brobostigonnos da,sleep well all.00:04
brobostigonafternoonings all.13:06
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iantomarkjones: Yo18:23
markjonesianto, hi18:23
markjoneshave we got any disks?18:24
iantoNone official but we could burn like 50 between us18:24
markjoneswhat about a presentation?18:25
iantoFair enough to do in OO.org18:26
markjonesand perhaps introduce people to Launchpad (if they are interested in Translations)18:26
markjonescan we get any stuff from the -uk team?18:27
iantoWhat sort of stuff do you have in mind?18:28
markjonesPosters, banners, pens18:29
markjonesstuff we got for Serendipity in Bangor18:29
iantomarkjones: http://hedyn.net/wici/Hacio'r_Iaith_-_Ionawr_2011#Sesiynau_Posib18:33
iantoYou want to add anything there?18:33
markjonesI'll add something18:33
markjonesianto, what about merch? Can we buy any stuff from shop.ubuntu.com?18:40
iantomarkjones: Yeah, there are 30 people registered buut I think that you can only buy 20 pens at a time ;)18:42
iantoThey bloody pricey too18:42
iantoFor a pen ;)18:42
iantoI'll see if I can get a discount or something18:46
markjonesbear in mind it's next weekend18:48
iantoThey have good shipping speeds IIRC18:48
iantoJust speed in checking emails to worry about18:48
markjonesit's a shame i had to bin the stuff i had in Bangor18:48
iantoAnd anyway, I doubt that any other people will be handing anything out18:49
markjonestrue that18:49
iantoIt's just a barcamp style conference18:50
iantoPeople write a topic and name on the board and if people are interested they turn up18:50
markjonesI'll order 2 pendrives and lanyards so we can install Ubuntu for people18:50
iantoOk, I'll chuck Ubuntu 10.10 i386 on my Free Software Foundation pendrive18:51
markjoneshmm, £51 for stickers, lanyards and ubuntu pendrives18:54
markjonesthat shop's tempting me :(18:54
iantoI've asked Canonical if I can get 40 pens for £1518:54
iantomarkjones: Might be a fun idea to hand out contact/business cards to people in case they ever wanna get hold of you19:07
iantoOf course you may find that OTT but it's out there19:25
markjonesyeah, trying to remember where I can get some done19:25
iantomarkjones: vistaprint.com/amazon1519:25
iantoActually they might sting you in shipping costs19:27
ianto3-day shipping = £1519:27
markjonesianto, what's the welsh word for USB Pendrive?19:51
iantoI'll look on the WLB site19:51
iantoDrive as in disk drive is gyriant19:52
iantoGyriant USB?19:52
markjonesi'll use that :p19:52
markjonesit's a wiki19:52
iantoyou mean hedyn.net19:54
ianto? ^19:54
iantoLooks alright19:57
markjonesnote i've not locked you into anything apart from having the CD's and Pendrive19:58
iantomarkjones: Seems alright. How we gonna go about preparing stuff?20:13
markjonesianto, erm, use what we can get our mitts on?20:27
iantoI meant like presentation/talk w.e.20:27
iantomarkjones: Just sent a sharing invite to your email address20:29
ianto(Google Docs Presentation)20:29
markjonescheers ianto21:29
brobostigonwhat do i say in welsh as anevening greeting?21:35
iantobrobostigon: Noswaith dda21:35
iantomarkjones: Just added some speaker notes to the presentation21:35
markjonesianto, what about getting brobostigon to help with the presentation?21:36
brobostigonianto: thats good evening isnt it.?21:36
markjones(we can translate his input)21:36
markjonesyes brobostigon21:36
brobostigonmarkjones: elaborate please, i seem to have missed something.21:37
iantobrobostigon: Do you have a Google account?21:37
brobostigonianto: i do, our philip.taylor@ubuntu-cym.org and my scraliontis@gmail.com21:38
iantobrobostigon: Just sent an invitation to your gmail account21:38
brobostigonianto: am just opening it.21:40
brobostigonianto: what is it about ?21:41
markjonesbrobostigon, it's for the Hacio'r Iaith thing21:42
iantobrobostigon: www.haciaith.com & http://hedyn.net/wici/Hacio'r_Iaith_-_Ionawr_201121:42
brobostigonhow can ihelp.21:42
iantoWell we're trying to make an Ubuntu presentation for Linux usage and a bit on translation21:43
iantoI'm clueless atm on where to start21:43
brobostigonianto: at what audience is this aimed at?21:44
iantoA technological audience, used to blogging and Apple technology but not too familiar with Linux21:44
markjonesianto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Presentations21:45
brobostigonianto: familier with apple. ok, i would suggest, starting with the basis of unix, and darwin the basis of mac os x, and both being open source and in basis being the same philosophy and being devloped in by open srouse methods.21:46
brobostigonianto: also many parts of software within mac os x are floss, like cups, for example.21:50
iantoThanks for the ideas21:50
brobostigonianto: because thats making a connection between what they already know, and then what you are introducing them too.21:51
markjonesif I understood portuguese I'd use AndreGodin's presentations :P21:57
brobostigonmarkjones: i can think of a couple of people you canget hold of, of how to design one, but not help with content.21:59
iantoThe ones up already have pretty good backgrounds to use with OO.org21:59
iantoVery Ubuntu themed ;)21:59
brobostigonbut iwould be original, i dont really personally like the idea of copying.22:00
markjonesi like http://people.canonical.com/~dholbach/talks/Ubuntu%20in%2050%20minutes.odp22:03
markjonesit's a bit technical, but we can extract bits22:03
brobostigonlet me look,22:03
brobostigon:( ididnt have openoffice installed, only the debian standerd,abiword.22:12
markjonesinstalled it now?22:13
brobostigon268mb just to install openoffice.org-writer :(22:13
brobostigonnot yet,22:13
brobostigonmaybe excessive,22:14
brobostigoni was hoping google docs could deal with it,22:15
brobostigonmarkjones: itshouldnt be that big shouild it?22:17
markjonesbrobostigon, LibreOffice? No22:19
brobostigonmarkjones: icant intterrupt apt, i will checkwhnits donw.22:22
markjonesinstalled it now?22:22
markjonesianto, fallen asleep?22:22
iantomarkjones: Na22:22
markjonesok, that has happened before now...22:22
brobostigonmarkjones: its taking ages, sorry,22:22
markjonesbrobostigon, no problems22:22
brobostigonmarkjones: how much time have we got, can i get back to this with you and ianto tmrw,once i have looked at that document.22:30
markjonesbrobostigon, we have until Saturday22:30
brobostigonmarkjones: let me see what i can do tonight then,22:31
markjonesok, I'm watching Top Gear at the moment22:32
brobostigonok, apt is killing openoffice and replacving it with libreoffice from debian experimental.22:35
markjonesbrobostigon: https://docs.google.com/present/edit?id=0ASuIGA3SepQMZGRtdno2ODJfOTFzMzI5Z3FjNg&hl=en_GB&authkey=CKOopvAH22:36
markjonesshould help22:36
brobostigonthank you.22:38
brobostigonand bits of that need tobe updated, like openoffice.22:40
markjonesupdated, and bits removed22:41
markjonesas we need to mention our LoCo and Translation Teams22:41
brobostigonmarkjones: thats a good basis, but as you said, maybe too technical in parts, unlesstheey are truly that interested.22:48
brobostigondebian also needs a mention really, as itsabout ubuntu,22:52
markjonesit's got a mention :P22:54
brobostigonhowever, againthat might be too technical or the audience,22:54
brobostigonfor the*22:54
brobostigonsoits needs tobe said, ubuntu'srelationship atleastsimply to debian.22:55
markjoneswell, describe how Ubuntu is similar to OSX22:57
markjoneswithout the cost22:58
brobostigonlinuxhotel.de :)22:58
brobostigonfloss basis, unix-like, darwin(bsd)22:58
brobostigonmarkjones: thts the direction iwould go, if thats right or not, is another question.22:59
brobostigonand the basis floss philosophy applies in both.23:00
brobostigonFSF , oh, maybe not.23:01
brobostigonmarkjones: also why is opera in there?23:06
brobostigonslide 20.23:07
brobostigonslide 19.23:08
iantomarkjones: On the topic of Hacio'r Iaith, you know anything about the Android translation process?23:14
iantoI can't find out any information anywhere23:15
markjonesthere's nowt23:15
brobostigonidont know anything either,23:15
iantoThen how is there a French version? :'(23:15
iantoBtw we are able to translate Chrome/Chromium to Welsh through Launchpad if we register a Launchpad team to translate with23:16
iantoNot just an Ubuntu translation team23:16
markjonesI'd do that23:16
iantoI've done it23:16
iantowaiting for response23:16
brobostigonme tired.23:26
brobostigonnos da.23:26
markjonesnos da brobostigon23:27
brobostigonnos da markjones23:27

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