AJenbohi, i have bindwood installed for months, U1 syncs files fine but the bookmarks are nothing a like on my systems, what gives?02:07
* karni wants to ping beuno but thinks it's an unappropriate time to do that..02:08
karniAJenbo: the whole crew just finished job few hours ago. but maybe someone else will be able to answer your question. (I don't use bindwood myself)02:08
AJenbook cool, I'll just comeback later, it's not critical just anoying02:10
duanedesignhello AJenbo. Do you have a thread on the forums?02:10
karnihey duanedesign :)02:11
duanedesignwas just reading the forums earlier and noticed a thread on this topic.02:11
* duanedesign waves at karni 02:11
AJenboduanedesign, no is there any specific sektion? and are you refering to ubuntuforums.org?02:11
duanedesignAJenbo: yeah it was on ubuntuforums. Did not have any insight yet, just a user with an issue about bookmarks not syncing02:12
duanedesignAJenbo: what version of Ubuntu are you using?02:13
AJenboduanedesign, it's 10.1002:17
AJenboThis machine was upgraded from 10.04 the other was from beta02:17
karniI don't think I've ever eaten supper at 4AM. that's what happens when you sleep till 4PM !02:52
karni80 character line limit is killing me. that may be good for Python, but is just no good for Java :<03:46
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dougal_hey guys, quick Q about the StorageProtocol; should MAKE_FILE always have a parent node?  I was assuming that it would, but easy_client.py seems to be generating them with an empty string.14:47
dougal_Not sure if that's expected behaviour, or if I've broken something :-)14:47
dougal___lucio__ ?14:50
dougal_weekend probably isn't the best time for this type of question...15:05
karnidougal_: perhaps I can help15:34
dougal_hey karni15:34
karnidougal_: I'm using Java for the protocol stuff, however I have some know-how knowledge15:34
karnidougal_: hey. so, make_file should always have a parent node, yes15:35
karnidougal_: it tells it where should it create the new file15:35
dougal_ok, that's what I thought15:35
dougal_doesn't make sense without one ;-P15:35
karniyou say, easy_client is generating them (files?) with an empty string (for the parent?)15:36
dougal_I'm using java too, just running the python to see how I should behave15:36
karnidougal_: the parent is the nodeId of the directory you're creating the file in (I'm sure you know that)15:36
dougal_what I'm seeing is15:37
karnidougal_: this is my call to makeFile in JAva: final Deferred d = makeFile(volume, parent, filename).getDeferred();15:37
* karni is listening15:37
dougal_C: get_content node=<root node>15:38
dougal_s: node_attr15:38
dougal_s: EOF15:38
karniI should warn I haven't played with easy_client.py so I'm not sure what c: and s: stand for15:38
karnic: command?15:38
dougal_c == client, s == server15:39
karni(or client)15:39
karnic:make_file (what's next)15:39
dougal_the full message the client sends is type: MAKE_FILE15:39
dougal_make {15:39
dougal_  share: ""15:39
dougal_  parent_node: ""15:39
dougal_  name: "0"15:39
karnilooks like you're not providing some parameters?15:40
karnidougal_: where can I get the easy_client from15:40
dougal_After make_file i'm expecting s:new_file, but that never happens - and I'm guessing it's because the client message is malformed15:40
dougal_it's in the StorageProtocol/samples directory15:41
karniyes it is. it should be make { share: "share_id_here" parent_node: "parent_id_here" name: "filename" }15:41
karniand I can see it's empty15:41
karnifrom what you're saying15:41
karnidougal_: if you tell me where I can find the easy client, I may be able to help.15:41
dougal_it's part of canonical's StorageProtocol distribution:15:42
karnioh, I have it. let me see.15:43
karnithere it is15:43
dougal_my python fu is not up to the task :-)15:43
dougal_I think the 'twisted' library is well named - it seems pretty twisted....15:44
karnihmm this fails for me.. port_num = int(open("tmp/ubuntuone-api.port").read())15:45
karnidougal_: dude.. it's twisted like hell xD15:45
karnidougal_: so, make_file is calling  self.make_file(request.ROOT, self.cwd_id, name) -- which should provide 3 non-empty parameters15:46
dougal_I had to set the port manually15:46
karnidougal_: suggestions?15:46
dougal_towards the bottom of easy_client.py - just before the call to authenticated client.15:47
karniyea I know, what should be the port number :)?15:47
dougal_My line numbers are all messed up now15:47
dougal_oh, I think canonicals server only listens on 443?15:48
dougal_but I think it'll fail to authenticate against the live server...15:48
karnioh.. xD I thoguht it was using U1/dbus/stuff and used local port.15:48
karniyes they are15:48
dougal_nah - this is the wire protocol stuff,.15:49
karniand setup tokens argh..15:49
karniI don't think I have time for this game now :(15:49
karniGotta code the android app15:50
karnidougal_: you know there's Java implementation of the storage protocol, right?15:50
dougal_what's the impl you're working on?15:50
dougal_I didn't know that no.15:50
karniU1 for android15:50
karnilet me show you the protocol branch15:51
karnino wonder, it's non-official yet15:51
dougal_ahh - cool15:51
karnidougal_: have fun! https://code.launchpad.net/~verterok/+junk/ubuntuone-java-storageprotocol15:51
karnidougal_: don't let that +junk mislead you. although it's not complete, it's functional.15:52
dougal_will pull it down and have a play - Thanks for your help!15:52
karniyou're welcome15:53
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dougal_heh: karni - i managed to sort my problem.19:27
karnidougal_: awesome :)19:27
karnidougal_: what was wrong?19:27
dougal_dunno what was _wrong_, but I fixed it by adding some extra logging in easy_client19:27
dougal_I'm not really sure how twisted works, but:19:28
dougal_ d.addCallback(is_directory)19:28
dougal_ d.addCallback(skip_result, log, "is_directory %s returned." %d)19:28
dougal_ return d19:28
dougal_without that middle line it sends an empty parent, with it, i get the correct node.19:29
karnidougal_: whatever whas the d deferred, when it's done, the is_directory will be called, and then skip_result will be called. each one forwards the result to the next one.19:30
dougal_yeah - so i thought the skipresult would do nothing but log19:30
dougal_so that middle line should have no effect on execution19:30
karnidougal_: it's a bit different in python (I see some additional parameters), not sure what they do but looks like plain logging.19:30
karniI'm not sure, it's a little out of context..19:31
dougal_it's the is_directory call in easy_client.py19:34
dougal_I added it to see what was being returned by the is_directory callback - it's supposed to be the directory node we're about to create the new file in19:34
karnibut the d must have came from somewhere :)19:34
dougal_            d = self._get_content(parent)19:34
karnii thought we were trying to make a file, not to download a file ;)19:35
karnianyway, gotta leave, quite busy time for me :<19:35
karnidougal_: I'm glad you're making progress!19:36
karnilooks like that easy_client is not that easy (at least with no documentation (?) )19:36
dougal_it's trying to create a file in a specific directory, so it gets the directory to check it actually is a directory...19:36
karniI see19:36
dougal_might just be that I'm unfamiliar wit the python19:36
dougal_but heh - thanks for your help19:37
karnididn't help much! you managed on your own19:37
dougal_I look forward to seeing the android storageprotocol client!19:37
karnidougal_: the Java storageprotocol client works fine on android, it's the whole rest around that :) thank you!19:39
dougal_Well, i'm really interested, but will stop distracting you.  Thanks again.19:43
karnidougal_: Have a great day/evening :)19:44
karnidougal_: You can always ping me on #ubuntuone19:45
VmKidCan someone help me? I didn't get the sign-up e-mail.23:21
arch_is_awesomeHey, I was wondering why ubuntu one syncs my contacts twice on iPhone.23:24
karniVmKid: arch_is_awesome: How should I say this. Middle of the weekend is not the best moment to ask :( Try on monday and you'll definitely get some attention!23:25
karnijust a regular user saying.23:25
VmKidI didn't think so. I'll try signing up again later.23:25
VmKidI can't blame people23:25
karniVmKid: sure, try again :)23:26
arch_is_awesomeI see, the problem its this is very important and it needs to be done now.23:26
karniVmKid: but asking is fine :)23:26
arch_is_awesomeShould I ask in #ubuntu?23:26
karniarch_is_awesome: Not really, this is the best place to ask.23:26
VmKidThat's how I got Ubuntu set up in the first place. pure stubbornness and a new install disc.23:26
karniVmKid: :)23:27
karniarch_is_awesome: Unless you have paid plan and start poking people on the channel, you won't get much help. It's ~0:00 Sat/Sun weekend in Europe, and afternoon in US.23:27
karniarch_is_awesome: I'm sorry, but I don't think I can help you with the contact sync (I'm not much into Funambol at the moment)23:28
arch_is_awesomeIt is about 6:30 EST Now (GMT-5)23:30
arch_is_awesomeOkay then bye23:32
karnibye bye23:32
arch_is_awesomebazhang: I am now.23:38
arch_is_awesomeOh yes, also the ubuntu one music streaming stops in the middle of playing something23:40
arch_is_awesomebazhang: still there?23:41
bazhangarch_is_awesome, repeat your question, and be patient23:41
arch_is_awesomeOkay then, when I add a contact via the web interface it works...23:42
arch_is_awesomebut then when I sync the contact using an iPhone it gets downloaded twice...23:42
arch_is_awesomewhich makes it so that I have two of the same contact.23:42
arch_is_awesomebtw, thanks for the halp.23:42
arch_is_awesomehalp = help23:42
arch_is_awesomeAfterwards I also need help with another thing (if you have the time): The ubuntu one music streaming stops in the middle of playing something23:43
arch_is_awesomeThanks in advance23:43
karniCardinalFang: maybe you'll be able to help if that msg survives when you come by ↑23:45
CardinalFangarch_is_awesome, karni, we have found a problem with the streaming on the server end.  We think we'll have it solved in the next few days.23:47
karniarch_is_awesome: fire the question about iPhone as long as the dev's here ;)23:48
karni"Hey, I was wondering why ubuntu one syncs my contacts twice on iPhone."23:48
CardinalFangIt has something to do with the timeout of threads.  Download at full speed works, but a congested connection takes too long and the connection is reaped before it's finished.23:48
karnilooks like he's away.23:48
karniCardinalFang: thanks for dropping by23:48
arch_is_awesomeThanks CardinalFang23:48
arch_is_awesomePhone -> web works fine23:50
CardinalFangarch_is_awesome, sorry, I don't know anything of the internals of the iPhone app.23:50
arch_is_awesomeI don't like the iPhone anyway, actually it isn't even mine! :/23:50
* arch_is_awesome = :/23:51
arch_is_awesomeSo, shouldn23:51
arch_is_awesome't it work with fanambol?23:51

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