TrickyJHi good morning friends :)00:50
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cjohnstoncould someone check out https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/loco-directory/705265 please13:33
czajkowskicjohnston: hi 13:34
cjohnstonhey czajkowski 13:35
cjohnstonmhall119: can owner be automatic, instead of being assigned?13:38
mhall119it can be,but it shouldn't be14:34
Pendulummhall119: glad you have a coffee maker again :P14:35
mhall119me too :)14:38
mhall119cjohnston: pushing a rev with the date format fix14:39
cjohnstoni think maybe a tab for the indent?14:40
cjohnstonseems a little close to me.. expecially with a description14:40
cjohnstonit may just be me, i dunno14:41
cjohnstonmeeting is all utc.. i guess could specify utc14:43
mhall119cjohnston: like http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/8016/agendah.png better?14:46
mhall119I think for consistency we should specity timezone, even when it's always gonna be UTC14:46
cjohnstoni do like that better14:47
mhall119I wonder if we'll be able to have this out by the 25th14:50
cjohnstonwhats the 25th?14:51
mhall119time for another florida team meeting14:51
mhall119we didn't have the last 2, due to the holidays14:51
mhall119okay, one more push to my agenda branch15:02
mhall119this one adds meetings to the site search results15:02
mhall119man, we are way overdue for a release15:04
mhall119czajkowski: feeling better now?15:07
czajkowskiaye 15:07
czajkowskia lot more human thanks15:07
cjohnstonmhall119: what do you think about the mouseover15:11
mhall119what mouseover?15:12
cjohnstonCan we have a mouseover on the agenda item link say something like "Update <agenda item>" (i.e. when you hover over "Agenda item 1" in: Agenda item 1 - Chris Johnston @ 2011-01-23 13:53    it would read "Update Agenda item 1"15:13
cjohnstongive some sort of clue as to what the link is for15:16
mhall119How about "Update Agenda Item: {{item.title}}"15:19
mhall119rev 37115:20
cjohnstonjust found a nice bonk15:22
cjohnstontry to delete a parent item and see what happens15:22
cjohnstondo you get an issue?15:23
cjohnston(parent item with a child item)15:23
mhall119it warns that children will be deletes15:23
mhall119but it deletes it all okay15:23
cjohnstonthats the difference between you and me15:23
mhall119hmmm, must be because I made my account superuser15:24
cjohnstonit looks like removing agenda items requires to be a contact or above15:27
mhall119okay, copy/paste fail, fixed it15:27
mhall119it should only require you be a member of the team or lc15:27
cjohnstonquestion... do we want to allow non-members the ability to add agenda items15:28
cjohnstonsay you wanted to go talk to -us-ma about dev week15:28
cjohnstonshould you be required to poke someone whos a team member to add the item for you15:28
mhall119that's kind of what I'm thinking15:28
mhall119czajkowski: what are your thoughts?15:29
czajkowskiI'd say no15:29
mhall119you don't really want to barge into another team's meeting15:29
czajkowskias if they are adding stuff to an agenda they are active in some way 15:29
mhall119it's usually best to request that it be added15:29
mhall119we'll call it software enforced courtesy15:30
cjohnstonmhall119: what do you think about trying to find some way to word that if they want to delete a parent, but not a child, to edit the child and remove the parent from it15:33
cjohnstonjust a thought15:33
cjohnstonim not sure how much we want to explain15:34
cjohnstonheres a fun one15:34
cjohnstonmake the parent a child of its child15:35
cjohnstoni would think that should make the child the parent and the parent the child15:35
mhall119hmmm, that would break stuff, most likely15:43
cjohnstonuh huh15:44
cjohnstonit was pretty cool.. the agenda items disappeared15:44
mhall119yeah, but it's likely to cause max recursion depth errors15:46
mhall119good catch15:46
cjohnstonit should either show an error, or somehow be able to do it15:46
cjohnstonhave I just f'ed my db now to where i cant do much else with agenda items15:47
cjohnstonmy stupid math thing keeps f'ing up with google chrome15:51
cjohnstoni dont wanna have to go back to ff15:51
mhall119you'll have to manually undo the cyclic parent/child loop you created, yeah15:52
czajkowskimhall119: can you give wifey a mASSIVE hug from me please15:52
mhall119czajkowski: sure15:54
mhall119cjohnston: okay, got a fix that will exclude all descendents of an agenda item from it's "parent" dropdown15:56
cjohnstonso if changes are needed, it would require to make the child a parent and then make the originial parent a child15:56
mhall119yeah, you'd have to re-parent the child first15:57
cjohnstonmake a fix to fix my db too.. :-P15:58
mhall119you using sqlite?16:03
mhall119just delete * from meetings_agendaitem; and start over if you need to16:05
mhall119or, if you know the one you changed, just remove it's parent value16:06
mhall119one more fix16:15
mhall119good that we're catching these bugs now though16:17
cjohnstonwhat did you find16:20
mhall119evidently before a model is saved, it's Manytomany will return all records for that model16:23
mhall119so, my exclude-descendents script was excluding all agenda items at the add agenda item form16:23
mhall119czajkowski: what's going on with the Irish government?16:25
mhall119didn't them PM just win a confidence vote last week or something?16:26
czajkowskimhall119: so the Taoiseach won the motion, much to many peoples susprise what has happened today was the other majority party in power has stepped down 17:23
czajkowskithis forces the government to hold an election earlier17:24
czajkowskibut also means there are issues surrounding passing a bill that is needed17:24
cjohnstonmhall119: how does the order thing work... i made the first agenda item #4, it showed up as #1.. I added 4 more, and the one that I assigned to #4 is #518:55
cjohnstoneven though it says order #418:55
cjohnstonand all the others have an order # of 118:58
cjohnstonhmm.. #2 shows up in the #3 spot, #3 shows up in the #4 spot, and #4 shows up in the #5 spo19:00
cjohnstoni assume it is because two are listed as #119:03
cjohnstonso i would guess that somehow it needs to be smart enough to know that #1 already exists19:03
Ronnieevening all19:06
mhall119cjohnston: it just sorts by order....19:09
mhall119parent, order, created-date19:09
mhall119in that order19:09
mhall119I'll test it out and see what I can find19:09
cjohnstonwhats the point of the order then?19:11
mhall119to manually tweak the order if you don't want is simply sorted by created date19:13
mhall119if you have 1, 1, 1, 1, 419:14
mhall119then 4 should be the last one19:14
mhall119those with order '1' will be sorted by created date in the first 4 slots19:14
mhall119or at least that's how it's supposed to work19:15
mhall119if it's not, then it's a bug somewhere19:15
mhall119hmmm, doesn't seem to be working :(19:17
mhall119it used to19:17
mhall119I wonder what I broke19:17
mhall119no wait, it is working19:18
mhall119yeah, it seems to be doing what it's supposed to19:19
cjohnstoni would think ordering it #4 would put it in the #4 spot i guess19:21
* nigelb waves19:35
mhall119cjohnston: nope, it'll just put it lower than anything with a lower order number19:40
mhall119hiya nigelb 19:40
nigelbhey mhall119 :)19:41
* nigelb just reached home19:41
mhall119how was the beach?19:42
nigelbmhall119: I have no words to describe it19:49
nigelbTotal fun.  WEnt to bed everyday after 319:49
cjohnstonmhall119: I got the error again.. all i did was load the page.. i didnt click anything else 20:33
cjohnstonmhall119: the log url doesnt seem to produce any results20:36
markjonesHas anybody ever written a presentation on Ubuntu?21:44
markjonesI need help21:44
czajkowskimarkjones: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Presentations quick google shows that 21:45
markjonesty czajkowski21:45

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