canthus13wow. over 24 hours without a peep from anyone.06:25
* Cheri703 lurks06:25
* Unit193 is here06:25
canthus13Heh. a room full of introverts.06:26
* BiosElement stares at the room06:26
canthus13IRC wallflowers, that's us.06:26
* Unit193 hides under a table06:28
* Cheri703 has been drooling over velomobiles today06:49
canthus13Cheri703: Nice, but not very practical in the winter...06:50
Cheri703heck yeah they are06:50
Cheri703not in 3 inches of slush, but anything less than that, you can manage06:50
canthus13I'm thinking more of the cold...06:50
Cheri703they're surprisingly warm06:50
Cheri703mostly enclosed, wear a jacket, you'll generate heat :)06:51
Cheri703scroll to the bottom for the 10 reasons you should get a velo: http://www.bentrideronline.com/?p=173306:52
canthus13wonder what kind of hassle the cops give you in one of those...06:53
Cheri703some people get hassled06:53
Cheri703people call it in as a go-kart on the road06:53
Cheri703but in MOST states, as long as it has 3 or fewer wheels, it's legally a bike06:53
canthus13Ride naked? :)06:54
Cheri703so try as they might, there are no legal reasons they can keep you off the road06:54
canthus13Ohio has weird laws, though.06:54
Cheri703well, I'm just saying, heat isn't a huge deal06:54
Cheri703there are several people in ohio with them (well, a few I guess, not several)06:54
canthus13But yeah...06:54
Cheri703yeah, I'd do plenty of research before getting one. and I'm sure the hillbillies around here will give me crap, but...eh06:55
Cheri703worth it06:55
Unit193what if you get tired?06:56
canthus13Take a nap.06:56
Cheri703you take a break06:56
Cheri703you're sitting in a recliner06:56
Cheri703so...pull over, have a snack, rest a bit06:57
Cheri703and you build up your conditioning gradually06:57
Cheri703some people commute about 20 miles each way, DAILY on their bike/trike/velomobile06:57
* Cheri703 would need to get in shape, but could do it06:57
canthus13I really should get on my bike again..06:58
* canthus13 used to ride 20-30 miles a day as a kid, just for fun.06:58
Unit193I'm too fat and lazy to go all over with a bike/velomobile...06:58
Unit193from here to galion every monday.... yep too lazy06:59
Cheri703when I was in high school (granted, better shape and younger), I went from little tiny rides and then rode 10 miles in an afternoon and was basically fine, was my first "big" ride on a recumbent bike07:00
Cheri703Unit193: you could do it07:00
Cheri703you're young :)07:00
* Unit193 might get lost...07:02
canthus13try riding this instead... http://www.kevincyr.net/index.php?/project/camper-bike/07:03
Cheri703yeah, I've seen that :)07:03
Cheri703www.bikesatwork.com has people moving RIDICULOUS things with bikes, even several people who did a house move by bike07:04
Cheri703towing couches, fridges, beds, etc07:04
canthus13Anyway. It's my bedtime. :P07:05
Unit193have a good one!07:05
* Unit193 needs to be somewhere by 8:30-4507:06
Cheri703that's not good07:06
Unit193I don't like mornings...07:07
Cheri703nor do I07:07
Unit193I really should slepp07:12
Unit193^ sleep07:12
* BiosElement heads to sleep >.>07:16
Unit193I don't think I like SAS anymore...07:40

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