ChinnoDogPennBot: good bacon to all is <reply> no thanks, I'm a vegetarian06:30
PennBotGotcha, ChinnoDog.06:30
=== anduril___ is now known as anduril
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!14:06
andurilcanadian bacon or real bacon?14:07
andurilah ok we're cool then14:08
andurilyou asking me if I play it?14:08
andurilsadly no14:09
SamuraiAlbamay I ask why not?14:09
andurilnot a big one into MMORPG games for some reason. Have a subscription to WoW that I should get around to cancelling even though the gf is playing it right now heh14:10
SamuraiAlbaI quit WoW, and blocked all blizz IPs on the router14:10
SamuraiAlbahave you tried Runescape since it is free?14:11
SamuraiAlbaand what distros do you run?14:11
andurilUbuntu and arch14:11
anduriland I think I installed it months ago but never played it14:11
SamuraiAlbaI'm playing, atm14:23
ChinnoDogPennBot: good bacon to all! is <reply> no thanks, I'm a vegetarian16:36
PennBotI hear ya.16:36
jedijfGood bacon to all?16:39
PennBotno thanks, I'm a vegetarian16:39
jedijfGood bacon to all16:39
jedijfnot gonna work16:39
jedijfnot gonna work!16:39
jedijfGood bacon to all!16:39
anduriland to all a bacon night!16:46
andurilmmm bacon16:46
jedijfChinnoDog: i think you wanted/needed something like this http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/aptoncd17:36
PennBotTitle: APTonCD | Linux Journal (at www.linuxjournal.com)17:36
ChinnoDogjedijf: I don't think that was me but that is interesting anyway19:04
ChinnoDogjedijf: anduril: it was my understanding that PennBot ignores punctuation.. why does my response not work?19:18
ChinnoDogI mean19:18
andrewChinnoDog: hrm?19:20
andrewwhat Time should I check19:20
jedijfbecause there will never be a ?19:22
andrewChinnoDog: Pennbot only reads lines that start with "PennBot" or "@", or in the case of factoids, ends in a question mark19:22
ChinnoDogoh. k.  hmm19:23
ChinnoDogCan we make him respond to exclamations too?  hehe19:23
jedijfChinnoDog: didn't you ask for an app to audit installed stuff and list it?19:23
jedijfapton sort of does that it seems19:23
jedijflike dpkg -l 'cept prettier19:24
ChinnoDogI just need a list of them and then I need to be able to subtract already installed packages19:24
ChinnoDogSo, when setting up a new machine I cat apt-get install <difference>19:24
ChinnoDogI guess package extraction is also needed since I may have packages installed that are not available in any enabled repo19:26
ChinnoDogThose are special cases though.19:26

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