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ka6soxis anyone playing with the Nook Color?05:11
tmztka6sox: #nookie had some stuff not sure about ubuntu06:38
ka6soxtmzt, they are focused on Froyo...06:40
ka6soxI'm much more interested in Linux running on it.06:40
ka6soxgoing to try the OMAP remix of ubuntu-arm Maverick after I get the initramfs straightened out.06:41
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dcordes-libI am wondering about the current natty ARM situation. Are the builds any usable yet? Is the progress documented ?12:10
armin76guerby: the reason why you have 512mb could be your u-boot/x-loader version, the ubuntu ppl should know for sure12:37
armin76guerby: if you had put gentoo :P12:38
ograrsalveti, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntu-netbook/natty/daily-preinstalled-20110123.log13:04
ograrsalveti, Package x-loader-omap not found!13:04
ograrsalveti, does the binary have a new name ?13:04
ka6soxogra, have you heard of anybody doing a native u-a on a nook color?13:12
ka6soxokay then I'll continue then.13:13
ka6soxrootfs works, I'm just fixing up the initramfs.13:14
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awantican i install Ubuntu on ARM architecture14:17
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sveinseogra or rsalveti: noob question perhaps: How do I commit patches to rootstock?16:56
dcordes~seen smoku21:59
rlameirodoesnt omap allows cpuscaling?23:30
ka6sox-awayrlameiro, voltage and frequency23:31
rlameiroi am trying linaro23:31
rlameiroand the cpufreq applet cant acess it23:31
rlameirorunning on a IGEPv223:31
ka6sox-awaydepends on what things your kernel supports.23:31
rlameiroand it is slow as hell...23:31
rlameirodefault linaro kernel23:32
ka6sox-awayhave you got a defconfig for that?23:34
rlameironot really23:35
rlameirobut shouldnt the hwpack from linaro take that?23:35
rlameiroka6sox-away: i followed this steps to install it23:36
ka6sox-awayrlameiro, I am not familiar with linaro's distro...23:39
rlameirooh ok23:39
ka6sox-awaybut in general it works.23:40
SamaeHi, is it possible to have more info on building an ubuntu arm image23:58
SamaeIs there a toolchain anywhere ? I intend to make it work on archos 101 it (cortex A8 omap 3)23:59
Samaeonly ?23:59

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