blahdeblahhead_victim: Here yet?07:55
blahdeblah(LCA, that is)07:56
head_vSitting near rego desk07:56
head_vThought i saw you walk part before07:56
head_vBlahdeblah where abouts are you at08:02
sagaciWhere's ictim08:22
nisshhsagaci, head_v is on his phone at LCA08:22
head_vAt home still i hope08:22
sagaciI didn't stay there for long since i don't really know anyone, i'll wait for tomorrow night08:23
head_vHeading into theatre for the newbie session08:24
nisshhhead_v, NOOOB! :)08:24
head_vThat is me08:25
sagaciWhat newbie sessh08:25
head_vThe session to tell you whatto expect if you have never been to an lca08:26
nisshhhead_v, oh btw, for $630 i managed to fit it the core i5 760, 4GB DDR3 1333mhz and a GT 24008:26
nisshhi figured, yes :)08:26
sagaciAh, didn't know about that one08:26
head_vNisshh nice work08:27
sagacihead_v, sum me up about it?08:27
dns-streakYou still at the venue?08:27
nisshhhead_v, several price drops and a website overhaul from PLE helped out a lot :)08:28
head_vBlahdeblah and phlosten i am 2 rows in front of the videcamera 08:28
dns-streakI'm ip the back08:29
blahdeblahHi all.  Can anyone point me to a good twitter client and a good GNOME colour picker packaged for Ubuntu?10:29
blahdeblahPlease ping me by name if you have any ideas.10:34
nisshhblahdeblah, twitter client on Ubuntu?11:19
blahdeblahnisshh: yes - i want a desktop app11:27
blahdeblahGwibber is one i know of11:28
blahdeblahIs it any good?11:28
blahdeblahAre there any more?11:28
* blahdeblah installs gwibber and tries it11:29
nisshhblahdeblah, there are HEAPS11:31
blahdeblahnisshh: go on...11:31
nisshhblahdeblah, gwibber choqok i think does twitter11:31
nisshhpino i think does twitter11:32
sagaciHave any stickers left?11:32
blahdeblahsagaci: Still haven't arrived from Canonical11:33
nisshhtwidroid <- for android i think11:33
blahdeblahbradm: Any luck finding out how i can stick a rocket up the canonical shop people?  The sticker order has been one big disaster11:33
blahdeblahnisshh: Since when did Ubuntu == Android?  :-P11:33
nisshhblahdeblah, heh, i typed it then realised :)11:34
nisshhi thought you had an android anyway11:34
blahdeblahIt appears that gwibber does not support proxy servers - FAIL11:34
nisshhhotot or whatever does twitter as well i thyink11:34
nisshhblahdeblah, yeah, gwibber has a few limitations11:34
* blahdeblah apt-cache searches11:35
nisshhblahdeblah, i cant think of many more off the top of my head, i use Identi.ca see, not twitter11:35
* blahdeblah probably should check out identi.ca, too11:35
nisshhand as such, i use an identi.ca only client11:35
nisshhhead_victim, so, how was LCA today then?11:36
sagaciA geek con11:38
sagaciLike seriously i just didn't know there'd be that many geeks within one joint11:39
nisshhsagaci, hehe11:41
nisshhsagaci, most of them are developer and such, you do realise?11:41
sagaciI think i was asking for it11:42
head_victimsagaci: yeah, it's a little weird for a first time.11:48
sagaciSo what was that newbie session like11:49
head_victimnisshh: was only registration and a talk for newbies (althought despite them saying you SHOULDN"T MISS THIS IF YOU'RE NEW) I got no new information out of it11:49
nisshhhead_victim, ah true11:50
sagaciK, i'm just going to keep a low profile anyhow, i mean i'm not a developer or an anybody. I'm just there to suck it in11:51
nisshhsagaci, no, no, talk to them, devs arent scary :)11:53
blahdeblahTalk to everyone!11:54
head_victimsagaci: I'm there because I could never afford to go unless it's in Brisbane11:54
blahdeblahhead_victim: ditto!11:55
blahdeblahMaybe we should organise a general Ubuntu/newbie BoF...11:55
sagaciIt's like i'm talking english and they're talking C11:55
blahdeblahsagaci: hang in there - come and see me (i'm in L101 as a volunteer for most of the conf) if you need some English!12:02
blahdeblahnisshh: do you use noscript?  I'm trying to work out what i need to allow in order to get identi.ca working12:03
head_victimblahdeblah: actually a lot of my talks seem to be in that room12:04
* blahdeblah beats his head against the identi.ca equivalent of tweeting12:05
dns53blahdeblah what mini conf is there?12:06
sagaciYeah righteo thanks, i'll try to find a space in the schedule12:06
blahdeblahdns53: "plumbing", which mostly seems to be kernel and developer toolchain stuff12:07
dns53you will probably see linus but it's too geeky for me12:07
blahdeblahdns53: what sort of stuff are you going to?12:09
blahdeblahnisshh: what's your identi.ca identity?12:09
sagaciAnyone read the aarnet internet tuning thing12:09
dns53dns but i have not dented for months (but i probably will during the conf)12:09
dns53i'm going to the cloud, mobile and maybe some of the government mini confs12:10
blahdeblahsagaci: link?12:10
blahdeblahdns53: cool12:10
blahdeblahIt seems the twitter->identi.ca feed is much slower than the reverse...12:13
* blahdeblah closes down for the night - see you tomorrow, folks!12:13
head_victimblahdeblah: see you in the morning12:14
nisshhblahdeblah, @nisshh12:25
head_victimSo is anyone coming tomorrow night that hasn't already let me know (I was going to call the Pancake Manor and give them a heads up is all)12:28
dns53there is a guy from omgubuntu that i've emailed12:33
dns53me + my brother as well12:33
head_victimShould be about 10 - 12 of us then12:39
jferevening all13:27
head_victimEvening jfer13:29
jferdid you end up registering today?13:30
head_victimYeah and went to the newbie session13:34
head_victimI didn't find it overly informative though.13:35
jferi registered13:37
head_victimI said gday to a few people after the session.13:37
jferi guess i will see you tomorrow then13:37
head_victimI will be there, I have been using the nick head_v on my phone around the venue. 13:40
head_victimAlso, just look for a big guy with a shaved head carrying a Ubuntu backpack. Most likely me.13:40
jferi saw a guy wearing an ubuntu t-shirt today13:43
head_victimNah, I only have the one so I'll be wearing it on the open day.13:43
nisshhjfer, yep, that would have been my virtual twin, steve13:43
jferhaha. really?13:44
nisshhjfer, yeah, i wrote him in C++, although there is an open bug where he turns around and slogs you one in the face every few minutes, very annoying :)13:45
nisshhnah, just kidding :)13:45
jferrighto i am going to get some sleep13:46
nisshhjfer, gnight :)13:46
head_victimMe too, 0830 is crazy to be awake for13:46
jfersince i will be up early to get ready to catch the train13:46
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head_vMorning sagaci23:20
sagaciwhat's happening23:21
head_vSitting in the lecture theatre23:21
sagacithe main or the video conf one23:22
elkytheres a videoconf one?23:23
head_vMain 23:23
head_vJust in front of the videocamera people again bald head is easy to find23:24
elkysure about that?23:25
head_vThe video conference one is over in n block23:26
elkyi mean that bald heads are easy to find23:29
head_vOh right well about 3 rows in front of videocamera23:31
iktwb :)23:47
iktis there a live stream of linuxconf?23:57

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