Pendulumargh, I get so annoyed with the trash talking about Ubuntu a11y in other a11y groups when people then don't try to *do* anything16:31
PendulumAlanBell: can I run some things by you?16:36
AlanBelloh, but maybe later16:37
PendulumAlanBell: you've got a PM for whenever you get around to it :)16:40
UndiFineDPendulum: the people in #opensuse-a11y are very friendly17:18
Pendulumyeah, I phrased that badly17:19
PendulumGnome A11y is also friendly17:19
UndiFineDPendulum: but what you say may be true, #drupal-accessibility  and #gentoo-accessibility are pretty much dead17:20
Pendulumjust got sick of hearing people complain that accessibility features on Ubuntu aren't tested17:20
Pendulumbecause it's always people on non-Ubuntu lists doing the complaining17:21
Pendulumjono: do you have time for a quick PM?20:55
hajourPendulum, if i have  a good working laptop again i can do more then i do know .23:37
hajourit will be not very long when that moment will come23:37

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