aadityaWhen/where is jono's show?04:12
* aaditya feels bad for being out of the loop.04:12
rwwaaditya: http://www.severedfifth.com/live/04:13
aadityathanks rww !04:13
rwwbottom one. it apparently thinks the event is past, since it started already04:14
aadityas/ !/!/04:14
aadityaah oakland04:14
aadityaI can make it there by 9pm :/04:14
aadityaOr maybe not.04:35
* aaditya decides to spend the night alone.04:35
nhaineskdub: yesterday was fun.  Thanks for hosting that Ubuntu Hour.18:53
jdeslipHappy Macho-Sunday everyone ;)19:09
pleia2jdeslip: on call this weekend so no berkeleylug today for me, but it was tempting to come up!19:10
pleia2have a nice time :)19:10
nhainespleia2: oh, I'd better mention, I delivered the Ubuntu CDs to UHSD yesterday. :)19:22
pleia2oh great19:22
pleia2I sent DarkwingDuck a bunch of kubuntu ones too which probably made their way in that direction as well19:23
pleia2which reminds me, we requested some as well I think we're probably going to bring most of the rest we have down to scale (demand drops off in March anyway as everyone prepares for the next release)19:23
DarkwingDuckpleia2: any reply from Maria about CDs for Scale?19:24
pleia2DarkwingDuck: nope19:24
nhainespleia2: that's a good idea.  CDs tend to disappear at SCaLE no matter how many are put out.19:25
* pleia2 nods19:25
jamieafternoon california20:40

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