imgarysmithhey guys00:16
imgarysmithjust asking for thoughts/feedback on the ubuntu-ie podcast00:17
mokmeistermorning all07:51
tdr112afternoon all12:00
czajkowskitdr112: can you get to ubuntu-ie.org13:29
tdr112nope its down http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ubuntu-ie.org13:35
czajkowskiaye domain expired last night13:35
NET||abusehey there guys, i'm looking at hosting solutions, we need a vps host, and seperately a dns and email only host.15:32
NET||abuseat the moment our email andd dns is in blacknight, and our vps is on dediserve15:33
czajkowskiNET||abuse: talk to davem15:33
czajkowskihe's in blacknight15:33
NET||abusewe're looking at thrust vps hosting.15:33
NET||abuseand seperately, i hate the blacknight UI for finding stuff, email addresses and what not15:33
NET||abuseand 80/year for 20 domains.. not sure if that's a good deal.15:33
czajkowskii dont know tbh15:34
czajkowskiI only use bk15:34
NET||abuse;) fair nufsky :)15:34
NET||abusefinding the migration over thelast 4 months with dediserve was very unstable.15:35
NET||abusenot sure i want to stick with them because of it.15:35
NET||abusealso, price comparison to something like thrust, they're 1/3 the cost15:35
davemNET||abuse: its grand when you get used to it :p15:36
NET||abusedavem, well one thing15:36
NET||abuseyou have an account of 200 domains,,15:36
NET||abuseyou want to do a quick edi ton an email address.15:36
NET||abusetry finding email addresses with any kind of wild card int he domain manager15:36
NET||abusedoesn't do any kind of matching like that.15:36
NET||abusejust explicitly have to get the name right or nothing15:37
davemwell you'd do it under "Web hosting >> Email >> Email Addresses" Search for *domainname in the search box and bam you're done15:37
davemthats after selecting the right subscription under "Select Subscription"15:37
NET||abuselet me try now so i'm not spouting rubbish15:37
davem1) Select subscription email is hosted on15:38
davem2) Go to the email addresses menu15:38
davem3) search for *@domainname etc15:38
davem4) Profit15:38
NET||abuseye, ok * does work :P15:39
NET||abusewell then' we;re down to how competitive it is15:41
NET||abusemight stick it out with blacknight after all :)15:41
czajkowskisee I told ya so15:55

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