grkbloodare there any alternatives to the default ubuntu mixer that will allow you to control running apps?03:50
ScottLgrkblood, how do you want to control the apps?  start them, mix the levels?04:02
ScottLyea, which one?04:02
grkbloodi want it to have horizontal sliders like the gnoma-alsamixer04:02
grkbloodbut you cant control apps in the gnome alsamixer04:03
grkbloodis there an option to do both?04:03
grkbloodi would love to click something that starts the apps by default04:03
grkbloodand mix the levels04:03
grkbloodim planning on running 4 sflphones (soft phones) and control all of there audio levels through a mixer04:05
ScottLi'm not of a single application that will start and mix various applications04:06
ScottLgladish will start and make all the connections04:06
ScottLbut not control their levels04:06
ScottLyou will needs something like jackmixer to do the level control04:06
grkbloodi see no gladish in synaptic04:07
grkbloodladish :)04:10
grkbloodScottL, if you cant tell im new to this. im going through the tut right now and its mentioning a limits.conf file with configuring jack, where is that file?04:18
grkbloodall i currently have is an /etc/security/limits.conf04:20
ScottLgrkblood, did you install ubunt studio from a dvd?04:24
ScottLif so then you don't have to worry about setting that up04:24
grkbloodim just running ubuntu 10.10, i came in here b/c i thought id get the best audio advice here04:25
ScottLif you install JACK (jack-audio-connection-kit) to be the sound server (and you probably want to for audio) then you should edit that file04:25
ScottLbut it's probably doesn't exist yet, but i believe it will be created when you install JACK04:26
grkbloodJACK is installed04:26
grkbloodit appears some stuff got screwed up in the upgrade as usual04:27
grkbloodi should probably uninstall it04:27
grkbloodthen reinstall04:27
grkbloodyea, i think i might just do a fresh ubuntu-studio load04:34
ScottLgrkblood, that would probably be the best, it will configure stuff like you need as well04:35
grkbloodstudio takes a lot longer to install than reg ubuntu06:57
grkbloodinternet not working on a direct connection on new studio build07:29
grkbloodScottL, you around?16:50
holsteinhey grkblood16:50
holsteinyou get the network sorted?16:50
grkbloodit got sorted, it was a pain16:51
holsteini bet16:51
holsteinthat was 11.04?16:51
holsteina daily or something?16:51
grkbloodi had to install wicd from source16:51
holsteini havent installed 10.1016:52
grkbloodapparently if you dont install ubuntu studio with the etheret cable in the computer during the build procedure it wont work16:52
holsteini have 64bit installs of 10.10 and 11.0416:52
holsteinwith studio packages added16:52
holsteinfor testing16:52
holsteingrkblood: might be a pain afterwards16:52
grkbloodand i did a system upgrade on this box last night also to ubuntu 10.10 and all kinds of stuff broke16:52
grkbloodi cant use my flash drive now in it for some reason16:53
holsteinand i dont think ive done it without having the cable plugged in16:53
grkblooddo you know anything about ladish?16:53
holsteingrkblood: if you have a studio production box16:53
holsteini would run 10.0416:53
holsteingrkblood: im learning a bit about ladish16:53
grkbloodtoo late, ive already built it16:53
grkblooddo you ahve it open right now?16:53
holsteinim not in the studio right now16:54
grkbloodhow do you determind what level of compliance a piece of softphone is?16:54
grkbloodim trying to add a softphone in ladish16:55
grkbloodand it wont pop up in the black box after i add it16:55
holsteingrkblood: you might want to try #kxstudio16:55
holsteini think those folk use ladish regularly16:55
grkbloodeven less people there :(16:56
holsteinusually active though16:57
holsteinfalktx is the dev16:57
holsteingrkblood: how about nedko over in #ladi ?16:57
holsteingrkblood: OK16:58
holsteinone more ;)16:58
holsteinthose are the places ive seen ladish talk16:58
grkbloodk, thans16:59
holsteinanytime :)16:59
grkbloodill see what happens16:59

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