charliemacWhat command do I enter where it says "grub>" on the GNU GRUB screen the first time I try to load Ubuntu?02:07
MrChrisDruifcharliemac: I don't know, but I think your grub is borked?02:08
charliemacWhen I type "02:08
charliemacexit," a UNetbootin window opens asking me if I want to try #lubuntu without installing, install Lubuntu, or check disc for defects.02:09
MrChrisDruifDid you install it already?02:10
charliemacYeah, i installed Xubuntu through WUBI because I couldn't figure out a way to get Lubuntu on there without a cd-rom or USB-boot option (I was planning to use LXDE w/ SLiM, anyway...)02:13
MrChrisDruifBut you've got a Lubuntu CD in now?02:21
charliemacWill not boot from CD.  I used WUBI to install it through windows02:23
MrChrisDruifYeah, but I was wondering why you got the message about Trying Lubuntu etc...02:24
zeroseven0183charliemac, did your Xubuntu installation via Wubi finished?02:25
MrAnthropeHow do I check the driver version for my graphics card?02:25
charliemacYes, it finished and prompted me to reboot so I did.  When it asked for which OS to boot from, I chose Xubuntu, and got the GNU GRUB screen.02:26
zeroseven0183MrAnthrope: type  dpkg -l | grep <nameofvideocard> in a Terminal02:29
zeroseven0183MrAnthrope: Example, dpkg -l | grep Nvidia02:29
MrAnthropeThank you, zeroseven0183 :)02:29
zeroseven0183charliemac: It seems that the installation was unsuccessful.02:29
zeroseven0183MrAnthrope: Sure.02:29
zeroseven0183charliemac: Can you still boot to Windows?02:30
charliemacLet's see02:30
charliemacYes windows still boots very well02:33
zeroseven0183Have you tried reinstalling Xubuntu?02:34
zeroseven0183If I'm not mistaken, Xubuntu like Ubuntu/Kubuntu has an option to install side-by-side with Windows when you boot from a Live CD/USB.02:35
zeroseven0183I haven't tried doing that via Wubi02:35
charliemacYeah, i thought they were approximately the same02:36
zeroseven0183Because I usually have problems with Wubi02:36
zeroseven0183With Wubi, it will create a "virtual" partition inside your Windows partition.02:36
zeroseven0183With the live CD, you will allocate the partition separate from Windows02:37
zeroseven0183that's why you can easily remove it from Windows. It's like just another Windows application/software.02:37
charliemacYes, through WUBI i gave it 30 gb out of the 80gb hard drife02:37
zeroseven0183I assume you're trying Xubuntu because you have a low-powered computer. Right?02:39
zeroseven0183I suggest you try Lubuntu02:39
Midnightryder2I am running Ubuntu 10.10. I am trying to make "efax-gtk" work. I have installed it from the Software Cente and tried to enter commands from it's website but to no avail. I have read Ubuntu advice but run commands tell me that the files don't exist. When I try to use the GUI it gives me a bunch of error messages. I know my computer has a fax modem but can't seem to connect it with efax-gtk.Does anyone have any suggestion02:42
Midnightryder2s ?02:42
charliemacHow ca I get the live CD?03:14
Midnightryder2charliemac: For Ubuntu 10.10?03:16
Midnightryder2Go to the Ubuntu website and to downloads. Choose either 32-bit or 64-bit and download it to your desktop. Then "Burn Image" to a CD. You can order one from the website but it takes several weeks for delivery.03:19
Midnightryder2It was a 15 minute download for me and I have cable.03:25
aveilleuxMidnightryder2: That's a mirror of Ubuntu, the main site is http://ubuntu.com/03:26
Midnightryder2aveilleux: Thank you. I stand corrected.03:27
aveilleuxhi Midas00704:04
Midas007I'm an embarassed newbie04:04
Midas007i have alot of questions04:05
aveilleuxMidas007: Ask away04:05
Midas007I'm trying to download an audio file04:05
Midas007I can provide the URL to a media player04:05
Midas007and the player plays it04:06
Midas007but i'm unable to find a way to save the audio04:06
aveilleuxMidas007: What player?04:06
Midas007For example, I'm using the Totem Movie Player04:07
Midas007of course I'm using Ubuntu04:07
Midas007Totem Movie Player 2.30.204:07
aveilleuxMidas007: Have you tried plugging the filename into, say, Firefox, then doing File > Save?04:08
Midas007No ... I'll try right now ...04:08
Midas007I'm back ...04:14
Midas007OK, I tried to save with Firefox and it didn't work ...04:14
Midas007I'll try to describe the situation04:14
Midas007The URL is, for example, http://mediasblahblahblah.wmv04:15
Midas007Not the real link though, but if u want it I'll provide it04:15
Midas007Anyway, it ends in .wmv04:16
Midas007When I enter this in Firefox, the Totem Plugin starts up and the song plays04:16
Midas007So the plugin is able to find the actual audio file04:17
Midas007However, when I try to save the content at http://mediasblahblahblah.wmv I get a small file04:17
Midas007About 200 bytes04:18
Midas007That file has more info04:18
Midas007which I think directs the Totem plugin to another location04:19
Midas007And that's the thing with these media players ... they are able to follow along all these redirections04:19
Midas007and I can't04:20
Midas007And I don't know any application that can follow the redirections and fetch the actual audio file04:20
Midas007Is anyone still there?04:24
aveilleuxMidas007: I don't use the standard apps in Ubuntu...04:27
Midas007OK aveilleux04:30
Midas007Do u have a suggestion regarding apps?04:30
aveilleuxMidas007: I use VLC Media Player (sudo apt-get install vlc)04:30
Midas007I see ... and it's in the repository too ...04:31
aveilleuxMidas007: Yeah. I use it on all the platforms I operate on04:31
Midas007Right. I used it in Windows before04:32
Midas007Hmmm. I'll install it right now and give it a try.04:32
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Midas007VLC does not "play" my URL04:40
Midas007It gives me an error04:40
aveilleuxMidas007: Media > Convert/Save?04:43
Midas007OK, it seems to be my fault ...04:43
Midas007It's working now ...04:43
Midas007OK, it's playing "from" the URL04:44
Midas007The song is 4 min long.04:44
Midas007Can I save it?04:44
Midas007It hasn't completely played yet.04:45
Midas007I don't see how VLC can save the audio it is currently playing from the URL04:47
aveilleuxMidas007: Did you select Convert/Save from the Media menu>04:49
Midas007OK, I'm trying it now ...04:50
Midas007The process appears to be running but I have to leave for about one hour and I'll take a look at it again then. Thanks for all the help to get to this point. Thank you.04:52
User_help pls05:01
aveilleux!ask | User_05:03
ubot2User_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:03
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adili hava lap with amd 64 processor and 512 mb ram nvidia 64mb graphics card wich shld i use ubuntu or xubuntu?05:07
holsteini run full gnome on an EEE 90005:07
holsteinits not snappy05:07
holsteinbut do-able05:08
holstein900mhz with a gig of ram05:08
holsteinlubuntu is really light-weight05:08
aveilleuxadil: That speed processor?05:10
adil645 mhz05:10
IAmNotThatGuylubuntu will be my preference05:11
IAmNotThatGuyanyways gtg. bye all/05:11
adilAMD Athlon 64 processor 3400+ 645 Mhz, 512 MB of RAM05:12
adilaveilleux:AMD Athlon 64 processor 3400+ 645 Mhz, 512 MB of RAM05:15
aveilleuxadil: You'll want to look into something lighter than Xubuntu... Lubuntu perhaps, or maybe even a Fluxbox setup05:17
aveilleuxadil: I'd love to explain more but I really gotta go, sorry05:18
aveilleuxadil: The people in here and #lubuntu can help you05:18
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thivaneed 2 ask u someting about ubuntu software center07:37
Midas007I'm trying to download audio from a specific URL. Is there someone who can take my questions?08:52
hobgoblin!ask | Midas00708:54
ubot2Midas007: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:54
Midas007How should I refer to the specific URL? Should I post the actual one?08:55
hobgoblinMidas007: probably the easiest thing is to use wget in terminal    wget name.url08:57
Midas007I'll try it right now ...08:58
Midas007Is there a rule regarding posting a real URL here?08:58
hobgoblinnot that I'm aware of - but if it turned out to be music that you should pay for I would ignore the request for help ;)08:59
Midas007It is a song. It's a stream of a live performance. It's located on the site of a radio station.09:00
Midas007That particular performance is not for sale09:00
Midas007It can be played repeatedly from the site but my connection is not good enough to keep doing it that way. That's why I'd like to download it.09:01
hobgoblinthen I'll not help you anymore I'm afraid09:01
Midas007So you're sure I'm not allowed to download it?09:02
Midas007Someone here, earlier, told me that VLC could save whatever it could play. It seemed like it was OK then to save what I could play with VLC.09:03
Midas007Anyway, VLC did not work. I couldn't figure out how to make it work.09:04
Midas007wget didn't work either. All I get is a small file of 240 bytes.09:05
Midas007The file contains two other URLs.09:05
AJH101Hi i have asked this qn on #android-dev but no-one responded (too basic for them i guess). i am trying to set up an android virtual machine. I have vbox and have mounted the android iso image (mounted) but cannot get it to start. Any ideas?10:14
AJH101morning anyone?!10:22
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charliemacdoes anyone know where to get the #lubuntu 10.10 kernel?11:33
charliemacI'm trying the <http://marc.herbert.free.fr/linux/win2linstall.html> method for installing without USB/CD/Floppy.11:35
charliemacDoes anyone know where to get the Lubuntu 10.10 kernel?  I'm trying the <http://marc.herbert.free.fr/linux/win2linstall.html> method for installing without USB/CD/Floppy.12:20
geirhacharliemac: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromWindows12:29
geirhaHowdy :)12:29
bioterrorhey, I've got cisco switch, how do I disable that slow link activation12:30
geirhaThere seems to be no way of getting a notification when someone comments or votes on your answers/comments at askubuntu.12:38
charliemacThanks for reminding me that <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromWindows> is the source of <http://marc.herbert.free.fr/linux/win2linstall.html>!!! :D13:34
AJH101i how do i create a virtual cd to use in virtual box please/13:38
AJH101sorry should read 'hi'! :-)13:39
geirhaAJH101: create? from what?13:42
hobgoblinif it's an iso - you can just use that without mucking about13:42
AJH101sorry i think i need some help(!)13:42
AJH101how do i get virtual box to use that file/13:43
AJH101sticky keyboard sorry13:43
geirhaAJH101: First off, your VM must be turned off13:44
geirhaThen in the view over your virtual machines, select the machine you want to change.13:44
geirhaThen click on "Storage" for that VM.13:44
geirhaClick on the CD-icon and add the iso file to it13:45
geirhaThere's a dropdown menu containing iso-files you've used before. If your iso is not in there, click the icon with a folder and a green up-arrow right next to it, then browse to the iso file.13:46
AJH101what type of drive will it be, sata? (sorry for the qn)13:50
geirhaAJH101: IDE (PATA) by default13:52
geirhaNot sure if you can change it, but it shouldn't matter.13:53
AJH101thanks for your help! :-)13:54
MrChrisDruifSorry, was reading omg...but you can change that in settings of the vm and in the storage....and then select the iso.....but geirha already said that :)13:58
MrChrisDruif(Just confirming geirha)13:58
MrChrisDruifBut I'll be off again....ttyl14:12
amkhi all15:22
amksince I have both ubuntu and suse installed and i want to get rid of suse15:22
amkthe prob. is that I can't understand which partition belongs to which system15:23
amkcan I have some suggestions please15:24
amkthanks in advance15:24
AbhiJitamk, go to system monitor and see in which partition suse is installed15:25
stlsaintuse gparted15:25
AbhiJitsd1 sdb etc15:25
AbhiJityah gparted will do also15:25
stlsaintamk: as AbhiJit said you can also use "system monitor" in the System tab in ubuntu15:26
stlsaintAbhiJit: going to the "Filesystems" tab will show you what partitions you have15:26
AbhiJitstlsaint, you not online these days much?15:28
stlsaintAbhiJit: thats cause i was sent overseas for a year in kuwait ;)15:29
AbhiJitstlsaint, good! :)15:29
amkI will try to do that15:30
amkAbhijit thanks, I can see the partitions, but it is not specified which system is in one or the other.15:37
amkok, guys thanks, will continue tomorrow. I have to go to work now. wish you a good day!15:38
kristian-aalborgwould anybody know how to change my font to Terminus in sakura?16:09
jonthuedo i have to be a developer to download unity16:34
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JackyAlcineCan you read this?17:29
MrChrisDruifJackyAlcine: How?17:30
JackyAlcineLol, so it's not working.17:31
MrChrisDruifWhat should we read JackyAlcine? :)17:31
JackyAlcineLol, nothing. Forget it.17:32
MrChrisDruifForget what? ;)17:33
pip__with a separate /home partition is there a danger of config incompatibility with a new release clean install?17:52
pip__ifthaat makes  sense17:52
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philinuxpip__: none at all I've found17:58
kristian-aalborgokay, a program or two for the console to show a new user that it is a cool thing?17:58
kristian-aalborgI'm thinking dict17:58
pip__ok, thanks phillw17:59
pip__sorry philinux17:59
philinuxno worries17:59
pip__too many phils17:59
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bp7laxis their a PPS repository file for google chrome or an APT line that anoybody knows of?19:46
Red-Ravenhey guys. ready to give my server another shot.20:23
Red-Raveni think i should just start over.20:23
Red-Ravencan anyone here help me out with this>20:24
jon8_if i do 'sudo service gdm stop' .. it stops gnome. how can i easily stop gnome from booting on startup.20:48
Red-Ravenin order to switch to a different environmnet?20:50
jon8_Red-Raven no.. just to disable gdm and run terminal only.20:52
jon8_i dont need gui 95% of the time but dont want to uninstall20:52
jon8_but i also dont need it wasting precious ram either :P20:52
Red-Ravenoh. IDK, im still kind of new. i thought you wanted to pick a different one, in which case you can pick at log in. a CLI might be one of those choices. im not sure though. sry.20:57
Red-Ravenfound this in a forum. might help: While in the GUI (Gnome), I went to System>Administration>Services and un-checked "Graphical Login Manager." I'm sorry if the wording is not exact, but, with that, I re-booted and was greeted with a terminal screen20:57
Red-Ravenhey guys. can anyone here help me out with my SSH server?22:29
bioterror!ask | Red-Raven22:29
ubot2Red-Raven: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:29
Red-Ravensry bioterror.22:30
Red-Ravenim having problems with the password. im loging into the server from my client pc, but it asks me for a password. i don't know it, and it not the password for the computer the server is on.22:31
bioterrorssh user@server22:32
Red-Raventhats the password? i thought i needed an RSA or public key?22:32
bioterrorhow the heck we can know your passwords22:33
holsteinyou can use keys or passwords Red-Raven22:34
holsteinout of the box22:34
Red-Ravenim telling you its not the password i use to log into the server rig. there must be a default password or i have to generate one or there's one in a config file somewhere.22:34
holsteinyou should be able to login with the user pass22:34
Red-Ravenok. how do i get them?22:35
bioterroras I said ssh user@server22:35
bioterroryou have to know user and you have to know server22:35
holsteinssh Red-Raven@ipaddress22:35
holsteinand it will be Red-Raven 's pass22:35
Red-Ravenhey sry about that. stupid disconnects. did you get my post about it still being denied?22:45
holsteinRed-Raven: what is denied?22:47
Red-Ravenjust got a permission denied error from the password.22:47
holsteinfrom the server you mean22:48
holsteinRed-Raven: can you go to the server?22:48
holsteinor is it headless?22:48
Red-Raveni entered that password on the client.22:48
Red-Ravenno its not. i can use it. its running 10.10 desktop.22:49
holsteinRed-Raven: go to the server22:50
Red-Ravenim at it now. both my rigs are on my desk :P22:50
holsteinhit control-alt-F222:50
holsteinand try and login22:50
holsteinif you can login there22:50
holsteinwith the user and pass you are trying22:51
holsteinthen you know you dont have SSH configured properly22:51
holsteinRed-Raven: control-alt-F7 to get back to the GUI22:51
Red-Ravenwhich computer's info do i put in? ths clients password or the servers22:52
Red-Ravencan you guys not see me anymore>22:53
Red-Raveni think this happens whenever i do anything with the server.22:53
holsteinRed-Raven: where are you now?22:55
holsteindid you do as i suggested yet?22:55
holsteinor do i need to retype it?22:55
holsteinin *bold* ;)22:55
holsteintry your user and pass on the server machine22:55
Red-Ravensry gtg. moms making me put away cloths and clean the bathroom. :(22:56
holsteinto double check the creds22:56
Red-Ravenill be back in a few.22:58

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