oiaohm right anyone in here had any dealing with xubuntu 10.10 and ipw2200 driver and got it to work.  If so you did want.02:51
oiaohmThe driver is failing to load firmware02:52
bazhangno wireless signal / connection?03:01
bazhangthe drivers are kernel level at this point03:02
oiaohmdmesg tells me it will not load its firmware.03:13
oiaohmIts not getting to the lack of signal point.03:13
oiaohm-1 error03:13
oiaohmAnnoying I had to bring this laptop up to speed in 24 hours03:21
oiaohmI am not completely without wireless I do have a pccard.03:24
head_victimGood afternoon, I will be attending a conference locally here in Australia and I was hoping to loop some promotional videos to showcase Ubuntu. To this end I was wondering if such a video exists for Xubuntu?07:01
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YcareneDoes linux bundle TCP Acks in pairs like windows/bsd does?08:01
psycho_oreosyou might want to ask that in ##linux instead08:05
YcareneYeah, I got no answer there.08:54
bazhangsounds like an issue for ##networking08:56
Psilocybin_Elfooops, wrong channel sorry09:37
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josh2how do I get a SD Memory card to mount on boot?18:31
fdsaseemslegitHello everyone.19:36
fdsaseemslegitAnyone here testing Natty?19:36
charlie-tcayes, but support is in #ubuntu+1 for natty19:37
Sysiit has nice new xfce but it's develepment version (and what charlie said)19:38
fdsaseemslegitcharlie-tca: What do you think of it and do you think they will release the 2.6.38 to us?19:38
fdsaseemslegitNot looking for support in the wrong spot.19:39
charlie-tcaI think it is going to be very good, and will wait to see if they can put the .38 kernel in. According to what I have seen, it is not coming out until April or May, which is too late for natty19:40
fdsaseemslegitI have been waiting since there is already a release client.  I was hoping to be bleeding edge with the alpha. :(19:40
Sysidebian philosophy19:41
charlie-tcableeding edge ain't really all that usable19:41
fdsaseemslegitIt makes the issues more obvious though.  I don't mind fixing stuff.19:42
fdsaseemslegitWith a Distro as widely used as Xubuntu,  the more info the better.  I can be patient though.  I was just hoping.19:42
charlie-tcaI would prefer a working image, versus bleeding edge broken image19:42
charlie-tcaHave you installed natty?19:43
charlie-tcaWe are not yet to alpha2, it is pretty bleeding at times19:43
fdsaseemslegitWell if it breaks ,  either quick fix or revert and cross fingers.  I have nothing on this partition but alpha/beta software.19:43
fdsaseemslegitTrue,  I have already found a few things.  only upgrading through command line since the update manager daemon is borked right now.  >:(19:44
charlie-tcaupdate-manager worked fine here this morning19:45
Sysialways used apt-get19:45
fdsaseemslegitWell,  it works once per boot. :D19:46
charlie-tcaI try update-manager weekly, to see if it works19:46
Sysii really miss aptitude, i maybe should file a bug about not getting it to work19:46
charlie-tcadaily I use apt-get dist-upgrade19:46
fdsaseemslegitI prefer apt-get,  but I must test EVERYTHING19:46
Sysi(i mean missing it on ubuntu, yum is waay nicer to use)19:47
fdsaseemslegitI really have a habit of letting them dictate what goes on this machine,  in an effort to allow them the most information from my system profile.19:48
fdsaseemslegitIf something is broke,  then they know why?19:48
josh2how do I get a SD card to mount on boot?19:49
fdsaseemslegitI only have experience really with yast,  and apt.  My first linux distro was Knoppix live cd19:49
fdsaseemslegitjosh2: unetbootin and your machine must allow it thru BIOS19:50
danostonesimple question19:50
charlie-tca!ask | danostone19:50
ubottudanostone: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:50
danostoneI dont see disc 2 when doing df19:50
josh2fdsaseemslegit: I am using the sd card as storage, I need it to mount in my currently running xubuntu19:50
danostonecharlie-tca calm down I just type as I speak sorry19:51
fdsaseemslegitjosh2:  I read your question wrong :\,19:51
charlie-tcanothing to calm down about. you asked if you could ask a question, I got you an answer.19:52
charlie-tcaWouldn't it be better not to ask if you can ask?19:52
josh2fsaseemslegit: I am just looking for a way to make the card be automounted on boot, I have it set to mount memory cards when hot plugged, but that doesn't mount it on boot, all my music is on the memory card so I want it to automount19:52
Sysijosh2: add it to /etc/fstab19:53
Sysigksudo mousepad /etc/fstab19:53
danostone^above ? 'simple question is a statement the question followed in the next sentence are you a bot?19:53
Sysiblkid on terminal lists volumes and uuid:s19:53
fdsaseemslegitYou still have yet to ask it,  danostone.19:54
josh2Sysi: what do I add to fstab?19:54
charlie-tcadanostone: your question followed after I gave the information about asking19:54
charlie-tcaand I don't really see a question anywhere. I see a statement that disc 2 is not seen when doing df. What is the question?19:55
Sysijosh2: new line, looking pretty similar to what's already there19:55
danostoneI dont see disc 2 using df -h19:55
danostonewhy wouldn't I?19:55
josh2Sysi: Any documentation on what I need to add in that line?19:55
fdsaseemslegitYou have your eyes closed.19:55
Sysijosh2: blkid tells you uuid:s of devices19:55
Sysifdsaseemslegit: proper ansvers please19:56
Sysidanostone: is it mounted?19:56
fdsaseemslegitSorry,  danostone.19:56
danostoneobviously not in this install it seems19:56
danostoneso mount uuid or ?19:57
Sysiif you want it to be mounted always on boot, fstab19:57
charlie-tcadanostone: have you been able to use the disc 2 at all in Xubuntu?19:57
charlie-tcadanostone: as in, have you tried manually mounting it ?19:58
danostoneyes it has fedora on lvm19:58
charlie-tcaIs there anything in /media for it?19:58
danostoneman mount discusses that correct19:58
charlie-tcayes, man mount does.19:59
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount19:59
danostoneyes it looks like several ports need a path19:59
fdsaseemslegitMaybe /dev would have the information20:00
fdsaseemslegitI have yet yo have a mounting problem,  I have two other partitions,  one ntfs then other reiserfs ,  I also have no problems detecting and mounting an esata external HDD,  and a USB IDE External HDD.  My card reader clot also works great in Natty.20:02
fdsaseemslegitI am very happy.20:02
Sysii think lvm partitions are something like /dev/mapper/something20:03
Sysinever used it so not very sure20:03
craigbass1976whenever I do something even remotely graphics heavy, x goes into convulsions.  I thought there was some keywoard shortcut that would restart x, or will that not work because x is having such a fit in the first place?21:06
charlie-tcamagicSysRq is the thing left, and it shuts down and restarts X, losing all work21:08
charlie-tcaOn my keyboard, it is    Ctrl+Alt+PrintScn+k21:08
craigbass1976Actually, /etc/init.d/x11-common restart didn't help either.  Perhaps it's a flakey video card... but if I reboot it will be fine21:08
craigbass1976charlie-tca: magicSysRq ?21:09
charlie-tcayup, that's what it is referred to as21:09
craigbass1976charlie-tca: and is you're xubuntu install stock?  I've not customized anything on this box that I can remember21:09
charlie-tcayes, but they removed the Ctrl+Alt+backspace to restart X a few releases ago21:10
Sysii think common key combination is altGr+printscrn+K21:10
craigbass1976but would the /etc/init.d command have done the same thing?21:10
charlie-tcaI don't know. I just know what works here21:11
danostonedoing 'ls /dev/disk/by-id/label' I can see all of the partitions but not sure label to uuid combo check (anyone ?)21:31
Sysitry 'blkid'21:32
danostonenot sure blkid ? in dev/disk/~ I have by-id  by-label  by-path  by-uuid21:34
Sysiblkid is command21:34
danostonedo I need to pipe it ?21:35
danostonereturns nothing21:35
danostoneman blkid21:35
Sysifor me it lists all partitions, labels and uuids21:36
Sysimaybe with sudo?21:36
charlie-tcalook in /dev/disk/by-uuid21:36
charlie-tcaYou can use ls -l to list them21:36
danostoneahh and oops21:36
danostoneso /dev/disk/by-{label,uuid} means either or21:37
skiwithpeteI want to start xfce when I type in startx at prompt21:51
skiwithpetebut it currently starts LXDE - any suggestions?21:51
Sysiedit ~/.xsessionrc21:51
Sysior something pretty similarly named file21:52
skiwithpeteI have Xauthority21:53
skiwithpeteis that the one?21:53
Sysii doubt21:54
Sysiit could use global one too21:54
skiwithpetewhere will I find that?21:54
Sysii guess /usr/share/xsessions/21:55
Sysiidk where it gets the default21:55
skiwithpeteno luck21:56
charlie-tcadid you install xubuntu-desktop? I don't know if Lubuntu/whatever you installed had all the files in it21:57
Sysimy router stucked, googling is a bit slow..21:57
Sysii'm not sure if cklauch is needed on buntu22:00
Besogonskiwithpete, http://www.os-works.com/view/debian/22:01
Besogonlook may be there you will find your answer22:02
skiwithpeteBesogon, nice one22:13
danostonequestion - what do I need to in mtab or fstab ?22:15
Besogonfstab is the file which let you automount partitions at boot up22:16
danostoneto have will it work if one is ext3 and the other is ext4 or does it matter?22:19
charlie-tcadanostone: create a mount point (directory) first, then in /etc/fstab, you can copy a line that exists.22:19
charlie-tcait should be something like :22:19
charlie-tcaUUID=d5f37d0b-73b3-4080-b410-9ee47639907e /mount/point ext3    defaults        0       222:20
charlie-tcaext3 is the filesystem, which might be fat32 or fat16 instead22:21
danostone/dev/sdb3: LABEL="Fedora-13-x86_64" UUID="4330a9c7-cec0-44el-82cb-llllll22:22
charlie-tcaI create my directories in /mnt, but you can create them anywhere22:22
charlie-tcausing that, create a directory using     sudo mkdir /mnt/Fedora22:22
charlie-tcathen in /etc/fstab,22:23
danostonelike that not sure what the second line is there22:23
danostoneext3    defaults        0       222:23
charlie-tcaUUID=4330a9c7-cec0-44el-82cb-llllll /mnt/Fedora ext3    defaults        0       222:23
charlie-tcaIt should be a single line, no breaks22:23
danostoneok what is the defaults   0   222:24
charlie-tcaext3 is the filesystem,     fat, ext4, ext2, etc22:24
charlie-tcathe    defaults are to allow use as the system is set up for22:25
charlie-tca0      2     are when to run fscheck22:25
charlie-tcaThat schedules the fsck to run perodically. If it should not check the drive, make it    0        022:25
danostoneadd to end or before swap uuid22:29
charlie-tcaIt does not make any difference. Boot sequence will be determined during the boot22:29
danostonewell let me reboot22:39
danostoneso no warkee22:43
charlie-tcaopen a terminal and try "sudo mount -a" and see what the error is22:51
danostoneno moint point22:52
danostonemount: mount point ext4 does not exist22:52
charlie-tcadid you type everything on one line?22:53
charlie-tcaWhat program did you use to edit the fstab file?22:53
charlie-tcagedit works22:54
charlie-tcawas everything on one line, or did you make it two lines?22:54
danostonethe mount point comes after uuid22:54
danostonetwo mounts22:55
charlie-tcayes, but if you have a line like22:55
danostonetwo partitions22:55
charlie-tcaext4    0    022:55
charlie-tcathen you have it looking for a mount point ext422:55
danostoneno didnt do that22:55
charlie-tcaIt has to be a single line, which should be UUID=???  space   /mount/point22:56
danostoneyes but its on a different disk22:56
charlie-tcathe mount point?22:56
danostonethe uuid22:56
charlie-tcait doesn't matter22:56
Sysilinux don't have thing like C: and D: just partitions, can be on different disks or anywhere22:57
charlie-tcaThe error was "mount point ext4 does not exist" ?22:57
charlie-tcathat error tells me the line was something like UUID=??? ext422:57
charlie-tcadid you space between /mount/point  and ext4?22:58
charlie-tcaSysi: should we have fstab pasted now?22:59
charlie-tcadanostone: pastebin your /etc/fstab file22:59
Sysiat least that one line22:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:59
danostoneno mount point then etx422:59
Sysiyou need to have the mount point23:00
Sysifolder where you want it23:00
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charlie-tcaYou did not create the mount points23:02
charlie-tcayou have to create a directory to be used, maybe23:02
danostoneok where or what todo where23:02
charlie-tcasomething like     /mnt/sdb223:03
charlie-tcathen put that after the uuid, before the ext423:03
danostonethat needs created23:03
charlie-tcaor maybe you want it in /home/sdb2      or whatever name you want to call the drive23:04
charlie-tcayou have to create one for each partition you are trying to mount23:04
danostoneso even though the device can be seen /dev/disk/by-uuid I should create a hard link?23:06
charlie-tcayou should create a directory where you will look to see the device23:06
charlie-tcaYou can call it anything you want23:06
charlie-tcaYou do not create a link, you use    "mkdir ???23:07
charlie-tcato create a new directory for the device to be seen in23:07
charlie-tcaYou said one of those entries was music, right?23:08
charlie-tcasorry, mixed up23:08
danostoneso can the mount point be in the /dev/disk as mentioned before23:09
charlie-tcaYou create it outside of /dev23:10
charlie-tcalike /mnt23:10
charlie-tcaor in /honme23:10
danostonelol lol23:10
charlie-tcaor in /home23:10
charlie-tcaor /media23:10
charlie-tcabut dev is not usable by you23:10
danostoneI just want to mount when I need access to a file23:11
charlie-tcathen create in /home23:12
danostonenot have it mounted all the time23:12
charlie-tcathen why are you adding it to fstab?23:12
charlie-tcafstab entries are always mounted on boot23:12
danostonebecause of mount error23:12
charlie-tcaopen a terminal23:13
charlie-tcatype       sudo mkdir /mnt/sdb223:13
danostoneseveral open23:13
charlie-tcaWhat is the second partition?23:13
charlie-tcaYou show two things added to fstab23:14
danostoneboth on sdb23:15
charlie-tcaThey are what? sdb2 and sdb1?23:15
charlie-tcasdb2 and sdb3?23:15
danostonelike sdb2 and 11?23:15
charlie-tcasdb2 and sdb11?23:15
charlie-tcadid you this       sudo mkdir /mnt/sdb223:16
danostoneso I have to create a mount dir in order to mount a fs23:16
charlie-tcaand add the mount point to fstab after the UUID23:17
danostoneso remove the fstab entries though23:17
charlie-tcaif you don't want them mounted at startup, yes23:18
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danostonerestart and I will let ya know23:24
danostonedoes not work23:29
charlie-tcadid you create the directory yet?23:29
danostoneci yes23:30
charlie-tcaokay, what did not work?23:30
danostonemount uuid23:30
charlie-tcayou removed the /etc/fstab entries, right?23:31
danostonenot yet but I dont follow this method very well23:32
charlie-tcaokay, what are the new directories?23:32
danostone/home/user/bakery /home/user/cake23:34
danostonethe dirctories are there23:34
charlie-tcain a terminal, type      sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /home/user/bakery23:34
danostoneok now that makes sense23:36
charlie-tcaif it did not give you an error, you can now browse /home/user/bakery in thunar and see what is on sdb223:36
charlie-tcaYou will type that sudo mount command everytime you want to see those files23:37
danostonehad gotten used to the bookmark calling for the password23:37
charlie-tcayou use      sudo mount /dev/sdb11 /home/user/cake23:37
charlie-tcato mount and look at the sdb11 files23:38
danostonegimme a sec . im slow23:38
danostonemount: you must specify the filesystem type23:42
charlie-tcafor both, or for which one?23:42
danostoneboth ext423:44
charlie-tcathen use    sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sbd2 /home/user/bakery23:44
danostoneboth ext4 mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb2,       missing codepage or helper program, or other error     In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try23:46
charlie-tcaAre these lvm?23:46
danostonesaid that earlier23:47
charlie-tcabut they both fail when you tell it ext4. Do they both have data on them already?23:47
danostoneyes and dmesg tail returnsEXT4-fs (sdb2): unable to read superblock23:48
charlie-tcais that the lvm volume?23:49
charlie-tcawhat returns on the other one?23:50
danostonecharlie-tca how do i see which dev sdb each is?23:59

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