hd1penguin42: my wifi and nic seems to have forgotten it was connected and I can't figure out how to get it working again00:56
penguin42using Network Manager?00:57
hd1I can use network manager or iwconfig01:15
hd1both don't work01:15
hd1it sees the networks, just can't connect01:15
penguin42weird, and when you say it doesn't connect, what doesn't ? gui apps say it's not connected or do command line tools like ping also fail?01:16
hd1I don't get an IP, penguin and I know that because of ifconfig01:25
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axp2hi all. i'm running natty alpha 1 on my second pc and it's been offering a partial upgrade for about 4 days now with heaps of updated packages not selected in the update list. anyone else experiencing the same? usually the partial upgrade things goes away quicker than that05:53
Volkodavaxp2 just do it06:12
axp2thx? the partial upgrade?06:12
axp2ok thanks i'll give it a crack. just all the posts about not doing partial upgrades during dev cycles made me think they're not to be touched!06:14
VolkodavI do not care and almost do them - more fun like that lol06:14
VolkodavI did it lately and up and running all good06:15
alex_mayorgaIs there a package I need to install for my nokia phone to be detected as 3G broadband?09:21
SwedeMikeon the older version there wasn't anything special one had to do, anyway09:22
alex_mayorgaSwedeMike: yup, I know, but I have my phone plugged and it won't pick it up09:23
alex_mayorgahad to resort to JoikuSpot :(09:23
alex_mayorgaIt's plugged and detected as "Bus 002 Device 025: ID 0421:0220 Nokia Mobile Phones" according to lsusb09:24
alex_mayorgajust wondering if there's a script to kick manually or something09:24
twagerComplete freeze after today's dist-upgrade.10:02
alex_mayorgatwager: thanks for letting me know :)10:09
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knittlubuntu fails to keep my ethernet connection after three days10:47
knittlwhen trying to reconnect dhcpdiscover times out10:47
knittlis this a router problem or ubuntu specific?10:47
knittlsee my syslog: http://paste2.org/p/120718710:49
knittlok, i powercircled my router. it must be ubuntu10:53
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pr0ph3thi all11:16
pr0ph3tI have a little problem with canberra-gtk, namely canberra-gtk-play doesn't exist, I tried reinstalling gnome-session-canberra but nothing changed11:17
Asad2005what linux command to use in order to see if the memory is in dual mode or not?11:33
penguin42Hmm, gnome decided to not start the contents of my session automatically12:46
cdbsSome buttons on websites or on application windows are not clickable. Are others also facing the same issue?13:08
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BluesKajHowdy folks14:28
penguin42Hey BK14:36
BluesKajhi penguin4214:37
penguin42any KDE users find that sometimes you don't get the right layout of virtual desktops?14:59
oOarthurOoI can't find knights in the natty repos... online suggests people have been installing it.15:17
Daekdroom!find knights15:18
ubottuFile knights found in asterisk-sounds-extra, egoboo-data, fruit, golly, grass-doc, libboost1.42-doc, libgecode-doc, libtcltk-ruby1.8, libtcltk-ruby1.9.1, mcrl2 (and 4 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=knights&mode=&suite=natty&arch=any15:18
Daekdroom!info knights15:18
ubottuPackage knights does not exist in natty15:18
SAM__hi everyone...15:18
oOarthurOouseful tools Daekdroom ...15:18
SAM__need a litle support here please15:19
SAM__i cant install apache215:19
penguin42what happens?15:19
ikoniaSAM__: 1.) 11.04 is unsupported 2.) you've used webmin which can mess up your machine - that's a good reason for you not to be using 11.04 at this time15:19
ikoniaSAM__: is this a production/serious machine, or a play thing15:19
SAM__ths is a machine where i host gameservers i ran into issues last night when i did do-release-upgrade -d15:20
ikoniaSAM__: ok, why did you upgrade a stable production machine to an unstable development version of ubuntu ?15:21
gpcSAM__: the problems you are having are 2 fold, you have multiple versions of repos and you have installed an application which is known to break Ubuntu. I strngly suggest you do a clean install.15:21
penguin42SAM__: Did anything else bad happen? the apache2.2-bin and -common and -utils packages seem upset15:21
oOarthurOoAre you hosting offiial wesnoth servers? I've always wondered why they go down so often15:21
DaekdroomoOarthurOo, haha15:21
SAM__no thats it everything else works fine15:21
ikoniayou don't know that15:21
SAM__i thought i was upgrading from ubuntu 10.04 to 10.1015:21
ikoniaSAM__: I strongly advise you to do a re-install of 10.04 or 10.1015:21
gpcmaverick is 10.1015:22
ikoniaSAM__: if you are incapable of managing a server I suggest puttin 10.04 back on and letting it run until it is no longer supported15:22
SAM__i was on 10.04 stable and i did do-release-upgrade which i thought was installing 10.1015:22
ikoniano you didn't you did an update-manager -d15:22
gpcand it probably did15:22
ikoniayou just said that15:22
yofelwhy did you use -d then? that will give you the development release15:22
gpcwhen you did update-manager -d it took you to the development version, that what the -d means15:23
ikoniaas I said, if you don't know how to manager a server re-install 10.04 and trust ubuntu until the end of the support cycle15:23
gpcthe dev version is still in alpha and choppy at best15:23
ikoniayou've also messed up your box with webmin15:23
ikoniaI would very strongly suggest a clean 10.04 install15:23
SAM__is 9.04 still supported?15:24
ikoniatha's why I'm saying 10.04 as a long term release15:24
SAM__ok just for arguments sakes15:24
ikoniano, no arguments sake15:24
SAM__if i deleted apache2 files where would i go to restore them15:25
ikoniano, no arguments sake15:25
SAM__mmm ok lol15:25
SAM__any recommendations on which linux dist to host a gameserver?15:25
ikoniayes, 10.04 as I've said 4 times15:25
gpcyeah, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS15:25
ikoniathe fact that you seem unable to read or listen to what people are advising you is probably why your machine is broke15:26
gpcLong Term Support for 10.04 server ends in 2015 iirc15:26
gpcImagine that you could run those game servers for another 4 years without issue if you just left well enough alone :)15:27
penguin42gpc: That's only for some subset of the packages I think isn't it? Probably the right ones for server15:27
gpcpenguin42: everything that runs on server LTS will be supported for the length of LTS15:27
penguin42ah yeh - I missed the word server15:28
gpcthat is the whole point of LTS.15:28
gpcand something like a game server should really be on a LTS or atleast be admin'ed by someone who knows what they are doing if not.15:29
SAM__if i left the server as is will it fix with future releases?15:30
oOarthurOoSAM__: Breaking things is the best way to learn.15:30
gpcSAM__: no15:30
ikoniaSAM__: no15:30
SAM__aw damit lol15:30
oOarthurOoSAM__: it's a game server, not a life support machine. Don't worry about it breaking if you're still learning.15:30
SAM__i know arthur everyones acting like i've done the worst thing poss lol15:31
gpcworst case is the game server goes down for a few hours15:31
ikoniaSAM__: you have15:31
DaekdroomI don't mind breaking my system, but nobody will get mad at me over that. :P15:31
gpcif you do a clean install15:31
SAM__im just reluctant to reformat it because 1 the data i need to restore is huge and 2 i dont like paying superb 60$ to insert an unattended install disc lol15:31
penguin42ah, on a remote machine15:32
ikoniaSAM__: then you should pay more attention to how you admin a server and not type upgrade commands you don't understand for no reason15:32
penguin42ikonia: Hey give the guy a break, maybe he just didn't have enough coffee15:32
ikoniapenguin42: no15:32
gpcSAM__: we aren't trying to be mean or cruel here. Just trying to explain that what you did was reckless.15:33
gpcLive and learn :)15:33
SAM__i know what i did was wreckless but hey i've learnt the hard way15:33
oOarthurOoSAM__:  remote machine?15:33
SAM__sometimes it takes the hard way to learn15:33
ikoniaeveryone makes mistakes, but there is a price to pay, so best to just pay and deal with it15:33
SAM__yes remove machine15:33
Daekdroom*reckless and wreckful15:33
oOarthurOoSAM__: do you have access to cfdisk?15:33
SAM__ummm i have no idea how to check?15:34
ikoniaSAM__: you should not be admin'ing a machine,15:34
ikoniaask someone to do it for you15:34
DaekdroomIsn't it possible to install Ubuntu over Network?15:34
gpcdepending on your host you may have a simple way to reinstall and be back up and running in 30 minutes15:34
penguin42Daekdroom: Without console access and a local tftp server? Tricky15:34
oOarthurOoSAM__: here's the general steps to fix... wait, how much data is on there that needs to be preserved?15:34
SAM__yeah knowing superb im pretty sure they have not allowed me to do that15:35
SAM__theres about 80gb to preserve15:35
SAM__but i have a secondary box running 10.04 using it to backup it up right now15:35
penguin42SAM__: Some hosting companies have totally automated reinstall mechanisms and access to the console of VMs; it's a good reason to chose them!15:35
oOarthurOoSAM__: Ok, are you able to resize your partition on the 11.04 machine remotely?15:36
SAM__i have root access so i'd presume yes15:37
ikoniahow can he do that if it's in use ?15:37
penguin42resizing live filesystems is scary foo, resizing down I've never seen done15:38
ikoniayou won't be able to resize any file systems that are in use, so it seems a pointless discussion15:38
oOarthurOoSAM__: Do you only have one partition on this disk?15:39
penguin42ikonia: You can resize up a ext3 in use15:39
gpcWindows does it all the time :P15:39
penguin42ikonia: Not sure about down15:39
ikoniapenguin42: no he can't15:39
SAM__i have one partition15:39
ikoniapenguin42: if the partition is in use, he won't be able to resize it15:39
oOarthurOoSAM__: ok. forget it. Learn from this though.15:39
SAM__i think two15:39
penguin42ikonia: hmm the partition, you can certainly resize the filesystem itself15:39
ikoniapenguin42: please stop talking nonsense15:40
ikoniapenguin42: you cannot resize partitions that are in use15:40
SAM__cos when i had support install the box they asked where iw anted the rest of the space and it old them /var15:40
penguin42ikonia: Please calm down15:40
oOarthurOoIf two you can install 10.04 to the second parition, using the 11.04 system15:40
ikoniapenguin42: I am calm,15:40
oOarthurOodo fdisk -l on the machine to see15:40
ikoniayou'll need to sudo fdisk -l15:40
gpche is already in root15:40
ikoniagreat, so he's bypassed the auth system15:41
SAM__ root@sls-ga22p16:~# sudo fdisk -l  Disk /dev/sda: 500.1 GB, 500107862016 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 60801 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0x644a8cdb     Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System /dev/sda1   *           1         249     1998848   82  Linux swap 15:41
SAM__i know i shouldnt be root calm down guys lol15:42
SAM__i logged into root so i dont have to sudo15:42
ikoniaI'm not laughing15:42
SAM__wow ikonia you take linux seriously ...15:42
ikoniayou're asking for help yet you're making it harder by breaking all the rules15:42
gpcanyway, I am not going to touch this one. Good luck SAM__ hope you can get it sorted out and you may want to open a support ticket with your host and see if they can help you figure this out.15:42
penguin42ikonia: See http://lwn.net/Articles/89560/15:42
ikoniapenguin42: FILE SYSTEM - not partition15:43
SAM__im sorry im not as clued up as u are in linux if there is an article  i can read to gain some knowledge then by all means, send me it15:43
penguin42SAM__: OK, so look, I'd say your machine is in a bit of a mess; for a remote machine like that if you don't have console access and remote boot stuff then I'd say resizing etc is risky15:43
ikoniapenguin42: and even the file system is not online15:44
ikoniapenguin42: resizing is not possible15:44
ikoniastop missleading him15:44
penguin42ikonia: Yeh in that example the fs is online, partition I agree although depends on the partitions15:44
ikonianot "risky" it's not possible15:44
ikoniano it doesn't15:44
ikoniait does not depend on the partition15:44
oOarthurOoSAM__: Do "fdisk -l" and see if there's more than one partition on the disk. If so, do 'cat /etc/fstab' to see what's being mounted there.15:44
oOarthurOoSAM__: Report back15:44
setuidmetacity is getting a bit long in the tooth and doesn't do much... besides sawfish, are there any other powerful window managers out there that have a minimalist look (i.e. not a lot of eye-candy effects)15:45
penguin42SAM__: So look, the only way you're going to get out of this is a reinstall or some pretty hairy dpkg wrangling that you have to be pretty damn experienced to get away with15:45
setuidI've been running sawfish for ~9-10 years, but it doesn't support some of the newer technologies15:45
penguin42SAM__: I wouldn't run a remote machine without console access that was going to charge me a fortune to do a remote reinstall unless you have a lot of experience15:45
SAM__does this mean i have one partition? http://paste.ubuntu.com/557245/15:48
ikoniaSAM__: re-install15:49
SAM__should i tell them to create two partitions this time then?15:49
oOarthurOoSAM__: You've got two.15:49
SAM__how do i install into it then...15:50
oOarthurOoSAM__: /dev/sda1 is a second partition for nothing but swap.15:50
oOarthurOoI'm just trying to figure out how big it is... how big is the hard-drive in total, 500GB?15:50
SAM__am i running off /dev/sda515:50
SAM__yeah it 500gb but they report it as 250g on the control panel15:50
SAM__i think they left 250gb un partitioned15:51
SAM__let me explain15:51
SAM__basically when i ordered they had to upgrade my server bc they didnt have the one i ordered in stock so instead of giving me 500gb they partitioned to 250 i believe so if i ever asked for a 500gb hdd they would just partition it and be clever15:52
ikoniaSAM__: is this a physical server or a virtual server ?15:52
SAM__its physcical15:54
SAM__i7 92015:54
ikoniaSAM__: can you show me the output of "uname -a" please.15:54
SAM__ Linux sls-ga22p16 2.6.37-12-generic-pae #26-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 5 19:00:12 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux15:54
ikoniathank you15:55
SAM__yw, i should be the one saying thanks though lol15:55
oOarthurOoSAM__: You've got 2GB of swamp... should be easy to use that to reinstall15:55
SAM__ok and then how would i boot into it?15:55
SAM__would i be able to move it over?15:56
SAM__right now it does not really matter if this doesnt work15:56
SAM__bc i have backed up all data i need on secondary box15:56
ikoniathen why are you moaning about re-installing and data backup being a problem15:56
gpcSAM__: ok, then forget all this moving over talk. do a clean install and then upload all your files back to the server.15:57
ikoniaif you want this box back quick and simple, ask the DC to do an install for you, and restore the data onto a stable 10.04 box15:57
SAM__bc id rather break it completly and make the reinstall money worth it15:57
ikoniasorry, that's not what this channel is here for15:57
ikoniathis is now beyond 11.04 discussion/support15:57
oOarthurOoSAM__: Let's take it to private chat then15:58
ikoniagood idea15:58
setuidSo any idea on my wm question?16:01
setuide17 is a dead-end, just tried that and "Ubuntu Classic Desktop" from the login screen presents me with a completely blank X desktop with GNOME wallpaper16:01
setuidSo that options broken in 11.0416:01
Daekdroome17 isn't minimalist, really.16:02
DaekdroomIt might be light, but not minimalist16:02
setuidUDE works though16:02
setuidDaekdroom, It has a minimalist option in the setup wizard, but it's definitely too bloated (in size of the UI eleemnts) for me16:02
setuidxfce4 is broken in 11.04, has broken (non-existent) dependencies16:04
penguin42there seem to be an odd set of things going on with the -desktop packages; I've seen lxde wanting to deinstall a few of the other -desktop's lately16:05
setuidYeah, there's some weird collissions going on with the wms right now, I right-click, and get the current wm-themed right-click menu, then it changes to the default gnome-themed menu a second later, bigger fonts, greyish/white background, etc.16:07
setuidI literally just installed 11.04 from DVD moments ago, updated everything to current, and am trying to configure a wm to test16:08
setuidgrub2 is broken when using full-disk encrypted LVM also16:08
setuidWorks fine in 10.x and earlier though16:08
Daekdroomsetuid, xfce4 should be fixed in the next hours16:10
Daekdroomsetuid, I believe they updated all packages to 4.8.0 by now.16:10
setuidDaekdroom, Yeah, but there's a more-fundamental problem... any wm I choose, gets overridden by some underlying GNOME preference somewhere16:11
setuidafter a few seconds of using the wm and its theme, everything switches back to the generic GNOME default colors/icons/fonts/menus16:11
setuidBut the wm I chose, is still running, it's just "overlayed" with the default GNOME garbage16:11
BUGabundowhat's the state of libnotify1 ?16:12
BUGabundomost apps haven't migrated to libnotify4 !16:12
setuidLooks like a lot of the task-* are gone now too... how does one install "all of" KDE4?16:13
setuidI guess it's called kde-full now16:14
* penguin42 would install kubuntu-desktop16:16
BUGabundoI think you want kubuntu-desktop16:16
setuidIt seems like a LOT (and I mean a *LOT*) has de-evolved over the last few major Ubuntu releases16:18
penguin42oh things are a bit broken in the alphas - they always are16:18
setuidThings that were previously working, are now broken, things that had features, had those features ripped out, great looking themes and interfaces are now back in the 90's16:18
setuidgdm for example, could they possibly make that any uglier? Ugh.16:19
Trewasunity is (at least in its current state in natty) so big step backwards it is not even funny, it is difficult to believe they could fix it in few months16:22
setuidI may just go back to sawfish... it still runs circles around anything else out there that I've seen or tried16:28
Daekdroom!info orage17:06
ubottuorage (source: orage): Calendar for Xfce Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.7.5-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 1728 kB, installed size 4396 kB17:06
alex_mayorgaAnyone else seeing doubled wireless/bluetooth icons on the classic desktop?17:42
DaekdroomI'm seeing doubled network-manager icons sometimes17:43
DaekdroomI don't have wireless nor bluetooth to check those, tho17:43
alex_mayorgaDaekdroom: Thank's on the confirm of sorts17:44
penguin42alex_mayorga: Their is a **LONG** standing bug with corruption/doubling/silliness of icons in the tray on gnome17:47
penguin42it could be that17:47
DaekdroomI thought we were talking about indicators.17:47
penguin42hmm that may be true17:48
alex_mayorgapenguin42: any workarounds that you know of?17:51
penguin42if it is that, no17:52
oOarthurOoGonna re-ask the question: Any idea where the knights package is?17:53
penguin42oOarthurOo: It looks like it went ages ago; it was only in dapper and hardy17:53
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oOarthurOopenguin42: ahh... that explains why all the google hits are so hold17:55
=== ArtBot is now known as MichealH
penguin42oOarthurOo: It looks like it lost a maintainer for a while a few years ago; looking at Debian it seems there is one listed now, and there was a version released into experiemental in June last year, but nothing since then either17:58
oOarthurOopenguin42: still under devel...http://noughmad.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/last-month-in-knights/17:59
oOarthurOonow to see if it's got a package maitainer in either debian or ubuntu17:59
magicianlordit's time for better default wallpapesr in ubuntu and less of them20:12
DaekdroomGood lord. Seeing the changelogs of packages makes me wonder why there isn't a update method similar to the rpm thing in which you only download part of the packages.20:43
DaekdroomSome changes are just too small.20:43
Adlai_Daekdroom, that rpmdelta thing?20:51
Adlai_mmm yeah that would be real nice20:51
Adlai_I've been tracking daily chromium, and I'm getting sick of downloading 20 or so megs every day20:52
DaekdroomI don't mind downloading huge packages because I have a good connection, but seriously, it is bandwidth waste.20:52
yofelthat was already proposed like a dozen times... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121521720:57
Daekdroomyofel, I'm presuming the change has to come from debian.20:58
yofelit has, since there's really no point in us forking dpkg20:59
psusiit is especially annoying when it is a small change that only affects one binary in one package, but 5 packages are all built from that same source, so you have to download all 5 of those packages in their entirety20:59
DaekdroomYeah. I don't have the patience to cherry pick the updates to install. :P20:59
psusior better yet, just fixes a typeo in a man page ;)21:00
DaekdroomOr changes a dependency.21:00
Daekdroom(as in, include a new dependency or remove it)21:00
DaekdroomThose are the ones which downloads are passable, really.21:01
Adlai_for example, currently, I have updates totaling 260MB of downloads, yet the actual delta amount is about 26MB, almost all deletes (that is, the full update will free 22MB of disk)21:04
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Adlai_and my connection at the moment sucks, so it's going to take 5-10 hours if the connection doesn't die in the middle of the night21:07
ari-tczewcan anybody install binary package libgpg-error0-udeb from apt-get ?21:16
yofelweren't udebs only for the debian-installer? (or I'm mistaking them for something else)21:17
ari-tczewyofel: probably you're right: Section: debian-installer21:18
PiciIs Natty currently upgradable to? or are there rebuilds blocking full-upgrades?21:21
ari-tczewbut works fine21:22
rwwI don't have anything blocked on my Kubuntu install. Ubuntu might be different, dunno.21:22
AmaranthAdlai_: binary diffs likely wouldn't be made for development series anyway21:30
AmaranthAdlai_: They'd probably be for maverick->natty final upgrades and natty->natty-updates upgrades21:30
PiciI read natty as warty for a second there.21:30
AmaranthBut due to how anal dpkg is about filesystem consistency it makes binary diffs harder to implement so who knows when/if it will ever happen21:31
Adlai_I wouldn't expect it21:31
rwwPici: party like it's 2004!21:32
DaekdroomIs warty that old?21:32
rwwwarty = 4.1021:33
AmaranthOh, and you'd have to have the entire old package (the actual .deb file) on your hard drive to do the diff properly21:33
AmaranthSo you waste bandwidth or you waste hard drive space21:33
DaekdroomOr have it done at the server, Amaranth21:33
AmaranthAt least until they figure out a way around that21:33
DaekdroomLike zsync does21:33
rwwDaekdroom: you need the old file on your hard disk for zsync too ;)21:33
DaekdroomAh right, I do. Forgot that :P21:34
AmaranthDaekdroom: We don't want to just update the files, we need to update all the package metadata as well and make sure that everything exactly matches what you'd get if you did a full download of the new .deb and installed it21:34
AmaranthSo all the timestamps and md5sums need to match, etc21:34
AmaranthAnd the current solutions also either have such a large diff it doesn't matter or require changing how we compress the debs so they take up more space initially21:36
AmaranthThe larger the chunk size while compressing the more efficiently you can compress but a single byte change is going to have a diff of at least that entire chunk21:38
Amaranthso 4MB, for example21:38
AmaranthThe ideal solution is a binary diff of the package contents but then you run in to keeping all the metadata correct :)21:39
oOarthurOoThat took a little longer than I though. Back to my problem though, finding and installing knights on natty21:50
oOarthurOothis is interesting.. http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.6_Feature_Plan  it says knights is a 4.6 feature and done22:11
BUGabundoanyone knows of a tool to test a SIP account ?22:13
yofeloOarthurOo: good question... might be something to ask in #kde-devel as I can't find that in the 4.6 final tars - the source is here though http://gitweb.kde.org/knights.git22:21
oOarthurOothanks yofel .. will inquire on dev after searching their mailing list... depending on their answer might have to build from source. thanks for link. there is old version of the project on soruceforge, but those aren't the droids I'm looking for22:23
SAM__I managed to successfully install into the swap partition of 2gb and boot from it. However, I am now stumped as I have come to realise I cannot increase the partition size of what was the swap. I have created a swap file size of 3gb for the current install to use. However, I am not sure how I can get around having a 2gb system partition? Is there a way around this?22:25
oOarthurOoSAM__: can you start lxde up yet?22:27
SAM__im in vnc22:27
SAM__i made the partition22:28
SAM__but i cant increase the size partition of the 2gb where i installed22:28
oOarthurOoinstall gparted?22:29
SAM__i used gparted22:31
SAM__to make the swap22:31
SAM__but i didnt update fstab im not sure if it picked up after reboot22:31
oOarthurOoOk. Alternative to resize is to create separate parition for /home and /var. Mount those elsehwere. All your data goes in /home. On a server, with this setup, 2GB / is sufficient.22:34
oOarthurOoJust a hint.22:34
SAM__so if i do system updates it wont isntall into the 2gb?22:35
oOarthurOopackages will be downloaded to var, which will be on a separate partition. Updates don't take up much space, usually. Check you're free space. If you still have 1GB+ I'd say give up on resizing and focus on mounting partitions like /var /home /usr  elsewhere. E.g. 5GB mounted to /bin, 5GB mounted to /usr 5GB mounted to /var and all the rest mounted to /home ...22:38
SAM__i have 500mb left?22:38
SAM__is that enough?22:39
oOarthurOoIt will be once you move /usr /home /var and  /bin elsewhere.22:42
SAM__so i need to create x4 partitions 5gb ea?22:43
SAM__i mean /home 5gb /usr and /bin 5gb22:44
SAM__and /var =rest22:44
oOarthurOo5GB for everything, except home which should be the biggest. It's where you keep your data no?22:45
oOarthurOohere's some instructions you should be able to use and adept22:45
SAM__when usind gparted should i rename ea partition as /dev/sda2 /dev/sda3 etc?22:47
SAM__how do i determine where to mount to like in the command it says /dev/sda522:50
SAM__how to i make it sda522:50
oOarthurOohaving connection issues... label isn't importannt. Something that makes sense to you is most important. sda5 or var or something meaningful22:50
SAM__like currently i have dev/sda1 and dev/sda222:51
SAM__how do i make /dev/sda3 and 422:51
oOarthurOodelete all partitions except /dev/sda1 which is running your system. Create one large extended partition that fills whole drive. Create 3 five GB partitions at front, 1 3GB partition at end, and 1 that fills up rest of spac ein middle.  Do all this with gparted22:53
oOarthurOomust go.. best of luck22:53
SAM__damn its not booting....23:30
SAM__are here any boot time changes required to be carried out just after using gparted?23:31

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