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psusiI just got a new sandybridge system and in order to read the cpu temperature I have to manually load the coretemp and pkgtemp modules.  I assume it just needs a new modalias to match my hardware.  can anyone explain to me a bit about how that works so I can try to get it into natty?21:02
mjg59There aren't any modaliases for cpu devices21:07
psusihow do the modules get loaded then?  I thought they had some kind of modalias that matched dmi or something21:16
mjg59They get loaded by you adding them to /etc/modules21:31
mjg59Do modinfo coretemp - there's no modalias lines there21:31
psusiwhy not?  k8temp and k10temp do?21:51
mjg59Because the AMD machines have a specific PCI device ID associated with the CPU22:18

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