MethsWhat has happened to the default rendering for code browsing on launchpad?  Recently all the code has got weird line spacing and view revision numbers per line is not on by default. (Firefox 3.6.13 on Fedora 14)01:15
maxbview revision numbers per line is not on by default  <--- deliberate to save the servers doing much work that is not often required, and so improve performance01:18
maxbI guess the spacing must be fall-out from the change01:18
MethsMakes sense on the line numbers, thanks for the info.  The spacing is annoying though.01:22
MethsIs bugs.lp.n/launchpad correct for code browsing bugs?01:24
magciusIs there a good reason the email interface *requires* PGP signing now?02:39
magciusThe email interface was probably the only thing that I liked about Launchpad's bug tracking.02:40
lifelessmagcius: I don't think that we've changed any requirements there03:35
lifelessmagcius: *changes* have always required gpg signing; comments do not require signing.03:35
lifelessYou can also use DKIM signing now if your MTA & domain are configured to do DKIM03:35
magciuslifeless, oh, OK.03:35
magciuslifeless, gmail, but OK.03:36
magciusFireGPG is dead, and I don't know of any user scripts to enable client-side GPG/PGP detection.03:36
lifelessmagcius: if you're on gmail it should be sending DKIM03:36
magciuslifeless, OK, I'll look into DKIM03:36
lifelessthunderbird & evolution do gpg03:36
PengGmail should be doing DKIM already.03:36
magciusIt's technically the Google Apps version of gmail so I get the custom domain03:37
magciusDo I need any special DNS records or such?03:37
magciuslifeless, DKIM is the SPF stuff, right?03:37
PengDKIM and SPF are not the same thing.03:37
PengUm, yeah, you do need DNS records for DKIM.03:38
magciusIs there a basic difference in *what* they do?03:38
PengThat could be a problem with Google Apps.03:38
magciusCould also be a thing with my DNS config.03:38
magciushttp://googleenterprise.blogspot.com/2011/01/spam-takes-another-hit-email.html  -- ok03:42
magciusOK, I had added the DNS config earlier, but apparently there's a switch that says "Turn on auth" which I didn't click03:44
lifelessmagcius: google apps does not do DKIM03:44
lifelessmagcius: or at least, the free one doesn't03:44
magciuslifeless, I just flipped the switch03:45
lifelessmagcius: do you have DKIM working now?03:45
magciusI'm testing.03:45
magciuslifeless, is there a way to send Launchpad a "test" email?03:45
lifelesslast time I asked I got a 'we do not do that' :>03:45
lifelessmagcius: add qastaging into the email address03:45
magciuslifeless, "January 9th, 2010"03:45
magciuser, 201103:45
lifelessah sweet03:46
lifelessthanks for that link03:46
lifelessI wish google would be more open - 6 months ago hearing 'its coming' would have been most excellent03:46
magciuslifeless, except that if they say "it's coming", now they're bound to that promise03:47
lifelessI'll set mine up when I get home03:47
magciusWith a big company like Google, if they say anything at *all*, they get killed if they don't deliver.03:47
lifelessmagcius: nonsense; they can say 'we have a project to do it' and not be bound to a timeline.03:47
magciuslifeless, so qastaging@bugs.launchpad.net for example?03:48
PengFor _you_, maybe. But in general, it's dangerous to say stuff like that.03:48
magciushttp://chrishecker.com/Me_and_the_Wii is a great article03:48
lifelessmagcius: bugs at qastaging.launchpad.net03:49
magciusAh, OK.03:49
magciusNot qastaging.bugs.launchpad.net or similar?03:49
magciusAnd it doesn't matter what I say?03:49
lifelessPeng: its dangerous to set an /expectation/. Its really not dangerous to treat your customers as interested folk.03:49
magciuslifeless, if they said "we have a project", that's setting an expectation03:50
magciusIf they find that their infrastructure or the way GMail is built means that it will take a lot of effort to try to do it...03:50
lifelessI've worked at banks before03:50
magciusAnd then shelve the project so they get other user features out the door03:50
lifelesssome of the most risk averse organisations03:51
lifelessand *they* communicate better than google do03:51
magciuslifeless, so, bugs@qastaging.launchpad.net, and any subject/body at all?03:51
lifelessmagcius: insert qastaging. before launchpad.net in the address, and send as normal03:51
lifelesswhatever that means for you :)03:51
magciuslifeless, you may want to take a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financial_crisis_%282007%E2%80%93present%2903:52
lifelessif there is a hidden message I'm not going to get it after 2 weeks on the road03:53
lifelesstype slowly and use words of one syllable :)03:53
magcius"I've worked at banks and they're good at communicating"03:53
magciusIs what I'm responding to :)03:53
lifelessI didn't say good; I said better than Google.03:54
magciusGoogle hasn't had a major government bailout yet03:54
lifelessNeither have any of my previous employers.03:54
lifelessUS banks are a totally different proposition :)03:55
lifelessI don't particularly see a connection between communicating things of interest to customers and fraud03:55
magciuslifeless, so, once I've sent that email, what am I supposed to see?03:55
lifelessmagcius: it should get processed by qastaging in the same way it would be on production03:56
lifelesshttps://qastaging.launchpad.net/ is the qastaging site03:56
lifelessits used for QA, has a lower timeout and less hardware.03:56
magciusand bugs.qastaging.launchpad.net/bugs/number should work?03:56
lifelessif the email isn't processed we'll need to do a manual run and cannot do that during the weekend.03:57
magciusError: Page not found03:57
magciusvs. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/69437503:57
lifelessthe bug is too new03:57
lifelessqastaging gets a sync periodically, its out of date right now; use an older bug03:57
magciusSorry for bugging, then.03:57
magciusWell I'll try on production and hope I don't get an error back.03:58
magciuslifeless, yeah, it's still failing04:25
magciuslifeless, using dig, it seems that the DNS is there.04:28
magciusdig mecheye.net google._domainkey.mecheye.net TXT04:33
magcius(I'm curious if it just hasn't propagated globally yet)04:34
lifelessI can't easily comment vis-a-vis our servers04:35
lifelessam in an airport right now04:35
magciusYeah, I'm sorry for bugging.04:35
magciusI just want the awesomeness that is the email interface to work.04:35
magciusI'll write up a guide when I'm done.04:35
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rippsCan someone tell me why this recipe build is failing? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/62658286/buildlog.txt.gz06:22
jelmerripps: it looks like there is a syntax error in the Depends field in the debian/control file06:23
jelmerripps: does it build locally?06:23
rippsjelmer: I think so, let me try again.06:24
magciusripps, any reason you're using manual bzr mirrors instead of the regular http://git.musicpd.org and gmpc repos?06:26
rippsmagcius: can I make recipes using git repos?06:27
rippsI thought launchpad used bzr build, therefore it requrie bzr branches06:27
magciusripps, I thought you could use raw git...06:28
rippsthat would be news to me06:28
rippsjelmer: okay, just ran a pbuilder build, seems to build fine06:35
jelmermagcius: bzr-builder can use git branches if you have bzr-git installed06:46
jelmermagcius: but launchpad only supports building from lp branches (including mirrors of git/svn/hg/cvs branches) for various reasons06:47
philip_stoevhi, how can I designate a particular branch as "private", so that it is only viewable by a particular user or a team? It seems that for all branches Launchpad says "This is a public branch" and there is no option to change that.09:58
philip_stoevthe code will be non-public only temporarily, until licencing issues have been resolved that will allow it to be released as open source09:59
geser for a private branch to have to pay09:59
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yofelcould anyone look at this import: https://code.launchpad.net/~neon/kdewebdev/trunk ? It says "Updating branch..." for weeks now, it hasn't been changed recently, but according to svn there is 1 commit missing15:11
maxbyofel: You'll want to file a question about that branch scanning issue, or it'll get forgotten19:07
yofelwill do that then19:08
magciusDoes LP support custom domains a la CNAME, or will we require HTTP redirection?20:59
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