SnowhogJontheEchidna: http://pastebin.com/7eVBjRzp00:01
JontheEchidnaHmm, seems completely normal except for the lack of that tag00:02
SnowhogJontheEchidna: You noted in the bug that 'other' linux-headers packages crashed Muon as well, but not all of them?00:03
JontheEchidnaI think that was you :P00:03
SnowhogJontheEchidna: At least the identified problem was really 'cosmetic' and not really serious, unless of course, one was wanting to use Muon to install the package. ;)00:06
SnowhogJontheEchidna: The worst thing a developer/coder can do, is to proof their own code! :)00:07
JontheEchidnaat worst it will probably say "Canonical provides critical updates for linux-headers-bla until" and stop there without providng a date00:07
JontheEchidnawith the patch00:07
JontheEchidnabetter than a crash though00:08
SnowhogJontheEchidna: Normally, anything is better than a crash.00:08
SnowhogJontheEchidna: A pop-up window with the statement: "Impossible situtation incountered. Now committing suicide." would at least give all a chuckle.00:10
SnowhogJontheEchidna: Do you know how long it normally takes before the fixed package appears 'up stream'?00:12
JontheEchidnaThe fix is in Git now. I'll be doing a 1.1.1 release on February 13th00:13
JontheEchidnaI make packages available in the PPA the same day as the release, since a release with no packages isn't fun00:13
SnowhogJontheEchidna: Okay. That's cool.00:14
FloridaGuyhow do i remove all of gnome00:28
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ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »00:36
basywhich package holds funny messages (funny message of the day, Murphy laws, etc ... ). After each console/terminal login one of those message is displayed ... ?00:48
james147fortune is one i believe00:49
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suqaSomeone who have experience of booting via GRUB? I 've tried a cpuple of times the past hour and finds unetbootin but when I choose to "install lubuntu" it startes ubuntu instead.01:06
hellojoneshi, can I use ftpes with TLS/ssl with dolphin and the ftp kio plugin?01:06
dirk_my bluetooth doesn't work01:29
FirefisheWhen I, in kde/kubuntu 4.5.3, and use the Login Theme Installer (located in the System Settings >> Login Screen >> Theme Tab), I get a weird thing:  When I click on the highlighted (link) title name of the theme, it tries to open many konqueror windows at once....and keeps going and going and going....until I have to kill the x server to stop it.01:34
Firefishekubuntu 10.04 LTS, btw.01:34
Lewoco_How do I configure dolphin not to switch the view (e.g. icons/details/columns) everytime I navigate to a different folder?01:37
Lewoco_nm, found it01:38
FirefisheLewoco_: I'd be interested in knowing that.01:40
Lewoco_Firefishe, View->Adjust View Properties->All folders.01:42
FirefisheLewoco_: Thanks.01:42
FirefisheLewoco_: Do you know why the command `lsb_release' shows an output of a bunch of files, but not so when using the `cat /etc/lsb-release' command instead?01:43
james147Firefishe: Lewoco_: ^^ I think that reset the propties for each folder, a better way might be to Settings > General > check "use common view properties for all folders"  << that way it will never change to a different view until you change view, then alll folder will be in that view01:45
Firefishejames147: Ah... thank you for that.01:46
Lewoco_james147, thanks01:47
Lewoco_A lot of the time sub-menus don't pop-up time. I can eventually get them to pop up by moving the mouse around on the menu item a little bit, but is there a fix or workaround for this problem?01:49
* james147 suggests, as with any weird quirky bug like that, to test a new user and see if they suffer from the same problem ^^01:53
Lewoco_Ok, using a different widget style fixed it.01:54
Lewoco_You go to hell and you die Oxygen =)01:54
james147Lewoco_: ^^ still suggest trying a new user to see if they have the same problem :)01:56
Lewoco_james147, This is a new user. I logged in for the first time half an hour ago =/01:57
Lewoco_Is there any global keyboard shortcut 'action' to switch the last desktop I was on? The closest I can find is 'Switch to previous desktop' but this only switches to the previous desktop in the desktop order.02:08
Lewoco_'Walk through desktops' ftw02:09
Lewoco_Hmm, Meta+Shift+Tab can't be used as a global keyboard shortcut?02:10
james147Lewoco_: it can here :s although there isanother shortcut assigned to that02:12
Lewoco_james147, Could that be interferring somehow?02:13
james147Lewoco_: I shouldnt, are you on kde 4.5?02:14
james147it ^^02:14
james147(since the shortcut was added to kde 4.6... so if you are it wont be assigned anyway)02:14
* james147 notes that kde handles keyboard shortcut conflicts well and will warn you when you are about to overwrite one02:15
Lewoco_james147, KDE 4.4 I think.02:15
james147:S kde 4.4 is old now, kde 4.6 is due any week now... have you considered upgrading?02:16
* james147 notes that kde 4.6 is due on the 26th, if anyone wanted to know... at least according to http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.6_Release_Schedule02:17
Kingsydoes kubuntu have a GUI ?02:25
rtdoshow do i get tabs in kate?03:28
james147rtdos: one ... or i think two of the plugins can enable them,03:29
james147never found out why there are two :S03:30
rtdosgot it! thanks James!03:31
andrewh192hey does anyone know of a web irc client that is online right now that would allow me to connect to the undernet servers?03:45
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oOarthurOoIs the Knights chess game available in any repo for Kubuntu? Currently running 11.04 and aptitude search "knights" aptitude search "chess" doesn't turn up what I'm looking for.04:38
sinthetekanyone in here have much knowledge of kubuntu netbook?i was curious if anyone thought it likely a 64bit build might resolve some issues i've been having lately with various apps segfaulting05:58
renjithgwhat is the server name and port number of #kernel IRC?06:09
renjithgwhat is the server name and port number of #kernel IRC?06:58
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martinjh99How do I turn off the blue drop shadow in Oxygen??08:28
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Da3m0n2hi there10:26
Da3m0n2could somebody help me? :)10:26
yofel!anyone | Da3m0n210:31
ubottuDa3m0n2: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:31
Da3m0n2is here a way to hide my ip ? something like a hostmask?10:33
ligtmanhi, anyone know much about wireless set up kubuntu 10.1010:33
ubottuWant to hide your IP while connected to freenode? See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks - More information available in #freenode10:35
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:36
valoriey'all just need bot commands10:36
valorienot humans.....10:36
ligtmanok thanks will give that a read...10:36
Da3m0n2thanks valorie10:36
valorieany time!10:37
werner_Hi all.10:51
werner_What's the best way to get DVBT - TV running?10:51
werner_Any sugesstions?10:51
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apparleWhat is the shortcut to toggle the menu bar11:21
yofelapparle: ctrl+m if that's what you mean11:22
apparleyofel: does it work with GTK apps particularly firefox11:23
apparleyofel: here it is not11:23
yofelnope, that's Qt11:23
apparleany particular way to toggle menubar on gtk apps11:24
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giancarlaciao a tutti14:01
BajK_will the 11.04 kubuntu installer be improved?14:01
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werner_Hi all.14:19
werner_What's the best way to get DVBT - TV running?14:19
werner_Any sugesstions?14:19
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BluesKajHowdy folks14:28
Tm_Twerner_: plug in and use14:34
werner_tried 3 different USB DVBT Devices14:34
werner_None works14:34
werner_it's not in the system14:35
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werner_no idea, where to begin the digging14:36
oostuewhere should I go to talk to some one about changing the logon screen14:36
jsawjust installed Natty Alpha1, having a few problems. 1. is the pager, where do I report bugs, and how do I find it's version?14:37
jsaw2. updating always breaks with libc-bin, but I'm pretty sure it's already known14:38
jsawotherwise, I like it..!14:38
oostueubuntu 11.0414:38
stffn_idlehow can I see which version I use14:39
stffn_idlesorry my questionmark is down14:39
jsawoostue: changing logon screen under gnome or kde?14:39
jussi!version | stffn_idle14:40
ubottustffn_idle: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »14:40
t3rminat0r_does anyone have any good tutorial about using kdevelop 4 ?14:40
stffn_idleI go to university14:41
stffn_idlephilosophy and history for 2 years14:42
cuznthttp://pastebin.com/TVYbfSV5 kde 4.5.5 lenovo laptop15:34
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u19809Hi all, I have just configured my bluetooth headset to work over ad2p.  It works fine for amarok and dolphin but for video players like vlc and xine it does not work.  What do I need to do to make them also use the ad2p when available ?16:39
Peace-u19809: mm16:40
Peace-what exactly are you tring to do16:40
Peace-i mean16:41
u19809well I want to stream digital stereo audio to my bluetooth headset16:42
u19809But it seems VLC and xine use a different audio path.  In fact I hear amarok over my BT headset and VLC over my headset connected to my 'phone out' jack16:43
u19809So Ideally would like vlc/xine to use the same path that is used in the kubuntu enviroment (Which I think is phonon)16:43
u19809I also found a phonon-vlc-backend but it does not seem to get loaded in vlc16:45
t3rminat0r_if subsitute directly 3 bin files in /usr/bin, with fresh compiled, would I face any problem?16:46
t3rminat0r_[talking about cmake, cpack, ctest]16:47
james147t3rminat0r_: i would uninstall them first, then run a "make install" from the build dir16:52
t3rminat0r_in order just to remove16:57
t3rminat0r_cmake (BUT I need the accompanying packages)16:58
t3rminat0r_what should I do?16:58
kappavuc'è qualcuno?17:10
BluesKaj!it | kappavu17:10
ubottukappavu: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:10
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KimLarouxIf I kill the KDE desktop using ctrl-alt-escape, how do I start it back without having to restart KDM?18:05
james147KimLaroux: you probally killed plasma-desktop (or -netbook)18:07
BluesKajKimLaroux, ctrl-alt-escape won't kill kde on my pc18:08
KimLarouxAh! thanks, I wondered exactly what I killed...18:08
KimLarouxcause the window manager still worked18:08
KimLarouxand yes, ctrl-alt-backspace is disabled by default in all new releases18:08
james147KimLaroux: (thats what the desktop/panel is called) you can start it again by alt+f2 and type "plasma-desktop" then hit enter (or -netbook if your using the netbook version)18:08
KimLarouxCool, thanks james14718:08
KimLarouxI'll try it right now just for the fun of it =P18:09
james147KimLaroux: alt+printscreen|sysreq+k now does what alt+crtl+backspace use to do18:09
KimLarouxwhat's sysreq?18:09
BluesKajwouldn't alt +F7 bring the desktop back up if one is on a tty ?18:09
james147KimLaroux: the sys rq key :) normally the same key as print screen18:10
james147BluesKaj: yes18:10
james147BluesKaj: and alt+ctrl+esc will launch xkill, which will kill the next application you click18:10
james147^^ including plasma-desktop18:10
KimLarouxAh okay, I see it's writen "syst" on my print screen button18:10
james147(though i shouldnt kill the entire kde session)18:11
KimLarouxhaha yes it's nice, I'm running X-chat on an empty black screen18:11
KimLarouxit's one way to clear your ram from all the plasma-desktop thingies18:11
james147KimLaroux: its suprising how functional kde is with out plasma-desktop, using alt+f2 and alt+tab :D18:11
KimLarouxhaha woot18:12
KimLarouxplasma-desktop is exactly what I was looking for18:13
KimLarouxthanks for the tip18:13
BluesKajyeah, but I like thapanel, then I don't need to pepper my desktop with icons , just placing them in the panel is handy ...I need icons some where , due to my previous incarnation as a 15 yr windows user18:17
james147BluesKaj: not saying everyone should run without plasma... i still do most of the time ;D  just saying its suprising how usable kde is without it18:19
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KimLarouxI like how the running apps are transfered into icon type windows when plasma desktop is killed18:20
BluesKajjames147, yup, agreed , aamof I hated it at first back when it was introduced as default on kubuntu whatever version it was18:20
Guest54662well can any one tell to use compize effects in libre presentation18:20
james147Guest54662: ?? you want to use a window manager inside a document?18:21
Guest54662just the effects18:21
Guest54662similar like mac keynote18:21
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james147michael__: thats not possible as far as i know, you might be able to find similar effects, but i dont see why you would be able to use compiz directly in liber office18:22
michael__similar effects How?18:23
james147michael__: dont know... dont use liber office presenter at all, but I would look for plugins of a way to install effects  inside it... if there is one18:24
james147michael__: or search google for answers :)18:24
michael__i will try that sounds good18:24
michael__i just had a mac section at uni18:25
michael__and they said mac can do all this things18:25
michael__i was ubuntu can do all of this things too18:26
michael__i was sure that ubuntu can do all of this things too18:26
james147michael__: not sure if mac is useing the window manager effects... or ahs just replicated them inside its presenter...18:26
james147michael__: or me it seems a stupid thing to couple the window manager and a document togeather18:27
michael__is cool18:27
michael__that are you running?18:27
michael__what are you running?18:27
james147michael__: currently running arch linux with kde ^^ though i use to use kubuntu18:27
michael__what do you prefer?18:28
michael__is Arch better?18:28
james147michael__: depends :) kubuntu is allot easier and quicker to setup, but I like archs rolling release better (i prefure to stay uptoday with the latest packages, rather then waiting for the next version... and arch handels that better)18:29
james147michael__: arch isnt 'better' ... its entirly personal whihc you like more, with arch you have to configure and install everything manually (which i kind of like) where are with kubuntu its easy to setup and use out of the box18:30
james147michael__: they are two different distros designed for two different user bases...18:31
michael__what is the different between them?18:35
michael__hi jmper18:36
jmpernecesito ayuda no puedo instalar ninguna aplicacion o actualizacion en k ubuntu ya q soy novato me sale este error no está disponible: NO_PUBKEY 2836CB0A8AC93F7A18:38
james147michael__: this probably best sums it up: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch_Compared_to_Other_Distributions#Ubuntu18:38
Tm_T!es | jmper18:38
ubottujmper: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:38
michael__james147 thanks. You mst be an expered than i gues18:43
rtdosis there a reason this won't install - http://sourceforge.net/projects/stella/ - i keep getting a wrong architecture error.18:48
Snowhogrtdos: 32- or 64-bit version? What's your CPU?18:49
rtdos64 bit celeron. i'm using the 64 bit version of kubuntu (i think)18:51
rtdosi can't run any older 32 bit apps at all ?18:51
james147rtdos: you can, but why not get the 64bit version: http://sourceforge.net/projects/stella/files/stella/3.3/18:51
rtdosoh, didn't see that. :"> thanks James147 - but what about other apps? are there any extra libraries i might need to install ?18:53
james147rtdos: you may need to force it to install....18:54
tsimpsonuse gdebi-kde to install it, it will try and find/install and dependencies it needs18:55
tsimpsonie: kdesudo gdebi-kde stella_3.3-1_amd64.deb18:55
rtdosthanks tsimpson. thanks james147.18:57
Snowhogrtdos: Keep in mind, that stella is an Atari 2600 VCS emulator, and as such, you need to install the version for the CPU you are running - 64-bit in your case.18:58
james147^^ either way, best to use the 64bit version if one is there :) or compile from source to 64bit if you have the source18:58
rtdosgood way to learn programming too. :)18:58
james147^^ more learn to compile then to program :D18:59
james147(although knowing how to compile can help with programming )19:00
rtdosJames147: what was that command you told me to access the shares on my windows machine? kdesudo 'something' ? (sorry this one command i forgot to write down)19:19
james147rtdos: you should be able to mount and view them in dolphin19:21
james147kdesudo ntfs-config     will add them to /etc/fstab so they get mounted at boot19:21
rtdossorry i had that backwards, that's not the command to access my kubuntu laptop from windows is it?19:25
james147rtdos: there is a driver, but its unmaintained and not recomanded19:30
tsimpsonshares or partitions?19:31
james147rtdos: o, :) thats different then19:31
* tsimpson thought so19:31
james147rtdos: have you set p the shares in kubuntu?19:31
rtdosi can't remember; i did install that samba thing you told me to19:32
james147(one sec19:34
isaiashi, one question, i need to get to my personal files as a root but here in kubuntu i dont know how? in ubuntu and xubuntu are gksudo nautilus and gksudo thunar19:36
james147rtdos: kdesudo kcmshell4 kcmsambaconf19:38
tsimpsonisaias: kdesudo dolphin19:38
james147isaias: although, if you can its suggested you dont run dolphin as root :) its far to easy to delete something you didnt mean to19:39
isaiasi really need to run as a root, ill try kdsudo dolphin19:39
james147isaias: what are you trying to do? there is normally a better way around it19:40
isaiasi try to set my hdmi sound card, but i need to get a file as a root19:41
james147isaias: if you need to edit a file as root, then just "kdesudo kate /path/to/file"  (you should be able to tabcomplete the path)19:42
james147(or kdesudo kate   << and open the file with kates menus)19:42
james147^^ but generally its best to reduce the applications you run as root19:43
james147and dolphin generally dosent need to19:43
james147hello jsaw19:43
jsawhi james14719:43
jsawI'm a bit disappointed that I still can't really use kontact with google calendar...19:44
isaiasẗhanks james147, it works19:44
james147jsaw: what kde/kubuntu version?19:44
jsawnatty alpha 119:45
jsaw(kontact is at 4.4.9)19:45
james147:p ... any reason your running an alpha?19:45
jsawwill this change soon, or do I have to invest some time ...19:45
jsawjames147:  testing...19:46
james147jsaw: last i checked (a few mounths ago) you could, though you needed to install an extra package19:46
james147although it dident worked very well at the time19:46
rtdosjames147: ok, now i can see my home folder from windows (before i could just see my laptop) but that's it. i can't view any files inside my home folder. any suggestions?19:46
james147jsaw: give me 5 mins to set up a natty vm and I can find out how it works19:46
jsawjames147: All the messages I've read so far say, that reading is fine (which I experience too), but uploading does not work19:47
jsawhaven't found any message to the contrary19:47
james147rtdos: make sure you set up a samba user, or mmake sure there authentication isent required19:47
jsawjames147: I'd actually go that far that I would invest a couple of hours coding...19:47
james147jsaw: if you feel like helping with the code then by ll means :) would be nice to have it fully working19:48
james147jsaw: if you do decide to, then you might want to join #kde-devel , they will be able to help you better with the coding19:48
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jsawjames147:  okay, that's exactly the information I was looking for (haven't done "patch work" since a couple of years, got a bit lazy looking up the info myself... sorry)19:50
jsawjames147:  which server is the #kde-devel, freenode?19:50
jsawbtw, I like Natty a lot so far!19:51
rtdosjames147: it won't save the samba user so how do i disable authentication?19:52
james147rtdos: ^^ change "security=share" to "security=user" in /etc/samba/smb.conf  (or see if one of the options in that util can do taht)19:53
* james147 notes that that util is a front end to editing /etc/samba/smb.conf19:53
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rtdosthanks. i will try that.19:53
rtdosJames147: when i change security=share to security=user i can no longer see my home folder nor can i access my laptop.19:58
james147rtdos: o wait, no, it should be share :)20:00
rtdoswhen i have it set to share, i can see my home folder but can't access it beyond that. is there anything else i need to look for?20:01
james147rtdos: add your user to samaba (smbpasswd if i rember correctly)20:02
james147rtdos: or make sure that you ahve "guest=ok" in the share20:02
rtdosi'm gonna try rebooting.20:08
BajK_mh my ubuntu doesnt start anymore :O20:11
BajK_it worked and then battery was empty now i tried started it and i was put to this busybox thing20:11
BajK_No init found. Try passing init= bootarg20:12
BajK_so /boot and /home are mountable20:12
BajK_but when trying to mount / it fails20:12
BajK_"mount: mounting /dev/sda7 on /fuckyou failed: Invalid argument"20:12
FloodBotK3BajK_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:12
BajK_( i chose this mountpoint since I am angry :D)20:12
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lemonI just installed Kubuntu 10.10 on my laptop. My keyboard shortcuts are funny. right arrow lowers volume and left arrow mutes and unmutes.  How can I change this?20:19
james147lemon: hmm, system settings > shortcuts and gesters > global shortcuts20:20
lemonjames147: volume isn't listed.  Only screen brightness and switch display.20:22
james147lemon: kmix should be listed in the KDE components dropdown manu, change to taht20:23
ujjainWhere is Gparted in the Kubuntu live DVD?20:24
james147ujjain: it isent20:25
lemonjames147: I couldn't find the shortcut list under the global shortcuts, but I found it under the kmix app itself.  Thanks.20:25
james147ujjain: you can install it on teh live cd, or partitionmanager (kdes version of gparted)20:25
james147ujjain: ^^ well tahts the cd, havent used the dvd20:25
ujjainI use the live CD burned on a DVD.20:26
ujjainIs there even a version for DVD and other for CD?20:26
ujjainI will try Package Management and install Gparted20:26
ujjainjames147: It cannot find partition manager20:28
james147ujjain: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install partitionmanager    will install it (assuming a net cconnection)20:29
ujjaincannot find package partitionmanager20:30
james147ujjain: it should be there, have you run "sudo apt-get update" and are you conected to the internet?20:32
ujjainYep yep20:32
ujjainI use the Kubuntu 9.10 Live CD.20:33
james147.... that might be why20:33
james147ujjain: why not get a newer cd?20:33
ujjainI burned it 3 months ago and need to do repartitioning.20:34
james147ujjain: then install gparted,20:34
ujjainok :)20:34
nicklas_hello, anyone knows why quassel is still standard?isnt konversation fully functional for kde 4 by now?21:07
g0thwhen I switch the windows it doesnt come to the front21:13
g0thit is always the same window that is in the front21:13
nicklas_g0th: how do you mean?21:13
g0thalt+tab switches the windows21:13
g0thbut one windows always stays in front21:14
g0theven if I use alt+tab21:14
g0thand it is not related to a "specific" window21:14
g0thit happens on all desktops21:14
nicklas_its supposed to do that? you have to choose one of them?21:14
nicklas_or do you mean that one window gets stuck and you cant change?21:14
g0thno it is supposed to put the selected window to the front21:14
g0thit does change the current window21:15
g0thbut it is not put in front21:15
nicklas_sounds likte some setting? have you changed something?21:15
g0thyou mean if I every changed any setting whatsoever of my desktop?21:16
g0thif you mean whether I remember if I changed a setting specific to this situation then no21:16
nicklas_i mean, have you done something that could have caused this?21:16
g0thI dont see what could have done this21:16
nicklas_well, i cant read your mind or see what you have done on your computer recently :-P21:17
nicklas_and update maybe? problem with graphic drivers or graphic card?21:17
g0thit is most definitely some desktop effect or window behaviour or shortcut thing21:18
nicklas_g0th: have you looked in settings?21:18
g0ththere is the option "put above all"21:18
g0thor put behind all21:18
g0ththe behaviour is like this21:18
g0thstrange, every new window I open seems to behave like "always on top"21:20
nicklas_btw, what irc client you guys use?21:20
g0thanother strange thing21:20
g0thsome windows are not included when I cycle through them with alt+tab21:21
nicklas_have you used both konversation and quassel? im so used to konversation that i removed quassel, but i think i can give quassel a chance if anyone think its any good?21:21
nicklas_g0th: you must have changed some settings21:21
g0thby cycle through I meant that I do consecutive alt+tab21:21
g0thalt+tab then again alt+tab21:21
nicklas_g0th: if you feel like reconfiguring your desktop, its easily fixed by emptying your home and rebooting21:22
g0thnicklas: omg21:23
g0thI hope you dont recommend this to any other users ^^21:23
g0thsome might take you seriously21:23
nicklas_g0th: i said that you have to reconfigure everything, no foolin21:24
james147g0th: are your windows set to "keep above" (alt+f3: advanced)21:24
nicklas_g0th: up to them, but i would try that if nothing else works21:24
g0thwell, if the configuration is good, which it should be, then one should be able to figure out what exactly to reconfigure21:24
g0thjames147: I have one example, I click on firefox, firefox opens and it stays on top21:25
g0thso if I cycle through the windows I can select the others but firefox always stays on top21:25
james147g0th: check to see if they are set to be ^^ (alt+f3 (or right click the title bar) > advanced : see if keep above is chacked21:25
g0thand I never pressed alt+f3 or something like that, I _only_ pressed on the firefox icon and then used alt+tab21:25
g0thI just checked and it doesnt seem to be the case21:26
nicklas_g0th: might have done something by mistake?21:26
g0thhmm ok I found something out21:26
g0thfirefox is not on top but all other windows seem to be below the others21:27
james147g0th: weird, you could try renaming ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc   << that will reset kwin to its default settings, see if thats the problem (can rename it back to restore the settings)21:27
g0thmaybe it was just a wrongly set keybound to alt+up and alt+down21:27
g0thalt+up and alt+down sets a window above all resp below all21:27
g0thI dont think I did this for _all_ windows but it might actually be the case, lemme test it21:28
g0thwhat is the shortcut to put a window below all other but not to set the flag in that way?21:29
g0thand similar for to top21:29
BajK_hm starting dolphin fails, nothing happens21:39
BajK_running from console results in nothing happening just an empty line and ctrl-C reverts back to console21:39
g0thok it seems to have been my keybinding indeed21:41
g0thkeep below and above is not something you want to set a shortcut to ^^21:42
g0thideally alt+up resp alt+down should raise resp. lower the windows once but still keep the focus on it21:42
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gashi_ciao tutti22:14
rtdoshow do i restart the smb daemon after manually editing the smb.conf file?22:21
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james147rtdos: sudo restart samba   -- or sudo services samba restart    if i rember ccorrectly (though i have a feeling it might not be samba, could be smb)22:26
rtdosok thx22:27
rtdosgot it.22:27
yofelthat's what the service is called (and nmbd, not sure what that was)22:27
james147yofel: i think its the name server for samba22:29
rtdosjames147: i have to remember 'force user = username' :)22:38
james147rtdos: why do you need to force user?22:38
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rtdosi keep getting permission errors on windows. i disabled guest access. but i have a question: is there a way to disable printer shares or printer sharing in samba?22:44
james147rtdos: remove the printer entry in the smb.conf22:45
james147rtdos: also, have yo created a samba useR?22:45
james147or rather, added your user to the samba database (by running smbpasswd)22:46
rtdosdoing that now. :">22:47
rtdosgot an error " host!22:48
rtdosmachine rejected the password change: Error was : NT code 0x1c010002."22:48
james147rtdos: sudo smbpasswd USERNAME    maby22:50
rtdosadd user ? :S22:50
james147rtdos: no, shouldnt need to add a user (you are just adding your user to the samba users database22:51
rtdosi get "Failed to find entry for user root." when i use "sudo smbpasswd username"22:54
james147rtdos: try smbpasswd -a USERNAME23:00
james147its been awhile since i had to do that :)23:00
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t3rminat0r_where is gcc's linker23:32
yofelt3rminat0r_: that's /usr/bin/ld IIRC23:39
t3rminat0r_thanx man23:41
t3rminat0r_but, what's IIRC ?23:41
yofelsorry, short for if I remember correctly23:42
t3rminat0r_I see23:43
t3rminat0r_btw, have you ever tried to run CUDA on linux ?23:43
yofelI did once get a boinc app to work with cuda, and since libcuda.so is shipped with the nvidia driver there's no reason it shouldn't work23:47
t3rminat0r_actually I face a vast of problems in finding and setting a proper IDE23:49

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