mbanais it possible to find out what packages i last installed00:02
mbananever mind00:02
brobostigonnos da,sleep well all.00:04
jacobwnight brobostigon00:05
brobostigonnight jacobw00:05
=== MonsterKiller is now known as monsterkiller
sgehanyone using NX here?00:10
sgehweekend quietness00:10
stuphiMiddle of the night quitness :-)00:12
luke_:( how do i get to empathy?01:18
Azelphurluke_: /join #empathy01:19
luke_thanks :)01:19
luke_actually, maybe you can help me? :) i was wondering how i find out what codec my webcam is recording because i cant stream with some people because they dont have the codec01:20
* hamitron sighs01:22
dr_barnowl/nick awilkins02:12
dr_barnowlCrap, stupid phone client02:13
MartijnVdShmm.. 1l of fresh tea06:44
AlanBellmorning all09:33
daubersAh ha!09:52
daubersManaged to break unity09:52
daubersI also have no right click in terminator..09:53
daubersah, how odd, it's back now09:53
MartijnVdSthe way Unity is implemented is a bit weird imho09:58
MartijnVdSthe "part of the wm, but not quite"09:58
daubersI really do quite like Unity. Still a little buggy, but thats expected at this point in it's development10:03
MartijnVdSI can't stand the dock thingy and global menus10:03
MartijnVdSWhich is basically "all of unity"10:04
daubersI like the dock thing :) Specially the way it runs away whe I move my windows close to it10:04
twagerI have a complete freeze with Natty after todays dist-upgrade10:04
daubersI think global menus are one of those things that grows on you over time10:04
daubersI probably use Macs too often to notice it too much really10:05
MartijnVdSdaubers: I've tried using macs for months and I couldn't get used to it10:07
MartijnVdSalso, macs don't have focus-follows-mouse, which I love10:07
dutchiei can't get used to macs10:07
jacobwi'm not a massive fan of global menus, but as daubers says they probably grow on you over time10:07
jacobwmorning :)10:08
danfishjacobw: so does mould, and I'm not a great fan of that ;)10:08
jacobwdanfish: i wouldn't be without my mould :p10:09
daubersfocus follows mouse irratates me, and I can't pin down why :(10:10
danfishhmm - I keep getting an "unreadable MCE error" on boot since upgrade to the latest kernel10:10
popeyhttp://utilitybidder.co.uk/ :)10:11
popeydaubers: ffm on unity or on std gnome?10:12
dauberspopey: Either10:14
popeywell its broken in unity10:14
daubersAdmittedly not tried it in Unity10:14
jacobwi've got a strange issue with maverick, i've created a keyboard shortcut to a pygtk script, but using the shortcut breaks my makes my external monitor mirror the laptop monitor10:14
daubersannoyed me in std gnome when I used it for a bit10:14
popeyi get annoyed in OSX and Windows which dont have ffm10:14
daubersAll bugs aside, the one thing that really annoys me in Unity is no Alt+F210:15
daubersI've half assumed gnome-do or somesuch will appear in time....10:15
jacobwthis is the pygtk script btw, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9943718&postcount=1610:15
popeygnome-do is apparently dead :(10:15
jacobwreally? :(10:16
popeythats what gord said when I last mentioned it10:16
HazRPGI agree with everything that micromart said about all things linux10:16
HazRPG"10 Things Linux Must Do In 2011"10:16
daubersWonder if something will come into to add a run command thing10:17
MartijnVdSHazRPG: wait.. this isn't the year of the Linux Desktop?10:17
HazRPGMartijnVdS: xD10:17
HazRPGsame thing every year right ;)10:18
dutchiedaubers: popey: there is a bug filed on it somewhere10:19
jacobw2006 was the year of the linux desktop10:19
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 580295 in Unity "Alt-F2 not working" [High,Triaged]10:19
HazRPGjacobw: isn't every year the year of the linux desktop?10:20
jacobwHazRPG: yeah, but some are better others10:20
dutchienote how most of the comments on that are the milestone it's targetted to being pushed back :(10:20
HazRPGoh, there's a point10:21
HazRPGwhat's the best place for like linux news?10:21
HazRPGor even an open-sourced linux mag or something...10:21
daubersdutchie: Ooooh, at least it has a milestone fix suggestion :)10:21
dutchiedaubers: yeah, but the milestone it was originally targetted to was 0.2.2, and now it's 3.6...10:23
popeydaubers: its less that it's not working, more that its not implemented10:23
danfishHazRPG: try lxer.org10:23
popeyALT+F2 is what the gnome panel does10:23
popeyno gnome panel, no ALT+F210:23
dauberspopey: Yeah, but reading that bug an alternative has been suggested relativley recently and the last milestone has it being assigned to someone to impliment that alternative10:26
HazRPGdanfish: thanks :)10:27
HazRPGhurray \o/10:30
HazRPGpopey: I think I fell in love with graze.com xD10:31
daubersI do love the way that if the Unity dock is off the screen and a new app opens, it's icon just pops over the edge of the screen a little and gives a cheeky wave10:31
HazRPGdaubers: copied from OSX much ;)10:31
daubersHazRPG: It's more fun than the OSX one, that just glows a bit and buldges.10:32
HazRPGdaubers: >_< I was just about to say that xD10:32
awilkinsProblem with graze.com is that the packages would never pass through the corporate sphincter10:33
awilkinsI'd be reduced to packing yesterdays into my laptop bag10:33
awilkinsMini tupperware and Julian Graves may be the solution.10:34
awilkinsThe trains are still bobbins. Didn't expect that. :-|10:36
popey:) HazRPG10:38
popeydaubers: cool10:39
HazRPGhaha, really liked reading this article: http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/7084110:39
dutchiemight stick natty on my netbook at some point10:39
* jacobw opens yesterdays graze box10:40
jacobwno olives :(10:40
* daubers dons headphones10:41
awilkinsCrunchy breadsticklets?10:42
jacobwcashew nuts :( i'm not a fan of the nut punnets10:42
HazRPGmake sure to unlike them10:44
HazRPGI had cashew nuts yesterday too... no like those10:44
HazRPGthe oriental crackers were lush though!10:44
jacobwi should, i always forget to rate or slate10:44
jacobwoh yes, oriental crackers ftw10:45
awilkinsMmmm peanuts crackers ..... Droool10:45
jacobwthe wasabi ones awilkins?10:45
awilkinsOoh, even better10:45
awilkinsI go to a chinese supermarket for oriental snack gratification10:46
awilkinsTheir new line of crunchy ramen noodles was moreish10:46
jacobwhmmm ramen :)10:47
awilkinsNot so sure about dried durian sausage10:48
NeotiHi All, does anyone know where i can get a list of all 64Bit chips or at least a list of all CPUs and if its a 64Bit CPU or 32 bit CPU ?10:50
awilkinsWill soon have pots of kimchi. Am going to kimchi workshop. Korean lunch. Mmm.10:50
AlanBellNeoti: pretty much anything new is 64bit10:51
awilkinsNeoti: wikipedia have a good list. If you have shell access to the machne you can list it's CPU features to determine its arch.10:51
Neotisee im building a media center and want a 64bit cpu, now im not thick on cpus but i just can not find a difinitive list of MAKE, MODEL, 64 or 32 etc ... and its anoying ... lol10:53
AlanBellrelax, it will be 64bit10:54
awilkinsAnything new is a 64 bit in general, esp. Desktop models.10:54
AlanBellsome early Atom chips were 32 bit10:54
awilkinsYes, they are netbook models10:54
AlanBellnow you would have to be hunting out an odd embedded chip to find 32bit10:55
awilkinsRighto, train is here10:55
Neotiaha... good old wiki.... right at the bottum of a page it lists which Itel chips and E numbers which are 64bit ... YEY... im a happy bunny now ... lol10:55
Neotidont take much ... he he10:55
directhexNeoti, it's 2011. there are no 32-bit intel cpus except for atom. if it's not atom, it's 64-bit11:00
Neotiok cheers.... just thought i would ask.... YIPPEEEEE11:01
Neotiim also now desiding on a dual-core or a core i5 cpu .... the i5 should be better but is it ?11:02
gordyes it is11:02
MartijnVdSi5 is dual core11:05
MartijnVdSitym "Core Duo", that was the generation before i3/5/711:05
HazRPGall i5's from 650-680 are dual-core'd processors capable of doing hyper threading (so in this case, 4 threads at a time)11:09
Neotiok, my media center will have a TV tuner card, core i5, 2gb ram, 500GB hdd, HDMI out and blueray, unforchanetly i will put windows on there with Media portal , the hdd will be Raid 1 mirrored as i dont want to lose all me media and will rsync to my freeNAS box so i have a backup and for shared access to content etc... does this sound ok ?11:09
gordNeoti, nope!11:10
gordNeoti, for a media center its waaaay overpowered11:10
HazRPGthe 750, 750S and 760 are quad-core's... but no hyper-threading... so your getting true 4 threads over 4 cores11:10
gordmine is a single core 1.6ghz atom cpu with an nvida ion chipset, plays 1080p content just fine11:10
Neotiis that the ion or something like that ?11:11
gordnot sure why your going with windows either11:11
Neotisome thing like a zotec ion thingy11:11
gord"hz atom cpu with an nvida ion chipse"11:11
HazRPGhmm, yeah dude you don't need to place windows just make a media centre, plus those specs would be MORE than ideal for a media server11:12
Neotiok i am going with windows as a base for this as i love media portal and there is going to be more than me using it , also when i have had media center based on ubuntu before it did not cut it .... sorry ubuntu.....11:12
gordwere you using xbmc?11:13
HazRPGI was just about to ask that11:13
Neotino, i seen it but only plaid with media portal11:13
gordwell theres your problem11:13
Neotiok guys, build me a media center .... specs software the lot my budget is around £600 ... goo...11:14
gordhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHx0SL2NDSY my xbmc setup running on an acer revo (around £200) - thats all you need11:15
HazRPGthere's also boxee11:16
HazRPGwhich I really enjoy using11:16
HazRPGalthough xbmc is great too11:16
Neotiargh.... sorry you have no sound ... argh .... the video is good but my one gripe with people on youtube is that you can hear sound in the background but the person does not talk about the set up and stuff just flicks through stuff....im watching the video now ...... sorry ....11:17
Neotialso i love the android app thingy ...11:18
Neotii want it ...11:18
Neotiits nice ...11:18
Neotiah ... you like minecraft.... i once lost an entire day from just playing that ... he he11:20
NeotiHazRPG, i hope i have not affended u with my comment .... sorry..... :(11:24
HazRPGNeoti: nah you haven't the oven dinged11:25
HazRPGwhere did you get it from!?11:27
HazRPGgord: where did you get the monkey magic from? The tv show!11:28
HazRPGbtw Neoti it really isn't hard to setup xbmc11:29
Neotilol stupid Q ... i have to have an Xbox right and then do some kinda of voodoo magic to put it on there ?11:30
HazRPGhave a play with it, it works on windows/linux/mac: http://xbmc.org/11:30
HazRPGlol no, it was originally designed to stream stuff to the xbox... but its since expanded its project11:31
Neotii will have a play .... its easiyer on windows tho ... with media portal ... but i will have a play just cos imgeeky like that ...11:31
HazRPGis it going to be hooked straight into a tv? or how are you planning on using it exactly?11:33
Neotibassically getting a nice HTPC case and putting it under the TV with a HDMI cable... setting it for 1080p goodness and stream youtube and revision 3, copy films, music, photos to it ... mybe have the odd plug in for asterisk to alert me of a call the CLID and maybe add the emulator stuff to it for old NES and SNES games ... not too sure yet11:35
HazRPGguessing its not intended to replace your desktop though?11:37
HazRPGdoesn't sound like you need amazing hardware then11:37
Neotioh no ... defo not ... just media that its .... only a remote control and the software to autostart on boot and bee full screen etc...11:37
HazRPGI think your graphics card will properly be the main thing11:38
HazRPGand some decent ram11:38
HazRPGbtw, boxee is another good one - its based around xbmc11:38
Neotiim just installing xbmc on my ubuntu pc now ...11:38
HazRPGcool, I'm sure you'll like it11:39
Neotiwell im not i'll just blame you :) ...11:39
Neotisorry should be well if not11:40
Neotiwell if not i'll just blame you :) ...11:40
HazRPGI figured ;)11:40
HazRPGpersonally, do what the heart tells you - we can only suggest and advise11:40
HazRPGif you get the i5, etc11:40
HazRPGmeans you can do more with it in future should you wish to11:41
HazRPGi.e. make it an emulator pumping machine too ^^,11:41
HazRPGe.g.* (not i.e.)11:42
Neotiok XBMC seems kool....11:44
HazRPGBoxee, like I said is similar to XBMC except it adds on a social aspect to it too11:45
X3Nloving how usb tethering just works11:46
* X3N is on a train11:46
HazRPGX3N: hehe, what you using?11:47
Neoticool.... usb teth....11:47
* MartijnVdS considers going for a walk11:49
HazRPGNeoti: have you checked out the boxee stuff?11:49
HazRPGI remember having a beta account for boxee, I really really loved it11:50
popeyanyone good with lvm?11:55
* popey pokes daubers 11:55
dauberspopey: lo12:07
* daubers awakens from Minecraft12:07
jonsainthi all. how often does ubuntu do these new upgrades because i got version 9 on cd and there seems very little difference between 9 and 10.12:08
daubersjonsaint: The version numbers are year.month, so I think you're talking about 9.10 and 10.04?12:08
jonsaintyes thats it12:09
daubersjonsaint: There's a new release every 6 months, with lts releases every.... 2 years?12:09
lubotu3LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)12:09
jonsaintso i take it the next release is 11.04?12:09
daubersjonsaint: Yup12:09
lubotu3Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.12:09
jonsaintwill all that be sorted when it comes to oficial release then?12:10
daubersShould be12:10
daubersThats the aim anyway :)12:10
HazRPGwill what be all sorted sorry?12:11
jonsaintim fairly new to ubuntu, ive been on the dark side for many years and got sick of all the viruses and stuff so i was told to try this. taking a bit of getting used to but so far i like what im seeing.12:11
NeotiHey Jonsaint..... welcome to the light side of the force ....12:12
jonsaintthanks! neoti. it looks pretty easy to use and all this community support too which is great! microsoft wouldnt even dream of doing anything like this without asking what sort of credit card your using first lol12:13
jacobwwelcome to #ubuntu-uk jonsaint12:13
Neotilol.... thats true....12:13
jacobwcommunity support is fantastic :) you might want to sign up for the mailing list for more in depth discussions12:14
jonsaintso i can basically do near enough the same as what i could do on the other o/s??12:14
Neotii have been using ubuntu on and off for a while .... but now i have a job where i am in terminal all the time so i thought stuff it i might as well just use ubuntu and put my ssh keys on all the systems etc.12:14
Neotijonsaint , you can do most maybe 98% of all the stuff you can do on windows on linux.... though , some windows specific programs you do have to use windows but i get around that with using virtual box in ubuntu and installing windows in there . :P12:16
jacobwjonsaint: most people can, sadly some people require proprietary software that only runs on Windows12:16
jonsaintwell i only tend to use this for web browsing and burning the odd dvd. but im looking more into ubuntu and how it works etc. i got absolutly no knowledge of ubuntu what so ever lol12:19
Myrttioh dear. I just watched some videos of Minecraft on youtube and now I'm actually thinking of purchasing the game. HELP? tell me not to.12:19
Neotiyou must purchase the game ...... lol12:20
Neotiits awesome...12:20
Neotiyou actually lose time12:20
PendulumMyrtti: join me in my resistance to Minecraft. Just keep saying "I like my job and getting sleep" over and over ;-)12:21
Neoti"I like mine craft and building things"12:21
Neotihe he12:22
MyrttiPendulum: nnngghghhghhhhghgh12:22
jonsaintwhat is minecraft lol12:23
Neotilook it up on google .... and play a couple of hours i mean minuets... lol ... he he12:24
Neotiif we dont hear back from you for a few days we will know you found it ... lol12:24
jonsaintit dont look too bad12:27
jonsaintand this is for ubuntu???12:27
Neotisee you in about a week then .... you will lose whole days to it ...12:27
Pendulumjonsaint: from what I can tell, it's crack for geeks12:27
Neotinope its for all os... its web based12:27
Neotipendulum, ;)12:28
Neotiits more addictive then the most adictive drug ...12:28
dwatkinsPeople have made arithmetic logic units and music players with minecraft, it's got all sorts of hoopy features12:28
jonsaintsoon as i get some money in my account il get this game.12:29
Neotioh no another addict!!!!12:29
dwatkinsI've never played it.12:30
Neotithere goes another one too ...12:30
jonsaintso is this room specifically for uk users of ubuntu then?12:31
popeyMyrtti: :)12:32
jacobwi heard someone mention minecraft at a house party last night, i was suprised that anyone outside of the geek community knew of it12:32
TheOpenSourcererjonsaint: There are a few peeps who hang out in here not from the UK too.12:32
TheOpenSourcererWe don't mind :-)12:32
jonsaintim probably the only person in my city thats running this lol. time to spread the word i think!12:32
jacobwjonsaint: you might be suprised at who else uses ubuntu12:33
popeyjonsaint: what city?12:33
Neotijonsaint , where are you from12:33
AlanBellI don't think you are the only one12:33
TheOpenSourcererHello AlanBell12:33
AlanBellhello TheOpenSourcerer12:33
jacobwjonsaint: there are some prominent ubuntu people in wolverhampton12:33
Neotiim from notts.... i sure there are some people out there some place .... wait people out side ... holy hell when did this happen ...12:33
popeyyou aren't the only one by some margin12:33
TheOpenSourcererHow was your trip back from the big "B" then?12:33
jonsaintnow thats suprised me lol12:33
Myrttiperhaps I should learn to play first12:33
jacobwisn't stuart langridge in wolverhampton?12:34
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: quite easy really, I was on the brand new boat, first day of sailing12:34
AlanBellsmelled of new carpets rather than seasickness :)12:34
TheOpenSourcererEnjoy the course?12:34
AlanBellyes, writing up an article about it12:35
AlanBellit was nice and technical12:35
HazRPGjonsaint: Heh, just catching up with topic12:37
HazRPGjonsaint: welcome to #ubuntu-uk, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here ;)12:37
AlanBellis Davmor2 from wolves?12:37
jonsaintthanks hazrpg. i hope i made the right choice.12:37
HazRPGjonsaint: Trust me you did :)12:38
Neotijonsaint : yes you have ...12:38
AlanBellJono Bacon was, but now lives in the states12:38
HazRPGyou'll get better support and responses from us then microsoft will ever give12:38
dwatkinsjonsaint: http://www.wolveslug.org.uk/12:39
jonsaintso heres me thinking im all alone when really i could have walked past half a dozen ubuntu users in the shops lol12:39
HazRPGjonsaint: full convert, or dual-boot at the moment?12:39
HazRPGshocking isn't it :p12:39
jonsaintfull convert. i completly formatted my drive, put on 9.10 which i had on cd and then went to v1012:39
* HazRPG still trying to find me an ubuntu/linux girl12:40
NeotiHazRPG look on youtube for NixiePixel..... shes hot as hell and a big supporter of ubuntu12:40
TheOpenSourcererMy eldest son (10) wants a video editor on Ubuntu. Which one do any of you prefer? Pitivi, Openshot Kino, Avidemux ...12:40
HazRPGNeoti: oh trust me, I know of her xD12:41
NeotiLOL hazrpg12:41
HazRPGNeoti: Although, what's the chances she gets random people e-mailing her all the time asking her out... so thought nah, would be daft to12:41
jacobwPiTiVi seem powerful enough without being over complicated12:42
Neotiwho ever is dating her is very very lucky.... not only is she sexy, but also knows about geeky stuff .... how good is that ... he he12:42
jacobwwho says women can't be geeks?12:42
HazRPGI was shocked with one girl that I'd known for years... she hears me talk about geeky stuff all the time and makes out like she doesn't know12:43
Neotino one .... its just not that common at the moment although there is a growing population of geeky girls like Nixiepixel ...12:43
jacobwand also, why is it such a suprise that a woman who identifies as a geek is also attractive12:43
HazRPGI went round to fix her computer once... and found she had a linux distro on xD12:43
jacobwhehe HazRPG12:44
HazRPGubuntu no less, although she'd managed to configure it to look soooo very different12:44
HazRPGdamn, friend zone xD12:44
Neotilol i know what you mean HazRPG....12:44
Neotithe whole friendzome ... dam it ....12:44
HazRPGa women who can configure an ubuntu distro to her own liking is just mega win though12:45
HazRPGI almost got a bit too excited when I saw it xD12:45
dwatkinsHazRPG: how about one who hackintoshes her Eee because it's faster than Ubuntu? ;)12:45
HazRPG(not literally of course)12:45
HazRPGdwatkins: still a win in my eyes12:46
Neotihey is there a website like http://www.wolveslug.org.uk/ for people in Nottingham12:46
jonsainti saved that site in my favourites12:46
HazRPGjust type the county/city in and type LUG next to it :P12:46
HazRPG(in google I mean)12:46
dwatkinsHazRPG: she's a win in my eyes, too - this particular woman also liked the Apple sticker I ironically put on my Eee (although it still runs Ubuntu or Joliloud) :D12:46
dwatkinsI'm just saying there are plenty of female geeks out there.12:49
jonsaintwell im outta here folks. be back on later.12:51
dwatkinsciaon jonsaint, have fun12:51
jonsaintcheers. byeee12:52
Neotii want another PC for my ubuntu stuff ... was thinking of http://www.misco.co.uk/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=476279&CatId= on the ubuntu website its suppose to be certified ... any thoughts?12:53
daubersI love the smell of plastic glue12:53
dauberssmells like creativity12:53
MartijnVdSit smells like DEATH12:54
dwatkinsWhat kind of glue is plastic glue, Araldite?12:55
gordNeoti, it'll work well enough, honestly most things do (i just buy random things, they always work fine) - but your paying for windows there12:57
daubersdwatkins: Araldite is epoxy resin12:57
AlanBellwhat is the correct capitalisation of postgres?12:57
dwatkinsdaubers: ah ok, I've seen people use Araldite to glue plastic things together12:57
Neotii know ... its the only downside...12:57
dwatkinsNeoti: freecycle?12:58
Neotidwatkins ?12:58
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: PostgreSQL12:58
daubersdwatkins: I think it's also called Polystyrene Cement12:59
dwatkinsthanks daubers12:59
daubersdwatkins: Araldite is uber glue. Much stronger than plastic glue :)12:59
daubersdwatkins: This stuff http://www.wargamestore.com/25g-Revell-Contacta-Professional-Plastic-Glue-p-17408.html12:59
TheOpenSourcererAraldite is an Epoxy Resin glue. Very strong.12:59
dwatkinsdaubers: for most things, yes, but it doesn't stick all plastics12:59
dwatkinsyou can get boxes from Ikea which are smooth on the outside, which araldite doesn't adhere to13:00
daubersReally? Shocking13:00
daubersdwatkins: According to wikipedia, it's essentially super glue13:00
daubersthe plastic stuff, not epoxy :)13:01
AlanBellAraldite is not cyano13:01
AlanBellpolystyrene cement=superglue=cyano13:02
* Neoti happy13:04
* daubers needs some more pva13:05
brobostigonafternoonings all.13:05
* Neoti Now has a nice new ZFS thing on my system for storing more files.... YEY!!!13:12
dwatkinshiya brobostigon13:12
HazRPGbrobostigon: howdy dudwe13:14
* Neoti off to do some house work *BOOOO*!!!13:14
dwatkinsI'd really like to get a Drobo for general file storage and redundancy.13:14
dwatkinsI should do that too, Neoti - Lego Star Wars is currently distracting me, though ;)13:14
brobostigonHazRPG: afternoonings, :)13:15
brobostigonhiya dwatkins :)13:15
brobostigonshwmae winniesun :)13:16
Neotierm why did my message just come out as >< ARGH!!!13:16
Neotidwatkins lol .... minecraft was distracting me .... but i think i managed to get away from it .13:16
dwatkinsWell, it's a game, it's supposed to distract ;)13:17
winniesunbrobostigon: I do not know what is shwmae...sorry...13:17
* Neoti right i really must be off for some house work ..... but mine craft is soo addictive... must resist!!!13:18
brobostigonwinniesun: its a word in welsh, the has a similer meaning to greetings,or something like that.13:18
HazRPGbrobostigon: how's things? Long time no speak13:19
winniesunbrobostigon: Oh...google tells me too..thanks13:19
HazRPGbrobostigon: seems your always signing out when I'm signing in xD13:19
brobostigonHazRPG: up and down, my eczema has recently been badly infected, and its juststarting to improve again. and have been playing alot recently with android 2.3 onmy htc dream. how about you?13:20
brobostigonwinniesun: :)13:20
HazRPGbrobostigon: ouch, well glad its getting better though :). Ooo, you've got a HTC Dream? Is it any good? I'm still waiting for 2.3 for my Nexus One :(13:21
HazRPGpart of me wants to root it, but part of me thinks it would be silly to do so while its still in warranty13:21
HazRPGyeah, I'm good sort of, been having mega trouble sitting down recently - being sat in front of a computer is bad for your health lol13:22
brobostigonHazRPG: its perfect, other than a slight lack of ram. i am having my suspicions though, it isnt recieving sms's properly.13:22
HazRPGbrobostigon: hmm, tha is odd13:22
brobostigonHazRPG: agreed, yes.13:23
brobostigonHazRPG: i need to find a test, it is recieving calls properly, i hve checked allsettings,cant see anything wrong,13:23
HazRPGI find it annoying how android timestamps the text messages under the time you actually receive the message, and not the time that's actually posted in the header of the network sent time13:23
jacobwyes, however it is useful for bets where you assert that someone cannot text you by a given time :p13:24
HazRPGbrobostigon: do you have many apps installed on it?13:24
HazRPGbrobostigon: also, has it been like that since you bought it or since updating to 2.3?13:24
brobostigonHazRPG: a few, in combination with having some on sd.13:24
brobostigonHazRPG: 2.313:25
dwatkinsI'm torn about rooting my HTC Desire HD13:25
HazRPGbrobostigon: oh, it came with 2.3 you mean?13:25
HazRPGdwatkins: know the feeling13:25
HazRPGI hate the lack of language support13:25
dwatkinsIt's a nice phone, big screen and all, just not sure I want to potentially kill it - although I gather the risk is low13:25
brobostigonHazRPG: no, its only happened since i updated it from 2.2.1 to 2.3.13:25
HazRPGreally annoys me when my cousins and family send me texts in arabic and I can't view them at all :/13:25
HazRPGbrobostigon: hmm, how odd13:26
brobostigonHazRPG: and rooting , was the only way, i would have been able to update it, to anything higher than 1.6.13:26
brobostigonand iwasnt going to stay backk with 1.6.13:26
HazRPGbrobostigon: yeah13:27
HazRPGI've heard that people on 2.3 have been having issues with sms getting sent to the wrong people too...13:27
brobostigonHazRPG: and rooting canbe useful, youcanthenuse thingslike setcpu.13:27
HazRPGbrobostigon: ooo nice13:28
brobostigonHazRPG: i am keeping an eye on that issue, with myoutgoing sms count.13:28
HazRPGbrobostigon: might be worth going with one of the true open-source android options13:28
brobostigonHazRPG: an aosp version, is what i am running already.13:29
HazRPGbrobostigon: like cyanogen, since it irons out such bugs13:29
brobostigonHazRPG: it is a  compiled from cyanogen's htc dream git for gingerbread.13:29
brobostigonafternoonings czajkowski :)13:30
winniesunseems Android is popular all over the world :)13:30
Pendulumhiya czajkowski13:30
HazRPGbrobostigon: oh...13:30
HazRPGwinniesun: slowly getting that way13:30
brobostigonHazRPG: its a suspicion, its not confirmed at all.13:30
HazRPGbrobostigon: oh right13:31
HazRPGhave you tried texting yourself?13:31
dwatkinsI'm running 2.2.1, I think I need new storage first.13:31
brobostigonHazRPG: no,13:31
HazRPGbrobostigon: might be worth trying13:31
brobostigonHazRPG: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=9987696&postcount=213:31
brobostigonHazRPG: thats the compiled version, i have here.13:32
HazRPGbrobostigon: or if you have a skype account with some credit on it, you could always send yourself a text using that too13:32
brobostigonHazRPG: very true, yes.13:32
winniesunHazRPG: yeah,more people will choose NOKIA in my town,not everyone have time to play apps13:35
winniesunHazRPG: sorry.. grammar  faults..13:36
HazRPGwinniesun: just because you don't have time for apps, doesn't mean you can't benefit from an android phone - one of my friend's dad's has an android phone, and he barely uses apps... he finds that it works so much better than any phone he's ever used before.13:36
HazRPGbrobostigon: ah, seems Cyanogenmod is up to version 6 (or 2.2), so that might be what the issue is13:37
HazRPGbrobostigon: saying that, it does mention on the link you sent that it was an alpha13:37
HazRPGmight be better for you to actually revert back to Cyanogenmod 6 (or 2.2.x) until it gets a bit more stable13:38
brobostigonHazRPG: yes, however that is based onwhat was last in git for htc dream inside cynogenmod git, and that is gingerbread.13:38
bigcalm[mob]Afternoon peeps13:40
HazRPGpersonally I'd download one from this list instead: http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/files/category/1-stable-mod/13:40
HazRPGbrobostigon: the one in the git repo is a nighly build I think13:40
brobostigonHazRPG: ie http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=92249913:40
brobostigonHazRPG: yes, that was the stable version i was running, cm 6.1, and have a nand backup of it, so i can easily restore to it.13:43
HazRPGbrobostigon: ah cool13:43
glynn-home aye aye13:43
winniesunHazRPG:good standpoint...android is attractive to me because I can make my own phone13:44
HazRPGwinniesun: exactly13:45
winniesunshwmae togster13:45
HazRPGwinniesun: you have more customisability with them too, whether your technically-minded or not13:45
HazRPGwinniesun: plus if you are into apps, best thing is apps on the market place show you exactly what access is being given to that app - so you have no excuse if you run into trouble with what your doing, something the other companies haven't caught up on yet13:46
brobostigonwinniesun: Prynhawn da13:47
brobostigonwinniesun: is good afternoon.13:47
HazRPGin fact that's a feature built straight into the actual package files themselves, so no matter whether you get the app from the market place or download it from various websites, you know exactly what type of access your giving that application13:47
winniesunbrobostigon:nice to talk with you,I can practice my English13:48
brobostigonwinniesun: and then in 2.2 you can set in a very fine grained way, what ever app on the system had permission to do, seperatly from the normal app permissions.13:48
brobostigonwinniesun: welsh is a different language to english.13:48
winniesunbrobostigon:oh,but my mother language is Chinese13:49
brobostigonwinniesun: stick with english, ignore the welsh words i use. it will make things simpler.13:49
HazRPGbrobostigon: masa alkhar :)13:50
winniesunbrobostigon: next year i will study in canda..is it a different language to english?13:50
HazRPGmasah* even13:50
brobostigonwinniesun: they speakenglish in canada.13:50
HazRPGbrobostigon: no, they still use english - just the slang words you might have to adapt to13:50
HazRPGheh, wrong person link13:51
HazRPGmeant to type winniesun13:51
HazRPGwinniesun: however they also speak french only in certain parts of canada - so you'll have to watch out for that13:52
brobostigonyeah, i forgot about that HazRPG.13:52
winniesunHazRPG:yeah..tks...in waterloo people speak English13:53
brobostigonHazRPG: like in switzerland, partly german and partly french, again.13:53
winniesunnice..i have a knife from switzerland..very useful13:54
MartijnVdSDutch and French13:54
* Neoti House work complete... yey13:54
winniesunMartignVdS:Is Dutch  a language?13:55
brobostigonwinniesun: yes,13:55
MartijnVdSwinniesun: it is13:55
brobostigonwinniesun: they speak it inthe netherlands.13:55
AlanBellalso known as Holland13:56
winniesunhehe, I google it..called 荷兰 in  china13:56
MartijnVdSAlanBell: "the UK, also known as England"13:56
MartijnVdSAlanBell: :P13:56
brobostigonMartijnVdS: and scotland and wales. :)13:56
dutchieand NI13:56
AlanBellMartijnVdS: are there bits of the Netherlands that are not in Holland?13:56
MartijnVdSAlanBell: yes.. 10/12ths aren't called Holland (Flevoland, Zeeland, Friesland, Groningen, Overijssel, Drenthe, Gelderland, Utrecht, Limburg, Noord-Brabant)13:57
czajkowskidutchie: oi and EI mister13:58
MartijnVdSAlanBell: and then there's North Holland and South Holland :)13:58
dutchieczajkowski: not in the UK...13:58
AlanBellwow, never realised that13:58
winniesunThanks,I learned many words today...British people are very gentle :)13:58
togsterThere's also an area of Englanad called Little Holland13:58
MartijnVdSAlanBell: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provinces_of_the_Netherlands for a map :)13:58
brobostigonwinniesun: always, :)13:59
MartijnVdStogster: we have a town called "America" in Limburg13:59
togsterMartijnVdS: I think they should sue for copyright infringment14:00
MartijnVdStogster: doesn't work like that14:01
togsterMartijnVdS: I was joking14:01
MartijnVdSAlanBell: that's an official government site :)14:02
togsterQuick (ubuntu-related) question: Is it possible to actually burn the Natty alpha (or daily build) isos to normal CDs. They seem to be too big...14:04
togsterApologies for the missing question mark there14:04
dutchieuse a dvd or a usb stick then14:04
dutchiei presume they will trim then down as release gets closer14:05
brobostigontogster: youare right, they seem oversized right now, usb seems the bestsolution.14:05
brobostigondutchie: yes,theywill. :)14:05
togsterI just wondered, as burning them to cd seems like something that should be tested14:06
popeythats exactly what happens togster14:07
popeyit frequently goes oversize before release14:07
togsterFine, I obviously just hadn't noticed in previous release cycles14:07
balorpopey: did you get your fire sorted?14:10
brobostigonHazRPG: no bug, my mum just sent me an sms from here "three" android phone.nd recieved it.14:11
popeybalor: kinda14:11
popeybalor: http://popeydc.dyndns.org/maps/current.png14:11
bigcalm[mob]Need moar iron14:12
popeybottom right, started a forest fire14:12
popeybigcalm[mob]: found some!14:12
popeyswitched map to night mode14:12
popeylooks nicer14:12
jacobwi've installed the banshee plugin for ubuntu one, but how to i get banshee to access previously purchased music?14:12
bigcalm[mob]Do I dare load the map from my phone?14:12
balorpopey: So it wasn't even metaphorical.  Just virtual.14:13
balorpopey: Thank $DEITY for that.14:13
popeybigcalm[mob]: probably best not14:13
balorpopey: I thought you were one of those people who'd be on IRC telling us that your house was burning down, but you were waiting for this download to complete.14:13
popeybigcalm[mob]: 3.2MB :)14:13
popeyI am kinda14:14
bigcalm[mob]It worked. Looks pretty14:14
popeyone christmas at a relatves house we had a table decoration which was a candle inside some decorative fluff14:14
* balor makes dinner14:14
popeybigcalm[mob]: i can see lava on the map14:14
popeywe all left xmas dinner table and went to watch telly14:14
bigcalm[mob]Yes,  lets make a mob grinder :D14:15
popeyi wandered back into the kitchen only to discover decoration on fire14:15
popeyand went back to the lounge and said 'hey, your kitchen is on fire'14:15
popeyquietly and calmly14:15
popey'yeah right alan'14:15
popey'no, it really is on fire'14:15
popeyi went back and to the sink to fill something with water14:15
popeyonly thing I could find was a collander14:15
exobuzzdid you tweet it before putting it out also ? ;-)14:16
popeythis was pre-twitter14:17
popeyI KNOW! There is a pre-twitter era!14:18
bigcalm[mob]Guess I should crawl out of bed, find food then start mining14:19
exobuzzoh. pre twitter. hmm. did you dial up your local fidonet node, and post a message about it or put it on usenet ? :)14:19
bigcalm[mob]popey: what did you think of Withnail and I?14:20
popeyenjoyed it14:20
popeyespecially with extra port and cheese14:20
popeyI'm heading to the wood house14:21
popeywe're nearly met up14:21
popeybut the tracks are at different altitudes :)14:21
bigcalm[mob]Cool. I'll resume in a bit14:21
bigcalm[mob]Not a problem14:21
popeywe need to build stations and platforms :)14:22
popeyand sidings :)14:22
bigcalm[mob]Can you get a boat under your viaduct?/14:22
exobuzzare you playing that game again ? :)14:22
* exobuzz gives up on reloading uk-podcast for a new episode then ;-)14:22
czajkowskianyone got the etherpad link to the cloud expo stuff?14:28
=== denny_ is now known as denny
daubersczajkowski: I'm going to that now \o/14:33
czajkowskidaubers: ohh really which day ?14:34
czajkowskitrying to decide to go wednesday or thursday14:34
daubersczajkowski: Not sure yet. Probably Wednesday... but have to work it in with the work calender14:34
* daubers ponders what to cook for dinner today14:37
czajkowskidaubers: pancake14:37
Pendulumdaubers: food14:37
jacobwsweet potato oat cakes :)14:38
matttpancakes for dinner?  ewwww14:38
daubersI could actually home make some crispy pancakes14:38
daubersmaybe with some kind of chilli type mincy filling14:38
exobuzzi have sausage and mash at7am14:42
jacobwgreat way to start the day :)14:42
exobuzzwith homemade onion gravy and peas..14:42
jacobwhmm :)14:42
jacobwnight shift?14:43
exobuzzi had been up all night by accident on the computer14:43
jacobweasily done :p14:43
exobuzz"just check this email and go to bed". "crap its 6am"14:43
exobuzzi blame the internets14:44
exobuzzmake a pancake. dip it in breadcrumbs.. and you have to get to #9 for that "secret" :)14:48
exobuzzwhen i think of hugh, this clip always comes to mind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN_6K8MWscE14:52
TheOpenSourcererZOMG!!! We are all doomed! http://tech.slashdot.org/story/11/01/22/057227/Last-Days-For-Central-IPv4-Address-Pool15:03
penguin42I think there are very few UK people with DSL routers that can do IPv6, so it's going to be an arse to change15:05
DaraelWell, BT are doing test deployments with some users, VM's line is "we have no plans to deploy IPv6 at this time" (gits), don't know about anyone else.15:07
brobostigonno idea about carphone warehouse,or o2, but heard nothing to confirm nor otherwise.15:09
brobostigonwell evetaully the isp's will have to, otherwise they woont be ble to assign ip's to customers anymore. and therefore not have anymor customers.15:10
* TheOpenSourcerer must learn more about IPv6.15:10
DaraelAndrews and Arnold do it native over BT or Be lines, but are (of course) pricey.15:11
brobostigonDarael: and entanet.15:11
* TheOpenSourcerer also needs to get on and deal with his Tax return shortly.15:11
Daraelbrobostigon: Well, they probably think they can just NAT huge groups of people.  The geeks will suffer, and the rest may not even notice.15:11
TheOpenSourcererBut, frankly, can't be ar**d right now.15:11
DaraelExcept that their torrents will slow down, of course.15:11
brobostigonDarael: maybe.15:11
DaraelThat or they think "ah, we have plenty of addresses assigned in reserve, we'll do it later" and will keep thinking this right up until they run out completely.15:12
brobostigonDarael: that would be bad planning.15:12
DaraelWhich is far from unheard of.15:13
matttanyone know if BE are doing anything ipv6 yet?15:13
Darael"We don't care, we don't have to care, we're the phone company" - or the ISP, as the case may be.15:13
brobostigonmattt: we are just discussing isp's doing that.15:13
mattti dunno wtf these companies are doing15:14
matttbut they better shift into gear15:14
Daraelmattt: It would appear that /they/ don't know either.15:14
penguin42the thing is they're going to have to send people new routers as well; it'll be doable for the companies tha talready send people routers15:14
brobostigonipv6 tunnelling is a good testing device,but certainly not a long term solution.15:14
TheOpenSourcererI was considering moving from my current ISP to Zen, they at least have an IPv6 plan... http://www.zen.co.uk/latest-news/zen-prepares-for-ipv6.aspx15:15
Daraelpenguin42: Well, they could issue firmware upgrades for the routers they already issue.15:15
brobostigonTheOpenSourcerer: thats good atleast,15:15
penguin42Darael: There are a lot of varieties out there15:15
Daraelpenguin42: Hence "for the routers they already issue" - they already support those, in theory at least.15:16
awilkinsSince most of them run some flavour of linux shnouldn't be too hard15:16
AlanBellczajkowski: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/linuxexposchedule15:16
penguin42Darael: Yeh but it varies by ISP, not all customers use ISP supplied routers15:16
awilkinsThe hard part was the drivers15:17
czajkowskiAlanBell: anh decisiion on which day is beer day ?15:17
Daraelpenguin42: Indeed, but it should help alleviate it.15:17
czajkowskiAlanBell: or both days beer days15:17
awilkinsHave a dangerous quantity of kimchi in my bag. hmm. Beeeeer.15:17
AlanBellczajkowski: every day is a beer day15:18
awilkinsExcept for cider day15:18
czajkowskiit's part of your 5 a day15:19
czajkowskiapples good for you15:19
AlanBelland chocolate is technically a vegitable15:20
Pendulumhealthier than beer! ;)15:20
awilkinsCider, perry, wine, all fruit based booze15:20
awilkinsBeer is good for B vitamins15:20
awilkinsProbably why they are "B" vitamins15:21
TheOpenSourcererYay! 13% of my tax return done... AlanBell, I will probably need some figures for FY2010 at some stage.15:23
AlanBellbest do mine15:24
AlanBellat some point15:24
TheOpenSourcererYou have 8 days.15:24
awilkins/me is almost happy to be a PAYEr15:25
awilkinsStupid non-emoting phone IRC client.15:25
TheOpenSourcererBored & cold now. Off to watch a film with the kids in front of the fire.15:26
=== monsterkiller is now known as MonsterKiller
kvarleyhow can I stop flash videos (specifically iplayer) from exiting fullscreen on dual monitors in ubuntu. When I have it fullscreen on one screen and try to use the other screen it exits fullscreen once I click on stuff15:35
matttdamn, ronnie has a killer signature15:35
NeotiHas any one got the PPTP VPN working in 10.10 ...15:35
* Neoti Needs PPTP VPN fixing in 10.10.... come on ubuntu team...15:36
AlanBellhow is it broken?15:55
Neotiif i set up a standard PPTP VPN to a windows server it keeps saying failed.... if i use my laptop and create the same vpn it works so the VPN is fine its just ubuntu ...15:56
AlanBellin the advanced button of the pptp configuration thingie you might have to turn off some authentication methods that are broken in Windows16:00
AlanBellCHAP or something16:00
Neotii have followed many ubuntu how toos on trying to fix this like turning on MPE and only have mschap and stuff... i thinks is a core Ubuntu problem.... not sure tho16:00
* Neoti getting dinner will return soon16:01
AlanBellNeoti: file a bug16:03
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: please to review my blog postie when you have a sec16:19
* brobostigon restores his htc dream back to android 2.2.1, 16:45
brobostigongood thing i made a nand backup, :)16:46
knightdroidHey everyone16:51
* Neoti im back.... 17:18
Neotihey people im back17:18
brobostigonwb Neoti17:19
Neotii think i might have some USB and ZFS fun ... i have some old usb sticks so gonna make a ZFS filesystem out of them i think in a raidz1 on a USb 2.0 hub ...17:21
bigcalmHow do you assign more memory to a Java app such as minecraft?17:38
popeyit says on the main download page17:39
popeyjava -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame17:39
bigcalmOk, I'll give it a go, ta17:40
bigcalmpopey: http://myrant.net/popey_minecraft.png17:44
popey i gave mine 2048 and 1024 respectively17:44
gordi don't bother changing it for my client, doesn't seem to make any difference17:45
HazRPGI thought the blu-ray drive inside a PS3 would be easier than this to connect to a PC :/17:47
HazRPGstupid proprietary ribbon cable format :/17:48
HazRPGwhat a waste17:48
ali1234why not just buy a bluray drive.......17:50
brobostigoninteresting, google goggles can help me with sudoku's now, :)17:50
ali1234HazRPG: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=101103817:51
HazRPGbrobostigon: woah no way!17:51
brobostigonHazRPG: apparently.17:52
HazRPGali1234: thanks, saw something similar in google but not this thread, reading now17:54
brobostigonHazRPG: not tested it though.17:54
ali1234does it have standard 0.1" pins?17:54
HazRPGali1234: just out of interest, what did you type in google? I've been trying "PS3 Blu-ray drive in PC" and similar17:55
=== MichealH is now known as ArtBot
ali1234i typed PS3 BD drive connect in PC17:55
HazRPGali1234: it's a 60 pin ribbon17:55
brobostigonmy dad is buying a curry tonight, yay, :)17:55
ali1234then i read one of the forum posts and i found this guy called "godzown" figured it out17:55
ali1234so then i googled for that17:55
=== ArtBot is now known as MichealH
ali1234HazRPG:  if it's standard IDE connector type but with 60 pins: http://tinyurl.com/6252v4u17:58
ali1234if it's one of those flat printed ribbons then i dunno what they are called17:59
HazRPGyeah, it's a flat ribbon cable17:59
ali1234meh, give up. you can't do much with those unless you solder each wire individually18:00
ali1234just buy a drive they aren't expensive now18:00
HazRPGyeah I know, seems to be the general consensus at the moment18:00
HazRPGI'm good with a soldering iron... however the bare contacts on the ribbon are just way too thin and small for a standard iron18:02
ali1234you can't solder onto the ribbon, don't try it18:02
ali1234you have to solder to the connector18:02
HazRPGthat n the fact that even if I did try... my hands would probably wobble all over the place xD18:02
ali1234maybe you can get the latching connector from farnell but idk what they are called18:03
HazRPGonly reason I'm looking into it is because my friend just got a new PS3 to replace he broken one (was gonna cost more to fix then to get a new one :/)18:04
HazRPGand he just gave me the PS3 in bits (cos he wanted his game out)18:04
ali1234easier to fix the thing yourself than to try to salvage the bits, i think18:04
ali1234oh, a puzzle then18:04
HazRPGwe got the game out, which was good18:05
HazRPGjust wish we could use some of the parts out of this damn thing18:05
ali1234repair it18:06
HazRPGI could rive out the connector port from the actual motherboard itself, however the pins on that are way too tiny too :/18:06
ali1234why did it fail?18:06
HazRPGFlashing red light of doom18:06
ali1234so PSU is good18:06
brobostigonsee you later guys and gals,18:06
ali1234or partly good anyway18:06
HazRPGbrobostigon: catch ya later dude18:06
HazRPGbrobostigon: have fun18:07
brobostigonbye HazRPG, cheers, :)18:07
brobostigonbye Neoti :)18:07
ali1234maybe it's drifting out of spec due to capacitor problems... that's the normal reason electronics dies18:07
HazRPGali1234: well the whole thing was fine until the whole thing just crashed in-game apparently18:07
ali1234if so it will be caps in the PSU section18:08
HazRPGthis is very true18:08
ali1234anyway try not to electrocute yourself, i'm going for dinner18:08
HazRPGhowever some sites said that the cause is due to bad thermal paste used in the PS3 apparently18:08
HazRPGali1234: haha sure I'll try not to xD18:08
* Neoti Listening to a nice bit of rammstein - Du Hast!!.... 18:27
* bigcalm drums his fingers18:33
markjonesdoes anybody have any supplies of Ubuntu Pens/Stickers?18:33
=== MonsterKiller is now known as monsterkiller
Azelphurhmm, update has made my system continually freeze18:36
Azelphurx 100%s and ssh is only responsive for a short time then that dies too18:36
gordmarkjones, i think the ubuntu shop does if you need some18:37
gordshop.ubuntu.com i think?18:38
markjonesgord, yeah, we have 9 days and limited budget18:38
Azelphuryea definitely need some help here my x keeps freezing18:57
Azelphurit freezes for like 5-10 seconds a couple of times then dies completely18:58
Azelphuri cant even switch to a tty18:59
Azelphurbut music is still playing18:59
hamitronwhat you done to it?18:59
hamitronvid drivers?19:00
Azelphuri dunno, just normal apt updates19:00
Azelphurbut since the update i cant use my pc for more than 20m without a freeze19:01
AlanBellmarkjones: what did you have in mind?19:02
hamitronfirst thing I'd do, make sure it isn't overheating it19:02
Azelphurnope it chills out at 40c19:03
hamitroncool :)19:03
Azelphurphone typing \o/19:03
hamitronyou not disabled X on startup?19:04
hamitronI'd stop the GUI from starting for a start19:05
Azelphurbasically "make my desktop machine useless" :P19:05
hamitronno, do that so you can boot up and fix it19:05
AzelphurI can boot up19:06
AzelphurI'm talking to you using it now - it won't last long most likely though19:07
Azelphurthis is my third hard reboot in 2 hours19:07
markjonesAlanBell, stickers, CD's, posters, anything really19:07
MartijnVdSnvidia \o/ ?19:07
AzelphurMartijnVdS: yup19:07
hamitronI'd try changing to the vesa driver19:07
hamitronor nv19:08
Azelphur(19:05:35) Azelphur: basically "make my desktop machine useless" :P19:08
hamitronthen you get a stable system to work on the problem19:08
AzelphurI can work on the problem, how would I start debugging it?19:08
hamitronI'd look at the driver version and see if there is anything on the nvidia site first19:09
Azelphurthere's a newer version on the nvidia site that says it fixes crashes with x 1.919:10
directhexbuild a package from it19:10
directhexnvidia-installer will eat your babies19:10
AzelphurI see :P19:10
Azelphurdirecthex: any step by steps for doing it?19:10
AzelphurI know how to install from command line but I don't want to break apt updates when they are available19:11
directhexAzelphur, download source package, replace .run files inside, bump debian/changelog ?19:11
hamitronthere may be a PPA? if this is common?19:11
AzelphurI see o.O19:11
hamitronlots of graphics card whores like the latest :)19:11
czajkowskievening chaparoos19:12
Azelphuryea, a ppa would be handy19:12
hamitronhi cz19:12
hamitronand ffs, need reboot19:12
hamitronwinblows ftl :/19:13
=== MisesPieces is now known as GentileBen
AlanBellmarkjones: yeah, what were you going to do with them? just hand them out or something different?19:17
markjonesAlanBell, hand them out during a barcamp style conference19:22
hamitronmy new nero oem comes with nerolinux \o/19:23
AlanBellmarkjones: oh, not the expo thing then19:23
AlanBellmarkjones: what is the event?]19:24
markjonesAlanBell, "Hacking Language"19:24
ali1234what does that even mean?19:25
markjonesali1234: Hacio = Hacking. Iaith = Language19:26
ali1234yes, what does "hacking language" mean?19:26
mgdmtry reading the page19:27
markjones^ this19:27
hamitronall welsh to me ;)19:30
ali1234it's not very specific19:32
markjonesali1234, that's because a 'barcamp'  conference is very loosely structured ;)19:38
AlanBellso are you demoing the welsh translation of Ubuntu?19:38
AlanBelland getting more people involved in that?19:38
markjoneswell, we're trying to promote Ubuntu19:39
AlanBellany idea how many people are expected?19:41
mgdmI used to run my Ubuntu in Scottish Gaelic19:44
mgdmit gave me a bit of a fright when someone actually translated some of it19:44
czajkowskifroodie: boo19:56
froodieoi oi19:56
czajkowskifroodie: so what's the issue and we can see if we can help19:56
froodiestuttery/glitchy audio playback19:57
froodieam running maverick on a samsung N15019:57
czajkowskifroodie: what app are you using to watch stuff?19:58
czajkowskias is does it happen on just one app ?19:58
froodiea .avi in vlc19:59
czajkowskifroodie: have you tried a different player20:01
czajkowskias VLC was a bit crap for me over xmas20:01
froodieyeh, movie player doesn't play at all20:01
froodiei'd had the glitchy/stuttery audio problem before20:01
czajkowskithats usually where I go and annoy the gstreamer folks20:01
froodieand tried a fix i found in the forums, which worked20:01
czajkowskifroodie: let me go and ask20:02
froodieadding tsched=0 to a line in etc/pulse/default.pa20:02
markjonespulseaudio's a pain20:05
diploevenin all20:05
czajkowskifroodie: this is who could help https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanielTChen20:06
froodieand yes, pulseaudio is a pain :)20:09
czajkowskibut movie player should work20:10
czajkowskibit odd it not working20:10
czajkowskifroodie: get stuck again pop in, nobody gives out to folks for askig for help in here20:10
czajkowskitis a bit quiet this evening20:10
froodieczajkowski: movieplayer gives pulseaudio errors also20:12
czajkowskifroodie: that's odd20:13
czajkowskifroodie: have you logged a bug about it ?20:13
czajkowskias on maverick it in theory should work20:13
czajkowskivery odd20:13
froodieczajkowski: installed alsa instead20:22
czajkowskiahh smart20:22
froodieworks :)20:22
froodiethanks for your help!20:22
czajkowskifroodie: great stuff20:22
czajkowskifroodie: if you get time and report the m player bug let me know so can follow up on it20:22
froodiebug will probably be called "pulseaudio can bite me"20:23
froodienow, to my movie20:23
froodiebye :)20:23
ali1234i disabled pulse, haven't found a problem yet20:28
MartijnVdSali1234: try switching sound output seamlessly on the fly20:29
ali1234how? i only have 1 output20:29
MartijnVdSI can select bluetooth audio and any playing sound will just "hop over"20:29
ali1234that assumes that the sound actually plays in the first palce20:30
MartijnVdSsame with input.. I can connect my USB "handset" or record player and I can select them as "the" input device20:30
ali1234my soundcard has a line in, i can plug anything i want into that20:30
hamitronchanging cables is so last year ;)20:31
ali1234i should get a HDMI cable. the driver for my video card probably does a better job of audio than the HDA driver20:32
ali1234then i might go back to pulse20:32
MartijnVdSworks fine on my hda :)20:32
hamitronI've read the nvidia driver only does video, is that true?20:32
ali1234well it shoulds up in the audio devices20:32
ali1234but i have no idea if it works20:32
ali1234nouveau probably only does video though20:32
hamitronI read the binary driver did also20:33
hamitronbut can use something else alongside I think20:33
MartijnVdSafaik the Nvidia HDMI stuff is "just" HDA as well?20:33
MartijnVdSit is for Intel20:33
=== gary_ is now known as Guest41393
ali1234the problem is not all HDA cards are equal20:34
hamitronbut my VGA monitor doesn't take hdmi, so I wasn't worried :)20:34
ali1234HDA is a spec that replaces AC9720:34
ali1234and just when the drivers finally covered nearly all AC97 quirks too20:34
ali1234nearly anyone you find with sound problems on linux is using HDA... couldbe because it is so common, or it could be because it just sucks, i dunno20:35
hamitronI dunno why they have to complicate it with options to select what certain jack ports do20:36
ali1234my card has a quirk where it thinks headphones are plugged in when they aren't20:36
hamitronjust use green for speakers... red for mic, blue for line in, and black for line out20:36
hamitronah, my AC97 does that20:37
ali1234it always switches to the wrong input unless i select "independent hp"20:37
hamitronbut it does it in winblow too20:37
ali1234apparently yeah20:39
ali1234it took me ages to figure it out20:39
hamitronI just got horse power in my head20:39
hamitronand tomato sauce20:39
czajkowskipopey: ping a ling long20:56
MartijnVdShamitron: something to get it out again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA020:56
hamitronget it out? :s20:56
MartijnVdShamitron: of your head20:57
hamitronwill be a while before it loads...20:57
hamitronMartijnVdS: is it worth waiting an hour for?20:58
hamitronwell, 20 mins20:58
MartijnVdShamitron: what? the video?21:00
hamitronyeh ;/21:00
MartijnVdShamitron: only if you don't like Rick Astley ;)21:00
hamitrongonna pass I think21:00
hamitrononly just got past the right hand side of the play button21:01
Azelphurdirecthex: what package should I be looking at for nvidia?21:15
Azelphurdirecthex: so apt-get source nvidia-graphics-drivers ?21:23
Azelphurcool :P21:24
* Azelphur has never done any packaging things before21:24
HazRPGbrobostigon: err... I know this one... evening? :)21:46
* markjones waves at brobostigon21:46
brobostigonHazRPG: shwmae is justa greeting, noswaith dda is good evening.21:47
HazRPGbrobostigon: oh, well then... azayak :D21:47
=== monsterkiller is now known as MonsterKiller
brobostigonHazRPG: is that celt*21:48
HazRPGnope :P21:48
HazRPGits arabic21:48
HazRPGmeans hello21:48
brobostigonHazRPG: oh, i see.interesting.21:48
HazRPGurgh... almost bed time21:51
* brobostigon gets HazRPG a nightcap.21:52
Azelphurdirecthex: inside the package there are 2 nvidia.run files, one ends in -no-compat3221:52
Azelphurcan I get that from somewhere? does it matter for me?21:52
HazRPGAzelphur: haha I imagine you saying that last sentence as if you were king or something ^^,21:53
HazRPGit was just the end of that sentence with the "does it matter for me?"21:54
HazRPGsorry, I'm just getting to the "sleepy" weird stage of the evening xD21:55
HazRPGmy sister is reading random "like this page" pages from Facebook to me O.o21:56
HazRPGlast one was "I hate it when I run into the wrong wall, when trying to get to hogwarts"21:57
HazRPGright, I'm away to bed... so tired... (finally back in a normal routine again, sort of...)21:58
HazRPGnight all o/21:58
brobostigonnos da HazRPG21:59
HazRPG"in the HazRPG" ?22:00
brobostigonHazRPG: nos da, good night,:)22:00
HazRPGoh... heh, in portuguese "nos da" translates as "in the"22:01
brobostigonHazRPG: hmm, we did it first, :)22:01
* AlanBell finishes off a tl;dr blog article22:03
* Azelphur prods directhex22:06
directhexAzelphur: ?22:06
Azelphurdirecthex: I have the nvidia-graphics-drivers source downloaded, and I got the new .run files22:07
directhexAzelphur: dch -i22:07
directhexto insert a new changelog entry22:07
Azelphurthe normal package contains NVIDIA-Linux-x86-260.19.06.run and NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-260.19.06-no-compat32.run22:07
Azelphurbut I can only find x86_64 and no-compat32 .run's22:07
* Pendulum reads AlanBell's tl;dr post, thereby proving that it's only tl :P22:07
HazRPGbrobostigon: hehe, tisbah al-khayr22:07
AzelphurI think nvidia changed it so that x86_64 has support for both22:07
directhexAzelphur: this is because you're too hip to click the link i posted, right?22:07
directhex<directhex> ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/22:08
Azelphuroh whoops, didn't notice that22:08
Azelphurdirecthex: that only has the files I found anyway :D22:08
Azelphurboth x86_64, no x86 one22:08
directhexlook at the directory name22:08
* HazRPG left the room (saying: Good night all, and thanks for all the fish?)22:09
brobostigonHazRPG: elaborate?22:09
HazRPGbrobostigon: oh, it just means "good night", or "sweet dreams", etc22:09
brobostigonHazRPG: ah, :)22:10
directhexit means "i keel you, infidel!"22:10
HazRPG... not quite lol22:11
directhexanything i don;t understand is a death threat. good rule of thumb22:11
HazRPGwouldn't it be cool of thumbs could rule!22:11
HazRPGalthough, they'd need to grow a face first :/22:11
HazRPGdirecthex: also, bad way to observe such things22:11
* AlanBell wonders whether to add an accessibility section before Pendulum gets to the end22:12
Pendulumyou'd have to do it fast22:13
HazRPGdirecthex: someone could be saying to you "you're the nicest person I've ever met, I hope you go to heaven" and then you shoot them down with an AK-47 because you thought it was a death threat... you'd feel bad for yourself later if you found out22:13
directhexak-47? evil foreign weaponry! :o22:13
HazRPGa bad worksman always blames him tools ;)22:14
AlanBellPendulum: I will have a go with the OpenERP client and orca and write another article I think22:14
AlanBellit is just GTK so it should kinda work22:14
PendulumAlanBell: is it bad that I'm proofreading your post as I read it?22:14
HazRPGanyways, so long and thanks for all the fish... night o/22:15
* brobostigon plays the hitchhikers theme tune,22:15
* HazRPG has vanished in a poof of smoke, to his humble bed22:15
HazRPGbrobostigon: ^^,22:15
Azelphurdirecthex: ok done that, how do I build the package?22:15
brobostigonHazRPG: :)22:16
HazRPGbrobostigon: o/22:16
* brobostigon hears a banjo.22:16
directhexAzelphur: you bumped the changelog?22:17
directhexAzelphur: dpkg-buildpackage22:17
AlanBellPendulum: not bad if you give me the corrections :)22:17
PendulumAlanBell: well now that I look at the consistancy of the mistake I suspect it's actually a British vs. American spelling thing :)22:18
Pendulumso not in fact a mistake22:18
AlanBellor a consistent error on my part22:19
Pendulumwell you spelled the word 'lable' and I know it as 'label'22:19
Azelphurnow to install it and see if my system explodes \o/22:19
Azelphurdirecthex: it's generated 9 packages, happen to know which one to install?22:22
AzelphurI assume it's current or glx (or both?)22:22
AlanBellPendulum: no, I think that is an Alanism22:25
PendulumAlanBell: google and british english dictionaries seem to concur22:25
Pendulum(it's one of those words I correct myself on a lot which I think is why I noticed)22:25
dutchieAlanBell: that is an alanism22:26
Azelphuranyone might be able to field my above question :P22:26
* AlanBell fixors22:27
* Azelphur prods directhex22:29
directhexAzelphur: current, modaliases, and i think the kernel source one too if they still make one22:29
bigcalmpopey: http://myrant.net/popey_minecraft_2.png22:29
Azelphurok :D22:29
directhexAzelphur: i guess vdpau too. you need to install all at once or you'll get dependency complaints from dpkg22:29
Azelphurdirecthex: lol, I crashed again right as you said current modaliases and kernel source22:38
Azelphurbut I'm up and running on those 3 :D22:38
Azelphurhopefully this will stop me crashing :)22:38
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
directhexAzelphur: you rebooted so it built a new kernel module?22:46
Azelphurdirecthex: yup22:47
Azelphurnvidia-settings reports I'm on the new driver, all seems good :)22:47
=== gary_ is now known as Guest65534
brobostigonlinuxhotel.de :)22:58
ali1234Azelphur: why not use the nvidia ppa?22:59
AzelphurI didn't know there was one22:59
Azelphurali1234: looks like there are no maverick builds in there23:00
Azelphurali1234: also they are old23:00
ali1234maybe there's a newer one23:00
Azelphur6+ weeks old :P23:00
ali1234or maybe jockey broke it23:00
ali1234ah theres a link in the ppa description23:03
jacobwhas anyone else been having trouble with opendns recently?23:03
czajkowskiMyrtti: how ya doing ?23:12
ubuntuuk-planet[Alan Bell] OpenERP vs Lotus Domino - http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2011/01/23/openerp-vs-lotus-domino/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=openerp-vs-lotus-domino23:12
Myrtticzajkowski: shoulder is better but bad news come from Finland, so actually feeling a lot more rotten than earlier this week23:14
czajkowskiahh crap23:15
=== MonsterKiller is now known as monsterkiller
Azelphurnope, my Xorg is still freezing every few minutes :(23:26
brobostigonnos da.23:27
Azelphurnow i cant even ssh23:29
AzelphurI can login and get the welcome message, then it just freezes23:29
hamitronhey Azelphur23:32
hamitroneven with new drivers?23:32
Azelphuryea :/23:32
hamitronfs :\23:32
hamitrontried the open source driver?23:34
hamitronor could try a livecd23:35
hamitronmake sure it isn't a hardware fault23:35
AzelphurI'm gonna try that ppa ali1234 linked23:36
Azelphurwith the beta drivers23:37
hamitronah, yeh nice23:37
ali1234sounds like overheating to me23:37
ali1234make sure the fan still works23:37
ali1234mine fell off one time23:37
hamitrongravity sucks ;)23:37
ali1234explained why my computer was going slow23:37
ali1234and crashing a lot23:37
Azelphurali1234, haha, nope the temps are fine23:38
AzelphurI have them on conky I'd notice if something was up23:38
markjonesis AlanBell still up?23:38
hamitronI've just solved my freezing problem23:38
hamitronit was a case fan that was shagged, kept dragging the 12V rail down23:38
Azelphurwoa hold on23:39
Azelphurthat could be me23:39
Azelphurdefine shagged23:39
hamitronnear seized up23:39
Azelphuryes that's what I have23:39
hamitronand drawing too much current23:39
AzelphurI have a fan that doesn't spin most of the time23:39
AzelphurI kinda have to give it a shove sometimes to get it started23:39
Azelphurand even then it doesn't spin at full speed23:39
hamitronunplug it23:40
hamitronsee if it helps23:40
Azelphurwould that pull down a 1200w psu though?23:40
hamitron1200W is not on 1 rail23:40
ali12341200W PSU?!?!?23:40
hamitronmine is dual 12V rail23:40
Azelphurali1234, 1.21 JIGGAWATS?!?!?!?23:40
* Azelphur loves doing that.23:40
hamitronand you have to ballance the load on the rails to get near the specs they claim23:41
ali1234i love reminding people that "jiggawatts" is actually the correct pronunciation23:41
Azelphurwat :o23:41
Azelphurit's kilowats I thought23:41
ali1234since "giga" as in "giant"23:41
Azelphuroh right :p23:42
Azelphurit's a shame they don't sell 1210W power supplies23:42
Azelphurjust for the reference, it'd be awesome.23:42
ali1234i bet you could sell a few of those23:42
ali1234someone should do it23:42
ali1234buy 1300W ones, relable them23:43
hamitronjust change the label like most PSU manufacturers do :/23:43
hamitronmy 650W is a relabelled 580W23:43
hamitronI want a heater for my comp23:44
Azelphur1.21JIGGAWAT HEATING.23:44
ali1234someone sign up for that site and write a review about how the product did not allow you to time travel after reaching 88mph etc23:44
ali1234actually it looks like you don't even have to sign up23:45
Azelphur"I stuck it to the roof of my delorean with CONDUCTIVE tape, I got to 88mph on the highway and nothing happened, wouldn't buy again."23:46
hamitronAzelphur: unplugged the fan yet?23:47
hamitronor any case fans not needed23:48
Azelphurnope still freezing23:48
Azelphurgonna go for the fan :p23:48
hamitronI had 3 faulty fans I found today23:48
hamitroncheap ass things don't last as long as they once did23:49
hamitronthat or I am getting old and have biased opinions23:49
ali1234so this guy named Christian Marclay made a 24 hour long film out of clips from other films where you can see a clock, such that you can tell the time by it23:50
ali1234when i heard about this my first question was, "did he use the clip from the end of BttF?"23:51
hamitronso long since I saw them, can't remember them :/23:51
ali1234anyway it looks like he didn't. i am disappoint.23:52
Azelphurunplugged bad fan, lets see...23:53
hamitronyou checked all fans?23:55
Azelphuroh, probably unrelated, I keep getting "Sec Slave Hard Disk: S.M.A.R.T. Command Failed" "Press F1 to Resume" every time I boot23:55
Azelphurhamitron, yea, I rebuilt the thing a few days ago and cleaned everything out23:55
Azelphurthat's why I knew I had a sticky fan23:55
Azelphurand SATA 2 (I assume sec slave) is a SSD23:55
AzelphurSSD has no SMART I assume?23:56
hamitronI'm not posh enough to have experience with SSD ;)23:56
ali1234i don't see why it wouldn't23:56
Azelphurin other news my PC is so scary when it reboots23:57
ali1234maximum fans?23:57
Azelphurit actually fully shuts down and stops all the fans, waits like 3 seconds23:57
Azelphurand then starts23:57
hamitronwhy? ;/23:57
hamitronmy fans turn on when it starts23:58
hamitronabout it23:58
hamitronthen cpu fan stops when I got into windows23:58
hamitronand my 2nd comp auto shuts down due to 0 rpm on fan if it is too cold :/23:59
hamitrondetects fan failure23:59

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