my sound card04:54
SharpclawI will now repeat my question: Can I save files while running the trial of Ubuntu?04:54
jay_why_beeKM0201: Great... anything to camo my N00b-ness04:54
The_Real_Hilarieits saying 2 outputs, in input, I have 2 outs, 2 ins04:54
KM0201Sharpclaw: save them where?04:54
KM0201The_Real_Hilarie: is this a laptop?04:55
The_Real_Hilarieaye, and an array mic04:55
KM0201The_Real_Hilarie: try on the input tab, changing the options in "connector" and seeing if the input level starts moving if you talk, as you change it04:56
=== jay is now known as Guest20110
bastidrazorJPS: you could cd /home then sudo chmod 700 * .. that will make all directories in /home rwx by the owner only. that will solve your issue.04:57
KM0201nixnewbie: i was getting concerned04:57
The_Real_Hilarie@KM0201 all I managed to do was lose my audio completely for a minute, the utility shows no input though04:59
The_Real_HilarieIt's all greyed out04:59
KM0201The_Real_Hilarie: hmm.04:59
nixnewbieim in live disk04:59
The_Real_HilarieI have line in, and microphone04:59
The_Real_Hilarienow, found it04:59
KM0201nixnewbie: ?... whast wrong04:59
The_Real_HilarieAnd neither of them work, it works in Vista04:59
=== Guest20110 is now known as jay_why_bee
kthomas_vh_is it safe to ln -s a directory inside a chroot jail to an external fs,  for instance,   a directory inside /var/www ?05:00
nixnewbiei do startx and it says no screens05:00
nixnewbiei cant get bvack into gui05:00
nixnewbiejust console05:00
nixnewbiewhen i boot it loads console and stop gui05:00
nixnewbiewhen i do startx  it says fatle server erro no screens05:01
jfvineyardjrhow to install firefox thru terminal05:01
nixnewbiewhen i hit ctrl alt f7 it does not load gui05:01
nixnewbiex server is fuged05:01
KM0201nixnewbie: can i pm you?05:01
nixnewbieyes KM020105:01
bastidrazorjfvineyardjr: sudo apt-get install firefox05:02
bastidrazorjfvineyardjr: although.. it should be installed already in Ubuntu by default05:02
schultzaIs there an Ubuntu-like release that uses rolling releases?05:04
jfvineyardjrwhen dl firefox I get the following Processing triggers for menu ...05:04
jfvineyardjrErrors were encountered while processing:05:04
jfvineyardjr firmware-b43-installer05:04
jfvineyardjrE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:04
=== mackmoron11 is now known as mm11zzzzzzzzzzzz
FloodBot2jfvineyardjr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:04
bastidrazorschultza: Ubuntu does not therefore it is outside the scope of this channel.05:05
Loshkikthomas_vh_: I think it should be safe. Since the symbolic link really just contains text, from inside the jail it should be as though you typed 'cd link-destination' i.e. it won't necessarily put you in the directory you want05:05
skyboundkthomas_vh_: i was under the impression that softlinks can't cross a chroot jail? hardlinks should, but that is one of the ways to break out of a root-jail; anyway "chroot is not and never has been a security tool" [http://kerneltrap.org/Linux/Abusing_chroot]05:05
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
kthomas_vh_Loshki, skybound Y,  it has to be a hardlink05:06
schultzaWow. Talk about a blatant off-topic. Thanks for the info.05:06
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest37259
breadcrumbschultza Linux Mint Debian Edition uses rolling releases, but its debian-based05:07
schultzaThank you.05:07
SamizdatDoes anyone know how to remove letterboxing from my display?05:07
SharpclawKM0201, have you recived my message?05:07
breadcrumbthe main Mint release is still Ubuntu-based, but they are moving towards Debian05:08
kthomas_vh_it is far better to link *into* the jail,  quite obviously05:08
KM0201Sharpclaw: yeah, sorry, got tied up with something else05:08
jfvineyardjrE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:08
Sharpclawkm0201, That's ok. As long as you got it. (Took eternety to type up.)05:09
bastidrazorschultza: you are welcome to ask in #ubuntu-offtopic05:09
schultzaI did not know that channel existed. Thank you, bastidrazor.05:09
jay_why_beekm0201: I think I like the stock "XChat" better than "xchat-gnome".  Thanks.05:09
KM0201jay_why_bee: yeah... even though its' got a gazillion features, you don't have to use them al.05:10
kthomas_vh_otherwise skybound,  my user will not have ability to use chroot from inside the jail05:10
maxxistjay_why_bee: i agree.05:10
jfvineyardjrI got this error while install E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:11
The_Real_HilarieHow do I install Tor05:11
SharpclawWhy does my WHOIS say that my server is bear.freenode.net in LONDON?!05:11
The_Real_Hilariehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tor I doth not understand05:11
jasonmchristoswhy willn't my touchpad tap work?05:11
breadcrumbSharpclaw, the irc server you are using is in london05:11
izinucsSharpclaw: 'cause maybe that's where you're connected through.05:12
SamizdatDoes anyone know how to remove letterboxing from my display?  Please?05:12
jasonmchristosit's enabled in settings but no tap05:12
SharpclawThat's lame...05:12
skyboundkthomas_vh_: not sure i understand that; are you aware of "mount --bind ..."? it might be better suited, but whatever works for you05:12
bastidrazorSharpclaw: ask in #freenode05:12
izinucsSharpclaw: my says jordan and I'm in Calif.05:12
jasonmchristosizinucs, its load balancing round robin05:13
willowaveanyone bored and like to help with fdisk issues?05:13
jasonmchristoswhy willn't my touchpad tap work even when its enabled in settings?05:13
mintuxhow can I find my usb path. suppose I connect a device to usb port. how can I know what is path of my that usb ? forexample /dev/tty.. what ?05:14
bastidrazormintux: look in dmesg, it will tell you.05:14
jfvineyardjrE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:14
jfvineyardjr I get this following firefox download and install05:14
SharpclawIRC says it's spoofing my IP.05:15
mintuxbastidrazor: dmesg | grep usb ?05:15
LoshkiSharpclaw: lame? There's so much bandwidth you can't even tell which country the server you're bouncing off is in? That isn't lame, it's miraculous...05:15
miguelcomo va todo?05:15
The_Real_HilarieThis is telling me I need to be root apt-get install tor tor-geoipdb05:15
willowavemintux I don't know the best answer but I've been using dmesg | tail after you hook the USB up, then /dev/sd* whatever you can figure out to be the usb05:15
jay_why_beemintux, You can use "df" or "mount" too in the commandline05:15
=== miguel is now known as Guest62023
SharpclawLoshki, What ever!05:15
bastidrazorLoshki: that is fairly amazing when you think about it.05:16
bastidrazormintux: more than likely you'll want to use the mount point it is using instead of the /dev05:17
=== Guest62023 is now known as iscar
mintuxwillowave: I got this http://codepad.org/eF9N6C5S what thing can in understand from it ? in lsusb I have http://codepad.org/YPPb9aHF and I need to know path of VOTI USBasp AVR Programmer05:18
Loshkiwillowave: mintux: that's what I do too (dmesg | tail). That seems to be the best you can do if you're not running a desktop...05:19
mintux Loshki: I try that and get this result  http://codepad.org/eF9N6C5S I need to know path of VOTI USBasp AVR Programmer in  http://codepad.org/YPPb9aHF05:19
singularitygreetings. any one here05:20
singularityi have a few questions05:20
mintuxalso I have /dev/bus/usb/002/005 that refer to Bus 002 Device 00505:20
spivwakhi all, any way to get amazonmp3 on 11.04?05:20
singularityhey is there anyway that a captacha image automatically fills up05:21
bastidrazorspivwak: 11.04 issues are in #ubuntu+105:22
Abhinav1singularity: captcha is for stopping spammer05:23
=== epwna is now known as Pinako
singularityyes i know that05:23
singularityand i am not trying to spam or so05:23
snap_hey can anyone explain wha is going on here: i am ssh'd into an ubuntu box, forewarding x, and i open an application on the remote box, when i try to start an identical application (they are all firefox, in this example) on the local box, it instead opens another copy on the remote box, and will every time i try to open it until i close all the remote copies...then it will opn the local copy correctly...i am only getting this when i am goin ubuntu->ubun05:23
singularityits just and experimental project05:23
SamizdatWould anyone mind helping me with my display?05:24
spivwakok thanks05:24
KM0201nixnebie73: did you get it working?05:24
izinucsSamizdat: you need to ask a more specific question05:24
nixnebie73KM0201:  says unable to locate xerver xorgvideo05:25
SamizdatI ran a program in wine that letterboxed my screen.  after closing that, the letterboxes remain, even after restart.05:25
SamizdatI changed the resolution, but now it looks streched.05:26
LostPenguinalways set resolution to desktop resolution or that happens05:26
rafaelsoaresbrsingularity: what captcha? rapidshare, etc...?05:26
singularitysomething like that05:27
Samizdat@Lost How do I do that?05:27
willowavefdisk ninja? anyone?05:27
Loshkimintux: I found some stuff googling for 'VOTI USBasp AVR Programmer' but I don't know the answer to your question, sorry...05:27
HowardTheDuckhey all.  Will an ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 550v 1GB mobile video card work in Ubuntu 10.04?  Or is getting 3d enabled drivers to work still a nightmare05:27
LostPenguinSamizdat: in the settings for the program you launch with wine05:27
rafaelsoaresbrsingularity: are you trying do download anything?05:28
singularityits a experimental project we are running here05:28
Samizdat@Lost I've closed wine, how do I get my full screen back?05:28
singularityits a polling site about random stuff05:28
The_Real_HilarieSo I have a tar.gz what do i do with it now?05:28
xilI'm having some problems printing unicode. I have [print "\xE2\x96\x88"] and that works just fine but when I do [print """\xE2\x96\x8%x""" % (8)] it gives an error "invalid \x escape"05:28
snap_anyone have any clues for my problem with ssh?05:29
LostPenguinSamizdat: restart the gui05:29
Loshkisnap_: check out the -no-remote option to firefox...05:29
The_Real_Hilarielol, pwn floodbot1!05:29
singularity@rafeal can you help05:29
Samizdat@Lost  I just started with Linux two days ago, the GUI for wine?05:29
LostPenguinSamizdat: just restart the whole thing05:30
snap_Loshki: awesome, thanks that fixed it05:30
xiloh woops, wrong channel05:30
rafaelsoaresbrsingularity: no sorry05:30
Samizdat@Lost That's where I started, no dice, square screen.05:30
HowardTheDuckWhich would be better in Ubuntu, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 550v 1GB or Integrated Intel Graphics?05:30
LostPenguinSamizdat ajust the resolution05:31
singularityhow about an autofill check box plugin?05:31
Samizdat@Lost I adjusted resolution, but that just streched my image.  Linux thinks I have asquare monitor.05:31
LostPenguinnow ajust it back05:32
SamizdatDid that.  Still square.05:33
singularityGreetings i am looking for an autofill check box app05:33
singularityis anyone aware of this kind of stuff05:33
LostPenguinajust the resolution to a setting apropriate for your minitor05:34
SamizdatLost It is either square or stretched.05:35
Ahrotahnteehmm, what would cause a 'who' to list the address of a conneting client as c-##-##-##-###:S.0 opposed to a qualified domain name or IP address?05:36
Clockwerks77Hey folks, can anyone recommend a really good video editing program for Ubuntu?05:36
EnigmaticCoderGood night all05:40
Clockwerks77Hey folks, can anyone recommend a really good video editing program for Ubuntu?05:40
abhijainhow can i change theme of my ubuntu apperance05:42
abhijainwant to change appearance05:42
bazhang!themes > abhijain05:42
ubottuabhijain, please see my private message05:42
ub-dadivhow do i add undernet05:43
abhijainbazhang: just want to change apperacne of pannel05:43
bazhangabhijain, check the themes sites in the link05:44
busybeehello can someone help me setup a dual monitor ? I tried changing the nvidia x server settings, but can;t get to activate both the monitors at the same time05:49
izinucsbusybee: is one a tv?05:51
Carsten-Hey guys... I removed a folder from /etc then later decided to re-install the same package, now when I choose to re-install it, it does so with a number of errors, I have run apt-get -f install to try fixing it but no avail, is there anyway to order apt to re-install a package 100% from scratch as if it never has been installed before?05:53
busybeeizinucs: its a lcd monitor05:53
izinucsbusybee: and the other is a laptop?05:54
LostPenguinCarsten-: package manager can mark a package for complete removal05:54
shmupwhere in freenode would i ask about htacess/htpasswd problems?05:54
Carsten-LostPenguin: How?05:54
busybeeizinucs: Yup05:54
shmupor could i just ask here?05:55
izinucsbusybee: are you using nvidia-settings?05:55
shmupi'm thinking apache if that exists ~.~05:55
Carsten-LostPenguin: I tried purge.. didn't work.05:55
LostPenguinifpackage manager gui05:55
busybeeizinucs: Yes I do05:55
LostPenguin*package manager gui05:55
Carsten-LostPenguin: I don't have gui, I'm on command line.05:55
jay_why_beeIs it not possible to connect to a windows share with the "Connect to server..." dialog and not use a password?  Just trying to setup a "guest" share.05:55
ZykoticK9Carsten-, I didn't see your issue - but be aware the purge / Complete Remove - will NOT touch settings in your home folder (if there are any)05:55
izinucsbusybee: is that what you've been using trying to activate the 2nd monitor?05:55
busybeeizinucs: Yes05:56
Carsten-ZykoticK9: So is there some method that removes **EVERYTHING**?05:56
ZykoticK9Carsten-, nothing will touch your home folder settings - you'd need to do that manually05:56
busybeeIzinucs: nvidia settings overwrites the xorg.conf file in /etc. Is there something else I am supposed to do ?05:57
izinucsbusybee: how did you install the nvidia driver with the one in System>Admin>hardware drivers or did you do it manually after downloading from nvidia?05:57
special_khey guys does anyone know much about busy box05:57
needlezCarsten: yes there is a command that removes everything but I'd avise to never do it... rm rf ~/*05:57
needlezor something like that05:57
needlezbut dont do it05:57
=== jmad980 is now known as jnotsomad980
busybeeizinucs: i believe i did it from  rpmfusion as a repo05:58
busybeenot the actual source05:58
Carsten-ZykoticK9: Okay, well I removed it manually, then decided I wanted the package back now when I try to re-install it, I get a series of errors, telling me it's missing some dependancies etc.05:58
ZykoticK9Carsten-, dependencies are unrelated to any home folder settings05:59
needlezCarsten: if you need dependancies install the dependancies first then install the package you want to reinstall05:59
ihack4funBusybox embedded programming right?05:59
needlezor if you have synaptic open it up and filter to broken if your getting a broken error with the packages youre tring to download05:59
izinucsbusybee: I don't know that repo.. personally I use a PPA designed for ubuntu.. x-swat .. nvidia-settings when done right *will* create entries in xorg.conf.. initially there isn't anything in there because of the neuvou (sp?) driver and xrandr..05:59
=== jnotsomad980 is now known as jmad980
busybeeizinucs: I just got the monitor yesterday. I will try installing from nvidia website06:01
Carsten-ZykoticK9: Ok, well the dep is a template text file.. The package in question is exim4, it's telling me  /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template is missing, when trying to install the package exim4-config06:01
izinucsbusybee: could be that repo didn't configure the install correctly by disabling the opensource driver correctly.. x-swat will.  you're in for a nightmare if you try from the nvidia website.. it's not like it was 2-3 releases ago when it was easy06:01
Carsten-I would be expecting that package would be the one to install that file.06:01
ZykoticK9Carsten-, sorry i have no idea what exim4 even is.  Best of luck man.06:01
Carsten-It's an alternate MTA.06:02
The_Real_HilarieHey, I was wondering if there is an easy way to defrag a ntfs file system from within ubuntu?06:02
needlezCarsten: cd to /etc/exim4 and create a blank file called exim4.conf that should allow you to install the program you need if not let me know06:02
ZykoticK9busybee, FYI RPMFusion is NOT for Ubuntu - don't try to use RPMs on Ubuntu (unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, and i doubt it ever would/should be)06:02
Carsten-needlez: Thanks I will try now06:02
needlezCarsten:  you may also have to create the folder for the file /etc/exim406:03
WolfgurrI got a question if someone has a min06:03
chrislustichey there!06:03
izinucsbusybee: here's a how to.. http://www.unixmen.com/software/1365-nvidia-2601926-driver-for-linux-is-released-installation-instructions-and-ppa-included06:03
needlezwolfgurr: speak06:04
chrislusticI have a wuestion aswell...06:04
chrislusticwhats your question wolfgurr06:04
WolfgurrI installed ubuntu along side windows 7 all was good till I ran the Ubuntu update and restarted, after that I no longer have internet in windows or ubuntu06:04
* special_k wants to know about busy box06:05
ZykoticK9Wolfgurr, updates in Ubuntu will not affect a Windows 7 install - are you sure your internet isn't just down?06:05
needlezWolfgurr: what is your version of ubuntu kernel image?? go to system and about and find kernel image it should be 2.6.35- something 23 , 24 or other06:05
Wolfgurrim on the internet now different computer06:06
chrislustic'  I have Ubuntu 10.10 Installed on a pariition of my HDD on my imac,  On my imac I run a fan control program that speeds up my fans to keep things cooler, without it the computer gets pretty hot, When I boot linux, the fan no longer runs so fast. or maybe possibly not at all, I want to use my linux, but Need to keep it cool, does anyone know about a fan speed controlling app I could use?06:06
Wolfgurrbox in question is right behind me06:06
Carsten-needlez: No dice... This is the output I get after creating an empy file: http://pastebin.com/MxZwzepJ06:06
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
busybeeizinucs: thanks for the link06:07
busybeeneed to restart machine will be back06:07
zuani am newbie here06:08
chrislustic I have Ubuntu 10.10 Installed on a pariition of my HDD on my imac,  On my imac I run a fan control program that speeds up my fans to keep things cooler, without it the computer gets pretty hot, When I boot linux, the fan no longer runs so fast. or maybe possibly not at all, I want to use my linux, but Need to keep it cool, does anyone know about a fan speed controlling app I could use?06:08
zuananybody help me06:08
needlezCarsten: from what I'm reading the last line is telling me that dpkg has something wrong with it. have you tried to go to synaptic and look  for broken packages??06:08
ZykoticK9!ask | zuan06:08
ubottuzuan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:08
special_kzuan come over here06:09
Carsten-needlez: No synaptic available... No gui.06:09
zuanmy desktop blurry how i can to be normal my ubuntu desktop06:09
chrislusticnobody here is running linux on an imac?06:09
Wolfgurrneedlez where do I check that at?06:10
chrislusticZUAN, I read about that some where, and it should be relatively easy to fix if you look it up,06:10
chrislusticyes @ the_real_hilarie.06:10
Carsten-needlez: I have run apt-get check, it didn't come up with any problems06:10
The_Real_HilarieThere is a built in app to derate your CPU on demand,06:10
special_kimac has very particular embedded system coding if you want it fixed you have to code it yourself06:10
The_Real_Hilarieon my PC its solved my heating issues06:10
abhijainCan anyone suggest me Twitter/Identi.ca desktop client for Linux? I am not interested in Adobe air applications.06:10
chrislusticthere is nothing wrong with the imac,06:11
zuanwhere can i fix this problem06:11
KM0201!info lm-sensors06:11
ubottulm-sensors (source: lm-sensors-3): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component main, is extra. Version 1:3.1.2-6 (maverick), package size 114 kB, installed size 448 kB06:11
needlezWolfgurr: system monitor> about06:11
needlezCarsten: strange06:11
special_kyou need to look for particular drivers06:11
special_kif someone has made them06:11
bullgard4Synaptic: "ncmpc is a text-mode client for MPD, the Music Player Daemon. Its goal is to provide a keyboard oriented and consistent interface to MPD, without wasting resources. The DEB program package »ncmpc-lyrics« contains plugins to download lyrics."  - What is "lyrics"?06:11
chrislusticI'm particularily new to linux06:12
Carsten-needlez: So is there no way to tell apt or aptitude to reinstall a package from scratch as if it has never been installed before?06:12
needlezCarsten: well first you should remove the package thru purging it then reboot then install the package06:13
needlezCarsten: thats the only way I can think of to tell the package to install like it was never there, also you may try cleaning the area where that config file would be installed so it cleared and so that theres no folder either06:16
The_Real_HilarieWhat are the downsides of Xubuntu vs ubuntu06:17
rumpe1The_Real_Hilarie, gnome isn't installed automatically ^^06:17
=== jmad980 is now known as jmad
ZykoticK9The_Real_Hilarie, less support - and not much performance/requirement improvement over Gnome see http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux_desktop_vitals&num=106:18
=== Nisstyre is now known as umad980
The_Real_HilarieThanks for the link, will take a look06:18
kermitAre there any fast ubuntu mirrors?06:19
null-pointerexcusme, can any body here pointing me. Where i can find howto start developing gtk application in ubuntu ??06:20
null-pointeri mean a simple step by step guide :)06:20
The_Real_Hilarie@kermit torrent06:20
kermiti mean for updates06:20
AbhiJitnull-pointer, read gtk guide06:20
kermitbut thanks06:20
AbhiJitnull-pointer, #ubuntu-devel06:20
Carsten-needlez: Thanks.. I tried that, to no avail again... Thanks for your help however, I'll try the ubuntu forums.06:20
null-pointerAbhiJit, : owh ok thx06:20
The_Real_Hilarie@zykotick9 Hey, Which one of those is Ubuntu and which is xubuntu?06:21
ZykoticK9The_Real_Hilarie, xubuntu = xfce06:21
ZykoticK9The_Real_Hilarie, Ubuntu = gnome06:21
The_Real_Hilarieand ubuntu=gnome?06:21
The_Real_Hilariekk, ty06:21
needlezCarsten: kk06:22
needlezhope all goes ok06:22
The_Real_HilarieThanks for the visual representation of why I don't need to try out xubuntu06:22
glennerikhi there, in FreeBSD can anyone help me figure out how to have the command 'top' display memory usages in bytes, and not format the number in to human readable sizes such as 1MB (I'd rather like to see 1048576), or is there a better place to ask this question?06:22
ZykoticK9glennerik, this is NOT FreeBSD support - Ubuntu only here06:22
AbhiJitglennerik, #freebsd06:22
razz1I am trying to understand these two examples for setting up user-callback option in back in time application. http://paste.ubuntu.com/556748/06:23
razz1can someone help06:23
dextro_im using `mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /home/mc/server15/world` to make my map folder for a game server a ramdisk06:24
dextro_and `/usr/bin/rsync -a /home/mc/server15/world/ /home/mc/server15/world2` in crontab to keep it synced with hdd06:24
dextro_when i `ls /home/mc/server15` the world2 folder is green which means ramdisk is the rsync somehow making world2 folder a ramdisk? im not mounting it and can't afford to lose it upon reboot06:24
FloodBot2dextro_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:24
abhijainAbhiJit:can u tell me abt desktop application for twitter/facebook/idnetica06:24
AbhiJitabhijain, gwibber06:24
rhcssHi all06:24
abhijainAbhiJit: gwibber its not working . its buggy06:25
rhcssdoes any one have a Creative Labs CA0106 Soundblaster sound card.06:25
AbhiJitabhijain, dunno then i never needed one. there are a lot of addons for chromium and firefox.06:25
abhijainAbhiJit: I know but i want desktop application06:26
ZykoticK9abhijain, are you on 10.04?  I found the gwibber version there to by more problematic then on 10.10 (mind you, I've gone back to 10.04 anyways)06:26
AbhiJitabhijain, no idea06:26
linuxnewb73im back06:26
glennerikAbhiJit, I need an invite to join #freebsd, how can I get/request an invite?06:26
linuxnewb73reinstalled ubuntu :(06:26
ZykoticK9!register | glennerik06:26
ubottuglennerik: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:26
AbhiJit!register | glennerik06:26
abhijainZykoticK9: nop i am on 10.1006:26
ZykoticK9abhijain, i'm surprised... well best of luck.06:26
linuxnewb73empathy sucks for irc btw06:27
abhijainZykoticK9: any other application ?06:27
ZykoticK9abhijain, nope - i use gwibber myself06:27
abhijainlinuxnewb73: use pidgin06:27
KM0201abhijain: pidgi is just as bad06:27
linuxnewb73pidgin better than eopmathy06:27
ZykoticK9linuxnewb73, you should consider using a real irc client06:27
abhijainZykoticK9: gwibber sucks06:27
linuxnewb73i just installed06:28
abhijainKM0201: then xchat and chatzilla also konversation06:28
KM0201abhijain: use an IRC client.. pidgin/empathy are fine IM clients, but not good irc clients06:28
ZykoticK9abhijain, keep comments like that to yourself please06:28
linuxnewb73KM0201: what irc client u use06:28
=== Aaron5367 is now known as Aaron5367|detach
KM0201linuxnewb73: xchat06:28
=== jmad is now known as jmad980
=== umad980 is now known as Nisstyre
bullgard4Synaptic: "ncmpc is a text-mode client for MPD, the Music Player Daemon. Its goal is to provide a keyboard oriented and consistent interface to MPD, without wasting resources. The DEB program package »ncmpc-lyrics« contains plugins to download lyrics."  - What is "lyrics"?06:29
rhcssxchat is the best irc client06:29
KM0201rhcss: i'm not sure its the best, but it's a good cross betwen easy to use, and lots of features, and still has a GUI(unlike irssi)06:29
razz1I am trying to understand these two examples for setting up user-callback option in back in time application.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/556748/, I am trying to modify this to suit my needs, google does not offer much help. can someone help me with the syntax06:29
ZykoticK9rhcss, many would disagree with you - don't make statements about best - it starts flame wars ;)06:29
rhcssZykoticK9, ok :)06:30
linuxnewb73installig xchat if i have to reinstall im going back to windoze06:30
KM0201well, its bed time for me06:31
KM0201later fells06:31
KM02012am is enough service to ubuntu06:31
linuxnewb73later thanks for the help06:31
KM0201no problem06:31
KM0201glad it got resolved..06:31
=== rhcss is now known as ranjan
aksh1hi is their any package for finding shortest path or location tracking06:32
aksh1if we have source and destination location06:32
special_kwhat did you need06:33
aksh1special_k, i need to know path between to location06:34
wavekidsjp/msg nickserv identify wavekidsjp Aid7aiCh06:34
special_kexplain that a little more06:34
aksh1how to find path in particular campus or city06:34
juniourhey i have a prob please help me out06:34
aksh1like google map06:34
AbhiJitaksh1, in google map give source and dest address?06:35
aksh1special_k, google map is under gpl ?06:35
aksh1AbhiJit, it gives path betwenn 2 location06:36
special_kyes open source06:36
AbhiJitaksh1, then what do you want?06:36
juniourhey i waana to connect net via bluetooth06:36
StinkypantsIS there a program that can combine a incomplete HTTP downloaded file, with a incomplete torrent downloaded file? (basically fill the data needed to make the file, and skip what is already present)06:36
juniourcan any one help me06:37
aksh1similar any light weight other application06:37
AbhiJit!bluetooth | juniour06:37
ubottujuniour: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup06:37
aksh1juniour, do u hv bluetooth dongle or laptop06:37
juniouraksh1 i have laptop06:38
jay_why_beeHow can I connect to a windows share, using guest without a password.06:38
Stinkypants2 sources of a file.... both incomplete... both containing different sections of data of the file.... is there a way to combine them?06:39
special_kjunior: you will need a bluetooth compatible phone that can provide you with gprs or 3g06:39
special_kthen set up a serial for06:39
juniouraksh1 u know how to connect06:40
ZykoticK9jay_why_bee, i typically don't offer advice on Windows compatibility issues - but I think you need to setup Guest access on the Windows Machine, then Ubuntu will be able to connect without a password06:40
jay_why_beeIt is actually samba06:40
jay_why_beeI have the guest part setup.  and with smbclient it works fine.06:40
special_kjuniour the best bt client to use for this is blueman device manager06:41
jay_why_beeBut in Ubuntu when I try to "connect to server..." it will not let me proceed without a value in password.06:41
special_kit will do the work for you]06:41
ZykoticK9jay_why_bee, between two *nix boxes using SSH for file sharing is very easy to setup - samba, not so much sometime...  best of luck.06:42
asy2say hello06:43
asy2ok thx06:43
ZykoticK9root_, IRCing as root is a bad idea06:43
special_khe is correct06:43
asy2yes is it06:43
asy2it is06:44
bhaveshnow I have a boot problem06:44
bhaveshcan anyone help me?06:44
callum_How can I save a file to my Home directory?06:44
asy2grub or lilo06:44
asy2with editor06:45
bhaveshI installed ubuntu after windows 706:45
special_kcallum_ do you want to do that through terminal\06:45
bhaveshthe problem is06:45
asy2emacs vi vim a^^s editeur06:45
ZykoticK9callum_, "cp file ~" would copy "file" to your home dir - could you be more specific with your question?06:45
KipMacywill ZFS ever work in ubuntu?06:45
bhaveshwindows 7 boot files were on sda1 which I formatted but the actual windows 7 is on another drive. Now how can I boot windows 7?06:45
bhaveshformatted from ubuntu*06:45
ZykoticK9KipMacy, i believe there is a semi-working fuse implementation - not really native though...06:46
callum_I'm trying to follow http://www.bit-tech.net/bits/2007/06/05/build_your_own_server/706:46
special_kyou dont boot windows 7 ever again you will have to reinstall06:46
callum_I'm currently trying to install Torrentflux, and it's telling me to save the file to Home06:46
callum_Which I can't.06:46
special_kjust use torrentreactor06:46
=== moses^_^ is now known as moses_
KipMacyZykoticK9: sounds dodgy!06:47
bhaveshspecial_k: I cannot boot windows 7.... and I dont have a windows 7 CD to reinstall it06:47
special_kit is preinstalled on ubuntu06:47
ZykoticK9callum_, "sudo apt-get install torrentflux" would install it the Ubuntu way06:47
asy2calluim go to home application06:47
ZykoticK9KipMacy, my understanding as well ;)06:47
asy2utilitaire editeur06:47
callum_I wish I would have known that 45 minutes ago.06:47
callum_Thank you.06:47
bhaveshspecial_k what do u mean by you dont boot windows 7 ever again?06:48
special_kasy2 english is a good idea06:48
asy2pass root is neededed after save you file06:48
asy2is fr here06:48
ZykoticK9!fr | asy206:48
ubottuasy2: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.06:48
asy2english yes of course ok06:48
special_kyou have to reinstall win 706:49
asy2no zfs?06:49
bhaveshbut dont have the CD06:49
fmax30How do i change my interface from gnome to xfce ?06:49
bhaveshto reinstall06:49
bullgard4Synaptic: "ncmpc is a text-mode client for MPD, the Music Player Daemon. Its goal is to provide a keyboard oriented and consistent interface to MPD, without wasting resources. The DEB program package »ncmpc-lyrics« contains plugins to download lyrics."  - What is "lyrics"?06:49
ZykoticK9fmax30, "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop" then choose Xubuntu at the GDM login screen06:49
special_kthen download a cracked one which i cannot recomend over this channel06:50
asy2bharersp spend your money to buy or pre installed cd rom06:50
bhaveshcant I change the boot location in grub from sda1( where my original booting files were ) to another HD partition ( where windows 7 is installed )06:50
asy2fmax in panel in menu of boot log out06:50
special_kyou said that you formated the win 7 boot files06:50
special_kyou can fix this with a win 7 repair but you still need the cd06:51
bhaveshyea only boot files not he windows 7.... actually the files were in another drive from where it used to boot to another partition06:51
asy2update grub so06:51
bhaveshhow can I edit grub to load another partition?06:52
bhaveshthe win7 partition06:52
asy2generated a new boot menu automatically for you06:52
ZykoticK9bhavesh, if you are using Grub2 - "sudo update-grub2" should find your Win7 automagically06:52
bhaveshif I do ( sudo update grub ) then it will find win 7?06:52
asy2bhavesh with editor06:53
bhaveshwith editor?06:53
asy2grub sub command tab06:53
ZykoticK9bhavesh, NOT with an editor!06:53
bhaveshu mean in terminal sudo update-grub206:53
ZykoticK9!grub2 > bhavesh06:53
ubottubhavesh, please see my private message06:53
asy2in command or editor menu home see hide this06:54
asy2i have already tell this06:54
asy2test that06:54
circlecrossdevpage fault on write access to 0x004013a0 in 32-bit code (0x68290115)..  PLEASE HELP ME HAVE WRITE ACCESS06:55
=== GHH is now known as abc321
ZykoticK9asy2, "in command or editor menu" i have no idea what you are even referring to, i doubt bhavesh does either06:55
bhaveshor grub command line with an  'e'06:55
ZykoticK9bhavesh, in a regular terminal, not grub command line06:55
abhijainhow to change folder icon colours06:56
bhaveshwell it did not find windows 706:56
=== mauricio is now known as Guest79439
abhijainbhavesh: Are you striggling with grub issue?06:57
bhaveshall it found it this06:57
bhaveshbhavesh@bhavesh:~$ sudo update-grub206:57
bhaveshGenerating grub.cfg ...06:57
FloodBot2bhavesh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:57
=== wolf is now known as Guest87620
ZykoticK9bhavesh, are you running from a LiveCD or the actual install?06:57
bhaveshactual install06:58
abhijainbhavesh: on ubuntu 10.10?06:58
ZykoticK9bhavesh, ? sorry i have no idea then.  good luck.06:58
abhijainbhavesh: i have solution06:58
bhaveshabhijain : the problem is06:58
bhaveshabhijain : I accidently deleted windows 7 boot files which were in another drive but the installed win7 is in another drive... so now I cannnoot boot win706:59
bhaveshabhijain : any solution?06:59
linuxnoob73xchat is way faster than empathy indeed06:59
Joey_may i know if linux supports online gaming?07:00
ZykoticK9bhavesh, if you deleted the Windows MBR that would explain why Grub cannot find it.  You might want to try ##windows to reinstall the Windows boot files (i think you'd need a CD for it though)07:00
classical_how can i save output of this command ? fping www.google.com -c 10 -p 60 -q07:00
linuxnoob73joey yes07:00
classical_>  thetxtfile does not work  with -q argument07:00
Abhinav1bhavesh: reistall win 707:00
kermitJoey_: like chess?07:00
linuxnoob73joey  playonlinux07:00
bhaveshI dont have the CD..07:00
bhaveshand what is ##windows ?07:00
Joey_some sort of EVE or international games xD07:00
linuxnoob73Joey_,  check out playonlinux yu can play wow etc07:01
Joey_yah i like chess07:01
linuxnoob73jerry_, hi there07:01
ZykoticK9bhavesh, ##windows is an IRC channel here on Freenode for windows issues07:02
Joey_where can i find the playonlinux?07:02
bhaveshill go there then07:02
bhaveshty for ur help :D07:02
linuxnoob73Joey_,  are you on linux?07:02
ZykoticK9Joey_, "sudo apt-get install playonlinux" would install it.  It's a GUI front end to wine.07:03
angelslthis is really frustrating07:03
linuxnoob73goto applications07:03
Joey_i use linux mint07:03
linuxnoob73ubuntu software center07:03
angelslmy hardware doesn't support my monitor's native resolution07:03
angelslwell, more like vesa doesn't07:03
ZykoticK9!mint | Joey_07:03
ubottuJoey_: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:03
special_kplay on linux works better if you install the advanced packages07:03
linuxnoob73ty zy07:04
linuxnoob73get ubuntu its better07:04
linuxnoob73google playonlinux though07:04
Joey_so ubuntu i much better07:04
linuxnoob73wow, call of duty ecte ct07:04
linuxnoob73Joey_,  ubuntu is very nice indeed07:05
Joey_i tried linux because of nasty windows 7 bugs07:05
linuxnoob73Joey_,  i dropped win 7  its ok but nix is better07:05
angelslis there any way to get my plymouth splash and console ttys to be displayed at my monitor's native resolution (1600x900), just like before I activated the nvidia proprietary drivers?07:05
linuxnoob73angelsl,  what version of ubuntu07:06
ZykoticK9angelsl, yes a script from webupd8 will do it http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/script-to-fix-ubuntu-plymouth-for.html07:06
angelslZykoticK9: plymouth is fixed, but it's not at the native res07:06
angelslwhich means my console ttys aren't either07:07
ZykoticK9angelsl, with that script you can set the native resolution07:07
linuxnoob73Joey_, you going to switch to ubuntu? ;)07:07
angelslZykoticK9: not if vesa doesn't support it07:07
csgeek2hello all.  I have an HP 1076nr netbook, with a broadcom chipset and i'm having some issues getting it working07:07
Joey_but i want to know more of the basics in linux07:08
Joey_im confused @_@07:08
ZykoticK9angelsl, script will install a frame buffer of some sort - i get 1600x1200 with Propriety Nvidia driver now.07:08
csgeek2its a BCM431207:08
linuxnoob73ubuntu is for noobs07:08
linuxnoob73and pros07:08
Joey_how about SUSE?07:08
Joey_i use linux mint :O07:08
linuxnoob73Joey_,  what are you confused about07:08
Joey_many things07:08
linuxnoob73ubuntu will reconize your hardware better than others07:08
linuxnoob73and its easier to use07:09
skilzvery true07:09
linuxnoob73ive done alot of research before ditching windows and installing ubuntu07:09
angelslZykoticK9: the script just tweaks grub/plymouth settings to use a framebuffer07:09
angelslit depends on whether your resolution is supported or not07:10
angelslin my case, it isn't07:10
angelslso i either deal with a horrible upscaled image, or try to fix it07:10
ZykoticK9angelsl, in that case, i have no idea...  works great for me, YMMV07:10
=== notjackiechan is now known as ekx__
saivinobahi, i have fedora on lvm partition, which is luks encrypted. ubuntu's grub does not recognise it. what can b done?07:11
=== ekx__ is now known as notjackiechan
saivinobai have installed lvm2 and cryptsetup07:11
Joey_im just running Linux Mint in virtualbox :P07:12
meltingwaxif i want to have some type of shared accounts between a network of machines, is LDAP and NFS /home my best bet, or are there alternatives?07:12
linuxnoob73Joey_, lol try uubuntu live cd07:13
ZykoticK9meltingwax, only method that I'm personally aware of - I've never played with LDAP though, my basic research into it found it to be non-trivial that's for sure.  Best of luck.07:13
linuxnoob73what browser do all use?07:14
Joey_but i like the interface of linux mint07:14
linuxnoob73your choice man:)07:14
ZykoticK9linuxnoob73, this isn't the place for such "survey" like questions - you'll get 1000 different answers.  There is no best anything, see the !best factoid.07:15
Joey_but i want to play online game.. OMG.. whatta decision07:15
meltingwaxZykoticK9: thanks. i've been experimenting with it and am getting the same impression07:15
Joey_are you really a noob or a pro.. :O07:15
linuxnoob73ZykoticK9, i did not ay whats the best07:15
Joey_your very pro to me i guess07:15
linuxnoob73i just asked what are you using07:15
linuxnoob73lol Joey_  im a geek07:15
Joey_i guess i will try ubuntu.. :O07:16
linuxnoob73there is a substantial diffferance between hey whats the best browser to what browser you all use?????07:16
linuxnoob73Joey_, lol07:16
ZykoticK9Joey_, i'm sad to say this - but if gaming is you primary interest, stick to windows - or dual boot ;)07:16
Zaelyxfirefox...or w3m :D07:17
linuxnoob73w3m whats dat?07:17
Joey_ill stick to safari07:17
Zaelyxterminal-based browser07:17
linuxnoob73lol Joey_07:17
linuxnoob73chromium ftw07:17
Joey_itsa mac i guess ROFL07:17
saivinobahi, i have fedora on lvm partition, which is luks encrypted. ubuntu's grub does not recognise it. i also installed lvm2 and cryptsetup. no help. what can be done?07:17
abualijawadi do have xubuntu and sabily on my pc how to set grub for pardus07:18
linuxnoob73try the forums saivinoba07:18
Joey_im downloading ubuntu now :)07:18
linuxnoob73Joey_,  nice07:18
saivinobalinuxnoob73: ok.07:18
ZykoticK9!omg > Joey_07:19
Joey_what i like in Linux is the fact that its free07:19
ubottuJoey_, please see my private message07:19
linuxnoob73free and pretty07:19
doobienanyone testing wayland?07:19
=== miguel is now known as Guest23815
linuxnoob73Joey_, see private07:19
Yohkoanybody have any idea how I can make a partition that both windows and linux can share?07:20
ZykoticK9Yohko, format it NTFS or FAT07:20
linuxnoob73NTFS better than fat07:20
Zaelyxdepends on file system size :P07:21
linuxnoob73for the most part07:21
Yohko:( I was hoping to avoid that lol07:21
Yohkoi guess that's my only choice07:21
linuxnoob73ditch windoze07:21
ZykoticK9lol > linuxnoob7307:21
skybounddoobien: you like living on the bleeding edge? ;-)07:21
YohkoI need windows for my VPN's software07:21
ZaelyxJust dual boot, feels good man07:22
ZykoticK9!lol > linuxnoob7307:22
ubottulinuxnoob73, please see my private message07:22
Yohkoit needs a windows driver unfortunately07:22
Yohkoand the linux client leaves a lot to be desired -_-07:22
Yohkoso, is NTFS support on linux pretty complete now?07:24
linuxnoob73im a noob and know nothing :)07:24
linuxnoob73!lol > Yohko07:25
ubottuYohko, please see my private message07:25
ZykoticK9Yohko, yes - but i'm not a fan of NTFS at all (still not ideal compared with a native file system)07:25
ZykoticK9Yohko, BUT i understand your need07:26
Yohko<linuxnoob73> !lol > Yohko07:26
Yohko<ubottu> Yohko, please see my private message07:26
Yohko<linuxnoob73> rofl07:26
FloodBot2Yohko: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:26
bfreisX forwarding is not working for me when I ssh into my home PC. It works quite well with other servers tho. Maybe I've missed something? At my home PC I checked the sshd_config, it correctly specifies "X11Forwarding yes", and the "X11DisplayOffset" is 10, just like the other pcs with which I can do X11 forwarding. Then I try to connect to it with either ssh -X or ssh -Y, but it won't work!07:26
bfreisThe variable DISPLAY does not get set07:27
bullgard4Synaptic: "ncmpc is a text-mode client for MPD, the Music Player Daemon. Its goal is to provide a keyboard oriented and consistent interface to MPD, without wasting resources. The DEB program package »ncmpc-lyrics« contains plugins to download lyrics."  - What is "lyrics"?07:27
ashishtonce colur of folder is changed from orange to white . now i want default orange colour can i get in ubuntu 10.1007:27
bfreisAny ideas what I'm missing?07:27
ZykoticK9bfreis, i was having that issue 2 days ago - seems like doing some update and restart corrected it for me.  I'm using 10.04 as both client/server.07:27
bfreisZykoticK9, I'm with 10.10 for both07:27
bfreisI will try to update07:27
ashishhow to change folder colour07:28
bfreisZykoticK9, damn, I have no upgrades available, everything is up to date :p07:28
ZykoticK9bfreis, sorry - i just assumed it was an update - as it started working magically today (after some updates) -- good luck.07:29
bfreisZykoticK9, ok, thanks anyway!07:30
wmorriashish: go to system -> prefferences -> appearance, then you can change your colors.07:30
ZykoticK9bfreis, the best post i found online was from some Gentoo page, and talked about glibc as being the cause - but i couldn't translate it into anything usable for Ubuntu (though they where getting the exact same error message), not any help i realize.  Good luck man, hope you find the "real" solution.07:31
knoppiesMy graphics drivers seem to have crashed. I have a Radeon HD5470 and after rebooting with 3 monitors plugged in (including the built in laptop display) the drivers seems to have reverted back to the open source drivers. Opening ATI Catalyst brings up a 'please install or config your drivers' I tried reinstalling, Im not sure what to try next. Any suggestions? Please help.07:31
bfreisZykoticK9, ok, I will look for that page!07:32
=== newbie is now known as Guest16732
grkbloodi just loaded ubuntu studio and i have a hard connection to my ethernet port but it says my ethernet interface doesnt exist07:35
grkbloodunder connection properties07:36
HelpMeSambaHello everyone, I had a working samba setup until this afternoon, I changed my computer name and now I'm unable to connect to my samba shares even though I can see it on my other machines within the network. Can anyone tell me what is wrong or what can i do to fix this? I tried nmbd restart and nmbd restart and I can see my shares when i do a smbclient -L SERVERNAME07:37
knoppiesgrkblood, if your Ethernet is working, then it might be administered by another utility/config file.07:38
HelpMeSambao i meant smbd restart07:38
grkbloodif i type ifconfig eth0 up it still doesnt work07:38
knoppiesgrkblood, ifconfig shows eth0?07:39
grkbloodthis is a fresh load07:39
jezgvalsssup dudes07:40
HelpMeSambaOk nvm.. i fixed my samba by myself turns out the drives were not mounted. Can anyone tell me how I can set it to automount my external harddisks?07:40
bfreisHow can I kill the SSHD process? If I just kill it's PID it gets restarted automatically!07:41
ZykoticK9HelpMeSamba, add it to /etc/fstab07:41
obscurant1sthow to get the system name or host name of the systtem with known ipaddress07:41
ZykoticK9bfreis, "sudo service ssh stop" should work07:42
bfreisZykoticK9, hmm interesting. Do you know what exactly keeps restarting it?07:42
ZykoticK9bfreis, if it's running as a service it's a good thing that if it dies it gets restart - seems like a "working as designed" type thing07:43
HelpMeSamba<obscurant1st> is it a local network system or external07:43
obscurant1stHelpMeSamba: local07:43
obscurant1stHelpMeSamba: its a local network07:46
bfreisThis is bizarre: if I ssh -Y from my PC to my notebook, X11 forwarding works fine. The other way round it does not work! Both are running ubuntu 10.10, and both sshd_config are identical!07:47
razz1I am after a good notepad that always runs in the background, and keeps formatting unlike gedit. I use Lotus notes journal at work and want something similar. I like to keep adding notes to several test files. I am sure there will be some software around, any help07:49
grkbloodhow do i get the wicd package without installing it07:49
grkbloodjust the package07:49
razz1bfreis: you do not need -Y switch if you configured the sshd with X forwarding07:51
knoppiesRadeon Graphics card driver gave up on me. It seems to have reverted back to the default open source ones, I tried re-installing fglrx, no luck.07:51
ZykoticK9grkblood, http://packages.ubuntu.com/ perhaps?07:51
bfreisrazz1, I know, but I'm trying with both -X and -Y to see if I can get it to work07:51
bfreisrazz1, anyways, that's not the point. As I said: it works pc ==> notebook, but not the other way round.07:51
=== wolf is now known as Guest30860
bfreisrazz1, if it works with -Y one way, it should work with it the other way round07:52
bfreisI've started sshd with "-d" to show some output, and when I try to connect to it it says: "Failed to allocate internet-domain X11 display socket."07:52
=== onats_ is now known as onats
onatshey guys07:52
razz1knoppies: what GPU are you running, I am planning on getting a midrange 5XXX card and will be running myth tv, how is the video acceleration with the new  driver07:53
onatsis it possible to setup RAID 1 with a running/already installed system?07:53
razz1bfreis: i would not have a clue, but are you on a internal network or trying this over the net.07:54
knoppiesrazz1, 5470. Its good, I haven't had any problems, until now. I booted the laptop with 2 external displays and it crashed on me.07:54
bfreisrazz1, tried both, the results are always the same :/07:54
bfreisWhere should I set the variable SSHD_OPTS that gets passed to SSHD in the startup script?07:55
gobbebfreis: /etc/default/ssh07:55
bfreisgobbe, what is the format? simply SSHD_OPTS=my options?07:57
grkbloodjesus! ubuntu is REAALY ticking me off tonight, 10.10 upgrade screwed all this crap up and studio is acting a fool07:57
bfreisor do I need ""?07:57
grkbloodi cant even open my thumb drive now on 10.1007:57
gobbebfreis: i would go with ""07:57
bfreisgobbe, dammit, neither seem to work07:58
gobbebfreis: paste your line07:58
grkbloodyea, i feel like cursing to. im not though because this is freenode07:58
bfreisIf I stop the SSHD service, then start it manually with /usr/sbin/sshd -d -4, then I try to connect, it correctly X forwards07:58
gobbebfreis: do you have other options in /etc/ssh/sshd_config?07:59
bfreisIf I pass the "-4" option through the SSHD_OPTS in /etc/default/ssh, and then launches SSHD with service ssh start, it does not x forwards anymore07:59
bfreisgobbe, nothing else07:59
bfreisthe line is:07:59
bfreisI tried without "" as well07:59
gobbebfreis: -4 has nothing to do with x forwarding, but just to use only ipv408:00
bfreisgobbe, I know, but it allows me to use X forwarding08:01
bfreisIf I /usr/sbin/sshd, I cannot use X forwarding08:01
tntcanyone got multitouch working on the bcm5974 (Macbook Pro)?08:01
bfreisIf I /usr/sbin/sshd -4, I can use it08:01
gobbebfreis: upload your /etc/ssh/sshd_config to pastebin08:01
tntcall my searching tells me to install the mactel ppa drivers (which I did), but I only get two finger scroling, with no 4 finger stuff08:01
bfreisIt's exactly the same as the one in my notebook. And again: if I connect from my PC to my notebook, x forwarding works. The other way round, it doesnt :/08:04
gobbebfreis: are you running ubuntu server on your pc or desktop?08:05
gobbebfreis: and which version08:05
bfreisgobbe, no, both are Ubuntu Desktop 10.1008:05
=== Life is now known as Guest58618
gobbebfreis: and how do you open your ssh-connection?08:06
bfreisssh -X, or ssh -Y
gobbebfreis: try ssh -X -Y, and give me error what you get when you try to start some apps08:07
bfreisgobbe, if I start gedit: (gedit:16569): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:08:08
bfreisgobbe, if I start xeyes: Error: Can't open display:08:08
bfreisgobbe, the variable DISPLAY does not get set08:08
bfreisgobbe, (obviously it does not work if I set it manually)08:09
bfreisI've noted something08:09
bfreisin my notebook I have an inet6 addr (altough I think it is something "local only", since we do not really have ipv6 in brazil)08:09
bfreisin my PC i have no ipv6 at all08:09
jongbergshi, i have problems with intalling lucid..my monitor goes out of range during boot process..however in 8.10 it was fine..neither 9.04 work..08:10
bfreisOh, something else:08:10
bfreisIf I start sshd with "service ssh start", the -4 option from /etc/default/ssh does not get passed to SSHD, but if I start it with "/etc/init.d/ssh start", then that option gets passed!08:11
danielhey does anyone know how to get the buttom dock back if u removed it to replace it with docky or cairo dock08:11
abhijainunable to change icon color in ubunu 10.1008:11
bfreis(how do I know? x forwarding works when I start sshd with /etc/init.d/ssh start, but not if I start it with service ssh start)08:11
jongbergs!panel | daniel08:13
jongbergshi, i have problems with intalling lucid..my monitor goes out of range during boot process..however in 8.10 it was fine..neither 9.04 work..08:14
rollmani've installed virtualbox and also guestadditions for virtualbox 3.0 my host OS is ubuntu and my guest OS is haiku i had the mouse working in haiku not sure how now i can't get back to getting the mouse to work in haiku BTW my image file was recorded on a cd-r  so i'm not able to record over the cd how can i get the mouse working in virtualbox?08:15
fluffyponyneed a bit of help with ufw on 8.04 LTS - it's ticking along nicely, but I see that it denies outgoing traffic by default...and I can't seem to disable that? if I go 'ufw default allow outgoing' it changes the default for both incoming and outgoing to allow08:16
fluffyponyso confused right now:/08:16
abhijaincan any body tell me whats the solution i am unable to change my icon color even i changed everthhing cutomized option only icon unable to change08:16
bfreisNow I see that my notebook has ipv6 enabled, and my PC has ipv6 disabled08:18
bfreis(I remember, a long time ago, I disabled it I don't know for what reason)08:18
abhijaincany any body solve08:20
ajwillhi all, I have a little problem... I'm running ubuntu 10.10 maverik, and when I set my panel to autohide, there's still 1 pixel left, I dont like this as it looks... messy, and would prefer to get rid of it, I've tried using gconf-editor to set the autohide_size to 0 but this doesnt work... help?08:21
bfreisgreat, I "solved" it08:22
bfreisActually I worked around something...08:22
bfreisI've added AddressFamily inet to my PC's sshd_config08:22
bfreisnow it forced sshd to use ipv4 only08:22
popeybullgard4: did you get an answer to your question?08:23
bullgard4popey: No.08:24
=== magn3ts is now known as magn3ts|twisted
popeybullgard4: lyrics are the words to songs08:24
bullgard4popey: Ah! Thank you for explaining.08:24
rollmanknew i should have bought cd-rw's08:27
ajwillhi all, I have a little problem... I'm running ubuntu 10.10 maverik, and when I set my panel to autohide, there's still 1 pixel left, I dont like this as it looks... messy, and would prefer to get rid of it, I've tried using gconf-editor to set the autohide_size to 0 but this doesnt work... help?08:28
rollmani've installed virtualbox and also guestadditions for virtualbox 3.0 my host OS is ubuntu and my guest OS is haiku i had the mouse working in haiku not sure how now i can't get back to getting the mouse to work in haiku BTW my image file was recorded on a cd-r  so i'm not able to record over the cd how can i get the mouse working in virtualbox?08:31
bazhangUser, dont spam here08:33
=== mohan_ is now known as mohanohi
szpunido anybody have idea about touchscreens in ubuntu? i mean Elo Touch screens?08:36
rollmani've installed virtualbox and also guestadditions for virtualbox 3.0 my host OS is ubuntu and my guest OS is haiku i had the mouse working in haiku not sure how now i can't get back to getting the mouse to work in haiku BTW my image file was recorded on a cd-r  so i'm not able to record over the cd how can i get the mouse working in virtualbox? i think it has something to do with the image/mount recording to my guestaddition not being rec08:36
rollmanorded to the cd?08:36
szpunii have one with inverted X and Y axis and I can seem to change this settings in 10.1008:37
mohanohii have broken my ubuntu08:37
mohanohiunable to install any of the software08:37
mohanohieverything is working fine08:37
mohanohii am getting "E: openshot: subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 127" this error08:38
mohanohiplease anybody help08:38
mohanohii am unable to uninstall openshot program also08:39
mrcreativityis there anyway to backup my sources08:43
bazhangmrcreativity, your sources.list?08:43
mrcreativityu know all software sources ihve added08:44
mrcreativityall the ppas, the repos08:44
bazhangcat /etc/apt/sources.list   copy and paste to a text editor08:44
mrcreativitybut what if i need to restore it after a erinstall08:45
bazhang!clone | mrcreativity08:45
ubottumrcreativity: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate08:45
mrcreativitythose are packages...i use apton cd for that...im talking about the sources list08:46
cdavisDoes anyone know what the bookmark filename creation convention is within remmina? It seems to be random numbers?08:46
bazhangmrcreativity, then do what I suggested first08:46
=== root is now known as Guest71197
rollmanoh well try again later night all08:47
bazhangmohanohi, try updating your sources.list first08:48
=== daniel2 is now known as Guest68390
mohanohibazhang: ok.. i will ..08:49
arkanianyone has sudgestion? FGLRX makes screen flicker, open source driver makes laptop fan go nonstop at full power, any third way?08:50
vandemarwhy does ubuntu 10.10 log kernel messages to /var/log/kern.log AND /var/log/messages AND /var/log/syslog by default?08:52
abhijainneed a link for apple mac theme for ubuntu 10.1008:52
vandemarI had something causing a lot of kernel messages and it filled up my VM's partition very fast08:52
bazhangabhijain, check out gnome-look.org08:52
sveinseHow can I redownload a package and its dependencies. "apt-get --reinstall -d ubuntu-minimal" didn't work as expected (doesn't download anything), even if the apt cache is cleaned08:56
niting_I am connecting to the internet using by tunneling to a server on my LAN (thus I am setting up a SOCKS proxy on my localhost using putty). How I can share this internet with other people over another wireless adhoc netowork that I am a part of?08:56
mohanohibazhang: still now getting error :(08:56
bazhangmohanohi, paste.ubuntu.com with the exact error message and give us the url08:57
bazhangmohanohi, also paste.ubuntu.com with your /etc/apt/sources.list08:57
angelslit works!08:58
wmorrisveinse: did you try just apt-get --reinstall -d ?08:58
niting_I am connecting to the internet using by tunneling to a server on my LAN (thus I am setting up a SOCKS proxy on my localhost using putty). How I can share this internet with other people over another wireless adhoc netowork that I am a part of?09:01
ciphergothI'm using the 10.10 desktop install CD, and it seems to want to erase my entire disk; shouldn't it suggest shrinking my Windows partition?09:01
unsure_loserit feels pathetic that i am asking here, but i need real advice.  would you guys rather work in a job you dislike for 10 years and possibly be rich, or work for the rest of your life in a job you love, but knowing you have to work until you retire?09:01
bazhangciphergoth, it should offer a step to let you do it manually09:01
bazhangunsure_loser, offtopic here, nothing to do with ubuntu09:01
unsure_loserniting_: crossover09:02
ciphergothbazhang: I can select manual partitioning, but that doesn't seem to offer shrinking the disk09:02
wmorriciphergoth: what are all the options that it is giving you? You should have more than one?09:02
niting_unsure_loser: crossover?09:02
ciphergothwmorri: erase the entire disk, or manual partitioning09:02
unsure_loserbazhang: suggestions?09:02
bazhangunsure_loser, not in this channel09:02
unsure_loseroooo, good answer09:02
niting_unsure_loser: I dont get u09:03
wmorriciphergoth: hmm, not sure atm let me look something up09:03
ciphergothwmorri: thanks09:03
mohanohibazhang: http://pastebin.com/j8STqJea09:04
arkaniciphergoth: if you use w7 or wVista just shrink your partition using their tools09:04
ciphergothit's XP09:04
bazhangmohanohi, thats not what I asked you to paste09:04
ciphergothI had confidently imagined it would just detect that I had a Windows partition, and suggest shrinking it09:04
wmorriciphergoth: do you have any extra space available or is it all being used but XP?09:04
arkaniciphergoth: ugh.. then partition magic or some other partitioning tool09:05
wmorriciphergoth: if wost comes to worst we can walk you through partitioning it09:05
mohanohibazhang: it is the error which occurs while installing any software09:06
mohanohibazhang: http://pastebin.com/k6Wv4Hyx09:06
mohanohithis is my source list09:06
FloodBot2mohanohi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:06
bazhangmohanohi, sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get upgrade (paste those results) and also your sources.list09:06
ciphergothwmorri: right now XP fills the disk09:07
mohanohibazhang: http://pastebin.com/FT1v8H0a09:07
ciphergothbut that partition is less than half full09:07
bazhangmohanohi, you have two different version CDs commented out in your sources.list, which version are you on09:07
ciphergoththe machine is around a decade old; the disk is around 20G09:07
bazhangmohanohi, and sudo apt-get upgrade , as well as the output of lsb_release -a09:08
wmorriciphergoth: do you want to use the entire disk or just part of it?09:08
bazhangciphergoth, gparted live cd to be 100% certain , its a 60mb iso download09:08
mohanohibazhang: http://pastebin.com/zSahH0dV09:09
ciphergothwmorri: I want to shrink the XP partition to half its size and use the other half for Ubuntu09:09
arkanicipergoth: 20 G ... just try making partition with partition magic09:09
ciphergothbazhang: I thought the Ubuntu installer ran gparted by default09:09
bazhangmohanohi, choose yes for the upgrade09:09
mohanohibazhang: http://pastebin.com/rB1nZq7E09:09
mohanohibazhang: oh , 300 mb?09:10
wmorri ciphergoth: I believe that gparted is on the livecd if you want to use that.09:10
ciphergothbut it's not wired in to the install process? How come? It was, once, wasn't it?09:10
mohanohibazhang: couldn't it be removed any other way, because i am not in such high speed connection. :(09:10
bazhangmohanohi, you appear to be in the middle of upgrading to Lucid 10.0409:10
wmorriciphergoth: yes it was and should be there. I am not sure why it isn't there now.09:10
ciphergothI'm guessing that it is there and some people see it, and there's something different about my system that's stopping it09:11
mohanohibazhang: Actually a package installation was requiring a package which was in lucid09:12
bazhangmohanohi, which one09:12
wmorriciphergoth: that shouldn't be the case as it is a livecd and they run off ram09:12
mohanohibazhang: for openshot09:12
mohanohibazhang: a library,09:12
bazhangmohanohi, you should never mix version repos.09:12
mohanohibazhang: i don't remember the exact name of the library09:12
mohanohibazhang: oh09:12
FloodBot2mohanohi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:13
arkanicipergoth: I think it's there... namend manual partition.. below "use entire disk"09:13
ciphergothwmorri: right, but it does examine my system to decide what to do09:13
bazhangmohanohi, so continue with the upgrade to 10.0409:13
mohanohibazhang: ok09:13
arkanianyone has sudgestion? FGLRX makes screen flicker, open source driver makes laptop fan go nonstop at full power, any third way?09:13
wmorriciphergoth: I understand what you are saying, but I also agree with arkani. you can manually set up the partition. it isn't too hard.09:14
wmorriciphergoth: have a look at this09:14
ciphergothwmorri: the manual partition editor doesn't have an option to shrink NTFS partitions09:14
sveinsewmorri: Yes, I tried apt-get --resinstall -d  but for some unexpected reason it doesnt download the deps09:15
ciphergothwmorri: ah, that helps: my question now becomes "why don't I see the install alongside other operating systems option?"09:15
abhijainhello can any body tell me why i unable to change my icon colours09:15
arkanicipergoth partition magic....09:15
bazhangabhijain, which icons09:15
wmorrisveinse: what program are you trying to reinstall?09:16
ciphergothI'm just trying the advanced install disk now to see if that helsp09:16
abhijainbazhang: Folder09:16
mohanohibazhang: http://blog.bodhizazen.net/linux/apt-get-how-to-fix-very-broken-packages/09:16
mohanohibazhang: does this works for me?09:16
bazhangmohanohi, no.09:16
bazhangmohanohi, your problem is mixing version repos.09:17
abhijainbazhang: folder icon in computer09:17
wmorriciphergoth: see what happens you might surprise yourself09:17
ciphergothwmorri: see what happens when what?09:17
mohanohibazhang: installing one library from another repo caused these problems?09:17
bazhangmohanohi, break your system, yes09:18
bazhangabhijain, you'd need a theme pack for that09:18
mohanohibazhang: hmmm..09:18
wmorriwhen you play with the advanced option. The worst that can happen is you have to restart your computer.09:18
abhijainbazhang: in customize option i am trying to enable icons oxygen but its not respoding09:19
ciphergoththe advanced option offers me resize, which fails, and the log says why09:19
ciphergothit's a bad sector09:19
bazhangabhijain, then install them? apt-cache search oxygen09:19
wmorriciphergoth: I C that is definitely a problem09:19
tutysraHi guys I found a typo in one of the software description page. whom should I report that so, that it is corrected or what should I do to correct hem myself?09:19
bazhang!bugs | tutysra09:20
ubottututysra: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots09:20
ciphergothThink it would be better if installer were to indicate in some way why it was unhappy...09:20
Jesdisciplejust started playing with xmodmap, how can I figure out which key currently invokes a known symname?09:20
abhijainbazhang: should need to sudo upgrade09:21
bazhangabhijain, then do so09:21
tutysraubottu: It is not a serious bug it is just a typo and even I can fix them if someone can give me little direction09:21
bazhangtutysra, better to still file a bug then offer a patch09:21
bazhangtutysra, that way it can be distributed to *all* users09:22
wmorriciphergoth: sorry we couldn't help you. You can report a bug here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs09:23
tutysraok. I will file a bug report and even I can work on the patch and correct it now if required09:23
wmorritutysra: is the typo in some of the documentation? I am on the docs team and can look at it in the next couple of days. I would need a link though.09:24
abhijainlinks for mac theme please for gnome desktop09:25
bazhanggnome-look.org abhijain09:25
Scott`eww >_>09:25
linux_probesuppose he wants a single button mouse also09:26
abhijainbazhang: in GDM menu09:26
wmorriabhijain: you can go here and it will help you to: http://www.socialblogr.com/2010/05/how-to-make-ubuntu-looks-like-mac-os-x.html09:26
EagleHi All  :)09:26
bazhangabhijain, please do some searching there on your own09:26
wmorriHi Eagle how can we help you this morning?09:27
bazhangwmorri, is that the macbuntu script?09:27
wmorribazhang: I don't really know. If you look at the site it talks about the Mac4Lin Gnome Mac theme package09:28
mecoAre thre any file and directory utilities that have a similar feel like Norton Commander for Ubuntu?09:28
AbhiJitmeco, what does norton commander do?09:28
fvilamidnight commander09:29
mecoAbhiJit: If you don't know, let someone else respond09:29
bazhangwmorri, it is, check out the commands they recommend to get it going09:29
mecofvila: OK, I'll try that09:29
AbhiJiti dont know how american banks works so that mean i should not do banking in india? wow09:29
bazhangwmorri, ie enable the root account, which we don't support here09:30
sveinsewmorri: I'm not reinstalling. I'm trying to get the debs for ubuntu-minimal09:30
bazhangAbhiJit, pardon?09:30
AbhiJitbazhang, nothing.09:30
=== Arkonova is now known as arkonova
wmorri bazhang: sorry I didn't read the whole howto. I will do better next time09:30
bazhangsveinse, the minimal iso?09:31
=== Zvrk is now known as xXx_hazard_
wmorri sveinse:  okay let me see what I can find.09:31
sveinsebazhang: No, I'm building a local apt repo for an embedded arm ubuntu target (for target installation). But I dont want to mirror the entire ubuntu repo nor use apt-proxy.09:33
bazhangsveinse, how big is the repo09:33
=== roman is now known as Guest62098
sveinsebazhang: The only thing missing is how to download the debs and their dependencies09:33
mecoIf I want to download midnight commander only the source is available. Does that preclude me from installing it or does it simply mean I must compile it (somehow) myself)09:34
sveinsebazhang: from what i've heard, the full armel repo for one version (like maverick) and without source is like 20-30 Gigs.  The files I need are like 100Meg or so09:34
wmorrimeco: you would just have to compile it yourself09:35
Dr_Willismeco:  mc is in the repos.. and theres ppa's for newer versions09:35
Dr_Willismeco:  the fact its int eh repos also makes compiling new versiopsn easier.09:35
mecoDr_Willis: I couldn't find it with Synaptic. It only displayed GNOME Commander.09:35
Dr_Willismeco:  you missed it then. Its defainatly in the repos09:36
Dr_Willis!info mc09:36
ubottumc (source: mc): Midnight Commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3: (maverick), package size 2104 kB, installed size 6432 kB09:36
Dr_Willispackage name is 'mc'09:36
Dr_Willistip in mc the '#'s at eh bottom' are the F keys to do the action. the insert key can select files.09:37
tutysrabazhang : created a bug - Bug #70622109:37
bazhangtutysra, be sure to tell wmorri :)09:37
wmorriHey I will look at it right now09:38
vuoriHow can you read DocProps, like http://dpaste.com/342302/ ?09:38
fvilameco: have you checked the repos?09:38
tutysrawmorri it is not in the documentation. It is there in the package description that appears when we select more info from the package list09:38
mecofvila: I found it now09:38
abhijainhow to install team viewer09:38
ubottuping-pong, a fun game for all the family09:38
vuoriIs DocProps a Windows format?09:38
tutysrawmorri: not sure whether that comes under the documentation part09:39
bazhanghttps://launchpad.net/bugs/706221 wmorri09:39
Dr_Willisabhijain:  i went to the teamviewer web site abnd downloaded the .deb09:39
wmorriI am not sure either but I will bookmark it and ask about it later today in the docs channel09:39
bazhangvuori, /msg ubottu09:39
EagleCan some kind person assist me? I have a compaq laptop, intel core 2 duo, 1.83GHz-processor, 1GB Ram, 32bit with windows 7 installed. I want to put Ubuntu on it, 10.04 or 10.10? And will everything work, such as emals save in outlook, will they work on Evolution mail? And all other things that have been saved under a windows program, What im getting at is will something like stuff save in word, will that document work in ubuntu? and others etc.09:40
Eagle I must be sure that it dose before I install ubuntu.. sorry for the questioning....  :)09:40
jimmy_hey guys, new to ubuntu, attempting to figure out resolution issue on a monitor attached to laptop09:40
bazhangjimmy_, with xrandr ?09:40
bazhang!manual | Eagle please have a read09:41
ubottuEagle please have a read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:41
mecoI've installed midnight commander, but it doesn't show up in the apps menues. How can I run it?09:41
jimmy_what is xrandr?09:41
Dr_Willismeco:  its not a X app.. its a console ap.. run 'mc' in a terminal09:41
abhijainbazhang: from command line can we install team viewer?09:41
mecoDr_Willis: OK09:41
Dr_Willismeco:  you may want to check its homepage/manpage/docs also.. its powerfull.. but  old-skool09:41
fvilameco: from the terminal09:41
fvilatype mc09:41
FloodBot2fvila: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:41
bazhangabhijain, is it in the repos? apt-cache search for it09:42
mecoI got it... it's running09:42
fvilain fact you can create a shortcut09:42
fvilaxterm -e mc09:42
GarzookaI remember midnight comander09:42
mecofvila: OK09:42
korielhi ... i'm using ubuntu as a syslog server and i'm getting logs from another computers...how can I send those logs to various files...i.e everything from host server1 must go to file /var/log/server1.log09:43
arkanianyone has sudgestion? FGLRX makes screen flicker, open source driver makes laptop fan go nonstop at full power, any third way?09:44
Carsten-Hey guys... I'm trying to set a domain to be a FQDN, but having little luck, it is specified in my hosts file, which matches the set hostname of the machine... What am I missing here? when i use hotsname -f it replies with: hostname: Name or service not known09:45
fvilajimmy_: xrandr is an util to manipulate resolutions/screen positions/:..09:46
mecoHow do I post a screen capture here?09:46
jimmy_okay i got it from package manager, where do i find it to run it?09:46
bazhang!imagebin | meco09:47
ubottumeco: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.09:47
fvilajimmy_: it is a command line util09:47
jimmy_so, how do you run it from command?09:47
koolrewhat happen?09:49
tuxhackhi all.. suggest a sata pci raid card.. supported by ubuntu as raid09:50
mecofvila: http://imagebin.org/133830 is what midnight commander looks like when I run 'xterm -e mc'. It doesn't look right, surely?09:50
wmorrikoolre: we need a little more information09:50
MkaysiHow can I share my 3G connection with WLAN?09:50
fvilameco: sure09:50
fvilabut i think it is about the termcap configuration09:51
fvilayou can change xterm for gnome-terminal09:51
ShinjukuTechHi all - I'm quite new to Linux and am having some issues with auto-mounting a drive from my NAS, would anyone have any advice?09:51
mecofvila: All those gibberishy characters are confusing09:51
fvilachange xterm for gnome-terminal09:51
mecofvila: OK, I'll try that09:51
jimmy_from terminal, how do you run lxrandr?09:52
jim__Hello room09:52
jimmy_hi jim09:53
circlecrossdevoatmeal cream pies affect my teeth. ubuntu?>09:53
obscurant1sti have installed kde and changed the display manager to kdm. now i want to change it to gnaome and change the display manager to gdm back09:53
obscurant1sthow can do the changing to gdm part?09:53
wmorrijimmy_: all you have to do is install lxrandr, then type lxrandr into terminal and it will start the program.09:54
morphlesIs there some page where i can see updates by day? i.e. on 2011-01-11 these packages updates were released for lucid. Ditto for other versions and other dates. This could be helpfull to diagnose problems that migh appear after updates for frends who are less tech savy.09:54
jim__Hey Jimmy!!I have a computer which is not connected to the internet. How can I install all the security updates and softwares thats installed on my current computer. The motherboard config is also different on the other computer09:54
circlecrossdevhelp1 how to make ubuntu make me a sandwhich09:55
Scott`sudo makemeasandwich09:55
mecoDoes anyone know how I change to another partition in midnight commander?09:56
circlecrossdevdo motherboards make good sandwhiches09:56
Oermorphles, check them in http://www.ubuntu.com/usn09:56
meco...or I can read the help,,,,09:56
morphlesThank you Oer09:57
circlecrossdevthat looks like too many viruses for ubuntu to be linux09:57
circlecrossdevespecially just from 2010 to 201109:58
circlecrossdevthe other page i read on ubuntu said this wouldn't happen09:58
mecoDoes anyone know how I change to another partition in midnight commander?09:58
ShinjukuTechMy NAS drives only seem to mount if i manually do a 'sudo mount -a' any way I can invoke this automatically?09:58
Oercirclecrossdev, security updates has nothing to do with virus09:58
circlecrossdevi am reinstalling norton09:58
circlecrossdevviruse almost always work becauase of security exploits09:58
circlecrossdevdon't play games with me09:58
Scott`norton will probably give you a virus09:59
Scott`the user is the best antivirus09:59
circlecrossdevyou are just making that up09:59
arkaniuser with brain ...09:59
circlecrossdevnorton is a big respected antivirus09:59
Scott`which is full of bloat09:59
circlecrossdevnorton 360 4.0 will have me covered09:59
XVampireXI want to move from apache to lighttpd09:59
arkanidoes norton work on linux?10:00
XVampireXprobably made a mistake that I installed both before removing one10:00
Oercirclecrossdev, norton is not available on Ubuntu, so it is offtopic10:00
circlecrossdevscott' we receive more bload per day in updates10:00
circlecrossdevwindows updates doesn't update me as much as your synpatico k10:00
bazhangcirclecrossdev, lets move on please10:00
wmorrimeco: i am trying to find an answer for you.10:00
mecowmorri: great, I'm stuck10:00
JemtHello guys. About a year or two ago, someone told me that running Linux on a Mac computer would cause CPU overclocking, overheating the system, potentially causing damage. Is this a problem in Ubuntu 10.10 ?10:01
gordonjcpmeco: is your other partition mounted?10:01
mecogordonjcp: yes10:02
jimmy_okay guys, lxrandr only gives one possible resolution, what its currently at and auto. neither fix the screen posision10:02
gordonjcpmeco: then change directory to wherever it's mounted10:02
JemtCan I somehow read CPU info from the system, so I have a chance to confirm that everything is alright ? CPU speed, voltage, temperature etc.10:02
mecogordonjcp: how....?10:02
jim__circlecrossdev, I am a Norton employee...10:02
circlecrossdevubuntu has a freaking sudo vulnerability in 2011. that is supremely scary. i am tired of ubuntu crashing on me too. it is sort of rare, but i have less blue screens than the rare ubuntu crash that keeps happening repeatedly where i have to reboot10:02
gordonjcpmeco: how do you normally change directories?10:02
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:02
bazhangjim__, lets move on please10:02
jimmy_the system>prefrences>monitors menu says the monitor is unknown10:03
gordonjcpmeco: (I'm not being obtuse, I just haven't used mc for a decade or so)10:03
jim__circlecrossdev, No one is forcing you to use Ubuntu10:03
mecoO, I found the other partition!10:03
bazhangjim__, lets move on, its over10:03
Garzookajimmy_ mabe you need display drivers?10:03
jimmy_i have tried looking for some, it says there are no proprietary drivers needed or something10:04
jimmy_would i find them in the package manager?10:04
lazarus_you know if you want a group of backgrounds to auto change you need to use background-1.xml is there any other way to genarate it based on the images you choose10:04
Garzookajimmy_ you could try that if you want10:05
AbhiJitlazarus_, are you talking about desktop wallpaper?10:05
jim__bazhang, I was telling him the truth... I am a Norton employee10:05
gordonjcpmeco: solved?10:05
jim__I have a computer which is not connected to the internet. How can I install all the security updates and softwares thats installed on my current computer. The motherboard config is also different on the other computer10:06
bazhangjim__, thats fine lets get back to ubuntu support please10:06
gordonjcpo_O why are there three floodbots?10:06
bazhang!offline | jim__10:06
ubottujim__: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD10:06
jim__bazhang, Sure10:06
bazhangjim__, you might try aptoncd as well10:06
tittncan anybody help me with recent updates of ubuntu 10.10 my laptop microphone doesnt work altho it shos up in the sound settings10:06
jim__Am new to linux.. So in a learning process10:07
bazhangjim__, quite easy to use (aptoncd)10:07
lazarus_AbhiJit: yes10:07
sabetsuHey guys, I was wondering something about Ubuntu which is kind of weird. Whenever I change .mp3´s to open in VLC, it keeps opening them in the Movie Player. I have gone to "Open with..." and changed it to VLC and told it to remember this for that file type, but it doesn´t seem to be working after restarting and changing this many times. It is still set to that setting, but keeps opening with Movie Player. Any ideas?10:07
bazhang!aptoncd | jim__10:07
ubottujim__: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline10:07
AbhiJitlazarus_, try desktop drapes10:07
AbhiJit!manual | jim__10:07
ubottujim__: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/10:07
jimmy_where would be the best place to find the correct drivers for a monitor?10:08
bazhangjimmy_, hardly likely youd need them10:09
AbhiJitjimmy_,  linux-drivers.org10:09
jimmy_okay, any other ideas about the monitor issue?10:09
bazhangAbhiJit, for a monitor?10:09
AbhiJitbazhang, no idea. just found that site for hardware drivers10:09
sabetsuShouldn´t monitors be plug and play? Lol.10:10
jimmy_i have an 8 inch black bar on the right of the screen and a 4 inch on the bottom10:10
bazhangAbhiJit, most monitors have the edid10:10
sabetsuCan you resize your monitor using the monitor settings (the buttons on it)?10:10
AbhiJitbazhang, edid?10:10
jimmy_it was plug and play with winxp10:10
AbhiJitnvm got it10:10
sabetsuMaybe I am stupid but it sounds more like a graphics card compatibility issue than an actual monitor issue.10:11
jim__ubottu, I am okay with tasks on my computer cos its connected to the internet. But my friends computer doesnt have internet, and I have installed Ubuntu. So, for the applications to run and for the security updates it has to be updated.10:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:11
jimmy_so my graphics card needs a driver to support the monitor?10:11
bazhangjim__, aptoncd would work well for that10:11
bazhangjimmy_, more like a video card issue10:12
jim__bazhang, Even if the motherboard configuration is different?10:12
jimmy_yea, that would be more likely lol.10:12
jim__He is using a Intel board and am on Asus with AMD processor10:12
mecoIn midnight commander, how can I select a group of files?10:12
GarzookaI would agree with bazhang on that one10:13
sabetsuDo you have an nVidia card, Jimmy?10:14
sabetsuAnd are you using a very large monitor? Maybe a television/monitor combo?10:14
tutysraubottu is a bot?10:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:14
tutysragud job the responses are very nice10:15
jim__Sorry to bother you guys. One more doubt. Can I have the updates on a USB drive using aptoncd?10:15
arkaniwhats the name of some kind of laptop camera driver/utility ?10:15
AbhiJitarkani, cheese web cam booth10:16
=== root is now known as Guest74415
arkaniAbhiJit thanks10:17
Guest74415help me10:17
FloodBot1Guest74415: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:17
sabetsuWhat do you need hep with?10:17
sabetsuJust ask, don´t keep bugging for help10:17
neilWhat is the isssue Guest?10:17
Guest74415i cant understand this ubuntu10:17
Guest74415can any one explain me10:17
sabetsuWhat do you need help with exactly on Ubuntu?10:17
Guest74415means what is xchat10:18
test__language matsuura10:18
elkysabetsu, please don't.10:18
AbhiJit!manual | Guest7441510:18
ubottuGuest74415: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/10:18
sabetsuSo does anyone know what might be up with my issue?10:19
danielhow do i edit files in home10:19
sabetsuYou may need to open Nautilus10:19
jodlajodlahow to enable vsync in ubuntu 10.10?10:19
sabetsuopen Terminal > gksudo Nautilus10:19
danielsab u talkin to me right ?10:19
sabetsuLike if you can´t drag a file somewhere or whatever10:20
sabetsuIt opens this little window where it gives you permissions10:20
danieli want to create a fold in home10:20
sabetsuif you open Terminal and type in gksudo Nautilis10:20
sabetsuHmm, you should just be able to go there and right click and press New Folder10:20
danieli typed that into my terminal10:21
sabetsuYeah but if you want to make a new folder you should be able to just go to your home folder and right click and make a new folder10:21
arkaniI think he is making folder in /home not /home/username10:22
danieloh ok thanks :D i go tone mroe for ya i deleted my buttum dock and replaced it with cario dock how do i get my old one back10:22
sabetsuAh, yeah, then you need to use Nautilis10:22
jodlajodlahello, how to enable vsync at ati drivers?10:22
arkanijodlajodla you get flicker on destop too?10:23
jodlajodla@arkani: something like that ;)10:23
jodlajodlawith HD485010:23
arkaniI have ATI driver problems too10:24
sabetsuSo, yep, anyone know why my default program to open mp3´s isn´t working? It doesn´t revert when I right click on the mp3 and tell it to open with... It keeps it on VLC there. But if I open it in a folder, it keeps using Movie Player to open my mp3´s. Anyone know why?10:24
jimmy_can ubuntu tell me the manufature info for my video card?10:25
Calinoujimmy_: system monitor?10:26
test__jimmy_, lspci | grep -i vga10:26
abc321I am trying to console login but it is hanging after message like : fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2 /dev/sdb1: clean 380060/4259840 files, 7192759/8514442 blocks10:26
sabetsurawr! No one is helping me! Screw this!10:28
shubbarI have an admin that wants to use VNC to administer a remote ubuntu server. Isn't SSH enough?10:28
abc321is it bug or i am missing something?10:28
jimmy_test_: a little less cryptic?10:28
tittnplsss i need my microphone working again so i can use skype10:28
arkaniwhats wrong with microphone?10:29
ojayhello all10:29
tittnit doesnt capture sound anymore after recent updates10:29
ojayi have linux mint 10 and i need help http://paste.ubuntu.com/556761/10:30
tittnit still shows up in the sound settings menu10:30
tittnbut dont see the meter going up10:30
SyriaHow can I restore the panel settings pelase?10:30
arkanitittn system->preference->sound->input-> imput wolume level check10:30
Oer!resetpanels | Syria10:30
ubottuSyria: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »10:30
=== Zvrk is now known as xXx_hazard_
tittnyeh its at 100%10:31
danielhow do i create a new folder in the terminal10:31
tittnand not muted10:31
SyriaOer:  Thank you.10:31
oCeanshubbar: sure, ssh should be enough. If it's an ubuntu-server install, then the server has no gui at all.10:31
test__daniel, mkdir10:31
arkanitittn try different connectors maybe?10:31
tittnits a laptop :(10:31
tittnit used to work10:32
arkanitittn mine too but below input level there is "connector"10:32
danielthank you and also if i deleted the buttum tool bar how do i get it back?10:32
Oertittn try terminal: alsamixer ( anything muted ? )10:32
tittncan only select one10:33
tittni try that10:33
mecoDoes anyone know why the SCIM applet initiates itself and switches to RAW CODE for no good reason? It happens repeatedly and it is vey annoying.10:33
tittnthere is only master and pcm and then 2 spdifs10:34
tittnthink thats hdmy or those plugs10:34
tittndoh when i press f4 to go to capture it switches desktop :p10:35
amitwhen i want to record my voice headphone doesnot work but when i listen anyting from my comp throgh headphone it properly works?how to resolve this10:35
amitalso while voice chat my voice doesnot reaches to the opponent only the oppponent voices reaches to me?how to get rid of this?10:37
gordonjcpamit: maybe you need to select your microphone as the record input10:37
amitgordonjcp: i tried but same prob10:37
tittnnope nothings muted :(10:37
amittittn:not muted10:37
tittnpressed f5 to view all capture is at 100%10:38
blueskygood morning guys10:39
blueskyI wanted to download Skype on Oubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 Bit, but I got the error message: Error: Wrong architecture 'amd64'10:41
chrislusticHi there anyone there to lend some advice?10:42
psycho_oreos!ask| chrislustic10:43
ubottuchrislustic: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:43
gobbebluesky: where did you try to download it?10:43
gobbe!skype | bluesky10:43
ubottubluesky: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga10:43
rohitnikcoolhi , i am a new to ubuntu. i have installed google earth on ubuntu 10.04 but its not working plz help?10:44
blueskygobbe: by the package installer10:44
rohitnikcoolhi , i am a new to ubuntu. i have installed google earth on ubuntu 10.04 but its not working plz help?10:45
chrislusticI am on an IMAC,   I have partitioned my HDD and have Ubuntu 10.10 running perfectly on it,  when I run my mac I have a fan speed app that more than doubles my fan speed keeping it cooler,  but when I boot linux, the fan speed slows.. or doesnt run at all even... the computer gets quite hot without the increased fan speed,  my ubuntu has the  ls-sensor packages or whatever already installed,  I need to increase the fanspeed, lol10:45
gobbebluesky: please copy-paste what did you do and whole output to pastebin.ubuntu.com10:45
tittnbluesky http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43229510:45
rohitnikcoolhi , i am a new to ubuntu. i have installed google earth on ubuntu 10.04 but its not working plz help?10:45
blueskyubottu,:thankx I`ll try that10:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:45
chrislusticRohitnikcool, why not upgrade to 10.1010:45
tittnlol :)10:45
rohitnikcoolchrislustic: well friend gave me cd of 10.0410:46
tittnguess i have to wait till it updates again and hopefully fixes my mic10:46
mecoDoes anyone know why the SCIM applet initiates itself and switches to RAW CODE for no good reason? It happens repeatedly and it is vey annoying.10:46
rohitnikcoolchrislustic: can you help me for my problem10:46
arkanitittn maybe you hardvare section in sound options is bad configured?10:47
chrislusticrohitnikcool.  the ubuntu website can provide you with the latest version free and quickly.10:47
abc321I am trying to console login but it is hanging after message like : fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2 /dev/sdb1: clean 380060/4259840 files, 7192759/8514442 blocks10:47
tittnwel i havent changed anything but how can i check ?10:47
rohitnikcoolchrislustic: i have problem with google earth10:47
arkanichrislustic why update 10.04 LTS to 10.10?...10:47
chrislusticthere are many glitches and errors updates in the newer ubuntu10:47
rohitnikcoolhi , i am a new to ubuntu. i have installed google earth on ubuntu 10.04 but its not working plz help?10:48
oCeanrohitnikcool: chrislustic actually, there's nothing wrong with using the 10.04 version, it's LTS so it's going to be supported for almost another 2 years10:48
chrislustici am running 10.1010:48
tittnits set at analog stereo duplex al other modu dont give me the mic in input10:48
arkanitittn updates might have changed something? how to check? just poke around like I do, and hope you dont break something10:48
chrislustici did not say there was something wrong arkani10:48
rohitnikcoolhi , i am a new to ubuntu. i have installed google earth on ubuntu 10.04 but its not working plz help?10:48
chrislustici have my own problem10:48
oCeanrohitnikcool: you have to give the channel some details. "not working" is quite a statement10:49
rohitnikcooloCean: ya actually whenn i click on google earth nothing happens10:49
chrislustic am on an IMAC,  I have partitioned my HDD and have Ubuntu 10.10 running perfectly on it,  when I run my mac I have a fan speed app that more than doubles my fan speed keeping it cooler,  but when I boot linux, the fan speed slows.. or doesnt run at all even... the computer gets quite hot without the increased fan speed, I need to increase the fan speed10:50
mecoMy keyboard input is all screwed up in Epiphany due to SCIM somehow. How can I fix this?10:50
oCeanrohitnikcool: how did you install? There's a g-e package in the multiverse repos10:50
arkanichrislustic maybe you know if on 10.10 ati proprietary drivers dont flicker screen? or ati open source drivers don't use your fan at 110% power all the time?10:50
rohitnikcooloCean: i went to google earth site downloaded the .deb package and installed it10:51
chrislusticarkani are you trying to be a smart ass?10:51
mecoDoesn't anyone know how SCIM works?10:51
arkanichrislustic no thats my problem I am here with10:51
chrislusticreally I am not that advanced in linux, I could not tell you,10:52
oCeanrohitnikcool: well, there *is* a package in the (multiverse) repositories. You could try that one ofcourse. But first you can try running g-e from terminal, see if we get useful output10:52
chrislusticI simply need to increase my fan speed,10:52
AbhiJitcan we change the folder color in ubuntu now?10:52
arkaniseems me screen will flicker for a while... ^^10:53
oCeanrohitnikcool: open a terminal, and type googl, and hit <tab> a fewtimes. It should "autocomplete" to the googleearth executable10:53
ltibor65Hi! How can I find my default sound output device path? (xubuntu 10.10 HDA Intel with alsamixer and pulse audio)10:53
chrislusticMy screen doesn't flicker at all,  works good,10:53
rohitnikcooloCean: how to run it from terminal10:53
arkaniATI video card?10:53
ojayhmm is that the problem10:53
oCeanrohitnikcool: see my previous line. Terminal is in Menu > Accessoires > terminal10:54
ojayiwconfig says mode:managed and wicd says router has MASTER mode on10:54
AbhiJitchrislustic, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84648010:55
rohitnikcooloCean: no i just get lines "google-chrome  google-earth " one after other10:55
Cpt_Zyphhey guys i cant seem to get th video card to work on fresh install of ubuntu on my old HP dv6000 series laptop.10:55
oCeanrohitnikcool: that is fine, since the tab autocomplete shows you the available executable starting with googl. Just type google-earth and hit enter10:55
echomanhello, how to enable vsync at ati radeon drivers?10:56
Cpt_Zyphis there a version of the install media i can use that dosnt go to gui at boot...10:56
oCeanrohitnikcool: any lines of output that seem useful, you can share with us using http://paste.ubuntu.com10:56
chrislusticthank you abhijit:  but I am relatively new, and putting in that spaghetti code here looks dangerous to me lol10:56
arkaniechoman desktop flicker problem?10:56
ojaymy network is disabled and im still here :D good networkmanager10:57
chrislusticlol ojay10:57
rohitnikcooloCean: i got this "/usr/bin/google-earth: 43: ./googleearth-bin: not found" .10:57
echomansame as before, but the electricity was down here -.-"10:57
ojaythere is that icon. red cross and two peace of wire10:57
arkaniechoman me too! I found that using open source drivers makes screen not flicker, but on my system it makes fan go nonstop10:57
ojay*** networking disabled *** lol yeah10:58
chrislusticlol arkani.10:58
chrislusticI wish my fan would do that10:58
iflemaCpt_Zyph noX during install? or noX after install?10:58
blueskyubottu: thanx, it works, now I have got skype on my computer10:58
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:58
echomani installed additional drivers, but now i'm looking for vsync enabling -.-"10:58
iflema!nox | Cpt_Zyph10:59
ubottuCpt_Zyph: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode10:59
Cpt_Zyphiflema i had to use the ubunut 10.10 alt iso download to get te prompts to show up.. but anything that goes like a gui is all tweeked out10:59
ojaywhere i can find my wireless network CFG files...so i can test to switch mode managed to master10:59
echomanso anyone knows how to enable vsync at ati radeon drivers?=11:00
oCeanrohitnikcool: hmm :( It seems that the google-earth is a script calling googleearth-bin. This fails for some reason. We can try finding the -bin by running "sudo updatedb && locate googleearth-bin" (this will first build a location database of all your files)11:00
echomanepic bye :D11:00
greppyrohitnikcool: you could also try "find / -name googleearth-bin -print"11:00
rethussomeone here use glabes?11:01
rethushow can i edit a existing (maybe my own) template=11:02
rohitnikcooloCean: i got this "/opt/google/earth/free/googleearth-bin" after running "sudo updatedb && locate googleearth-bin"11:02
newusertrWell I have another question. Can I run windows base programs such as autocrat 3dmax11:03
oCeanrohitnikcool: aha, then that's the location of the actual executable. Now try running that in the terminal (/opt....-bin)11:03
FredGeekrethus, what is glabes? I can't find even on google11:03
tittni have a random hardware question where should i ask that ? :p11:04
rohitnikcooloCean: i got this "bash: /opt/google/earth/free/googleearth-bin: No such file or directory".11:04
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection11:05
Cpt_Zyphiflema is there some way i can set it up to get updates or something so the proper video drivers get installed and working?? basicly video just looks messed up and i cant read anything11:05
ojayi need now help of the linux GURU11:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:06
ojayof = from11:06
amalgamahow to edit the grub menu?? (new in grub2)11:06
oCeanrohitnikcool: hmm :( Something in that downloaded package seems to be a problem. You could try some more, like "cd /opt/google/earth/free" and do "file googleearth-bin" to see if that executable is really there, and what it is.11:07
Cpt_Zyphso i have tried installing on my laptop with usb.. .main iso file as well as the alt distro but i cant get the video problem to go away.. is there something i can type in or try at this point thats above my noobie haed here'11:07
oCeanrohitnikcool: I'm downloading the .dub currently, let's see if it works11:08
mash909I just installed 10.10 - last night it seemed fine, but this morning it will boot, but then crashes immediately11:08
ojayi can see all the wireless networks11:08
Renskihey, ive installed X and fluxbox on a machine, and want to remotely get access to a desktop session11:08
Renskihow do I do that?11:08
milen8204Hello, everyone11:09
Renskihello :)11:09
JemtDuring update, "update-initramfs" generates a new ramdisk for the kernel. How do I avoid that ? I need it to stay the same. I'm remastering Ubuntu, and I don't want the kernel, nor the ramdisk to change11:09
EagleWould ubuntu 10.10 work well on a core 2 duo 1.83Mhz processor-  1GB ram and instaled with windows 7?11:10
erUSULEagle: it should11:11
erUSULamalgama: depends on what you want to do ...11:11
oCeanrohitnikcool: I see.. same problem here.11:11
llutzEagle: more important would be to know what video- and audio-cards are used11:11
EagleerUSUL: Is that a yes or No11:11
FloodBot1Eagle: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:11
plutonashello, i am about to install ubuntu through wubi from my windows, the question is, are we sure it won't erase/overwrite anything windows related?11:11
rohitnikcooloCean: so now what to do ?11:11
erUSULEagle: yes; but no waranties. there is no such thing as bug free software11:12
Eaglellutz: Its a laptop. Will cheak.11:12
=== sjakoo is now known as joris
oCeanrohitnikcool: I looking into it, weird11:12
amalgamaerUSUL: check options, change stuff like default options, running without gnome, main goal is to see, learn and play :)11:12
llutzEagle: on a laptop the wifi-chipset is important too11:13
erUSULamalgama: you edit /etc/default/grub and then run « sudo update-grub »11:13
erUSUL!grub2 | amalgama11:13
ubottuamalgama: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:13
Ub3r-N00bhey guys could anyone tell me how can i extract files  in a destination folder via terminal ? ..tar.gz that is11:13
Eaglexandlom: Whats up :)11:14
erUSULUb3r-N00b: tar xf file.tar.gz -C destination/11:14
llutzUb3r-N00b: tar xzf foo.tar.gz -C /path/11:14
Ub3r-N00berUSUL, llutz thanks guys :)11:14
amalgamaerUSUL: thanx11:14
linux_probe>_> man tar and reading would be better( you may even learn something)11:14
Carsten-Are there any exim4 guru's here?11:14
erUSULno problem11:14
amalgamaubottu: thanx you not so intelligent bot:)11:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:14
oCeanrohitnikcool: this is really weird. Must be more users with this issue??11:14
orst3nis it me or it isnt possible yet to sync music to my iphone 4 with ubuntu yet11:15
Eagleorst3n:what up!!11:15
orst3namarok fails with the reason that the files i wanna sync are already there11:15
Abhinav1is it safe to delete .gconf folder to reset gnome conf?11:15
neilHey, can anyone help me with the CLICK PAD ISSUE, as I got the work around and was able to make the right click work but not able to STOP the eratic mouse movement.11:16
rohitnikcooloCean: there is no help at google earth site too.11:16
neilIt really annoys me to the core smtimes and I hate working on UBUNTU11:16
neiljust coz of the clickpad11:16
ubottuGoogle Earth is available as the package "googleearth-package" in !Multiverse. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GoogleEarth11:16
oCeanrohitnikcool: well, there is some info at http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/earth/thread?tid=5ab194cb364cc183&hl=en11:16
blueskygobbe: thanx for your support. I am new to Linux and therefore a bit slow. I got the problem solved. Have a nice weekend.11:16
oCeanerUSUL: we did, but still end up with errors11:17
VCoolioneil: ctrl+alt+numlock and use the numpad * for rightclick?11:17
encryptedHey how can I get java working in firefox?11:17
VCoolioor - , not sure11:17
bazhangencrypted, enable partner repo and install it11:18
mecoI'm trying to open Epiphany, but after a few seconds with "Starting Epiphany" in the system bar it goes away again and doesn't start up.11:18
bazhang!partner > encrypted11:18
ubottuencrypted, please see my private message11:18
bazhang!java | encrypted11:18
ubottuencrypted: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.11:18
Renskihow do I enable port 6000 on X?11:18
Renskiwheres the config file on 10.10?@11:18
g_hi, what can i use to convert videos suitable for an iphone?11:18
bazhangRenski, why would you want to11:18
VCooliomeco: try in a terminal, see if there's useful output11:18
erUSULg_: arista or winff come to mind11:18
Renskibazhang, to remotely access the machine of course11:18
bazhangg_,  handbrake11:18
mecoVCoolio: OK11:19
bazhang!handbrake > g_11:19
ubottug_, please see my private message11:19
encryptedThanks ubottu ! :-)11:19
g_erUSUL: bazhang do they have a ui?11:19
erUSULg_: yes both are gui;11:19
bazhangg_, yes, a very nice one, also a ppa for it11:19
serializedHi all, i have a problem.  when i log in to my xfce desktop I get a load of hardware drivers windows pop up.  Is there a way for this to stop?11:19
mecoVCoolio: The same happens when I try to start terminal11:20
g_ok thanks guys, i'll check them out11:20
iktserialized, got screenshot?11:20
erUSULg_: also it is recomended to have medibuntu enabled imho; so you have all the codecs enabled11:21
erUSUL!medibuntu | g_11:21
ubottug_: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org11:21
serializednope, you know the hardware driver window that allows the proprietary drivers installation.  its just them11:21
VCooliomeco: that's not good; panel and everything are there like normal? and alt+f2 pops up a box? Try logout and back in11:21
g_i think i have erUSUL11:21
ylmfos安装的时候 卡在第三步11:21
bazhangylmfos, english here11:22
g_why doesn't handbrake just have a tar to dl?11:22
ylmfosinstall ubuntu11:22
bazhangg_, a ppa is better11:22
mecoVCoolio: Yes, they're there like normal. Alt-F2 does not pop up a box though...11:22
ylmfosi m11:22
bazhangylmfos, #ubuntu-cn11:22
ylmfosmy english if poor11:22
serializedno worries guys i stopped it via the startup programs11:22
psycho_oreos!cn| ylmfos11:23
ubottuylmfos: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk11:23
rohitnikcooloCean: if you find any solution plz let me know , my email id is coolstacy786@gmail.com11:23
bazhangylmfos, /join #ubuntu-cn11:23
mecoI'll try and re-login11:23
ylmfoscan i speak chinese11:23
bazhangylmfos, not here no11:23
ylmfosi m sorry11:24
mecoVCoolio: The system menu icon seems oblivious to the mouse, although the open apps' buttons seem to react11:24
husseyi need help in installing a software please help11:24
husseyits giving me errors11:25
Garzookawhat is a channel for emulators11:25
mecoVCoolio: Now the systems menu  icon disappeared11:25
Abhinav1hussey: which software is giving error?11:25
bazhanghussey, paste.ubuntu.com with the errors11:25
husseymake[2]: *** [/home/hasnain/2009_0525_RT3070_Linux_STA_v2.1.1.0/os/linux/../../os/linux/rt_linux.o] Error 1 make[1]: *** [_module_/home/hasnain/2009_0525_RT3070_Linux_STA_v2.1.1.0/os/linux] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-24-generic-pae' make: *** [LINUX] Error 2 root@hasnain-OptiPlex-745:/home/hasnain/2009_0525_RT3070_Linux_STA_v2.1.1.0# make install make -C /home/hasnain/2009_0525_RT3070_Linux_STA_v11:25
bazhangGarzooka, /msg alis list *searchterm*11:25
VCooliomeco: alt+sysrq+k11:25
oCeanrohitnikcool: still there?11:25
husseyi need to install this wireless driver11:25
g_i had an apt-get install crash on me, and now i see: E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?11:26
rohitnikcooloCean: yes11:26
g_when i try to run it again11:26
Garzookabazhang that causes irc to crash11:26
bazhangG_ close other instances of apt11:26
g_bazhang: i have11:26
bazhangGarzooka, ask in #freenode not here11:26
psycho_oreoshussey, which version of ubuntu are you using?11:26
oCeanrohitnikcool: I did "sudo apt-get install lsb-core" (this runs for a minute) after that running "google-earth" from terminal, or from the menus runs just fine11:27
psycho_oreoshussey, why don't you use the rt2x00 driver that comes standard with almost every kernel there is?11:27
bazhangGarzooka, you are already there11:27
rohitnikcooloCean: i will try it11:27
xandlomHi all.11:29
g_how do i force a process to die?11:29
g_i've tried kill pid but it's still showing in top11:29
psycho_oreosg_, kill -9 (dangerous)11:29
husseyhow do i do hat please telll me11:29
g_psycho_oreos: interesting, it's still showing it top11:30
g_kill -9 dpkg11:30
psycho_oreosg_, it could be a zombie process or spawned by init11:30
g_uhm, where i used the pid11:30
g_psycho_oreos: top is showing 0 zombie processes?11:30
doodoomy laptop apparently comes with builtin wwan card. ghow do i chec its present or not?11:31
g_an apt-get update is showing: E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)11:31
psycho_oreosg_, then exactly what is the status of dpkg? it might even be hung by process with a child, etc11:31
erUSULdoodoo: lshw -C Network ?11:31
g_doodoo: open it up and have a look!11:31
psycho_oreosdoodoo, lspci11:31
g_psycho_oreos: it crashed, so i closed the terminal it was open in. how do i find out the status?11:32
psycho_oreosg_, it might even be synaptic or update manager11:32
psycho_oreosg_, ps usually tells you11:32
g_neither are open11:32
g_nothing's showing in ps11:32
psycho_oreosps aux| grep dpkg11:32
psycho_oreospstree would give you a clear indication of how its all linked including child process that dpkg are linked to11:33
skyfireguys can you give me a command terminal tutorial?11:34
rohitnikcooloCean: i am enjoying google earth, thanks.11:34
g_i see two lines, one with /usr/bin/dpkg, that has a user pid 0.00 1.8 xxxxx xxxxx ? Ds 11:20 0:00 /usr/bin/dpkg ....11:34
g_where xxxxx are numbers11:34
oCeanrohitnikcool: great! :)11:34
psycho_oreosskyfire, I'd suggest bash-HOWTO which are available freely on the internet11:34
bazhang!terminal > skyfire11:34
ubottuskyfire, please see my private message11:34
skyfirepsycho_oreos, thanks11:35
skyfireubottu, thanks man11:35
g_psycho_oreos: pstree is showing dpkg on the left most branch11:35
psycho_oreosg_, not linked to init I presume? Ds states that its Uninterruptible sleep (usually IO)11:36
rohitnikcooloCean: thanks and bye.11:37
psycho_oreoswait.. try sudo kill -9 `pidof dpkg`11:37
jenni^I wonder if I dare to ask a question11:40
g_psycho_oreos: just tried it and nope, still there11:40
psycho_oreosg_, and there's no other processes attached to dpkg? i.e. child process?11:40
psycho_oreos!ask| jenni^11:41
ubottujenni^: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:41
g_psycho_oreos: nothing was shown linked in pstree11:41
jenni^psycho_oreos: hehe11:41
bicyclerepairmanI come from gentoo. for some reason su doesn't work in ubuntu so for now I use "sudo bash"11:41
bicyclerepairmanis there any way to get that working?11:41
llutzbicyclerepairman: use "sudo -i"11:41
psycho_oreosg_, weird, -9 is pretty much the highest level of kill if the process doesn't honour that it might even be mis-reported as a zombie process hmm..11:42
schnufflebicyclerepairman: the root passwd is disabled in default ubuntu o sudo -i or udo su -11:42
llutzbicyclerepairman: su would need root-password, which isnt available due to the disabled root-account. sudo works fine11:42
g_well it's preventing me for doing any work with apt-get11:42
g_in top, under the "S" column, it's showing "D" for dead?11:43
psycho_oreosironically apt-get is more or less a front-end to dpkg11:43
schnuffleg_: have you a updater applet in the panel11:43
jenni^[Question] I recently bought a new battery for my EEE PC 900, running Ubuntu Netbook Edition. The battery is 10400mAh, but acpi recognizes it only as 5200mAh. Any way to fix this?11:43
g_schnuffle: no, but a file copy11:43
psycho_oreosno D means its uninterrupted sleep, dead processes are marked as X and aren't usually visible, zombie process are marked as Z11:43
bicyclerepairmanI'm so confused...11:43
psycho_oreosunder man ps11:43
bicyclerepairmanhas the root acct been disabled for a good reason?11:44
obscurant1stwhats is the path for firefox profiles in ubuntu?11:44
psycho_oreos!root| bicyclerepairman11:44
ubottubicyclerepairman: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo11:44
oCeang_: D means uninterruptable sleep, the process will not receive any signals (such as kill)11:44
schnufflebicyclerepairman: it' not disabled, the root passwd is disbaled11:44
g_bah :(11:44
g_so how do i kill it and take control of my ocmputeR?11:44
bazhangbicyclerepairman, yes, use sudo -i for a root shell if you must, sudo is fine for most occasions11:44
oCeang_: reboot!11:44
g_it's like windows...all over again!11:45
psycho_oreosg_, you could try and remove the stale lock file but there's no guarantee that it'll work11:45
bazhang!aptfix | g_11:45
ubottug_: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »11:45
=== ferret__ is now known as ferret_
dbmany1 know any good tips & tricks for ubuntu 10.10 to improve my performance?11:46
bazhang!manual | dbm start here11:46
ubottudbm start here: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:46
encryptedHey how do I upgrade from JRE version: 6.0_20-b20 to 6.0_23 - I'm trying to run Minecraft.jar without luck11:46
dbmbazhang: thanks11:47
JemtHow do I prevent update-initramfs from running when upgrading? I'm remastering Ubuntu, and I want to keep the original initrd11:47
psycho_oreosjenni^, no idea really, have you checked from proper sources that the battery is actually 10400mAh? not some marketing gimmick?11:47
bazhangJemt, remaster when you have it just as you want11:48
Jemtbazhang: Sorry, come again ?11:48
bazhangJemt, how are you remastering, btw11:48
jenni^psycho_oreos: well, it's one hell of a big block at least :P11:48
psycho_oreosjenni^, size doesn't always mean alot :)11:49
Jemtbazhang: Extracting Live CD ISO, extracting Squash FS, chrooting into file system, changing things, then packing it all into an ISO again11:49
Dekker3DHey all.. I have quite a problem11:49
g_interesting, when asked if i want to kill the process with the aptfix above, i'm told: dpkg: status database area is locked by another process11:49
jenni^psycho_oreos: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.1708311:50
bazhangJemt, thats not really the optimal method, but as you wish; remaster the iso and be done with it, not sure how updating comes into a live cd environment tbh11:50
bhaveshHow can I merge two or more partitions into one/11:50
bazhangbhavesh, with gparted11:50
schnuffleg_: have you some update applets running in the panel?11:50
bhaveshgparted is a software?11:50
Dekker3DMy computer won't even boot half the time, and when it does, Ubuntu gives me a kernel panic.. Can someone help me? I don't really know where to go11:50
bazhangbhavesh, yes11:50
oCeanJemt: you can "hold" a package using "echo pckgname hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections"11:50
Jemtbazhang: Why is it not the optimal way? I don't believe it can be done any "cleaner". I don't go with "easiest" way.11:50
gobbejenni^: it might be that your battery has two separate cells11:50
gobbejenni^: so 2x5200mAh11:51
JemtoCean: Thanks, I already do that to the kernel. Never the less, update-initramfs still executes during update (apt-get upgrade)11:51
encryptedHey guys I have "jre1.6.0_23" extracted in a folder in ~/Downloads - where do I move files etc, to make it installed on my system?11:52
JemtoCean: I also keep back "initscripts" - figured that might have something to do with it - but it didn't11:52
Dekker3DI'd suggest you download it with synaptic instead, encrypted11:52
Dekker3DIt'll install automatically11:52
bazhangencrypted, why would you need to do that? minecraft works fine on the latest from maverick11:52
encryptedDekker3D: How do I do that?11:52
psycho_oreosjenni^, weird, so ok its not proved to be a con item. Does the battery last longer than standard? I mean if it does I really don't see there's much need to worry about unless you're willing to muscle up for some command line debugging11:52
encryptedbazhang: I can't get minecraft to work! :-(11:52
Dekker3DGo to your administration menu and find the synaptic package manager11:52
encryptedbazhang: It keeps puking when it starts to load the terrain after you click, "empty"11:53
bazhangencrypted, well that has nothing to do with your maverick version of jre11:53
g_schnuffle: no i don't11:53
encryptedbazhang: Can you help me get it to work ?11:53
jenni^psycho_oreos: well, my old 4400mAh died in 20 mins, this has now lasted about 3 hrs and it says 50%11:53
oCeanJemt: ah, guess the update-initramfs is a "post" script in a package. Not sure how to prevent that (in rpm it's something like --noscripts)11:53
bazhangencrypted, you got the partner repo enabled in Maverick?11:53
bazhang!partner | encrypted11:54
ubottuencrypted: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »11:54
encryptedbazhang: Yes11:54
ThrAnChwhy in asterisk channel ???11:54
* FredGeek what?11:54
jenni^gobbe: that might be yes, it'd be nice to have an accurate reading though11:54
bazhangThrAnCh, try #asterisk11:54
g_gonna reboot, thanks anyway11:54
ThrAnChit is mode +r11:54
Dekker3DBut anyway.. could someone help me revive my pc?11:54
ThrAnCh=( bazhang ??? =(11:54
schnuffleg_: use lsof to find the process wich uses the file11:54
JemtoCean: I believe you are right, but the actual execution is deferred and executed later using a trigger.11:54
bazhangThrAnCh, then register, join #freenode for help with that11:54
JemtoCean: Probably to avoid having it run multiple times11:55
=== Tom-B is now known as Iwant2killmyself
ThrAnChwho register i ???11:55
bazhangThrAnCh, not here #freenode11:55
JemtAlright, so I have to figure out whether these packages can be hold back as well. Thanks, oCean11:55
oCeanJemt: I guess you are right. But now to find out..11:55
oCeanJemt: ..exactly :)11:55
ThrAnChok bazhang11:55
JemtoCean: :-)11:56
encryptedbazhang: So what should I do now to get minecraft to work?11:56
bhaveshok so I downloaded gparted11:56
bazhangbhavesh, so boot from it, and use it11:57
bhaveshmy sda4 is divided into 7 parts, how is that possible11:57
bazhangbhavesh, back up all important data first11:57
=== rajesh is now known as Guest12084
JemtoCean: Do you happen to know anything about initramfs-tools? The configuration seems pretty generic, so it will probably run on any computer, even though build on my computer11:57
bhaveshwell my ubuntu is one on one of those parts11:57
lixinfishI get some errors about locale in my ubuntu sys11:57
lixinfishI paste it here :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/556786/11:57
oCeanJemt: I just found /etc/initramfs-tools/update-initramfs.conf11:58
bhaveshand what is linux-swap?11:58
bhaveshwait ill upload a scrn shot11:58
bazhangencrypted, please take this to #minecraft11:58
lixinfishI just can't set it to utf-811:58
JemtoCean: Yes. Mine says "most" to modules, which sounds pretty generic11:58
VCooliobhavesh: swap is hd space that can be used as RAM11:58
oCeanJemt: sorry, not familiair with initramfs, just guessing here11:59
JemtoCean: Okay, no problem. Thanks anyways :)11:59
erUSUL!swap | bhavesh12:01
ubottubhavesh: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info12:01
Dekker3DSo... I get a page-long call trace and no keys react12:03
schnufflelixinfish: open  /var/lib/locales/supported.d/en and check if en_US.UTF-8 i found when not add this en_US.UTF-8 UTF812:03
Dekker3DThe top line is the only one that's not part of the trace: [0.014908] Pid: 0, comm: swapper Tainted : G    D #4212:04
Dekker3DCan someone -please- help me identify the problem?12:04
wolfpackHI....I am not able to boot ubuntu10.04...When i try to boot I get a grub terminal....I had dual boot win7and ubuntu 10.04...Any help On this????12:04
schnuffleDekker3D: paste the trace12:04
bazhangwolfpack, fix grub2?12:04
bazhang!grub2 | wolfpack12:05
ubottuwolfpack: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:05
Dekker3DThe keyboard does not respond, schnuffle, so shall I make a photo and upload it somewhere or..12:05
Dekker3DBasically, it has a bunch of numbers and the words panic, do_exit, oops_end, no_context..12:05
bhaveshSO here is my screen shot : http://i.imgur.com/sBH5Z.png -- On the right side it shows file manager. I want to merge the 2nd 4th and 5th partition which are empty12:05
bhaveshwith gpartition -- shows on the left12:06
lixinfishschnuffle: it works, thank you!12:06
bhaveshhow can I know which drive is known as sda2 and which one is sda7?12:06
Dekker3D__bad_area_nosemaphore, ? setup_object, bad_area_nosemaphore... I'll make the photo12:06
schnuffleDekker3D: Can you repot your prob, you can't boot anymore?12:06
bhaveshbecause all are called as new volume12:07
Dekker3Dschnuffle, the exact problem is that my computer sometimes does not start the monitors.. sometimes it does, but hangs at a flashing underscore... sometimes it gets to grub and gives me this..12:08
jribbhavesh: by their contents? size?  UUID?  You should give them labels, then they'll get mounted with their labels12:08
Dekker3Dschnuffle, and sometimes it resets its bios due to having rebooted thrice, and tells me it finds no hard drives, then gives me a bios screen, and the bios just recognizes my hard drives12:09
bhaveshok how can I find uuid?12:09
bazhangbhavesh, sudo blkid12:09
jribbhavesh: sudo blkid12:09
rumpe1bhavesh, sudo blkid12:09
bhaveshok ok12:09
schnuffleDekker3D: CMOS battery rotten? f Bio get reset, check for new battery12:09
bazhangbhavesh, you probably want sudo fdisk -l   though12:10
bhaveshill try12:10
magellansudo blkid /dev/sda#of partition12:10
Dekker3Dschnuffle, is "f Bio get reset" a command I have to enter? I have no command line :P The motherboard was replaced only three days ago though, since the other one kinda melted12:10
bhaveshnvm ill go and try this12:10
Dekker3DWell... stopped working and gave a burning-plastic smell12:10
bhaveshgot everything. But cannot change the drive label :(12:11
jrib!label | bhavesh12:11
ubottubhavesh: To rename the labels of your partitions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive.12:11
schnuffleDekker3D: Okay then check your power supply. If the supply can't provide stable power problem like your happen12:12
bhaveshand what is -- Cannot unmount drive - deamon is inhibited?12:12
stanman246Dekker3D, any idea where the smell is located?12:12
schnuffleDekker3D: Most problem of that sort come from a corrupted power supply12:13
Dekker3Dschnuffle, the smell isn't there any longer. A month ago, my mobo died and smelled horrid, and I sent it in for replacement. With the PSU and CPU for good measure, since it could conceivably still be one of them12:13
Dekker3Dschnuffle, Anyway, how do I check my power supply? Just replace it with another, or is there something else I can do?12:13
schnuffleDekker3D: Try to find a replacement supply and check if the PC runs stable12:14
Dekker3DI'll take out the extra SLI card anyway12:14
Dekker3DShould lower its power consumption12:14
schnuffleDekker3D: Whats the power of your PSU?12:15
encryptedHow do I change my video driver in ubuntu?12:15
Dekker3D850w. And the next best replacement is 600w12:16
jubeiencrypted, change it from what to what?12:16
schnuffleDekker3D: Then just ripp the SLI of, connect the 650 to your Mobo and see f its stable12:16
encryptedWell, to get minecraft working I need to change my driver from the ATI catalyst one to something else.12:16
bhaveshwhy cant I unmount my drive? what does it mean by deamon inhibited?12:17
bhaveshgoogled it12:17
bhaveshcannot find ..12:17
Dekker3Dschnuffle, 600. And, that sounds like a plan. I'll try12:17
Jeff_Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me with a little Nautilus issue.12:17
stanman246post the question Jeff_12:17
schnuffleDekker3D: I get unstable PC to check and 80% is PSU, te ret i mostly mobo and memory12:18
encryptedHow can I remeove the ati catalyst and go back to using the default video driver for ubuntu?12:18
Jeff_Well, I have alot of Gimp (XCF) files on my computer and Nautilus isn't auto thumbnailing them for me.12:18
Dekker3Dschnuffle, Ah, okay. Well, I'll be afk for a while. Transplanting PSUs takes a while12:19
Jeff_I have to open them each before it will generate a thumbnail for me.12:19
Dr_WillisJeff_:  nautilus i think has a setting to only tumbnail files below a specific size.12:19
Jeff_I set that to 1GB12:19
Dr_WillisJeff_:  thats.. scary. :)12:19
schnuffleDekker3D: I normally just use a second PC beside and just put the plugs in. But do that only if you're save with electrics12:20
jubeiencrypted, normally you should be able to remove the driver with apt-get12:20
jribJeff_: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=551995 probably12:20
stanman246Jeff_,  check this: http://my.opera.com/area42/blog/generating-thumbnails-using-gimp12:20
Dekker3Dschnuffle, I don't even have room for that :P12:20
schnuffleDekker3D: :)12:20
jubeiencrypted, but first ctl-alt-F1 and stop the gdm service.12:20
encryptedjubei: I installed it when it came up "proprietary drivers available"12:20
encryptedScrew this, I'm clean installing ubuntu again..12:21
jribencrypted: you should be able to use "Additional Drivers" in your system menu to disable it12:22
schnuffleencrypted: system>administration>additional driver an dibale it12:22
=== cg582u_ is now known as bonzai_pete
encryptedschnuffle: and jrib Brilliant, thanks12:22
encrypted"systemerror: installarchives() failed" schnuffle  & jrib12:23
=== Nobody- is now known as Guest22248
jribencrypted: is that the full output?12:24
encryptedjrib: Yes, when I click remove thats all it says in the error box12:24
jribencrypted: use apt-get then, I don't know what causes that erro12:24
encryptedjrib: What is the comman for apt-get / how do I find the package to remove?12:25
[bean]apt-get remove12:25
freiform_hi, i need linux 2.6.37 because of missing hardware support in 10.10's  kernel. is there an easy way to achieve this including  fglrx drivers?  is there an easy way to use natty packages?12:26
bhaveshOMG when I label me drives it add some symbols in fron t of it . Like I renamed a drive from 'new volume' to Drive D, it changed its name to Drive D^_&12:26
bhaveshtried it again and the same thing happened12:26
soreaufreiform_: Use the open radeon driver that is included with the kernel12:26
bhaveshwith gparted.12:26
jribencrypted: fglrx maybe?  I don't have any experience with ati12:27
schnufflefreiform_: use a ppa12:27
Dr_Willisbhavesh:  what filesystem is the drive in question?12:27
freiform_soreau: i need fglrx as the included drievr prevents my laptop from using suspend/hibernate12:28
bhaveshfat 3212:28
Dekker3Dschnuffle... how the heck did you know that? I've been insisting that PSU is 600w and you keep talking about 650w... and it IS 650w. o.O12:28
bhaveshyup the problem is only with fat 32 Dr_Willis12:28
Dr_Willisbhavesh:  theres some cli tools to do that also. but i tend to just rename them when i put them on a qwindows box.12:28
Dr_WillisI like my disks properly named. :)12:28
Dr_Williswith NO spaces in the names either.12:28
bhaveshDr_Willis, I tried to name it with gparted12:29
soreaufreiform_: You should ask in #radeon about this problem and/or file a bug12:29
schnuffleDekker3D: just luck, thought I ha read that it i 650 W, start aking myself if I should start a religion? :)12:29
abhijain1how can i hide cario dock12:29
freiform_soreau: that is not teh issue, as i want to use the closed source driver.12:29
soreaufreiform_: Then you will always need older kernel and X12:30
abhijain1want to autohide cario dock when i am shifting pointer to ootherwhere12:30
bhaveshright click on cario dock and close or if u want to hide it when window comes on it you need to change the settings abhijain112:30
bazhangabhijain1, try in #cairo-dock12:30
Jeff_I installed the GNOME XCF thumbnailer but it still doesn't seem to auto generate thumbnails.12:30
bhaveshcheck cariodock properties - abhijain112:30
freiform_soreau: so fglrx is definitely incompatible with current kernels?12:30
schnufflefreiform_: http://www.mindwerks.net/2010/11/ubuntu-10-10-maverick-with-2-6-37-kernel/12:31
Dekker3Dschnuffle, you do that. The magical power-guesser!12:31
soreaufreiform_: It is *always* incompatible with latest kernels12:31
Dekker3DIn a few milleniae, you'll be known as the omniscient!12:31
Dekker3DWho predicted the technological singularity, even!12:31
freiform_schnuffle: thanks, but w/o fglrx it's not much use.12:32
soreaufreiform_: You will be better off investing time testing the gallium driver and report any bugs to the radeon developers12:33
freiform_soreau: i would be better off waitung another few months before using this notebook with gnu/linux. ;)12:34
=== abhijain1 is now known as abhijain
bhaveshnow does anyone know how can I merge my three partition (all ntfs) using gparted ?12:35
soreaufreiform_: Sure. ubuntu should have some of the newer work happening now for HD cards into natty12:35
amalgamahello... i have a problem with temperature.. any help?? i was talking to skype and it reached 83C! Now it runs at 60C, which seems still quite high12:35
soreaubhavesh: create an ext4 partition and cp -a everything to it ;)12:36
freiform_soreau: it's actually not just the gpu. i have problems with wifi, mic, jack-sensing, fan and that's just the ones i know about.12:36
soreauamaiman: You mean cpu temp? Are any processes using a lot of cpu?12:36
Jeff_Anyone know why GNOME XCF thumbnailer doesn't work?12:36
Dekker3Dschnuffle, well.. the different power supply does nothing12:37
Jeff_Does it require restart to work or something?12:37
jribJeff_: did you read the link I gave you?12:37
Jesdisciple(xmodmap) I tried to assign Alt (and not Meta) to my Alt keys (133 and 134) and Meta to my Windows key, and now Alt runs Meta+Super while the WIndows key runs Meta as intended =\ any help?12:37
bhaveshsoreau , if all those three partitions are empty can I just delete them?12:37
schnuffleDekker3D: So the same problems? Sometimes it boots sometimes not?12:37
Jeff_Yeas I think that's what GNOME XCF thumbnailer came from.12:37
Dekker3DOh, and when I searched for that kernel panic, I got a thread about someone with faulty memory.. so I guess that's it. But when I remove some of the memory, it won't boot at all.12:37
Jesdisciplexev hears them correctly12:37
soreaubhavesh: sure12:37
Dekker3Dschnuffle, well, this time it just auto-shutdown. I can try a few more times?12:37
amalgamasoreau: yeah, cpu temp... and no, no processes that use much of the cpu12:38
bhaveshsoreau and then create a new one(ntfs) later?12:38
gpcJeff_: how did you install it?12:38
jribJeff_: I can't find "gnome xfce thumbnailer" anywhere in that bug report12:39
[bean]Dekker3D: is it dual channel or triple channel ram?12:39
soreaubhavesh: whatever you want to do12:39
Jeff_Ubuntu Software center and then I tried reiinstalling it with snaptic12:39
[bean]if so it has to run i pairs or triplets12:39
Dekker3DSix sticks12:39
schnuffleDekker3D: No memory seems to be faulty, so tr to replace and test again12:39
soreauamaiman: maybe its misreporting the temp from the driver? Or does it really feel hot? Do you have it in well ventilated position?12:39
jribJeff_: or gnome xcf even12:39
bhaveshsoreau : just have a problem here.. All those ntfs drive are empty even then my gparted shows about 1Mb data in each of them :|12:39
Dekker3Dschnuffle, what do you mean "No memory seems to be faulty"?12:39
bhaveshspreau : I mean 17MB12:39
[bean]running a single triple channel ramstick wont getyou far12:40
Dr_Willisbhavesh:  i think that mey be due to wasted space for the blocks/tables/stuff12:40
soreaubhavesh: Its probably file system data that is useless to you12:40
schnuffleIt means that the problem is apparently clearly your memory12:40
Dr_Willisbhavesh:  and i think the ntfs-3g driver  does some work arounds also.12:40
Dekker3D[bean], but dual channel ramsticks will work alone too, right?12:40
bhaveshok then ill format them .. Dr_Wills : which work?12:40
jribJeff_: anyway, I think I read that it only works after you open the file once.  Check if that's true.12:40
Dr_Willisbhavesh:  i doubt if formating them will do anytjhing if they are allready empty12:41
[bean]they could yea, but it might not. they are made to be run a specific way12:41
bhaveshDr_willis ok12:41
amalgamasoreau: it feels hot, and i dont think its a problem of the place... with windows(blah!!!)  the temperature was ok.. now i run only ubuntu so i cant really check.. but the position is not the problem12:41
Dr_Willisbhavesh:  try it and see if you want. :)  you always have some lost space on any filesystem12:41
Jeff_Yes that's the issue I'm trying to fix.12:41
amalgamai believe at least12:41
[bean]yea, there will always be some lost space due to cluster size12:42
jribJeff_: well does the workaround given in the bug report I gave you exhibit the same behavior?12:42
soreauamaiman: Could be a hot gpu? Which graphics driver are you using?12:42
amalgamasoreau: nvidia 960012:43
Jesdiscipleno xmodmap help? =(  just thought to try #xorg and it seems they're all afk12:43
soreauamaiman: Are you using the proprietary driver then?12:44
bhaveshDr_Willis : It says Please unmount any logical partitions having a number higher than 712:44
soreauJesdisciple: What are you trying to do?12:44
bhaveshDr_Willis all of them are unmounted12:44
soreaubhavesh: You cant have them mounted12:44
bhaveshDr_Willis, I could delete just one of them12:45
bhaveshsoreau : I unmounted them12:45
amalgamasoreau: poor internet connection.... in case you didnt see nvidia 9600......12:45
soreauamaiman: Yes.. and you are using proprietary nvidia driver?12:46
mantas_Newbieanyone from ubuntu channel knows how to make different panels in each desktop for kubuntu?;)12:46
amalgamasoreau: yeah.. through the "additional drivers", the recommended one12:46
Jesdisciplesoreau: sorry, I tried to assign Alt (and not Meta) to my Alt keys (133 and 134) and Meta to my Windows key, and now Alt runs Meta+Super while the WIndows key runs Meta as intended12:46
bhaveshok I got the answer12:47
Jesdisciplesoreau: xev says they're fine12:47
bhaveshIts better to do them from a live ubuntu CD12:47
bhaveshbecoz none of them would be mounted then12:47
soreauJesdisciple: I think you can relogin and try again12:47
amalgamasoreau: and xsensors to check temp12:48
Jeff_Okay I just tried the work arounds and now it won't generate any thumbnail for XCFs12:48
amalgamasoreau: and my palm :)12:48
bhaveshand lol how will I get my gparted in live CD?12:48
Jesdisciplesoreau: do you mean to reset the modifiers?12:48
soreauJesdisciple: yea12:48
Jesdisciplesoreau: `setxkbmap us' is managing that (I've been searching around, otherwise I wouldn't have a clue)12:49
Jesdisciplesoreau: and for some reason, contrary to what the manpage and lots of pages say, Alt_L, Shift_R and such aren't valid keysyms on my machine12:51
=== eric is now known as Guest9394
Jesdisciplesoreau: for the lvalue in assignment anyway12:51
Dekker3DHeh. It seems to boot.12:52
soreauJesdisciple: You have to look in the keysym.h header file for X12:52
Jesdisciplesoreau: which directory?12:52
Guest9394I can't start lubuntu 10.10 50% of the time12:52
=== jeremy is now known as Guest91376
Guest9394(process:244): GLib-WARNING **: getpwuid_rc (): failed due to unknown user id (0)12:53
amalgamaany suggestions about the temp problem??12:53
Dekker3Dschnuffle, thanks. I see the desktop now. Now.. I just need to gradually put ram back. Fun12:53
stanman246how do i use wake on lan? I set it in the BIOS but don't know how to send the wake up message. Can it be done from the command line?12:53
soreauJesdisciple: Its in the xmodmap man page IIRC.. freiform_: wait it out then12:54
Dr_Willisstanman246:  most everything can be done from the command line. :) If you know the commands. (i dont in this case, but i seemt o recall seeing a cli command do to it once ages ago)12:54
soreauJesdisciple: Its in the xmodmap man page IIRC.. /usr/include/X11/keysym.h12:54
strappingi'am a spanish student12:57
mecoWhenever the screensaver activates the scren goes black and the PC freezes up to the extent that I have to press ctrl-al-t-del about twenty times to make the machine restart12:57
mecoAny suggestions how I should deal with this issue?12:58
strappinganybody can help me in a small problem with C++ "developing"?12:58
zulaxso i install xinit and while running it, it gives me just a terminal like interface12:58
soreaumeco: Possible driver bug. Which graphics driver are you using?12:58
bazhangstrapping, try ##c++12:58
zulaxnow can in install firefox and just run it?12:58
LjLstrapping: probably best to try #c++ (or ##c++ whichever it's called)12:58
oCeanstrapping: and/or ##programming12:58
strapping0k thanks12:58
mecosoreau: there's a command for finding that out that I don't remember...12:59
zulaxI would only like wireless and firefox running on one of my ubuntu server, what is the minimal installation that i need to do12:59
soreaumeco: Try lspci|grep VGA12:59
mecosoreau: but I have an old Intel chipset12:59
strappingI search only "programación" (programming in spanish... and by this, ask here... sorry ;) UBUNTU UP!!! xD12:59
meco00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)12:59
soreaumeco: You could try booting with i915.modeset=0 to use to old intel driver code13:00
mecosoreau: where would I have to make a modification to do that?13:00
skilzsome dvd im trying to play wont work... could that be something to do with the region settings?13:00
bazhangskilz, doubtful13:00
=== AbhiJit is now known as Guest90182
skilzif so, does that mean I have to do a firmware update of my dvdrw ?13:01
=== AbhiJit_ is now known as AbhiJit
bazhangskilz, install libdvdcss2 from medibuntu.org13:01
AbhiJit!restricted | skilz13:01
ubottuskilz: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:01
soreaumeco: In the grub splash screen, highlight the entry and press e to edit then append it to the linux kernel line (eg. ro quiet splash i915.modeset=0) then Ctrl+X to boot it13:01
tucemiuxskilz, the DVD could also be scratched, if you can play other DVD's then its the DVD itself, it could also be the DVD rom13:02
soreaumeco: If this is favorable, you can make it permanent by editing a file in /etc13:02
mecosoreau: I don't know what a grub splash screen is.13:02
skilzit wont even load, when I press play it does nothing13:02
Jesdisciplesoreau: keysymdef.h does in fact define them, but `xmodmap:  .xmodmaprc:4:  bad keysym target keysym 'Super_R', no corresponding keycodes'13:02
bazhangmeco, hold shift at boot to get there13:02
mecobazhang: ok13:02
soreaumeco: When you boot your machine, it loads grub to boot ubuntu. The grub splash screen is where you select which OS you want to boot13:02
Jesdisciplesoreau: that would actually be ALt_L if it worked13:03
tucemiuxskilz, download the drivers like AbhiJit told you, without the driver DVD playback wont work13:03
soreauJesdisciple: I dont know then, keep experimenting13:03
h-deeHi...is there a way to export Excel spreadsheet data to SQL file, in Linux?13:03
skilzAll other dvds work13:03
p1727вечер добрый всем13:04
mecois grub something akin to a batch file for the booting sequence?13:04
bazhangp1727, #ubuntu-ru13:04
tucemiuxskilz, if all other DVDs work then the particular DVD that doesnt work is most likely scratched, like I told you before13:04
=== marcelo is now known as Guest73551
Jesdisciplesoreau: (keysymdef.h is included from keysym.h)13:04
amalgamaany suggestions about temperature problem with 10.10??13:04
magellanDoes anyone use here the partclone or partimage software to backup or create an image of a linux system13:05
p1727господа, вопрос - как в 10.10 скопировать патч в директорию usr\src ?13:05
soreauJesdisciple: yea, /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h13:05
bazhang!ru | p172713:05
ubottup1727: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:05
tucemiuxamalgama, you could buy an aftermarket cpu and/or case air cooler, I bought myself an aftermarket air cooler and it does the trick13:05
h-deeHi...is there a way to export Excel spreadsheet data to SQL file, in Linux? Anyone?13:06
bazhangh-dee, open with the openoffice equivalent and try yet?13:06
=== wema|off is now known as wemaflo
tucemiuxmagellan, i have used it, it works like a charm, but beware could you could be the unlucky one that has a problem with it, it worked on both my laptop and desktop13:06
gobbeh-dee: openoffice -> export with csv and edit it to sql13:06
h-deebazhang: I din't found any such option to export to SQL in OpenOffice13:07
h-deegobbe: Thanks! let me see13:07
zulaxwhat packages do i need to run wireless internet ?13:07
Jesdisciplesoreau: really I don't think the keysyms matter, I can tolerate using numbers - that was just a readability thing13:07
bazhang!wifi | zulax read this please13:07
ubottuzulax read this please: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:07
Jesdisciplesoreau: mostly I want to understand why Alt becomes Meta+Super13:07
bazhangzulax, what chipset, lspci in terminal to find out13:07
tucemiuxzulax, it can be tricky, you could read the guide like bazhang asked, or I could give you a few tips if you want13:08
skilztucemiux, the DVD looks fine to me..13:08
bazhangskilz, some new drm then13:09
bazhangskilz, you got the package from medibuntu ?13:09
magellantucemiux, did you use it while running linux or you just boot to the live cd and create an image. I want to use it while im running my linux system.13:09
zulaxbazhang, tucemiux - when i installed ubuntu-desktop, the wifi works out of box - but now i am on server and dont have a full blown GUI13:09
bazhangzulax, check ifconfig , is there a wlan0? if so try sudo dhclient wlan013:10
zulaxbazhang, ifconfig shows lo and eth013:10
tucemiuxmagellan, i did it both ways, but the live CD nowadays is so much easier i just did it with the live CD, I boot up to the live CD, get a graphical interface, connect my USB drive, then fire up gparted13:10
bazhangzulax, still need the output of lspci for chipset13:10
zulaxand iwconfig shows wlan0 but no AP and no data13:10
Kingsycan someone give me some advice, for some reason my ubuntu installed Namoroka its some kinda firefox pre release or something, I just want normal firefox... I have tried sudo apt-get remove namoroka but it says the package doesnt exist.. how do I get rid of it?13:10
bazhangKingsy, what version of ubuntu13:11
tucemiuxmagellan, i meant to say, fired up partimage13:11
=== jacquesdupontd_ is now known as jacquesdupontd
Kingsybazhang: well I upgraded so I am running 10.10 now13:12
Kingsybazhang: it was installed on 10.413:12
Jeff_Please, how do I undo what I did that gconf command that was recommended here: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55199513:12
brontoeeeis there a distro thats especially good at automagically supporting older hardware?13:12
bazhangkingsy thats odd13:12
Kingsybazhang: yup13:12
bazhangbrontoeee, ubuntu , as this is the ubuntu channel13:12
=== mike is now known as Guest21964
magellantucemiux, good u clarify the gparted from partimage.hehe. im a little bit confused there.. by the way have u try it in inside the linux system. or the command line.creating an image.13:13
bazhangbrontoeee, if you want a linux wide search try ##linux13:13
tucemiuxzulax, linux journal has an article just for you, those ubuntu docs sometimes are overboated, this guide shows you exactly what to do and holds your hand: http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/wi-fi-command-line13:13
Kingsybazhang: so, any advice as to how to proceed in getting rid of this?13:13
zulaxbazhang, i cant seem to find | on my server keyboard :( but its interl pro 100 i think13:13
Jeff_Please how do I undo a gconftool --set command?13:14
zulaxbazhang, intel co pro wireless 2200BG13:14
bazhangzulax, try sudo ifdown wlan0 sudo ifup wlan0 then check ifconfig again13:14
brontoeeebazhang, actually i was hoping for an ubuntu derivate, maybe even officialy supported one, but thanks13:14
bazhangzulax, also be sure there is not hardware switch for that13:14
kurohelo i have one problem with my hard drive he had one sector brek and i would like learn hor te repair this13:14
bazhangbrontoeee, here is only  officially supported ones, ubuntu would be the best (try a live cd)13:15
tucemiuxmagellan,  partimage has like a little somewhat GUI menu, it should be straight forward though, just make sure you know which partition is getting imaged and which partition is going to receive the back up, you dont want to mess those two up or youll have tragic consequences13:15
zulaxifdown says intercace wlan0 not configured bazhang13:15
magellanI planning to try it inside my running linux machine. i thought i won't work creating a image in inside a running machine13:15
magellantucemiux, I planning to try it inside my running linux machine. i thought i won't work creating a image in inside a running machine13:15
bazhangzulax, does it show in ifconfig now13:15
tucemiuxmagellan, make sure the partition isnt mounted though13:15
zulaxnop, i see eth0, eth1, lo bazhang13:15
brontoeeebazhang, tried lucid, now booting 10.10, i have a tiling screen13:15
bazhangzulax, bet its eth113:15
tucemiuxmagellan, i backed up my windows partition from inside linux, i suggest you use a live CD though13:16
Jeff_Can someone tell me where the graphical gconf app is?13:16
zulaxbazhang, yes, and its unassociated now, says ESSID:off/any13:16
bazhangJeff_, get there from alt f213:16
ubuntu_hello does any one know how to configure daloradius with mikrotik?13:16
kurodo any one know how to repair a hard drive broke by a electrycity failure?13:16
bazhangkuro, try ##hardware13:17
magellantucemiux, So its ok to run partimage inside a running linux machine even though the one i create or the source i want to create a image i the one running.13:17
rshi need to ask tech question13:17
bazhangzulax, the wifi link I gave you tells exactly how to do that13:17
ubuntu_can any one tell how can i configure daloradius with freeradius and mikrotik13:17
bazhangubuntu_, what is mikrotik13:18
Jeff_bazhang that opened the "Run Application" dialog.13:18
ubuntu_mikrotik is a router13:18
ubuntu_i want to authenticate users13:18
tucemiuxmagellan, again -- the partition youre going to work on needs to be unmounted -- but since you dont know what that means im going to tell you the safest thing to do --- from within linux it doesnt work(you can do it and prove me wrong) -- use a live CD13:18
ubuntu_but using a radius13:18
rshi want to connect BT device to my dongle on 8.0413:18
schnuffle1kuro: e2fsck is te tool to check patitions13:18
bazhangJeff_, yep, now type in the gconf tool command13:18
tseHello, Has anyone configured VPN IPSEC lan to lan?13:18
ubuntu_and the radius is daloradius13:18
ubuntu_conected with freeradius,mysql apacher13:18
Jeff_Could not open location 'file:///home/jeffrey/gconf%20tool'13:19
schnuffle1tse: yes, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPSecHowTo13:19
[bean]Jeff_: gconf-editor13:20
Jeff_[bean] thanks!13:20
JemtIs it possible to have a custom script run after upgrades? I need to ensure that a file is ALWAYS restored after upgrades13:21
jribJemt: what file?13:21
tseHello, I'm opening a VPN via IPsec - Network to Network VPN. I come to open the VPN client appears with the status of OPEN indicating that the connection was made. And that will be use to VPN I access port 22 from an FTP Released by them. But I can not telnet to that port. Direct via Shell Firewall I can ping the IP of the machine normally FTP but I can not telnet on that port and the machine13:21
tseon my network can not ping let alone do telnet.13:21
tse I'm doing the following:13:21
tse In the VPN option - I select IPsec - In Status and control of the link I click on ADD - Inside the connection type select NETWORK TO NETWORK VPN and click on Add - I do all the configuration and the connection is established with the client.13:21
tse My doubt is: After you open the VPN tunnel with my client as I do for a particular IP on my network that I access the VPN and can use FTP?13:21
FloodBot1tse: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:21
bazhangJemt, which file13:21
magellantucemiux, thanks you very much..may i ask again do you know similar to partimage that work inside a running linux by creating an image..i mean creating a image from a running linux machine..hope you know something alike13:21
bazhangtse, did you read that link?13:21
=== root is now known as Guest75253
=== schnuffle1 is now known as schnuffle
FloodBot1Guest75253: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:22
Jemtjrib & bazhang: /initrd.img - I need to make sure the link ALWAYS points to the first ramdisk created13:22
tsebazhang: but after how do I configure the internal IP VPN created by the exit?13:23
Jemtjrib & bazhang: Or I need to be able to "protect" it agains being overwritten13:23
magellantucemiux, creating an image in which the source is the running linux machine with out umounting it. or you dont want to boot to live cd. to run it.13:23
tucemiuxmagellan, i heard of others but partimage is the one I tried and it worked, didnt bother testing the other ones, I suggest you use a live CD though, if you have questions about using a live CD go ahead and ask, live CD is the way to go13:23
jribJemt: I don't understand why though, might you not need to rebuild it with a new kernel?13:23
Jesdisciplesoreau: the main problem was my fault13:23
Jesdisciplesoreau: I was reassigning the Windows key but assuming that Alt just meant Alt13:24
ghufran_hi. i need to mount an iso image. but am unable to do so ..13:24
bazhang!iso | ghufran_13:24
ubottughufran_: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.13:24
Jesdisciplesoreau: somehow that confused xmodmap13:24
Renski2lol, im using vinagre for the first time and I cant escape the session13:24
Renski2is there a short cut to release the mouse?13:25
Jesdisciplesoreau: Meta apparently wasn't being generated by Alt, Emacs is just stubborn about interpreting an Alt signal as Meta *sigh*13:25
Renski2 /keyboard13:25
ghufran_mount -o loop /media/Data/Download/image\ file.iso /mnt/isodisk/ but it said i must specify a filesystem type13:25
Jemtjrib: Any package may force it to be regenerated, really. But I use the Live CD to boot Ubuntu installed onto a USB stick. I want to ensure that the kernel and initrd on the Live CD is the same used on the USB stick. Easy done with the kernel, I can just hold it back. But as mentioned, the initrd may be regenerated by any package13:25
m___hi all! Is there anyway to make a process keep running when I shut down the terminal? When I use & it spwans a new process but it doesn't carry on.13:25
magellantuceiux, ah ok thanks..i thought there some package that works creating an image in which the source is the running machine an dont need to boot to live cd everytime i want to create an image. i plannig to create an two image in background if my machine is in idle.13:25
ghufran_bazhang, that didnt work for me13:25
Idol_Mindcan someone help me write a backup script daemon? I know what I want to do, but I don't know how to accomplish it.13:25
smwm___, nohup13:25
Jemtjrib: Wait.. This doesn't make sense at all...13:26
m___smw: ?13:26
smwm___, google it :-)13:26
Jemtjrib: My initial problem was that I was unsure whether I could boot an updated Ubuntu 10.10 with the "old" Live CD which has an older kernel and older Initrd13:26
schnuffleIdol_Mind: There are already thousands of good scripts, why should it be a daemon?13:26
bazhangm___, append nohup13:26
Jemtjrib: Holding it back on the USB stick won't help :)13:26
smwm___, prepend nohup13:27
magellantucemiux, ah ok thanks..i thought there some package that works creating an image in which the source is the running machine an dont need to boot to live cd everytime i want to create an image. i plannig to create an two image in background if my machine is in idle.13:27
Idol_Mindschnuffle, because my wife is linux illiterate, so I want to make it a daemon (or just add the script to init.d)13:27
ghufran_i also tried installing a software.. its called gmount-iso but it gave me this: An error occured wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0, missing codepage or helper program, or other error. In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail  or so13:27
smwbazhang, I don't think appending it works.13:27
Idol_Mindschnuffle, and I only want to backup one folder13:28
smwIdol_Mind, maybe you really want a cron job13:28
tucemiuxIdol_Mind,  and where is the problem with ubuntu here? Mmm..  I personall use unison to back up my stuff but here's a whole lot of options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem13:28
schnuffleIdol_Mind: What about a cron job?13:28
=== mm11zzzzzzzzzzzz is now known as mackmoron11
tsei need helo about VPN13:28
smwIdol_Mind, or you can get a program made for backups ;-)13:28
bazhangsmw, quite right, my mistake13:28
smw!ask | tse13:28
ubottutse: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:28
Idol_Mindschnuffle, that would work... is it possible ro have it detect a program running (PID i believe)?13:28
schnuffleIdol_Mind: Have a look at duply, you only need ssh to your wifes PC13:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:29
Jeff_OK I somehow managed to get the auto thumbnailer to work for XCFs. By unseting some key off of /desktop/gnome/thumbnailers/image@x-xcf/command in gconf13:29
jribJemt: well I don't know, but it sounds like there's likely a better way to accomplish what you are doing13:29
tucemiuxtse,  what problem are you having on your ubuntu machine?  All in --- one line ---13:29
Blackjesterhi all13:30
Idol_Mindtucemiux, thanx.. i did browse over that before, but it it a little much for what I need13:30
AbhiJitwolfpack_, may i have a word with you in pm?13:30
Jeff_It might also have to do with my installation of gloobus-preview but I'm not sure13:30
schnuffleIdol_Mind: I use t to backup a server with lvm snapshots13:30
Jemtjrib: Not sure. What I want is simply to be able to boot my Ubuntu on a USB stick, since all computers do not support USB boot. And replacing the kernel and initrd on the Live CD is not simple. The initrd on the USB stick does not contain Casper, so I can't just copy it to the Live CD (yes, I'm remastering it)13:30
tseI can not make my exit through the VPN network13:31
=== Dotted is now known as Dotoff
tucemiuxIdol_Mind,  creating your own script for backups is overkill, i would use one of those utilities, I guess the trick is to have someone write the script for you13:32
=== Dotoff is now known as Dotted
tsemy network does not go through VPN13:32
cisshi, i'm using screen sharing to control a media server. the downside is that this available only after a user has logged in. i'd like to know if it is possible to start a local gnome user session via ssh from the command line?13:32
Idol_Mindtucemiux, i do see the benefits... I just don't know which "method" I need to use13:32
schnuffletse: have you check your routing, to pass traffic through a vpn the routing has to be adapted13:32
Idol_Mindtucemiux, I would like something that will backup a folder right when a PID is created and again when the PID stops13:33
mecowhat is the linux kernel line in the grub edit screen?13:33
m___smw: thx!13:33
rshanybody please know abt  BT connectivity in 8.0413:33
tucemiuxIdol_Mind, good luck having someone write the script for you13:33
tseschnuffle: how do I add the route of only one IP?13:34
schnuffleIdol_Mind: But the pid won't always be the same13:34
smwm___, np13:34
Idol_Mindschnuffle, I think I saw a script that will start an app and assign it to a specific PID (kinda like a daemon)13:35
Idol_Mindkeep in mind, I'm still a bit new at linux... so I might get some stuff confused13:35
schnuffletse: route add -host <ip>  <ipsec device>13:35
wolfpack_AbhiJit: yes13:35
AbhiJitwolfpack_, hi this is AbhiJit from mumbai.13:36
schnuffleIdol_Mind: What is the app behind that PID13:36
=== normal is now known as ulreadl
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning13:36
tseschnuffle: route add -host ipsec0?13:36
smwIdol_Mind, backup is a solved problem. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel ;-)13:37
jribJemt: anyway the answer to your original question (whether you can always run something after apt-get is yes, you can use some dpkg:: option (look for post-install) in the apt configuration files (vague enough?).  I'll read some man pages if you aren't sure where to go13:37
Jeff_Well I uninstalled Gloobus and it still works.13:37
schnuffletse: put a sudo in front should do the trick13:37
tucemiuxright next to the arabian sea o_O13:37
Renskiany vinagre users here?13:37
Idol_Mindsmw, I'm not... i'm just trying to learn scripting and stuff like that...13:37
smwIdol_Mind, ah, it is a project ;-)13:38
Ryukibug dork pls13:38
smwIdol_Mind, I thought you actually wanted working backups :-P13:38
bazhangRyuki, pardon?13:38
Jeff_I think ubuntu might have some have previously messed with the gconf setting and I mess it up even worse. So unseting it might have been the only thing I needed to do.13:38
abhijainupdate team viewer and its work when it updated but after loosing connection once again its working with last version13:38
Idol_Mindsmw, cute :P13:38
schnuffleIdol_Mind: So if you want a backup right after a app running create a start script for that app with a backup after13:38
Jeff_That and installing Gnome XCF thumnailer13:39
Ryukiidol_mind pm pls13:39
skilzwhats the best way to copy a dvd to my hdd as avi?13:39
tseschnuffle: would be to remove route del -host ipsec0?13:39
rshBT connect13:39
bazhangRyuki, ask here13:39
thinkinganimalhello, I encounter problems when using alien convert rpm to deb13:39
schnuffletse: yep13:39
bazhangthinkinganimal, what package13:39
hilarieCould someone point me in the right direction to adding some startup programs in 10.x ubuntu?13:39
bazhangrsh, stop that13:39
FloodBot1rsh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:40
thinkinganimalbazang xchat for linux13:40
bazhangthinkinganimal, its in the repos13:40
Jeff_I'll try this on my other ubuntu partition to make sure.13:40
wolfpack_AbhiJit: yes continue ... what u want to ask ?13:40
smwthinkinganimal, as a general rule, alien is not supported.13:40
bazhangthinkinganimal, sudo apt-get install xchat13:40
bazhang!ot | wolfpack_ AbhiJit13:40
ubottuwolfpack_ AbhiJit: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:40
tseschnuffle: so this command is that only one of my ip has to go to the VPN?13:40
thinkinganimalbazhang I have already install it using .deb package, but I want to know why the alien doesn't work?13:41
rshbazhang help me with this13:41
schnuffletse: The command will route all traffic to that IP through the tunnel13:41
Jemtjrib: Thanks alot for the tip. I'll look into it :)13:41
bazhangthinkinganimal, its not needed and hardly ever used. so not an issue13:41
bazhangrsh patience13:42
wolfpack_AbhiJit: join u ubuntu -offtopic13:42
AbhiJitwolfpack_, i sent you pm. look my pk13:42
smwthinkinganimal, because alien is not perfect or suggested13:42
wolfpack_its not coming here13:42
ghufran_can anyone help me with mounting an iso image? the "standard" way is failing for me ..13:42
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smwghufran_, what is the "standard way"13:42
soreaughufran_: What have you tried so far that isnt working?13:42
AbhiJitwolfpack_, come in ##devil13:42
=== denny- is now known as denny
thinkinganimalbazhang&smw thank you all, maybe the alien tool is not a robust tool,ha13:43
schnuffleghufran_: sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /<mountpoint>13:43
bazhangthinkinganimal, indeed not, install from repos first (always)13:43
smwschnuffle, no, you need -o loop13:43
tseschnuffle: but does not go to stop my internet. this along with the VPN firewall?13:43
erUSUL!doesntwork | ghufran_13:43
ghufran_smw, soreau schnuffle i tried this : mount -o loop /media/Data/Download/image\ file.iso /mnt/isodisk/ but it said i must specify a filesystem type13:43
ubottughufran_: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.13:43
jribJemt: there's probably a better way though.  Do you know how initrd gets modified?  Is there some helper program that updates the links?13:43
erUSULghufran_: add -t iso966013:43
thinkinganimalbazhang, thank you for your suggestion, I am a newer of linux13:44
schnuffleAh, haven't seen that' an iso file13:44
ghufran_erUSUL, i've already described what doesnt work earlier. was repeating my question13:44
Jemtjrib: Yes, it is regenerated using the update-initramfs tool13:44
rshyes and i m new to everythng13:44
erUSULghufran_: what error do you get?13:44
rshincluding this confusion13:44
ghufran_so i should remove -o loop?13:44
bazhang!helpme | rsh13:44
ubottursh: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude13:44
thinkinganimalbazhang, I need to read the man page almost all day to learn how to use those command13:44
SengokuHey, I just updated my maverick, and when i rebooted it, nothing shows but white black squares13:45
soreauthinkinganimal: Its not that alien isnt robust, its just that its not designed to do what you think it does ;)13:45
bazhangthinkinganimal, check the ubuntu manual first13:45
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:45
bazhang!manual | thinkinganimal13:45
ubottuthinkinganimal: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:45
tseschnuffle: but does not go to stop my internet. this along with the VPN firewall?13:45
tucemiuxghufran_, try the GUI way: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/easy-way-of-mountunmount-iso-images-in-ubuntu.html13:45
jribJemt: hmm, in update-initramfs.conf what does setting update_initramfs=no do?13:45
Jemtjrib: But as mentioned, I realized that the actual problem, is packages DEPENDING on the new initrd (if that's somehow possible). The USB stick will in most situations be booted with the OLD initrd on the Live CD, so if packages depends on changes in initrd, we have a problem13:45
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* Ryuki Anyone have a scan bug dork RFI?13:45
jribJemt: I see13:45
* Ryuki Anyone have a scan bug dork RFI?13:45
=== wolfpack_ is now known as wolfpack
smw!msgthebot > hilarie13:45
ubottuhilarie, please see my private message13:45
bazhangRyuki, please stop that13:45
soreauthinkinganimal: basically, you only want to use packages that are designed for whatever distro and version of that distro or else it probably will cause issues13:45
schnuffletse: no, if you keep your default gateway13:46
tucemiuxSengoku, you have an nvidia card ?13:46
ghufran_erUSUL this doesnt work eithe: mount -t iso9660 -o loop /media/Data/Download/Rosetta\ Stone\ French\ Level\ 1\ and\ 2/Rosetta\ Stone\ French\ Level\ 1\ and\ 2.iso /mnt/isodisk/13:46
Jemtjrib: Hmm, good question. Checking it out. If it is possible to disable update-initramfs, then packages can't depend on new functionality in this part of the system. It would break it13:46
Ryukihelp me plss13:46
Sengokutucemiux: ATI13:46
bazhangRyuki, ask a real question then13:46
erUSULghufran_: ok; again: what error you get?13:46
abhijainHow to update team viewer13:46
schnuffletse: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-add-permanent-static-routes-in-ubuntu.html13:46
ghufran_tucemiux, i installed gmount-iso. it jsut tells me to look dmesg13:47
tucemiuxSengoku, last time I had that problem it was my video drivers that got corrupt, can you access a terminal?13:47
Idol_Mindis there a moderator on?13:47
Sengokutucemiux: not sure.. how would i do that?13:47
Jemtjrib: "If set to no disables any update to initramfs beside kernel upgrade" - YES! Exactly what I need13:47
ghufran_erUSUL, mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0, missing codepage or helper program, or other error. In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail  or so13:47
hilarieFound the startup applications program, how would I add xchat to it? I can't find it, what would its default install directory be?13:47
Jemtjrib: Seems you found the answer to my problems.13:47
skilzwhats the best way to copy a dvd to my hdd as avi?13:47
tucemiuxSengoku, "ctrl-alt-f*"  --- "cltr-alt-F7" is the GUI, any other should send you to a black screen requesting your login13:48
abhijainupdate tem viewer?13:48
thinkinganimalsoreau: you mean my version and distro of alien is not correct?13:48
erUSULghufran_: do « file image.iso » to make sure it is an iso image13:48
schnuffleskilz: ogmrip or handbrake13:48
bazhangskilz, handbrake though mp4 would be better13:48
tucemiuxghufran_,  at what point you get that message?13:48
Sengokutucemiux: tried t hose already.. no luck13:48
* Ryuki where can I get a bug dork RFI?13:48
schnuffleskilz: and mkv would be better than mp4 :)13:48
* Ryuki where can I get a bug dork RFI?13:48
thinkinganimalbazhang: thank you, maybe I still need to sink in the manual pages for a long time13:48
Pianistanerogood afternoon13:48
soreauthinkinganimal: No I mean you should only use packages that are designed for your distro version13:48
tucemiuxSengoku,  so you cant even login using a terminal???13:49
ghufran_erUSUL, you mean put "file <isoname>" in terminal?13:49
bazhangRyuki, you are making no sense13:49
erUSULghufran_: yes; file is a command that identifies filetypes13:49
hilarieXchat command Xchat?13:49
tseschnuffle: please repeat the command13:49
ghufran_tucemiux, when i try to mount the iso using mount -t iso9660 -o loop ... in terminal13:49
thinkinganimalsoreau: yep13:49
Sengokutucemiux: let me try sshing into it13:49
soreauhilarie: xchat13:49
gast__1hi everybody13:49
=== marc is now known as Guest36392
abhijainbazhang: how to update team viewer. actually i updated it but for a instance of time it work and then after loosing connection its again working on previous version13:49
bazhangabhijain, what will updating it do13:50
Ryukibazhang : mean?13:50
ksinkarhow do i edit the sudoers list?13:50
ghufran_erUSUL, it says data13:50
hilarie@soreau that's it, you don't need to know where its installed at?13:50
Sengokutucemiux: how would i login using terminal?13:50
erUSULghufran_: and you are sure it is actualy a iso image???13:50
abhijainbazhang: i updated it new version 6.13:50
schnuffletse: route add -host <ip addrress>  netmask dev ipsec013:50
ghufran_erUSUL, i'm not sure.. its a download13:50
tucemiuxghufran_, youre having serious issues using the command line, that's why I sent you the link on how to do it using the GUI, they showed you more than once on how to do it but youre still doint it wrong, if you want to do itusing the command line I highly suggest you use: man mount13:50
soreauhilarie: Nope, its already in your PATH13:50
JemtAnother question: Can I remove linux-headers-* packages ? Are they really used? I never build a custom kernel.13:51
erUSULghufran_: this is what i get with a real iso: ubuntu-10.10-alternate-amd64.iso:         # ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data 'Ubuntu 10.10 amd64             ' (bootable)13:51
hilarie@soreau Well that's so simple, it's complicated....13:51
bazhangabhijain, updated how13:51
soreauhilarie: for the record, you can see with this command: which xchat13:51
tucemiuxJemt, some appz might need those headers, do you use virtual box?13:51
Jemttucemiux: Nope, it's a "real" installation13:51
=== wemaflo is now known as wema|off
ghufran_tucemiux, ok13:52
erUSULghufran_: well maybe is another type of cd-image? bin cue? Nero's cdr? ... who knows13:52
Jemttucemiux: But if they are required, I'd better leave them installed.13:52
ghufran_erUSUL, so means its not an iso then .. :D13:52
Sengokutucemiux: ugh, can i reinstall ubuntu without losing my data?13:52
hilarie@soreau /usr/bin/xchat That's where its installed, i can do that for any program?13:52
erUSULghufran_: doesn't looks like one13:52
ghufran_erUSUL, is there a way to find out ?13:52
abhijainbazhang: when i am trying to connect with partner then it gave me option . your  partner using new version would you want to update . i clicked for yes and then its updated. for lil time i used it . but after loosing connection once again its working for old version13:52
tucemiuxJemt, i mean, the headers are there for  a reason, some applications need them, virtualbox for example, will not work if the headers are not installed13:52
Sengokutucemiux: sweet, i got into terminal!13:52
soreauhilarie: Yes, as long as it is executable and in your PATH. See echo $PATH13:53
tucemiuxSengoku, if you reinstall you will lose everything13:53
abhijainbazhang: also created a desktop icon team viewer6. desktop13:53
Jemttucemiux: Oh, I see. Thanks. They are probably used for building kernel modules then13:53
tucemiuxSengoku, now reconfigure your X13:53
Sengokutucemiux: what should i be googling13:54
mecoI have a problem with the screensaver that is crashing the PC. When the screenasaver starts up, it runs (graphics are fine) for about one second, then the screen goes black, sound shuts off and the caps lock light is unchangable. In order to restart the PC I have to hold down ctrl-alt-del for several seconds, I got the advice to boot with an older graphics driver by appending i915.modeset=0 to the kernel line during bootup, but that didn't13:54
mecomake any difference. Now what?13:54
abhijainbazhang: when launching this icon then giving error: the app launcher team viewer6. desktop has not been marked as trusted. if u do not now the source of this file . launching it may be unsafe13:54
RyukiJemt> tucemiux: But if they are required, I'd better leave them installed.13:54
Ryuki<ghufran_> erUSUL, so means its not an iso then .. :D13:54
Ryuki<Sengoku> tucemiux: ugh, can i reinstall ubuntu without losing my data?13:54
=== Dotoff is now known as _Dotted
bazhangabhijain, upgraded from 3rd party source? from ubuntu repos?13:55
Niglopwhats a good gui virus scanner13:55
abhijainbazhang: now i explained everything . if there is no option then should i remove teamviewer. and how to remove its not avialable in software center .13:55
hilarie@Ryuki the installer will give you an option to create a new partition,13:56
bazhangNiglop, clamav13:56
tucemiuxSengoku, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+10.10+no+gui+after+upgrade13:56
jribNiglop: you know there's not much point in running a virus scanner on a personal linux desktop?13:56
abhijainbazhang: i told you how i updated . its automatic givem me msg for updated13:56
bazhangtucemiux, dont do that. its not ever welcome here.13:56
abhijainbazhang: leave tell me how to remove it from command line13:56
Niglopjrib› just doing something13:56
chalet16I have installed Ubuntu (netboot) using software raid (mdadm) to /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1 (RAID-1) but when I cat /dev/mdstat it tell me that it mirror /dev/sda and /dev/sdb, any workaround?13:57
ksmithhey guys13:57
ksmithI'm having trouble enabling my bluetooth receiver. it's telling me connection timed out.13:57
bazhangabhijain, installed from where. ubuntu repos or 3rd party13:57
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.13:57
tucemiuxthis is the first time i have heard you cant google for someone, is this coming from canonical?13:58
kot_4eshirskiyi am a new user=)13:58
abhijainbazhang: 3rd party13:58
jribtucemiux: huh?  That's not what it says13:58
schnuffle!ask | kot_4eshirskiy13:58
ubottukot_4eshirskiy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:58
bazhangtucemiux, its insulting. give a concrete link but dont do that13:58
kot_4eshirskiyi am russian13:59
Sengokutucemiux: "No gui" wasn't my issue though. I got no "UI" at all13:59
tucemiuxif you feel insulted then nobody can help you, if someone didnt do that for me my google-fu would've never improved13:59
bazhangkot_4eshirskiy, #ubuntu-ru for Russian help13:59
Kingsywhere is software sources on ubuntu? I cant find it in the menus13:59
ksmithis there a way to reset any bluetooth related settings?13:59
gpc!softsources | Kingsy14:00
ubottuKingsy: Looking for your Software Sources in Maverick/10.10? For a simple way to enable the menu item see http://tinyurl.com/24jxd6t - More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories14:00
bazhangKingsy, /etc/apt/sources.list14:00
soreauksmith: service bluethooth restart14:00
ron__is there a way to set ubuntu open up the same applicatons that were opened before a restart? fedora seems to have that inherently (though maybe it's a kde thing?)14:00
tucemiuxSengoku, the next thing I would try is booting up into safe mode but if that doesnt work then your best bet would be a thread in the forums14:01
mecoI have a problem with the screensaver that is crashing the PC. When the screenasaver starts up, it runs (graphics are fine) for about one second, then the screen goes black, sound shuts off and the caps lock light is unchangable. In order to restart the PC I have to hold down ctrl-alt-del for several seconds, I got the advice to boot with an older graphics driver by appending i915.modeset=0 to the kernel line during bootup, but that didn't14:01
mecomake any difference. I have only recently upgraded to 10.04.1. Now what do I do?14:01
ksmithit now is telling me, that the bluez service is not running or something. sorry, english is not my native language.14:01
thinkinganimalHi guys, do you have instructions of how to write .vm file for viewmail for emacs?14:01
jribthinkinganimal: try #emacs14:02
bazhangthinkinganimal, perhaps try #emacs channel14:02
edwardteachmeco, if guessing you disabled the screensaver  if your sure thats the problem !14:02
tucemiuxmeco, do you really need the screen saver?14:02
Sengokutucemiux: how do i get to that grub screen. Would safemode be there?14:02
thinkinganimalbazhang: o14:02
mecoAccessing the screensaver also crashes the PC..14:03
mecoSo I can't shut it off14:03