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charliemacHow can I fix a "(initramfs) Can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs" error message?02:11
charliemacJust used pendrivelinux.com's UniversalUSBInstaller and it worked better than UNetbootin, apparently...02:41
charliemacNow how can I verify the installer?02:41
head_victimcharliemac: before you continue further you are going to need to be able to boot of USB, you've mentioned previously you don't have this function?02:44
charliemacStrangely, when xubuntu installation failed, it still enabled me to boot from usb, but only after attempting to boot xubuntu each time02:45
head_victimOk, well if you've installed it all you need to do is boot off it, there is an option to "check for errors" so you can check it from within the liveUSB02:46
charliemacScratch that, it's now giving me an  "(initramfs) Can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs" error message02:47
head_victimI've not seen that before sorry, you might try the mailing list or see if anyone comes along that knos more than I do02:48
charliemacSounds like a plan, thanks.03:14
bioterrorthat casper says to look for cdrom, made something wrong :D05:56
bioterrorhard to mount stuff if os boots from usb and it thinks the stuff is in cdrom :D05:56
mmaksimovHi. Does any release schedule exist for 11.04? Is it available on lubuntu wiki?11:31
stlsaintbioterror: yo11:32
charliemacDoes anyone know where to get the Lubuntu 10.10 kernel?  I'm trying the <http://marc.herbert.free.fr/linux/win2linstall.html> method for installing without USB/CD/Floppy.11:34
wolfpackbioterror: is the same scheduled followed for lubuntu also ?11:35
bioterrorim lazy11:37
mmaksimovbioterror, thanks for your laziness, it is quite helpful ;)12:16
VATHello. Works the QVWM (win95-lookalike) on lubuntu? the file is a scr.rpm.15:04
VATI have install lubuntu, and im very pleased with it. Right now i want to install a win95 desktop theme :) Do you know an win95 desktop theme who is better that QVWM?15:05
VATOkej, i just take QVWM then ;)15:09
VATQVWM is old, but i hope it works stabel lika a tabel :)15:09
stlsaintyou mean "table"15:10
VATThe latest update of QVWM is 10 yers old :O15:14
szczurVAT, try IceWM > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IceWM15:44
szczurat least it gets more updates15:44
VATBut QVWM it's more like WIN95, then IceWM :p15:54
Henflini just burned the lubuntu10.10.iso file17:00
Henflinbut after running the CD17:00
Henflinthere comes up the Ubuntu installation17:01
bioterrorlubuntu uses the same ubiasdyuiasdoiasd17:01
Henflinah I see17:02
Henflinwhat should I choose as an desktop environment? ubuntu / kubuntu /xubuntu  / mythbuntu?17:03
Henflinlubuntu is not listed there17:04
bioterrordo you have lubuntu desktop?17:04
Henflinnah I just wanted to run the cd Ive burn on my win7 computer to see the installation menu17:05
Henflinmy laptop where I want to install lubuntu comes next week .. isnt here yet17:05
bioterrorlubuntu is a livecd just like every other17:06
bioterrorunless you take alternative17:06
Henflinis this download correct for my purpose? http://lubuntu.net/blog/lubuntu-1010-released17:07
Henflin(installation on my laptop hdd)17:08
bioterrorthat should be, atleast I've used it many times :D17:09
Henflinwell strange that the installation menu which comes up after running the burned CD shows ubuntu desktop environment17:10
bioterrorshould not17:10
bioterrorhttp://gilir.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/lubuntu-10-10-1.png it should look like that17:11
Henflinthas my screenshot http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/8185/unbenanntxj.jpg17:11
bioterrorhttp://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/extra/LINUX/large/lubuntu1010beta-large_001.jpg more exact17:11
Henflinah yea but I wont install it now17:11
bioterrorwtf is that?17:11
szczurit's wubi17:12
Henflinthis is just the installation auto run menu17:12
szczurreboot your pc and boot from cd17:12
bioterrorwindows adn what17:12
Henflinah I see17:12
Henflinso My mistake17:12
szczurdon't know if wubi works with lubuntu17:12
bioterrorseems no17:12
bioterrorthere's some more important things to do than support non-working installation method17:13
szczuractuallly that method works too, but i don't like it :)17:13
szczurhowever you can uninstall ubuntu from Add/Remove Programs17:13
szczurwhich is kinda funny17:14
bioterrorszczur, wubi doesnt work :D17:14
bioterrorszczur, when comes first grub2 upgrade after installation, it's laters :D17:14
szczuri used it once just for giggles17:15
bioterrorI use real installations17:15
bioterrorbut I've heard people uses vm's for giggles :D17:15
szczurwanted to see what's that, boot up ubuntu, looked around and installed it normal way17:15
szczuris that true that lu8buntu will look like this in natty?17:16
szczurone and only thing that is out of place is the CPU meter :)17:17
szczurthat looks*17:18
bioterrorcpu meter is horrible17:18
szczurbut it works :)17:18
bioterrorI'm not sure if that looks cool or not17:18
bioterrorhard to decide17:19
bioterrorlet's say that it's good looking desktop :D17:19
szczuryeah, that's true17:19
szczurthat's why i'm asking17:19
* bioterror pets wmaker <317:19
szczuri read about it on polish l;inux blog about ubuntu17:20
szczurand wanted to confront it with reality :)17:20
szczurwmmaker looks like from 1980's :>17:20
bioterrorI think if I look that new theme for like 2 hours, it will look good in my eyes after all17:23
bioterrorit's just that we are used to that 10.10 sleek looks17:23
Henflinthx :)17:28
szhThere's no link to the FAQ in the Wiki.17:40
szhWhat's the URL?17:41
bioterrorthat's becouse it is still under work17:42
bioterrorit's just my raw version17:42
bioterrorthat was fast :D17:44
gnewbI got the Marvel working, but it is weak.17:52
bioterrorthat's marvelous! ;)17:53
gnewbI will post the outputs on the Forums for others. /note to self: register or re-register on LXDE forums....17:54
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gnewbI did purchase a Star Tech card, it works with Debian, Ubuntu, LXDE, $17.80 at Office Depot.17:55
gnewbIt was just a challenge that I wanted to solve, so I did.17:57
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bioterrorthat's a rewarding feeling, I know ;)17:57
gnewbIs what computer geeks live for!17:57
gnewbNow I have to give these three other boxes to some kid that wants to learn about Hardware, they will all be loaded with a fresh Lubuntu install.17:59
bioterrorthere's always someone needing a pc17:59
gnewbYes, and learning is better than just here is your system, now buy $1000 in software so it might work.18:00
gnewbback to hacking, have fun!18:03
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MrChrisDruifI'll ask it again, the only way to get a 64-bit Lubuntu is with the mini-iso? And what steps should I go about to install it?22:05
MrChrisDruifDo I have to add an PPA before I can install Lubuntu with the mini-iso?22:06
MrChrisDruifnm....found it on a website22:07
phillwMrChrisDruif: it IS covered on the support page, it's why we write them :\23:12
MrChrisDruifYeah, I found it on some wiki.ubuntu page...23:13
szhI installed Lubuntu on a new partition and I have Windows 7 on the other one. I like Lubuntu a lot and I want to use it 98% of the time. Therefore, I would like to remove space from the Windows partition and add it to the Lubuntu partition. What tool is good for this? Thanks!23:51
MrChrisDruifszh: you've got multiple options here :)23:51
szhOK. What are some of them?23:52
MrChrisDruifYou can reduce the size of the W7 partition from within W7 (more safe, but Windows likes to keep more space to himself) or from within Lubuntu (at least with gparted)/maybe better to use liveCD23:53
szhDoes the live cd have gparted on it or do I need to install it?23:53
MrChrisDruifLiveCD comes with a partition tool. I don't know if it's Gparted by default...23:55
MrChrisDruifAnyone else how knows it?23:55
szczurlivcd have gparted already installed23:58
szczurdon't know if gparted is able to resize ntfs partitions23:58
szczuryes, it can do it23:59

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