mhall119highvoltage: any idea what I might be missing for debmower?03:19
mhall119I really need to get back on track if I'm going to make alpha203:19
highvoltagemhall119: you're putting together that qimo-desktop meta-package right?03:41
highvoltagemhall119: I need to spend some time in it, also want to isolate it in lxc so minimize any risk to the host system03:43
mhall119highvoltage: I'm working on that03:45
mhall119I've got the 3 listed now, qimo-session, qimo-gdm-theme and qimo-plymouth-theme03:46
mhall119it's the isolinux parts of the CD i'm missing03:46
masai47I am hoping to add a file server and proxy server to a room with a couple of computers with Edubuntu installed.  Is there a way that the (clients?) can have /home and any other user related files (such as login credentials) on the file server so that settings follow them from computer to computer.  But still have it so that each computer can also boot up and login as standalone if the network is not available?05:38
bluefroganyone using nanny without problems? trying to use it on maverick (not edubuntu) but it fails to prevent a user to log when he is not supposed to be allowed log in.08:20
masai47is there support in 10.10 for installing with RAID?09:00
AlanBellI was asked to say a few words about edubuntu the other day http://www.youtube.com/user/OpenSourceSchools#p/a/u/2/TlSTQEXpwXE16:25
mhall119AlanBell: where was this?16:29
mhall119good answer to the 'you mean easy for a geek to install?"16:30
AlanBellthis was at BETT16:34
AlanBelleducational trade show for 30,000 attendees16:34
AlanBellbut this was in a seminar room for maybe 100 people16:34
AlanBellquite packed16:35
AlanBellczajkowski was there too16:35
mhall119someone must have opened a door, I can hear the 30,000 people outside16:37
mhall119lol, "Translate to English"16:38
jjidoHello I am looking at Edubuntu to revive an old laptop18:11
jjidowhat are the system requirements?18:11
alkisgHow much RAM does the laptop have?18:11
jjidoI have a Pentium II with 196 MB RAM18:12
alkisgI'd suggest that you tried lubuntu or debian/lxde18:12
alkisgI think the suggested requirements for Ubuntu nowadays are 1 Gb RAM18:13
alkisg...with 512 being the minimum, as the wiki says18:13
jjidoI have Ubuntu 6 running on it, but if II can use something more recent... and education-oriented18:16
alkisgEdubuntu has the same requirements as Ubuntu, so, 512 minimum and 1 Gb recommented18:17
alkisgI'm not aware of any education-oriented recent distros that run on 196 MB RAM18:18
jjidoI asked on #puppylinux, they suggested an older Edubuntu18:19
alkisgIf you have ubuntu 6 on it, you can just add the edu* packages18:20
jjidohow about the Sugar UI? Does it go on top of Linux?18:20
alkisgor just apt-get install edubuntu-desktop18:20
jjidoalkisg: good idea, I will start with that18:21
bluefrogis nanny working correctly on edubuntu 10.10? on my "normal" ubuntu 10.10 it dosn't prevent a user to log in.18:30

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