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smspillazcoz_: are you running an install of compiz 0.9 atm ?10:36
coz_smspillaz,   I have it installed10:36
coz_want me to fire it up?10:36
smspillazcoz_: I'm just wondering if you hit this issue where menus go underneath other things10:37
coz_ok its running10:37
smspillazbut they are still functional, just obscured10:37
coz_ah not yet no  the only issue I am seeing is that I cannot get into certin plugin settings  like Animations10:38
smspillazsince I _cannot_ reproduce it (but I've seen it in person on other people's machines) and it's driving me nuts ;-)10:38
coz_smspillaz,   do you want me to log into Unity for t his?10:38
smspillazcoz_: it should happen with or without unity10:38
coz_smspillaz,  yikes10:38
smspillazcoz_: you're running nvidia right ?10:38
coz_smspillaz, ok then its not happening here  just the inability to get into a few plugins settings10:38
smspillazcoz_: I'll look at the plugin settings soon I guess10:39
smspillazcoz_: can you try changing the screen resolution and see if your stackign goes out of whack ?10:39
coz_let me lighten the theme to see if menus are opening up underneathe hold on10:39
smspillazsince ISTR this happening on my machine a while ago but I can't reproduce it at the moment10:39
coz_ok let me change resolutions hold on10:40
coz_smspillaz,  no nothing odd ocurring here10:40
smspillazI'm going to send a mail out to triagers then to try and figure out what's going on10:41
coz_smspillaz,  gee I now  feel bad I cant reproduce this :)10:41
smspillazit's worse when you're the one trying to fix the bug that's annoying everyone and you can't reproduce it ;-10:41
coz_smspillaz,  if I see this  start I will immediately let you know  ..10:41
smspillazI need a reproducable test case though10:42
smspillazsince the way to reproduce it on other people's machines doesn't work here10:42
spikebuse other people's machines to fix it!10:42
spikeb</bright idea>10:42
coz_smspillaz,  ok I will continue to play with this to see if it happens here10:42
smspillazspikeb: unfortunately the time to do that has come and gone ;-)10:43
smspillazI had a chance to do that at the sprint, but this is when I could reproduce this issue - but I was working on other things10:43
smspillazand I thought the bug was trivial :)10:43
coz_smspillaz,  ooo   damn...ok    well  if it happens I will  let you know10:43
smspillazcoz_: thanks :)10:44
coz_smspillaz,   no problem :)10:44
smspillazcoz_: let me know if you can get a test case from launching compiz to the bug happening10:44
coz_smspillaz,  will do10:44
smspillazcoz_: quick heads up - there's a similar looking bug where you trigger a menu to "create" and it doesn't appear till you hover over it. That's a bug in X and has been fixed already, so watch out for the one where the menu appears but you can't interact with it.10:50
coz_smspillaz,  ok  cool thanks10:51
coz_making notes of this  :)10:51
kklimondabah, unity (or perhaps compiz) really slows games down :/23:42
spikebuh oh23:43
spikebi was afraid of that23:43
kklimondaso was I, but it still sucks to confirm that ;)23:44
spikebmight have to put the 2D version on my mom's computer then, if the slowdown is too drastic. she games23:46
RAOFkklimonda: Have you tried turning “unredirect fullscreen windows” on?  Without that (a) you'll have the Composite overhead, and (b) output will be sync'd to vblank.23:47
kklimondaRAOF: thanks, I'll try that.23:47
kklimondaI thought this option was default already?23:47
RAOFNo; it breaks things.23:48
ionOn my system (with fglrx) anything started from compiz seems to have LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1, which makes them slow even if “unredirect fullscreen windows” is on.23:48
kklimondaRAOF: ah thanks, it does seem faster now23:58
RAOFkklimonda: unredirect fullscreen windows should really be on, but it would require X to have some knowledge of *actual* fullscreen windows, rather than windows which just happen to be the same size as the screen.23:59

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