mrrothwhat should I look for a  server maintenance checklist00:43
mrrothof different clients00:43
mrrothcould I do a simple or thier some web app for Server maintenance checklist00:53
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mrrothis thier any free webbased project mangement app01:07
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boota2hello, anyone alive?01:51
Tm0Hi. Can anyone help me set up Bind so i can use my VPS? :p01:58
Tm0Can anyone help me setup Bind?02:01
RoyKTm0: google it02:03
Tm0I did. Suprisingly none of them told me what to do if i had two IP addresses02:03
boota2if you still need help i'm here and i've got nothing better to do with my time02:31
KaedennI'm trying to download Ubuntu 10.10 SE, but I'm getting a cap of 80MiB/sec02:52
KaedennIs there a mirror closer to the USA I could use?02:53
KaedennRather than somewhere in the UK02:53
boota2Is that even a problem?02:53
boota2It's pretty good speed.02:53
KaedennNormally I get 6 to 7 times that.02:53
boota2Yo mean, like 8 megabytes per second isn't enough?02:54
boota2Oh shi, what's this unit you used.02:55
boota2mebibyte, lol02:55
KaedennOh sorry >_<02:55
boota2There is option to choose a mirror by hand.02:56
KaedennGah it's been a long day. >_>. Brain is totally fried, like my server.02:56
boota2It's ok.02:56
boota2Oh, no.02:57
boota2There is't02:57
KaedennYeah, I didn't see one.02:57
KaedennWell, I restarted the download and now I'm getting like 400KB/sec.02:57
boota2There are ones.02:58
KaedennThanks. It's downloading quite a bit faster.03:15
saliak1Anyone have experience getting digest authentication to work with apache2.2?  basic authentication works fine for me, but I can't figure out why digest isnt' working (the user/pass i put in the htdigest file doesn't work).  i'm not sure what could be going on.  i have a feeling it has to do with the "realm" and "domain" but finding inconsistent answers across the web03:39
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UbuntuRulescan anyone give me an idea of where to look to figure out why SWAT doesn't start04:50
UbuntuRulesIll take any advice at this time: this has been annoying me for a week now04:56
KaedennSo, for some reason my server doesn't want to boot from the Ubuntu Server Edition CD.05:18
KaedennYet it boots just fine from some Windows CD.05:18
KaedennSo, I'm confused. Is there a reason the CD wouldn't be bootable, or is there something I should be doing?05:19
jmarsdenUbuntuRules: Is inetd or xinetd running?05:23
jmarsdenKaedenn: Have you verified the CD by checksumming it using md5sum?05:24
KaedennI have not, but I installed the image from ubuntu.com. o_O05:25
jmarsdenKaedenn: How does that provide any check against the burner creating a bad copy of the image??05:26
KaedennTrue. I'm making a USB startup disk and seeing if that works, though.05:27
jmarsdenKaedenn: You might want to check https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM and check the CD, too.05:28
KaedennErm, "Make Startup Disk" isn't listing my USB stick.05:29
KaedennOkay, now for another advancement. When I try to boot from an Ubuntu USB drive, it just says "Boot error", and nothing else.05:57
KaedennThat's all that's displayed on the screen.05:57
jmarsdenKaedenn: Does that same USB stick boot other machines OK?05:58
KaedennNever tried to boot other machines.05:58
jmarsdenMight be worth checking.  It's a quickish way to see if the issue is with the USB stick, or with the one machine you are trying to boot.05:59
KaedennFor some reason, booting hangs when trying to boot a CD. I just get some Intel-specific error code "EB" and the CD drive just spins.05:59
jmarsdenKaedenn: and the md5sum of the CD checked out fine, right?05:59
KaedennChecking that now.06:00
Kaedennjmarsden: The checksum passed.06:13
jmarsdenOK.  Good.  Can you boot a different machine from CD or from the USB stick, as a test?06:14
KaedennI don't have any other machine to test that on >_<06:15
jmarsdenWhat about the one you are using now, the one you are typing on?   Alternatively, you could download a different small Linux ISO and see if you can get the server to boot from *that*.06:16
KaedennI'm downloading a fork of Tiny Core Linux.06:18
jmarsdenMaybe http://distro.ibiblio.org/tinycorelinux/3.x/release/tinycore_3.4.1.iso which is only around 10MB ... OK.06:18
KaedennActually that one is a quarter of the size.06:18
jmarsdenUnless you are on dialup to your ISP, a 2.5Mb or a 10Mb file will each download in seconds anyway :)06:19
KaedennDoesn't want to boot from that either.06:23
* Kaedenn hits head against desk06:23
jmarsdenHow are you creating the burned CDs?  WHat command are you using to burn them?06:23
KaedennBasically, "Do you want to burn this ISO to a CD?"06:23
jmarsdenOK.  Can you mount the resulting CDs and see the usual set of files on them?06:24
KaedennAnd the md5sum checked out OK from the MD5Sums on launchpad.06:24
KaedennOr, help.ubuntu.com rather.06:24
jmarsdenSounds like the issue is with the server.  Why not test by booting the machine you are currently typing from from one of the CDs?06:24
jmarsdenIf it can boot them, you *know* the CDs are OK.06:24
KaedennI'm almost certain it's the server, as I've tried four boot mediums thusfar and they all didn't work.06:25
KaedennWait, no, five.06:26
KaedennTwo separate Ubuntu 10.10 i386 CDs, one amd64 CD, a TCL CD, and Ubuntu 10.10 on a USB drive created from "Create Startup Disk".06:27
KaedennAnd I tried the USB stick with both i386 and amd64.06:28
jmarsdenIt's your choice.  At least theoretically, you created all of those, so you are a common factor, a common possible source of error... so until you boot successfully from one or more of those boot media, you do not *know* that the issue is with the server.  Seems to me you have spent a lot of time creating boot media rather than testing the first bootable medium is really truly bootable... :)06:28
KaedennLooks like I'm going shopping tomorrow.06:28
KaedennHey. PEBKAC. It's my motto. :)06:29
JanCmaybe the server doesn't like isolinux, or vice versa?06:29
KaedennNo idea!06:29
KaedennIt could boot just fine from some random Windows CD.06:29
JanCWindows doesn't use isolinux  ;)06:30
JanCit is possible that there is a bug in the BIOS in a function that the Windows bootloader doesn't use06:31
KaedennWe'll go shopping tomorrow.06:33
KaedennMaybe we can pick up an AMD64 motherboard and leave all this behind us.06:33
KaedennIt's late. I need sleep.06:34
JanCwell, you might want to check if there is no BIOS upgrade available06:34
Kaedennjmarsden, JanC, thank you for your help.06:34
jmarsdenYou're welcome.  Goodnight.06:34
KaedennI will do that tomorrow morning.06:34
Guest28392Hi eveyone, Does anyone here know about virtualization?07:09
awantiHi. I am using Ubuntu server for practice. But in server arrow keys are not working!07:44
awantiis any one can solve my problem. plz.07:50
CppIsWeirdi'd like to use aufs and im a little confused as to how to get it on my lucid system.07:54
CppIsWeirdi cant seem to find aufs-tools in the repository07:58
WinstonSmithCppIsWeird, look at  http://admin.alfalinks.lv/en/content/how-install-fsprotect-ubuntu-1004-lucid08:18
CppIsWeirdif i installed the aufs-tools package, i havent installed aufs right?08:25
CppIsWeirdi installed this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+package/aufs-tools08:26
jmarsdenCppIsWeird: apt-cache search aufs   # returns fsprotect and live-initramfs   so looking closely at those packages seems appropriate08:26
CppIsWeirdis there any way to get a list of directories/devices involved in a unionfs/aufs?08:41
mrrothwhat a simple wiki I can install in ubntu09:00
leniosmrothhh, mediawiki?09:27
kerozenedokuwiki <309:29
mrrothhi any one know of a easy to use wiki for ubuntu09:52
leniosmrothhh, we already gave you 2 wikis09:54
mrroththank you10:01
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jolopgood evening to all. im hoping to get help here, im sure its simple for many of the users here its about ubuntu10.04 server and raid1. fresh install of ubuntu-10.04.1-server-amd64 and i followed the step by step in the https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html but on boot im at the busybox mounting errors12:39
ikoniajolop: I'll pick it up with you in here as you're also asking in #ubuntu12:40
ikoniajolop: where did you tell it to install the bootloader ?12:41
jolopok ikonia it alright here12:41
ikoniajolop: did you use a seperate boot partition ?12:41
jolopfrom the instructions i only did 2 partitions 1st is the swap file 10gb and 2nd for the / partition remaining of the 500gb also set it to bootable12:42
jolopno i dont think i used a seperate boot partition12:43
ikoniajolop: ok, personal experience, you'll find it easier to manage with a seperate boot partition, but that's just personal opinion. Where did you tell the installer to put grub ?12:43
jolopwhen it asked, it just asked if i wanted to install the grub on the 1st drive i said yes12:43
ikoniathat should be fine.12:44
jolopmount: mounting /dev/disk/by-uuid/24b8b.... on /root failed: invalid argumant12:46
jolopthats the firs tline of error12:47
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ikonia /root ??? that doesn't sound good12:48
ikoniajolop: boot into the livecd, start the raid array and check the grub config12:49
awantiarrow keys are not working on Ubuntu server???12:50
jolopthen the next 3 errors are also mount errors just like that but they are realated to the first one not being mounted "/root/dev /root/sys /root/proc12:51
joloprebooting to a ubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-amd64 is it ok?12:52
jolopikonia: thank yu for helping me, im now at the live cd12:57
ikoniajolop: start the array12:57
jolopim sorry but how do i do that?12:57
jolopfdisk -l i see the two drives i dont see the md0 i created12:58
jolopim installing mdadm first13:01
jolopthen i'll try to start the array13:01
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ikoniajolop: cool13:09
jolopikonia: i think a i have already started the array using "mdadm --assemble --scan" but when i "fdisk -l" there is a note there that "Disk /dev/md0 doesn't contain a valid partition table13:09
ikoniaapologies, I keep leaving my desk13:09
ikoniajolop: ok, so that's the issue, the install didn't happen to md013:09
jolopand "Disk /dev/md1 doesn't contain a valid partition"13:09
ikoniajolop: something has gone wrong with the install, re-install (you may want to follow my suggestion and use a seperate /boot)13:10
jolopthe reason i did only 2 partitions is because i dont have a guide on slicing the 500GB in preparation for RAID113:11
ikoniaraid1 has nothing to do with your partition layout13:11
ikoniaslice it as you see fit13:11
jolopwhile im onit and your here to help me any suggestion on slicing up a 500gb? im using it basically for webserver and redmine13:12
ikonia /boot / /var /home  seems sensible to me13:13
jolopthe guide im following only told of swap partition on the beginning of the disk and "/" partition that is bootable for the rest of the drive13:13
jolopthe guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html13:14
ikoniabecause it's personal preference how you slice it up13:14
ikoniathat option I've just given you is just my opinion based on experience13:14
jolopdoes the postfix configuration is a requirement for the mdadm, i noticed im always selecting no configuration when its asked after installation of mdadm13:17
jolopim thinking that the mdadm dis not start on installation when i did no configuration on the postfix that it wants to be installed13:22
ikoniajolop: postfix is only used for sending alert emails of mdadm failure13:24
RoyKyou can probably use any mta, but postfix is the preferred one13:26
jolopyes but maybe this time i'll try to configure the postfix install13:26
RoyKjolop: btw, I'd recommend not slicing up too much - just a gig for the /boot, some swap and the rest for the root is good for most installs13:27
RoyKjust use something to monitor disk usage so it doesn't fill up13:28
jolopanother good soul helping me. thanks RoyK! and thank you Ikonia. im currently wiping the disks before fresh install again.13:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #706570 in tomcat6 (main) "JAVA_OPTS defined in /etc/init.d/tomcat6 do not propagate to startup" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70657013:31
ikoniagig for /boot ?13:34
ikonia250mb is more than enough for /boot13:34
ikoniaRoyK: did you read what he said about running a web server13:34
ikoniaa seperate /var partition is important for logging13:34
RoyKnot really13:39
RoyKso long as the drives don't fill up, it doesn't matter13:39
oCeanI agree with ikonia there.. I even separate /var/www on my webservers13:39
jolop1m done witht he 1st partition for swap, its 10gb at the beginning, just like th eguide said.13:39
RoyKand the flexibility of having one large partition is way more important than isolating stuff13:39
RoyKikonia: 250MB can easily fill up - beleive me13:40
jolopnow i'll crete the /boot partition is this the one i need to mark as bootable?13:40
RoyKikonia: and if you have 500 gigs, 1 less won't matter much13:40
oCeanRoyK: do you collect obsolete kernel versions? :s13:40
RoyKoCean: or do some testing or ...13:41
ikoniajolop: the installer will mark what needs to be marked13:41
jolopis the /boot partition needed to be marked as bootable?13:41
ikoniajolop: trust the installer13:41
ikoniajolop: don't worry about bootable flag13:41
RoyKoCean: with automatic updates, /boot can easily fill up if you don't manually remove old kernels - that's why I want some space there - less hassle13:42
RoyKand with current drive pricing, 1GB isn't really a lot13:42
* RoyK just checked and old box... $ dpkg -l | grep linux-image| wc 23 248 317613:43
RoyK23 friggin' kernels :P13:43
jolopfinished slicing the 500gb, only 3 partitions, im still afraid on more complications swap, /boot and /13:49
jolopthen on the raid1 devices: 0: as swap, 1: as /boot ext4 and 2: / ext413:50
RoyKjolop: how much swap/boot?14:01
pmatulisnot much sense in journaling /boot but ok14:12
jolopfinished the install and its the same error14:15
pmatulisjolop: using lvm?14:16
RoyKjolop: what error?14:17
jolopno lvm14:17
pmatulisjolop: how many disks do you have?14:17
RoyKiirc he said one 500GB drive14:18
pmatulisraid1 with one disk?14:18
jolopmount error somethign like cant mount /root to /dev/by-uuid-.....14:18
jolopraid1 2 500gb14:19
RoyKlinux software raid?14:19
jolopubuntu software raid. following the https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html14:20
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jolopim using ubuntu-10.04.1-server-amd64, hp proliant ml110, 2x500gb hdd, 4gm ram14:20
gobbewhat does your /boot/grub/grub.cfg say, and sudo fdisk -l, upload those to pastebin14:35
ikoniajolop: do what you did before, boot from the livecd, start the array and see if you can mount it14:39
ikoniajolop: it is pointless doing anything else until you know the array is valid and contains data14:39
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audreydoes anyone know of a way to send emails using postfix, when the ISP has blocked port 25?16:14
audreyis the only way to use the isp's relay?16:14
pmatulisaudrey: you're just sending emails?16:15
audreywell, it seems to receive emails just fine16:15
audreybut I can't send any emails unless they're internal16:16
pmatulisaudrey: so, yes, use your isp's smtp server as a relay16:16
audreyI'm pretty sure (from telnetting) that port 25 is blocked16:16
audreyis that the only way?16:17
audreyI'm trying to make it as autonomous as possible (I realise I'm at the isp's mercy anyway)16:17
compdocsending isnt usually the problem16:18
compdocthey dont block 25 outgoing16:18
audreyreally? what could be the problem then?16:18
pmatuliscompdoc: many isp's do not allow outgoing port 25 unless it's to their server16:18
audreyI assumed it was an anti-spam thing16:18
pmatulisthis is very common16:18
compdocwell, not all do16:18
audreyI'm with o216:19
audreyin the uk16:19
audreythey *have* an smtp relay, I just don't want to use it if I don't have to16:19
pmatuliscompdoc: he said he can receive email but cannot send. the only way is to use the isp's smtp server16:19
compdocIve seen that too16:20
pmatulisunless his configuration is screwed up.  but we can only go by what he's telling us16:20
compdocso use their outgoing - its not a big deal16:20
matttall your mail are belong to o216:20
audreythanks mattt, that's actually quite helpful. I suspected as much. Hence encryption? But how do I make it more stable?16:21
compdocI use comcast's outgoing because their reverse dns works, and sites like yahoo, etc. wont block16:21
matttaudrey: if you have another mail server outside of the o2 network, open up port 587 and use that?16:21
KurtKrautaudrey, in Brazil all ISPs blocked together port 25 due SPAM. There is probably an extensive documentation in how to deal with that.16:22
compdocthere are mail hop outbound services16:22
compdoccosts a little extra16:22
audreycompdoc: is comcast your isp?16:22
matttaudrey: i use be in uk, they do same thing16:22
pmatuliswhat would be gained by piping all mail to an isp's server or some other organization's server?16:23
compdocI can telnet mail servers on port 25 - but I cant receive on 2516:23
compdocpmatulis, theres a few benefits16:24
audreyok, so use o2 smtp relay, use encryption, and be ready to link to a second server outside o2.16:24
matttlet'er rip16:25
compdocencription? youre afraid theyre reading your mail?16:25
audreywell, They always do.  :)16:25
matttunlikely, but possible :D16:26
audreyCould I not just send mail directly on port 587? What are the likely problems with doing that?16:28
audreyand, indeed, how would you do that in postfix?16:29
compdocunless youre plotting to take over o2, I doubt they will care what you say16:29
compdocnot all mail servers in the world will accept mail on 587, I dont think16:29
audreyI suppose it would defeat the point of blocking 2516:30
pmatulisaudrey: you need to first figure out what you want to achieve.  from what i'm reading, you don't know16:30
matttaudrey: if you have a relay server that accepts mail on port 587, that'd work16:30
matttyou could relay through it16:30
audreyah, ok.16:30
RoyKyou need a relay if the ISP blocks port 2516:31
* RoyK has a private server for that sort of things :P16:31
pmatulisaudrey: you can make your server external to your isp listen on *any* port16:31
matttyeah, i use my vps for that sort of thing16:31
RoyKhow much do you pay for a small vps these days?16:32
pmatulisaudrey: and "encryption" only makes sense when authenticating to a mail server that you control16:32
audreyis there a recommended way of switching relays, or queueing them, so that it uses the backup server if the o2 one stops relaying?16:32
pmatulisand nothing else16:32
matttRoyK: w/ minimal b/w, 15 a month or so?16:32
matttRoyK: USD that is16:33
audreypmatulis: I meant PGP etc16:33
pmatulisaudrey: ok16:33
RoyKmattt: wouldn't an EC2 VM from amazon be cheaper than that?16:34
RoyKfor just an MTA, I mean16:34
audreyis there a recommended way of switching relays, or queueing them, so that it uses the backup server if the o2 one stops relaying? using postfix16:35
matttRoyK: ah, potentially ... don't use EC2 myself16:36
matttaudrey: that question doesn't make much sense16:36
RoyKaudrey: normally you have two or more MX records for a domain, with different priority/cost, which makes the email sent to the primary server, but falling back to the secondary server/MX if the primary can't be contacted16:37
audreywell, in my /var/log/mail I can see if a message didn't get sent (eg if o2 stops relaying), so is there a way of sending it via a secondary server if o2 fails?16:38
audreyroyk: isn't that for incoming mail?16:38
RoyKer.. yes16:38
RoyKwhy shouldn't outgoing mail work?16:39
matttaudrey: what is sending it through o2?  a mail server or something else?16:39
RoyKexcept if the ISP blocks port 25, that is16:39
audreyroyk: I'm recieving mail fine, I think o2 isp are blocking port 25 outgoing except to their server16:39
matttaudrey: they are, most ISPs do that16:39
matttaudrey: their mail server may start blocking connections from you if you're abusing their system btw16:40
audreymattt: I'm not sure yet. I was going to try this: http://www.zimbra.com/forums/installation/1538-sending-mail-using-your-isp-relay-host.html16:40
audreyyeah. I don't think I'll be spamming anyone though...16:41
matttyou sure?  :D16:41
matttaudrey: postfix should retry if it can't relay the message through o216:41
matttup to a certain # of days, then it'll drop the msg16:41
audreyI wouldn't know where to start, except maybe lol-spam :D16:41
RoyKmattt: dpkg-reconfigure postfix16:42
audreyyeah, but the motivation is to be as autonomous as possible (which I realise in this case is a lost cause)16:42
matttaudrey: may want to look at something like a vps then16:45
RoyKhttp://aws.amazon.com/free/ <-- looks good :)16:45
audreylol, thanks. But how do you trust your vps host not to have a snoop-hypervisor?16:46
matttaudrey: dude, you're right paranoid :D16:48
audreyyeah, I know :D16:48
audreybut if They can boot Wikileaks, They can boot me16:48
RoyKaudrey: it's a matter of trust, or money, if you're paranoid, get your own gear and a good internet connection16:48
audreyroyk: that's been my approach. What exactly makes a connection "good"?16:49
audreynot port-blocking :)16:49
RoyKwell, a 100Mbps link is quite good16:51
audreyI'm guessing that not having an isp (or being your own isp), even if it were possible, wouldn't be exactly easy16:51
RoyKaudrey: if you're located in the US or China or Iran or something, they have global sniffing in the backbone anyway16:51
audreyRoyk: ORLY? but surely that only picks up on unencrypted transmissions?16:52
RoyKaudrey: it's still pretty hard to break RSA, yes16:53
audrey:) AFAWK16:53
audreyit's a fairly endless spiral, this distrust16:54
RoyKbut I somewhat think China is trying to break that with that new supercomputer of GPus16:54
audreyok, thanks guys16:56
shaunodoes ufw only store rules in /etc/ufw? I seem to be missing something17:13
thesheff17shauno: ufw is actually built on top of iptables.17:16
compdocI think it creates iptables rules and stores them there17:16
compdocI like it17:16
compdoctheres a gufw if you have a desktop. it works well17:17
compdocwhere does iptables store rules between boots?17:17
shaunoI think that's what I'm looking for .. they must persist on disk somewhere between boots17:21
thesheff17shauno: just doing ufw enable will persist through reboots17:22
shaunobut I'm now discovering the host doesn't have ipt_MASQUERADE available, which is more likely to be why copying rulesets across didn't work17:22
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pehdencan some one ping pehden.net19:58
pehdenthen www.pehden.net19:58
pehdentell me if both fail19:58
pehdenmonteith: thanks that will do it20:00
pehdenmonteith: well actually that doesnt work20:01
pehdenmy browser redirects to www.pehden.net20:02
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pehdenand then my other browser says not found20:05
pehdenhost pehden.net20:05
pehdenpehden.net mail is handled by 1 pehden.net.20:05
pehdenbut www.pehden.net resovles my ip20:06
EvilPhoenixpehden:  then its DNS issues20:21
EvilPhoenixpehden:   pehden.net. CNAME pehden.ath.cx.   ;  www.pehden.net. CNAME pehden.ath.cx.   ;  pehden.ath.cx. A
EvilPhoenixthat's the DNS entries20:22
EvilPhoenixi omitted a duplicate entry20:22
EvilPhoenixpehden:  its likely not a dns issue then, rather an issue with your webserver20:22
EvilPhoenixand its configuration20:22
EvilPhoenixoh wait, you're having issues with multiple browsers?20:23
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EvilPhoenixwhat DNS servers are those systems using?20:23
EvilPhoenixactually i should beasking what browsers20:26
pehdenthats what i was thinking20:29
pehdenand arora20:29
pehdenwith ff pehden.net redirects to the www.pehden    but in arora pehden.net fails20:30
pehdendue to time out20:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #706675 in clamav (main) "package clamav-milter 0.96.5 dfsg-1ubuntu1.10.04.1 failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso script post-installation instalado devolvió el código de salida de error 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70667520:32
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lateniteHi folks, I have a connection on my netstatlist that I would like to know more of. Its line 6 and 14. How do I find out what service is on that port? http://pastebin.com/Xcqm4JAB23:23
Picilatenite: Run netstat with sudo and be sure to include the -p switch23:25
PiciThat should tell you the process23:25
latenitePici, nice flag thanks. Sadly the data I pasted is from yesterday. Is there still a way to find out? today it looks like that http://pastebin.com/RDBYErT023:27
Picilatenite: I'd be completely guessing, but it looks like it *might& be skype, the port numbers are in similar locations and a quick search reveals that skype doesn;t use any specific preset ports.23:30
lateniteyeah maybe :) hey thanks a lot :)23:33

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