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ari-tczewmicahg: do you will upload barry's patch?03:25
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AnAntHello, can someone help me with this FTBFS: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/62644475/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-powerpc.verilator_3.810-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz07:10
AnAntI am getting the same FTBFS on Debian sparc07:10
micahgAnAnt: just looks like it's trying to remove a file that's not there07:11
AnAntmicahg: ?!07:11
AnAntmicahg: what file ?07:12
micahgit's trying to remove a .exe file for some reason07:12
AnAntmicahg: that happens on all archs, but does not cause the FTBFS07:13
AnAntpersonally I was suspecting something like toolchain difference07:14
micahgoh sorry, didn't see the next break07:15
micahg%Error: ../test_v/top.v:8: syntax error, unexpected $undefined07:16
micahgit looks like the build hung07:20
AnAntyes, this build error does hang the build if I was on an interactive shell07:20
AnAntthis "%Error: ../test_v/top.v:8: syntax error, unexpected $undefined" does not happen on other archs07:21
AnAntupstream doesn't have a clue either07:21
AnAntwhen I compared build logs on Debian, I noticed that successful builds used gcc 4.4.5, while sparc (the failing build) used gcc 4.4.407:22
micahgAnAnt: well, we're on gcc 4.5.2 I think in natty07:22
AnAntand its building well with other archs on natty07:23
micahgyeah, but each arch has its quirks, you can try asking doko07:25
AnAnthmmm, different binutils revision07:27
AnAntbut I would suspect that this would be the reason07:28
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AnAntcdbs: new nickname ?12:53
cdbsAnAnt: yep, since 2 months I guess12:53
nonix4perl -pi -e 's/mantainance/maintenance/' jetring-0.*/debian/control # typos in first line of description are annoying, anybody want to fix that? :)14:08
debfxnonix4: please file a bug against the debian package :)14:17
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nonix4debfx: for minor typo fix, maintonly@bugs.debian.org would be right place?14:42
debfxnonix4: I would just send it to submit@b.d.o with severity minor but maintonly seems appropriate as well14:48
m4n1shHi, for the changelog line -  zeitgeist-sharp ( natty; urgency=low16:17
m4n1shand tarball name16:17
m4n1shI am getting this error16:17
m4n1shdpkg-source: error: can't build with source format '3.0 (quilt)': no orig.tar file found16:17
m4n1shwhat is wrong in it?16:17
ari-tczewalmaisan-away: ping16:17
directhexm4n1sh, missing debian revision16:18
ari-tczewm4n1sh: filename is wrong16:18
directhexm4n1sh, is the base, not
m4n1shdirecthex: debian revision is needed? I thought not16:19
directhexm4n1sh, you need a - in there, the bit before the - is the orig version16:19
ari-tczewdirecthex: this is a new package16:19
m4n1shzeitgeist-sharp ( natty; urgency=low16:19
m4n1shthis is fine?16:19
directhexm4n1sh, yes.16:19
ari-tczewdirecthex: ?16:19
micahgari-tczew: +116:19
micahgit's not in Debian, so a fake Debian revision shouldn't be added16:20
directhexmicahg, well, it's in NEW16:20
micahgdirecthex: oh, ok, well in that case :), if it's a backport of that version it's fine16:20
m4n1shthanks everyone16:21
ari-tczewfolks, conclusion: REVU or Debian?16:21
micahgari-tczew: for?16:21
directhexdebian. always.16:22
ari-tczewmicahg: where m4n1sh is working for? new package for REVU or Debian?16:22
directhexari-tczew, for his ppa. the packackage is already in debian NEW16:22
ari-tczewm4n1sh: aha, add natty1 rather for PPA16:22
ari-tczewthen you can add more revisions natty2, natty3 etc16:22
m4n1shari-tczew: I was putting it in debian because dnielsen (banshee contributer) asked for natty package16:23
m4n1shari-tczew: means
ari-tczewm4n1sh: for PPA looks fine16:23
micahgm4n1sh: you can use -1 if it's a straight backport of the Debian package16:23
m4n1shmicahg: means instead
directhexi wouldn't until it clears NEW, personally16:24
ari-tczewm4n1sh: what's the version in debian NEW?16:24
ari-tczewshow us16:24
m4n1shari-tczew: directhex knows it better16:24
micahgm4n1sh: hmm, ok, well, go with that way there's no chance of conflicting with an official backport16:25
ari-tczew+1 ^^16:25
micahgdirecthex: you're right again :)16:25
directhexyeah, i guess micahg has good advice there16:25
directhexit is possible for -1 to get rejected, in which case there's confusion over what the "real" -1 is16:26
directhexso 0ubuntu1 which is identical to -1 in new is a reasonable assumption. so go with micahg's suggestion16:26
* ari-tczew has lunch16:26
ari-tczewalmaisan-away: we need your help in  bug 675622. see comment 517:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 675622 in glew (Ubuntu) "Merge glew 1.5.7-1 (main) from Debian experimental (main)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67562217:42
ari-tczewnonix4: I can give +1 for backport w3m to maverick.17:44
ari-tczewnonix4: lucid needs changes in d/control17:44
nonix4ari-tczew: 'k. Regarding my patch, Tatsuya just confirmed that it looks correct.17:46
ari-tczewnonix4: there were opinions that patch works as new feature, no bugfix. what do you think?17:47
nonix4From viewpoint of w3m package, it indeed seems like a new feature, but for launchpad-foundations/canonical-identity-provider it is a bugfix imho.17:51
micahgnonix4: I would suggest -backports + an FAQ then17:51
nonix4(then again the rest of 0.5.2-2.1...0.5.2-10 difference is even more features)17:52
micahgright, but in -backports, that's fine :)17:53
nonix4tbh -backports is quite unknown to majority of normal users, so that FAQ would need careful choice of words. I'd rather prefer that in a default server installation, ubuntu-bug "just works" once normal upgrades have been installed.17:56
ari-tczew+1 ^^17:57
ari-tczewsiretart: ping17:57
micahgnonix4: you could e-mail the tech board and ask for an exception17:58
ari-tczewwaking up all developers for one button sounds like hardcore18:00
micahgari-tczew: tech board isn't that many people18:00
nonix46 active members?18:02
micahgnonix4: right, you can send a request to the ML18:02
ari-tczewmicahg: but it shows our bureaucracy18:02
ari-tczewwe are not in the department18:02
micahgari-tczew: we have procedures to keep stability in the Stable Releases18:03
ari-tczewmicahg: "procedures"18:03
ari-tczewrepeating bureaucracy18:04
micahgari-tczew: we have more relaxed rules than Debian18:04
nonix4well, to be able to handle high volume of patches, some form of bureaucracy/hierarchy seems to be more or less necessary, however itchy it feels :-/18:06
micahgalso, this is an exception18:06
ari-tczewmicahg: please consider whether you are too inflexible, bureaucratic, official18:09
siretartari-tczew: hi18:09
ari-tczewsiretart: hello. have you got time to have a look for 2 packages?18:09
siretartari-tczew: unclear, which ones?18:09
micahgari-tczew: it falls outside the guidelines of a stable release update, so the options are -backports or TB exception, I didn't create the rules18:09
micahgtech board18:10
ari-tczewsiretart: want to sync libgcrypt11 and libgpg-error from experimental. only remaining changes are dirs - files *.install, *links18:11
ari-tczewsiretart: one request is filed, bug 70276518:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 702765 in libgcrypt11 (Ubuntu) "Please sync libgcrypt11 1.4.6-4 (main) from Debian experimental (main)" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70276518:12
ari-tczewsiretart: I'd like to get your feedback whether these changes are necessary or not.18:12
ari-tczewmicahg: but you are keeping bureaucratic which is not good.18:13
micahgari-tczew: It's *our* responsibility as uploaders to follow the guidelines that are in place, if you think something should be changed, you should propose it (not sure about the correct forum probably -devel ML)18:15
* ari-tczew must go out.18:16
nonix4ari-tczew: btw I could do some proofreading of your QuickResponse writing some day, think I spotted some minor grammar issues there.18:18
siretartari-tczew: okay, please hilight me with the other request as well, I'll do it when I find some more time18:43
ari-tczewnonix4: OK, I'm open for feedbacks.19:51
paultagDoes anyone know how I can bump bug #703718 ?19:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 703718 in fluxconf (Ubuntu) "Requesting removal of source package `fluxconf' from Ubuntu" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70371819:55
micahgpaultag: you just have to wait for the archive admins to process19:56
paultagmicahg: great. thanks!19:56
ari-tczewsiretart: what do you think, is might be able for Ubuntu? http://paste.ubuntu.com/557346/20:09
siretartari-tczew: what's the intention behind this change?20:10
ari-tczewsiretart: the diff which I sent above is a Debian change.20:10
siretartari-tczew: AFAIUI, debian is moving the libs from /usr to /, which we in ubuntu do for quite some time now20:11
siretartari-tczew: ah, I see. Well, compare the file installation lists of the binary packages. what file locations did change?20:11
siretartif none, then everything is great :-)20:11
ari-tczewsiretart: our delta: http://paste.ubuntu.com/557348/20:12
siretartari-tczew: why do we still need the delta?20:14
ari-tczewsiretart: we don't need delta. :-)20:15
ari-tczewsiretart: I'm just making sure that we can drop delta. I noticed that you've some uploads related to /lib dir.20:16
siretartokay. - let me try it the other way: try building the unmodified source from debian in ubuntu. then compare the output of 'dpkg-deb -c $deb' from the new package with the existing packages20:16
siretartif all files end up in the same locations, then let's get rid of our local changes20:17
siretartif there are differences, then we need to review the changes20:17
siretartwe need to look at the results here, I think20:17
ari-tczewsiretart: let me build it - I'm on it!20:17
micahgari-tczew: that change doesn't make sense, a -dev package shouldn't be putting anything in /lib20:18
micahgFYI, there was a whole discussion on debian-devel about this20:18
ari-tczewmicahg: what do you think, the package from experimental is better?20:18
siretartmicahg: there is, but we really had enough trouble with the divergence here. I'd prefer if we could finally get these two packages in sync again20:19
micahgsiretart: indeed20:19
micahgI was just noting that the diff seems unnecessary for practical reasons20:20
ari-tczewmicahg: +1 ^^20:30
ari-tczewsiretart: odd error: my natty can't find binary libgpg-error0-udeb21:12
ari-tczewsiretart: ok I know what is wrong. Section: debian-installer21:20
ari-tczewme sends thanks to yofel21:21
ari-tczewsiretart: OK, compared. natty: http://paste.ubuntu.com/557392/     experimental: http://paste.ubuntu.com/557394/21:33
ari-tczewmicahg: maybe you're interested ^^21:33
micahgyeah, I think that's better21:35
micahgbut you should just verify with someone who uses the package, just because it fits the standards better, doesn't mean it won't break stuff :)21:36
ari-tczewmicahg: but this is library, hard to find who uses it21:37
micahgari-tczew: well, I meant, who "maintains" something that uses it, that or test build something that depends on the -dev package with it21:37
ari-tczewmicahg: hmm, then I have to use PPA21:38
ari-tczewmicahg: build test is enough?21:38
micahgari-tczew: idk, I'm not a core-dev :), seems like StevenK did most of that work originally, maybe he has an opinion on the issue21:40
siretartari-tczew: it's a bit hard to compare, but it looks great to me so far!21:41
bdrungmicahg: you forgot to subscribe ubuntu-archive to bug #70153622:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 701536 in python-mpd (Ubuntu) "Please sync python-mpd 0.3.0-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70153622:11
micahgbdrung: sorry, I thought I got better at that :-/22:13
ari-tczewbdrung: in future you should use in d/changelog "Sync on Debian" instead "Merge from Debian experimental, no remaining change."22:13
ari-tczewif no remaining changes, it can't be merge :)22:13
bdrungari-tczew: i can do with my package what i want :P22:14
ari-tczewbdrung: :>22:14
bdrungari-tczew: merge from debian, drop all changes, and add new ones.22:14
ari-tczewbdrung: I took this method from tumbleweed22:15
bdrungari-tczew: i kept ubuntu's changelog entry, otherwise it would be a sync.22:15
siretartyay, my build recipe for ffmpeg/trunk packages finally works! https://code.launchpad.net/~motumedia/+recipe/ffmpeg-daily22:15
ari-tczewcongratz siretart :)22:16
siretartso I can finally start testing upgrades by throwing natty sourcepackages at that ppa22:16
siretartbut that's for later this week. good night!22:17
bdrungsiretart: do you know wrap-and-sort?22:17
siretartbdrung: no, what's that?22:18
bdrungsiretart: it sorts and wraps build-depends and co.22:18
bdrungsiretart: wrap-and-sort; $vcs diff22:18
* bdrung should blog about it.22:19
siretartsounds interesting, I'm looking forward to that blogpost22:19
bdrungsiretart: you forgot to add an epoch to the daily build!22:20
bdrungsiretart: recommendation: 0.7~~{revno}+{time} -> 4:0.7~daily~{revno}+{time}22:21
ari-tczewmicahg, siretart: gnupg2 built fine on my PPA with libgcrypt11 and libgpg-error from experimental.23:36
micahgari-tczew: great23:39

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