qwebirc8571hi all04:58
qwebirc8571quick question04:58
qwebirc8571can I install mythbuntu and then replace xfce with fluxbox, and if so which packages need removing?04:59
tgm4883qwebirc8571, yea you should be able to do that, but I couldn't tell you what to remove05:00
tgm4883is there a fluxbuntu?05:00
qwebirc8571yeah but it's old05:00
tgm4883if so, you could install that, then install MCC, then configure mythtv from there05:00
tgm4883qwebirc8571, then grab the alternate CD and install cmd line only, then install fluxbox05:01
tgm4883then MCC, etc05:01
qwebirc8571what other packages besides MCC/FB/myth05:01
qwebirc8571are necessary05:01
qwebirc8571i tried it and had a helluva time05:02
qwebirc8571are any gnome pkgs necessary for say editing users/grps etc?05:03
tgm4883no, i would add mcc, then configure from there. It should prompt to install whatever it needs from there05:05
qwebirc8571so mcc, myth and FB?05:05
qwebirc8571and xdm05:05
qwebirc8571is that it then? just MCC XDM FB and myth/mcc?05:06
qwebirc8571what's the apt for mcc? mythbuntu-control center05:08
qwebirc8571wjat about all the recommended packages do i need those06:45
qwebirc8571i assume that myth and mcc are to be installed seperately06:58
qwebirc8571IE installing MCC wont install mythtv06:59
skiwithpeteanyone here?10:12
skiwithpeteI want to setup a mythTV-backend on an XFCE 'buntu box.  I think I just need10:13
skiwithpetesudo apt-get install mythtv-backend10:14
skiwithpeteit's on 10.04.110:14
skiwithpeteanything else I need to type or will that do it all?10:14
skiwithpetesoz never 100% sure, but need to sleep10:41
skiwithpetewill check back tomoz10:41
stanman246hi you guys12:14
stanman246i'd like to create a livecd/usb to boot from and then run the frontend only, is that possible?12:14
stanman246hi, which version of mythtv is on the livecd of mythbuntu??14:59
mrandstanman246: 0.23.1 is on the 10.10 CD15:00
mrand0.24 is available via the online PPA, and will be included in 11.0415:01
stanman246i've got 0.24 running as backend15:01
stanman246so i can't use the livecd to connect and see if the machine likes it or not...15:01
mrandYou could try a 11.04 disk.  Hmmm, I say that... I wonder if they've been created.15:01
stanman246think not...15:02
stanman246do you perhaps know of a distro livecd which holds 0.24?15:02
mrandstanman246: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/mythbuntu/daily-live/20110123/15:04
Zinn[cdimage.ubuntu.com] Mythbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) Daily Build15:04
stanman246does it have 0.24 on it?15:05
superm1stanman246, yeah it does17:38
stanman2462 bad17:39
stanman246needed a livecd with a 0.24 frontend17:39
BLZbubbais it possible to run mythbuntu from the install disc to see how well it works?  i have a backend already working, i just want to test hdmi out before I do a full install17:50
BLZbubbait looks like debian squeeze/sid can't do hdmi out even with the right driver loaded, unfortunately17:50
tgm4883BLZbubba, you could, although i'm not sure the right drivers would load17:50
BLZbubbathat makes sense.  is there an hdmi audio troubleshooting guide anywhere?  it shows the right things in aplay, but no sound comes out.  it was working perfectly until i did a reinstall17:55
BLZbubbamy biggest nightmare would be if i reload and it still fails17:55
BLZbubbais there an easy way to get the apt sources I need to turn a vanilla ubuntu 10.10 server into a mythbuntu backend?18:10
tgm4883BLZbubba, considering it's all in the Ubuntu repos, yea18:11
tgm4883since it's already there18:11
BLZbubbaoh ok, that is excellent18:12
BLZbubbabut too easy.  is there a way to make it more difficult?18:13
tgm4883BLZbubba, I suppose you could remove sources.list then manually download each package and dependency and install it that way?18:18
BLZbubbanow you're making me nostalgic for the 90's18:19
BLZbubbadoes 10.10 use 0.23 or 0.24?18:20
tgm4883BLZbubba, 0.23.1 by default. 0.24 is available via the mythbuntu-repos package18:21
ZinnThe Mythbuntu team provides updates for MythTV and Mythbuntu package using the Mythbuntu Repos http://mythbuntu.org/repos18:21
BLZbubbaok cool thanks.  one final question - is it possible to get the mythtv backend without having to load X things?18:24
BLZbubbathis is a disaster, i'm getting gtk, qt, mysql-server.  heh why bother loading ubuntu server in the first place :)18:28
tgm4883BLZbubba, no18:28
tgm4883backend requires X to setup18:29
tgm4883IIRC, 0.25 or 0.26 is moving to web based setup so that shouldn't be necessary18:29
BLZbubbait doesn't require X, it's just extremely helpful.18:30
BLZbubbathe front end needs mythtv-setup too but it doesn't get it automatically18:30
BLZbubbabut luckily this complaint will be obsolete soon :)18:31
Chris64hi all18:35
Chris64does nano work at mythbuntu 10.10?18:36
Chris64it returns Error opening terminal: unknown18:36
Chris64need to edit a file. vim is also not available. It's a bit confusing18:36
BLZbubbait should work fine, but maybe a package is missing.  check google18:37
BLZbubbaand sudo apt-get install vim18:37
tsimpsonwhat terminal are you trying to run nano from?18:37
BLZbubbatypical debian/ubuntu annoyance18:37
Chris64it's the terminal from the main applications menu18:37
Chris64BLZbubba: ok18:38
tsimpsonChris64: what is the output of "echo $TERM"?18:42
tsimpsondoes it work if you try running it from xterm or with "TERM=xterm nano" (the 2nd may not work depending on how advanced the terminal is)18:44
Chris64second one works :)18:45
Chris64thank you18:45
BLZbubbaok is /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt no longer needed?  it looks like it's duplicated in config.xml18:45
BLZbubbahmm there is no startup file for mythtv backend in /etc/rc2.d18:53
BLZbubbaoh no, not a @$^ upstart file.  lame18:54
Chris64is this warning on http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/How_to_Obtain,_Build_and_Install_V4L-DVB_Device_Drivers about a bug in ubuntu still true which will let the compiling of DVB drivers to fail?18:58
Zinn[linuxtv.org] How to Obtain, Build and Install V4L-DVB Device Drivers - LinuxTVWiki18:58
Chris64okay, compile failed oo"18:59
BLZbubbaok how do i tell upstart to launch mythtv-backend when the system boots up?19:09
BLZbubbaah there is something in init.d, thank god19:10
BLZbubbaoh lame, it doesn't work if you link it to /etc/rc2.d19:11
BLZbubbaanother question, how well does mythbuntu 10.10 deal with an NFS problem?  e.g. see what happens if you add this to /etc/fstab: /mnt nfs defaults 0 019:54
BLZbubba10.04 would freeze at the purple splash screen forever with no messages at all19:54
BLZbubba#%&@$% ok what does it take to get HDMI audio working with a GT 210?  i unmuted the device and disabled the motherboard audio in the bios21:33
rhpot1991BLZbubba: pick it in the audio setup page?21:45
genecBLZbubba: check all your volumes.  I know using Kubuntu on this laptop, headphones volume is funny21:59
mrandBLZbubba: I had a rough time too.  First step is to get it working outside of Myth by using aplay or speaker-test.  You'll go completely insane otherwise.  if aplay -L doesn't list your sound device, try updating your drivers via this PPA: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/InstallingLinuxAlsaDriverModules22:40
Zinn[wiki.ubuntu.com] Audio/InstallingLinuxAlsaDriverModules - Ubuntu Wiki22:40

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