milkhttp://awn.planetblur.org/index.php?shard=forum&action=g_reply&ID=1836&page=1&isLive=true - see the last comment. bless.03:43
CensoredBiscuitmilk, that sounds like something my girlfriend would do.04:05
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nhandlerSo, I'm still trying to find some time to re-write that Submitting to the Fridge wiki page in bullet/wiki format instead of the way it is now. If anyone has some time, I would really appreciate the help17:03
holsteinnhandler: i need to post a meeting there17:05
holsteinand i was reading about how to do it17:05
holsteinnhandler: ping me if i can do anything to help17:05
nhandlerholstein: What do you mean? Add a meeting to the calendar?17:05
holsteinnhandler: ubuntustudio IRC meeting17:06
nhandlerholstein: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Calendar17:06
holsteinim having a hard time conveying the meeting time properly to them17:06
holsteini was going to use the frige17:06
nhandlerholstein: And https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Submit is the page I need some help with17:07
holsteinnhandler: yeah, thats not the one i was thinking of17:07
holsteineither way17:07
nhandlerholstein: The first link explains how to add events to the fridge calendar17:08
holsteini'll be free in a few hours17:08
holsteinping me if i can do anything17:08
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