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abhijeethad anyone tried the unity on ubuntu 10.1018:57
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jon8_if i do 'sudo service gdm stop' .. it stops gnome. how can i easily stop gnome from booting on startup.20:48
micahgbratsche: I just realized, we should have a requirement in debian/control for gtk-sharp2 for gnome-do, is it a build time dependency, a run time dependency, or both?23:24
bratschemicahg: I think it's both.23:28
bratscheDo you have time to add that, or do you want me to?23:29
micahgbratsche: I can add that if you want, up to you23:29
bratscheI'm actually not entirely sure how to do it off the top of my head. :)23:29
micahgbratsche: I have to see, at least a versioned build-depends23:30
RAOFmicahg: It's a build-time dependency, and if the tools are working correctly it should get a correct runtime dependency.23:48
micahgRAOF: that's what I'm hoping for :)23:48
RAOFIf the tools *aren't* working correctly, tell me; I've hacked on them before.23:48
RAOFbratsche: Thanks for the patch, incidentally.23:49
brycehRAOF, heya23:51
micahgRAOF: can you review gtk-sharp2?23:51
RAOFbryceh: Good morning :)23:52
brycehRAOF, quick question...  how do things stand for mesa 7.10 upload to natty?  If it just needs uploading I can take care of that on my morning tomorrow23:52
RAOFmicahg: While mesa builds? :)  Want to point me at it.23:52
micahgRAOF: https://code.launchpad.net/~bratsche/ubuntu/natty/gtk-sharp2/has-resize-grip/+merge/46300, thanks23:53
RAOFbryceh: I (think) I've just got it building properly.  It should be ready for you tomorrow.23:53
brycehRAOF, excellent23:53
RAOFmklib remains a thing of sorrow.23:53
bratscheThanks RAOF!23:55
bratscheI hope I'm mostly done with these resize grip issues now. :)23:56
bratscheSo much gtk and webkit work to do for multitouch.23:56
RAOFI was thinking of picking up a mt touchpad like the apple thingy when we were in Frys.  It'd be fun to play with what you come up with :)23:56
bratscheThat's a good device to get.23:57
* micahg is noticing that new customized laptops offer the option of multitouch23:57
brycehRAOF, btw I found mention of a nouveau tool for debugging gpu hangs on nouveau... see tail end of bug #696104 for links23:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 696104 in xserver-xorg-video-nouveau "nvidia 320m locks up" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69610423:57
bratscheIt's cheap, and it delivers a high sample rate of events.23:57
bratscheI have a Dell XT2 with a touchscreen, but the events just aren't delivered nearly as smoothly.23:57
brycehRAOF, looks like we'd need to do some packaging/documenting to make it newb-friendly enough though23:57
RAOFbryceh: Interesting.  Could that even be apported?23:58

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