paultagI think we have different views on what a bug is, but your view is not wrong at all, I can see it00:00
paultagI just think if the user even thinks about it, it's a bug00:00
paultagit's a failure of the program to provide the correct behavior00:00
doctormowell yes, but sometimes the issues are weird, like "The buttons are on the left" or "I can't find the expload laptop button"00:00
doctormoissues are as much opinion and statistics can gadge user opinion00:01
doctormoI foresee the usefullness in statistics mostly, sometimes we'll see corilations and look into it.00:01
doctormoI want this installed an enabled by defult on alpha/beta/rc00:01
doctormoThen we'll just make it easy to make bugs out of issues, maybe even in the ui somewhere00:02
paultagdoctormo: idealy, it'd be on the same system00:02
paultagdoctormo: so that you can "convert" them back and forth00:03
doctormopaultag: hmm?00:11
paultagnothing, no matter00:11
jcastroTechnoviking: ping01:23
Technovikingjcastro: pong04:06
jcastrohi mike04:07
jcastroI sent you a mail instead04:07
jcastroTechnoviking: ^04:10
Technovikingjcastro: done04:13
jcastroTechnoviking: is the bug report relevant still?04:19
jcastrohmm, appears so04:20
TechnovikingI beleive there is work to get many of the Mactel fixes into Natty04:21
jcastrook refresh04:21
jcastrohow's that look?04:21
jcastroyou can safely delete your comment now04:22
jcastrohigh 504:22
jcastroteamwork, etc.04:22
jcastropaultag: you can learn alot from Technoviking04:23
jcastrofirst off, he's not from ohio04:23
jcastrothey know about teamwork there04:23
jcastrohe didn't take the bait04:27
jcastronice work on the answer04:27
jcastroI still need to follow up with you to get this illustrator dude04:28
jcastroI think I should move to this illustrated avatar thing04:28
TechnovikingI love mine, need to remove most of the hair though;)04:29
jcastrothat was a friend of yours iirc who did yours?04:29
jcastromaybe i should get one done for me and jill at the same time04:29
TechnovikingI will asked him if he would do it04:30
Technovikingit just move to NYC to work for a new firm as a graphical astist04:31
paultagjcastro: alot's not english04:31
paultagjcastro: michigan'd be proud04:31
jcastropaultag returns!04:31
paultagjcastro: it's a lot, damnit04:32
paultagjcastro: howdy!04:32
jcastro^^ thinking of paultag04:32
paultagif my internet sucked a bit less, I could read it and say something witty04:32
paultaggive me a minute to load this sucker04:32
paultagOhio internet, you know04:32
paultagHahahaha, that's great jcastro04:32
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paultagjcastro: I had something to say to you yesterday, but I totally forget what it was04:37
jcastropaultag: I remember what it was04:46
jcastro"man, you're so awesome, and I'm just some punk from ohio, go spartans."04:47
jcastrosomething like that?04:47
paultagjcastro: hahaha04:55
paultagjcastro: oh yeah, that was it04:55
paultagjcastro: dude i was hung over so bad all day04:57
paultagso bad04:57
evilvishjcastro: hey.. is chris cheney still working at canonical?05:28
* evilvish wondering who is looking after LibO right now..05:28
JanCevilvish: there is a PPA from the people working on it05:54
evilvishJanC: k.. i was hoping to get in touch with the person in-charge right now..  (chris cheney was maintainer of OOo) not sure if he is still around05:56
JanCseems like it's mostly doko05:56
JanCat least, he does teh uploads  ;)05:57
JanCevilvish: also https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2011-January/032298.html06:00
evilvishhmm, there was a job call for a new LibO maintainer.. maybe doko took the position..06:02
JanCin that mail he says he started working on it after he got a skiing accident or something and was bored06:03
jcastroevilvish: there's a new guy being hired afaict15:50
czajkowskijcastro: aloha15:51
paultagjcastro: can you get one of the archive admins to process this? --LP #70371819:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 703718 in fluxconf "Requesting removal of source package `fluxconf' from Ubuntu" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70371819:57
paultagjcastro: it's a real pain in my side19:57
czajkowskipaultag: ello19:58
paultagheyya czajkowski :)19:58
czajkowskiall good ?19:58
paultagczajkowski: yes ma'am!19:59
paultagczajkowski: it's fluxbox day for me, I am about to squash about 10 RC bugs for Debian on the next upload19:59
paultagonly thing is this damn fluxconf20:01
paultagI had it removed from Debian :)20:02
czajkowskieh ?20:02
paultagnow I have to wait for Ubuntu, a bit backwards ;)20:02
jcastroI don't have those kind of cow powers paultag20:02
paultagjcastro: nah, but you know who does ;)20:02
paultagjcastro: it's been pissing us off for like 2 years now ;)20:02
czajkowskipaultag: jcastro any idea mate in #ubuntu-uk having issues http://paste.ubuntu.com/557340/20:03
jcastrothe ticket is like only a few days old?20:03
paultagjcastro: yeah, because I thought Ubuntu would remove a package if Debian did20:03
jcastroYeah but we're past freeze I think?20:03
jcastroI don't think it's automagic anymore20:03
paultagugh, damn.20:03
paultagjcastro: it was removed pre natty20:04
paultagjcastro: 9-201020:04
jcastroczajkowski: no clue, sound is a black box to me20:04
czajkowskijcastro: any idea which channel or person I can get to poke and ask ?20:04
jcastropaultag: bug an archive admin tomorrow i guess?20:04
paultagjcastro: I have no idea who to talk to, I'm not MOTU :)20:04
czajkowskiwe lost our ubuntu-ie.org domain20:05
paultagczajkowski: whoh whoh whoh, what?20:05
paultagczajkowski: no idea on that paste, sorry :(20:05
czajkowskirenewal didnt kick in20:05
jcastroczajkowski: dtchen, but he's not on irc often these days20:05
czajkowskijcastro: thanks20:05
jcastropaultag: just ask in -devel tomorrow when people are around20:05
paultagjcastro: I got told to wait, but Iknow how these things goe20:06
paultaggo *20:06
paultagjcastro: cheers, thanks20:08
czajkowskipaultag: busy ?20:15
paultagczajkowski: no ma'am, whatcha have in mind?20:15
czajkowskimumble in a bit ?20:15
paultagczajkowski: sure!20:16
czajkowskisee if we can nab popey20:16
czajkowskisay 9 ?20:16
czajkowskias in 45 mins time ?20:16
paultagczajkowski: sounds great, I'll be here20:16
czajkowskiokie dokie20:16
czajkowskipaultag: will send a mail around20:16
paultagroger doger20:17
paultagczajkowski: great, got it, thanks!20:18
nigelbjcastro: hey20:52
nigelbjcastro: were you able to confirm Dbo for us?20:53
jcastroyeah he'll be there22:32

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