BluesKajHowdy folks14:28
winniesunIs it a name ?14:29
BluesKajwinniesun, what name ?14:32
winniesunBluesKaj:Howdy folks14:33
BluesKajhowdy is a slang term for hello14:34
BluesKajwinniesun, are you in Bejing ?14:42
winniesunBlueKaj, hehe..no14:42
winniesunBlueKaj, i am in Suzhou,a very beautiful city14:43
BluesKajis it near Bejing ?14:43
winniesunBluesKaj:about 1,146 KM,by google map :)14:47
BluesKajyes , I can see on google earth that  Suzhou has many parks, winniesun14:48
BluesKajwell, 1146 km is quite far away :)14:48
winniesunBluesKaj: hehe, these are all historical parks,very wonderful parks14:49
winniesunBluesKaj: Does my english have grammar faults?if it has,please tell me.. :)14:51
BluesKajwinniesun, your grammar is very good . I notice your city has many industrial sites as well.14:54
winniesunBluesKaj:exactly, my city is developing faster and faster..14:56
hakimsheriffhello all17:54
crondHi, I'm having an odd issue, I have a BCM2046 Bluetooth device in my dell laptop, and sudo dellWirelessCtl --i shows it as being enabled and on.  I can turn it on and off via dellWirelessCtl and the gnome taskbar applet, but the bluetooth item in system -> preferences says 'bluetooth disabled' and has a big 'turn on bluetooth' button that does nothing.   can anyone offer any advice?  I can't get the bluetooth to *do* anything.18:01

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