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evilvishmicahg: he has been doing that sort in a lot of channels.. already got banned on one channel.. not long before he gets banned in all ;)06:58
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trinikronogood morning bugsquad :D12:36
c2taruncan anyone look at bug 706556. I don't think its a valid bug, the guy posted bug should ask on IRC or forum12:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 706556 in firefox "I,m window user.Trying to look at ubuntu10.10 thro windows help me." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70655612:49
trinikronoc2tarun: that bug just looks like trouble :D12:54
c2taruntrinikrono: yup, should i mark it invalid and ask the guy to visit IRC or forum?12:55
trinikronomaybe convert to question, it looks like he has a few12:56
c2taruntrinikrono: done :)12:58
c2tarunI know I should ask this question on #ubuntu-classroom but since I am not able to connect I am asking it here. What is so special on Jan 23, approximate 15 hrs of classes are scheduled?13:03
trinikronoc2tarun: did you see the past events of the userdays?13:07
c2taruntrinikrono: sorry I don't know anything about userdays? what is it?13:08
trinikronoyou can learn more here13:10
trinikronoc2tarun: if you go on session logs you can see from the previous ones13:10
trinikronouseful stuff13:10
c2taruntrinikrono: great stuff, I'll surely attend most of the classes on jan 2913:12
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Gaming4JChey all :)20:30
Gaming4JCHaving major issues regarding MineCraft bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-6/+bug/656045 Pretty sure it's hw-specific? Might want to tag it as such if it can be proven with a Nvidia gfx card.20:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 656045 in openjdk-6 "Minecraft crashes, fairly randomly" [Undecided,New]20:32
Gaming4JCIt's not so much random either, it's about once every half-hour or less20:32
hggdhGaming4JC: yes, it sounds like a Java RTE issue20:38
Gaming4JChggdh: But is it related specifically to ATI graphics cards only? Seems to be with current bug reports, including mine.20:39
Gaming4JCThinking about running Valgrind on it. :)20:40
hggdhGaming4JC: it might help if you install the debug symbols packages (at least for the java stack, libc6 debugs are installed with valgrind)20:53
hggdhGaming4JC: and yes, it sounds like it is related to radeon20:53
Gaming4JChggdh: What's the debug packages for java? *searches apt*20:53
Gaming4JCopen-jdk6-debug? 119MB D:20:54
hggdhGaming4JC: ye sounds about right ;-)22:38
Gaming4JCHmm, so how do I enable the debug-flags now that I have them?23:13
Gaming4JChggdh: Doesn't seem to be making any difference in output. :/23:13

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